Cayman football boss tipped to head regional body

| 10/01/2012

webb.JPG(CNS): The President of the Cayman Islands Football Association is being tipped as the next President of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) according to Insideworldfootball.  Jeff Webb who has been leading the effort to put Caribbean football back on its feet after months of scandal is the man the majority of CONCACAF members want to step into Warner's shoes is the specialist football website has reported. With critics in the organization concerned that the Confederation is too top-heavy with North American powerbrokers Webb could be the man to restore the balance of power at senior executive level.

As well as running Cayman Islands football, Webb is also chairman of the nine-man normalisation committee charged with restoring the Caribbean's reputation and he is also a member of one of the four task forces created to reform FIFA.

Webb told the website that he would be interested in the job of bringing some transparency back to CONCACAF which has been riven with divisions. "Right now we are trying to stabilise Caribbean football because we've lost sight of our core focus which is football," said Webb. "We'll have new statutes in March ahead of full elections in May.  But CONCACAF needs an overhaul as well and I do think I would have a contribution to make."

Webb said that CONCACAF – which covers north and central America and the Caribbean – needed to distribute its funding more equitably. "Just like the CFU it needs restructuring," Webb explained.

"I would like to see it assisting its members and sharing some of its revenues.  I'd like to see more of that money helping some of the grassroots programmes in smaller countries, both in the Caribbean and central America."

When Warner resigned from FIFA over the cash-for-votes scandal, Webb said he was "deeply saddened" but said it was now time to stop all the bickering. "I'd just like to see it resolved so we can all move on," he added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I must add to the comments that Horace Burrell was suspended because of the bribery scandal but he is now on the nine man committee to fix Caribbean football. Angenie Kanai who was General Secretary of the CFU was "pressured to resign". She was the person that asssited FIFA with the bribbery that was taking place. She was also the Match official for the Cayman world cup men's qualifier when Cayman was no longer allowed to use illegal foreign players. A practice that was happening here for years.

  2. PC says:

    Congrats to you Jeff, keep on pushing thru cause negative people will always grumble,you are intelligent and capable and under your leadership football in the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean will step up,keep aiming and do not stop till you reach the top!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You need to get the truth about the  history  behind Jeff Webb and FIFA. He was a Tampa student – not on a government schollarship. He attended  high school in Tampa  during those days he got linked up. THIS IS NOT ABOUT CIFA OR CAYMAN ISLANDS GOVERNMENT.  But his  love for his country  and even though he attended High School in Tampa  has has given him this opportunity to meet such people he still willing to share it with Cayman.  You need to shut up before you talk or seek information.  Secondly, no other Caymanina will not be given this right because it  has nothing to do GOVERNMENT putting a person forward.  If he leave and go back to TAMPA Cayman will not have anybody to represent them in FIFA. STUPID moran. Jeff Webb has always been the youngest serving member in FIFA.

    • Theo says:

      Thisis not about Mr WEbbs education, nor his sojourn in Tampa.  THis is clearly about the competitive sport of Foot ball and how the standard of competition and wins under his long tenor has been dismal.

      Many people in this country who are football fans feel the same way, but it is well known that certain incentives have always been provided to the faithful, therefore it has been difficult to depose the President.  THe public understands the politics of football in this country and it is very well known that theere is no consistency with the program,and this is evident by the competion results.


      THere are persons who benefited from soccer scholarships, like Lee Ramoon, Anthony RAmmon and many others who should bandy together and change the face of CIFA, change the moudus operandi,uplift iur national program by engaging themselves as Execs of CIFA and replacing Mr. WEbb who has had a long fruitless tenor.  we look forward to a new era in local soccer fo men.  The women are doing just greta, dont think Webb can take too much credit although there will be many who will coe to his defense on this.

      • Anonymous says:

        You clearly are not aware that the individuals whose names you've mentioned are Jeffrey Webb's greatest supporters and the beneficiiaries of any favours that he's doled out as CIFA's president, in a 20-year career.

        What he could not do is guarantee them superiority on Cayman's football fields in the era when there was competitve football in Cayman….they are reputably SOME of Cayman's best footballers in a game in which they were proven SECOND BEST on many, many occasions…too many for their benefactor's liking.

