Jamaica’s new PM promises government transparency

| 06/01/2012

simpson miller.jpg(CNS): Portia Simpson-Miller promised transparent and prudent government in her inaugural address at the swearing in ceremony in Jamaica Thursday. The PNP leader said she would implement short-term measures to tackle unemployment, and attract investment to address the country’s indebtedness and economic stagnation. "I know that we face an awesome task. There is greater debt, increased poverty levels, tighter fiscal space," she said, adding that her administration would not "engage in a blame-game but would "right the wrongs and insist on accountability."

With many pressing challenges the new prime minister said the mandate which Jamaicans gave the PNP was a call to action and a signal that the government must earn the trust of the people.

Among the many issues she said the new government would tackle Simpson-miller said she intended to to establish a Caribbean Court of Justice as a final appellate jurisdiction and end what she called judicial surveillance from London. The 66 year-old leader and one of the country's longest serving legislators said there was a need to “complete the circle of independence" going forward.

"As we continue our journey, this is the Jubilee Year of Jamaican Independence. This 50th anniversary year will be a time for reflection on the lessons of the past; and, as we celebrate our achievements as an independent nation, we now need to complete the circle of independence. In this regard, we will, therefore, initiate the process for our detachment from the Monarchy to become a Republic with our own indigenous President, as Head of State," she added.

Reflecting on the election loss in 2007 Simpson Miller said, "In our political history, it is a rare opportunity to be given a second chance to lead. It is also a sobering experience," as she added that she was a stronger and better person for the journey.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The under-current of Portia's support and intentions is less directed by the interests of Jamaican voters and more by our large and powerful neighbour to the north (no, not Cuba).

    Doesn't anyone question the brevity of Bruce Golding's own term as PM and that of his Government?? How long was Bruce trying to reach the PM chair, only to resign in a relatively short period? Does no one realize the impact the Dudas Coke affair had on Bruce Golding and the JLP? The USA (said powerful neighbour) was ready to invade Jamaica to get Dudas. Does no one think that US influence is paramount in the replacement of the JLP by the PNP?

    While it is not the first time that a Jamaican Government has publicly stated its desire to shed its Westminister model in favour of becoming a Republic, I would venture that this time it is more likely – largely because of the ramifications of the above-mentioned Dudas Coke fiasco.

    Watch Jamaica's economy take a positive swing under Portia's PNP this time around. A powerful friend like the US is surely to assist with Jamaica's IMF woes. Don't be surprised if other wanted Jamaican crime lords end up in US courts, en masse. Watch for Obama's state visit during his second term.

    The end result is improved quality of life for Jamaicans and Portia gets the credit. Skillful international politricks. 

  2. The lone harangued rides again. says:

    Sure, like that going to happen.

  3. Anonymous says:

    18:59 You got it wrong.  I have been living here 35 years.  A dat deh party mek mi avi com yah com live. Bruce was no angel for the JLP but the JLP is a progressive party. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    A Republic?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Business as usual in Jamaica; no changes; she jsut named her cabinet – 19 members and she kick up storm about Bruce's 18 member cabinet, and yes Phillip Paulwell and Omar Davies are back in the cabinet.

    Suh expect the same things my friends.

  6. Dred says:

    There is greater debt, increased poverty levels, tighter fiscal space," she said, adding that her administration would not "engage in a blame-game but would "right the wrongs and insist on accountability."

    WOW. Big Mac I can only hope you listen more than you speak.

    • Anonymous says:

      She can afford to say that – after all, it was her party who destroyed the country over the last 18 years. The JLP was only in office over the last 4 years. Prior to that Portia's party had the sway with things.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Does this means that she and her party are going to answer the questions in open court re the Trifuguara "donation" that the Netherlands has been trying to resolved and they (PNP) has tried hard to aviod answering; they have gone to every court in the land to barred it from happening in open court.

    Is she going to ensure that Kern Spencer and his accussed is dealt with in the court and that the matter is not thrown out.

    Transparency means that she needs to know about every document that her cabinet ministers signs.

    I could go on asking lots of question regarding this transparency statement coming from her; but the more i think the more I think is the murkier the water gets and murky water cannot be transparent.

    I hope next week we dont have Dr. Peter Phillips telling us that "she was thinking" when she made such a statement.

    Anyway Sista P still think the PNP is the best government to run Jamaicans – dem mek wi pack up and leave!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Leave Sister "P" alone. She has clearly articulated her he plans to bring the economy to growth  in Jamaica. Jamaicans abroad will feel poroud to return home and set up businesses. All those jamaicans on foreign soils who are throwing doom on the PM's efforts , shame on you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    A politician's promise. As good as gold.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the headline to this story,   Don't they all promise this – What I would like to see some day is an accurate headline that says that a politician here in Cayman has actually implemented transparency and prudent government.

    • Anonymous says:

      Monkeys will fly out of my butt before that day comes.

      • Aing says:

        The PPM is the only government that delivered transparency.


        They established the foundation of transparency in Government – the FOI Law!


        Mac abhors that. These "2 x 4 islands" get way too much info for his liking! Ignorance is bliss and we should be happy and thankful!


        We might be if we were all as stupid as he is.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can guarantee you, transparency will never happen on the UDP watch.   The Dark Hole of Calcutta.

    • Anonymous says:

      We had that three years ago but they were voted out because they wouldnt hand out favors. Sad part is people will probably vote for more of the same next time, different faces perhaps but same results. Take what ya get!