Injured man conscious as cop car ran him over

| 04/01/2012

manderson.JPG(CNS): A West Bay man who was run down by a police vehicle after he was suspected of drinking and driving last week says he intends to take legal action as a result of the injuries he sustained when the police vehicle knocked him down. Ricky Manderson Jr told Cayman 27 that he watched the engine of the car as the vehicle literally ran him over and as he screamed at the police not to reverse back over him at the end of a high speed chase. Manderson admitted he was speeding and driving dangerously but he said when he stopped his car and got out with his hands up there was no need for the police to run him down.

“If I come out of my car and turn around to face you with my hands up, that means I have stop running right?” Manderson asked rhetorically during his interview with the local television news station. But the West Bay man said the police car just kept coming and before he knew it he was under the police car.

“When they ran over me I actually could see the engine and I was screaming. I said please don’t reverse the car. Please don’t reverse.”

Manderson suffered a number of injuries as a result of the incident, including a broken pelvis. He suffered his injuries in Rossett Close off Mount Pleasant Road after police had chased him in his black Honda Toreno from the Ritz Carlton on theWest Bay Road.

Police said that officers in a marked patrol Ford SUV became suspicious of the black vehicle and began the chase when the driver refused to stop in response to the blue lights. The high speed chase covered several miles from along the West Bay Road into the heart of the district before Manderson pulled over and got out of the car. A spokesperson for the RCIPS said that the man had run into the path of the oncoming police vehicle.

The man was arrested on suspicion of DUI and dangerous driving and the RCIPS said that an enquiry is underway into the chase and all of the circumstances surrounding the man’s injuries.

See Cayman27 interview here

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