        So now, you would think that they were Cayman's ONLY good footballers….

        Factor this in as one of the main reasons why Cayman's football is of the deplorably poor standard that it is now….and feel free to chalk this up on Jeffrey Webb's list of achievements as well.

        Take note of a post by Soca Warrior….his is the most important comments on this entire debate on this forum.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Who knows, maybe Webb can do a better job of running football in North America and the Caribbean than he has in the Cayman Islands. Maybe a vast region of 400 million people will be easier for him to organise and lead than three small islands with a population of 50,000.


    If Webb gets this post it will only show the world that FIFI is not serious about cleaning up its house.


    In fairness, Webb has not been convicted of any crimes or ethical breaches so people shouldn't speak as if he has. He's innocent until proven guilty. However, his close association with people above and below him who have been neck deep in scandal should make all but the corrupt and the blind very suspicious.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jeff  Webb is the man who is closely associated with the currently suspended head of the Jamiacan Football Association, Horace Burrell. How closely ? They are business parners and together own and operate the Captain's Bakery on West Bay Road. And if you lie down with dogs…Then there's the David Fedrick situation, that Webb has done nothing to explain. Perhaps one shouldn't get animated by the goings on at FIFA, which would be laughable, if they weren't so serious but when Webb talks about transparency, it does seem a bit rich. Don't things to improve on his watch.  

  6. Anonymous says:

    You dont worry about Jeff Webb and Dave Frederick, you ask yourself what you have done for the youth but sit on you A*** and enjoy what they offered your children.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is why Caymanians will never get anywhere in life because they sit on their buts and do nothing but criticize….get a life and stop bringing your own ppl down, too full of envy…leave the people who are volunteering their time to football alone and perhaps if you get involve you may be able to help save one of our youth by keeping them involved in football instead of the streets. Football isn't going anywhere in Cayman not because of Mr. Webb but because of people like you critics who seem to be full of envy and jealousy. Be proud of what we have, get involve, save a youth by getting involve, instead of criticizing get to work and do something useful. Be proud of your own people achievements.\\ All of you are jealous people, please, next time try help somebody and Cayman football, you all should be proud to Cayman have somebody like that at FIFA. you all are so stupid that before you investigate how much FIFA has invested in Mr. Web which has benefited the Cayman Islands you prefer to bicker among yourselves.  Who else could get the position or have  the experience that Jeff Webb has had with FIFA as a graduate young out of school.(Tampa) not Cayman Islands Hight School – (TAMPA). Longevity and forbearance speaks here not to mention your small minds to tear him down he still prevailed. Cayman Islands Government has nothing to do with Jeff Webb becoming a part of  FIFA. He obtain FIFA on his own pursue along with guy like Jack Warner who soon something good in him. I am sure Jack wouldn’t want any other person to get it but Jeff Webb, he mentored him, Not Cayman Islands Government. They hardly support his efforts, much Less promoted him, or give him the financial assistance he needed for the youth.  Now that you'v heard some history of Jeff Webb and FIFA – please start supporting the youth, which will help him to put Cayman Forward to get something from FIFA. Other than them SHUT UP.  EMPTY VESSELS ALWAYS MAKES THE MOST NOISE.   Jeff has personally funded many of your children to make it abroad when the Government had no funds or would not assist the children. SHUT UP IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT.  And the good part  is, I reckon if Jeff cares what the hell you said, as long as he knows he is right  in his doings.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Boy so many haters on here…Why are we so quick to tear down one of our own? I have known Jeff all of my life. I have never known him to be dishonest or lacking in integrity?

    The Bible says "Judge not that ye be judged"


    Congrats Jeff! Good to see a Caymanian getting recognition internationally!

  9. Soca Warrior says:

    Congrats Jeff remember all that I taught you.

    I’m not certain about what exactly makes you qualified to lead just by looking at poor state of local football and CIFA but you have learnt the FIFA ways very well and I’m proud to call you my protege.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Could somebody please set out why he is deserving of this and what he had done for Cayman Football?

    • Anonymous says:

      The answer to your questions…

      What has he done to deserve this ?

      Ans:  He's been the 3rd man in Jack Warner's power triangle of Warner, Horace Burrell (Jamaica's football president) and Jeffrey Webb, within FIFA's political structure.

      He's also been the deputy Chairperson of FIFA's Audit Committee.

      This has been behind the scenes, without most of Cayman's local football community's knowledge of his true roles and power with FIFA's political circles.

      What has he done for Cayman's football ?

      Ans:  As far as improving the game and taking the game from a purely amateur, recreational sport, into the direction of at least a semi-pro game, where players would benefit financially from playing the game…absolutely NOTHING.

      As far as improving the Cayman national teams' level and performances in international competition? 

      Taken it backwards, from the level at which the game was when he took it over from Tony Scott back in 1991 or thereabouts.

      As far as keeping the local game active and the local football community involved in playing and enjoying their level of football ?

      He's probably done enough to keep the majority of them happy.

      Those are fair and honest answers to your questions.


    • Hezekiah says:

      I believe it is important for the Cayman Islands to know specifically what he has accomplished to raise the standard of football at the national team men’s level. We have been beaten consistently,in overseasco petition and at home games, we have not one a full rund of concacaf c ompetition. While mr Webb may be attributed to having enhanced whatever at the Fifa and concacaf levels, charity begins at home and well we haven’t seem any progress where it really counts. Please let’s know somebody and wewill stand corrected.

      • Anonymous says:

        Jeffrey Webb's biggest supporters in Cayman football come from a certain group and mentality of people within football circles who attempted to bully and dominate the game, without ever proving any level of superiority within the game…Cayman's football, at that time, was too varied and competitive…and of a high quality.

        His opposition came from a group and mentality that believed that Cayman's football had everything necessary to move on to a higher level of professionalism and that the leader of football in Cayman should have worked to benefit ALL of Cayman's football community…not just a chosen clique.

        Well, 20 years down the line, the proof of his achievements in Cayman's football is there for all to see…the men's National Team were lucky to have enough players to actually finish the WC qualifiers…to be honest, in context, quite a feat in its own right.

        The national coach, Carl Brown, has left…and Cayman's football is certainly no further ahead than it was when Webb assumed CIFA's presidency 20-odd years ago and…

        His supporters are still trumpeting his achievements because he gave them what they wanted, which was domination of the game in Cayman without ever having earned it on the field of play, chased out all the other worthwhile competition….and

        Forged himself a successful football political career on the back of their support.

        All in all, you cannot argue that Jeffrey Webb has not been succesful in his efforts, as his supporters are very quick to point out.

        Jeffrey Webb assuming the CONCACAF presidency will neither help nor hurt Cayman's football…its way too late for football in Cayman to be anything more than it is now…

        And, if thetruth must be told, with him as CONCACAF president, it will still be Jack Warner and Horace Burrell running the show behind the scenes.

        It will be beneficial for the other competitive Caribbean football countries to have the CONCACAF presidency remain within the Caribbean Football Union (CFU), rather than have it go to Mexico or the USA and, with the other two main individuals, Warner and Burrell, now persona non grata with FIFA, Jeffrey Webb is probably the best person to lead CONCACAF.

        It will benefit football in Cayman, in absolutely no way at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you  please list to the public what you have done to help me help the foot ball association.  You are a hateful piece of flesh.  No wonder we are so behind in life.

      I am waiting to read your lsit of GOOD WORKS

       CONGRATS JEFF!!! When will these people learn that you never become a member of FIFA on the Government ticket.  When are you going to put the record straight with these no-brainers. Tell them you have to dragged the Government into FIFA on your TICKET.

      • Anonymous says:

        My question was not a question indicating anything one way or another, just a genuine question why he is deserving of this post. He may be very well – I don't know. That's why I am asking, what are his accomplishments – what has he done?

        Judging by your agressive and defensive reaction to my question, it now makes me wonder…..

        If he has a long list of accomplishments, very good! It should be easy to list them then.

        The latest news bits I remember is that the team didn't even want to show up for practice so to me this doesn't indicate that things are all peachy in the soccer arena.

  11. Eric Idle says:

    On the bright side, at least it would only be until December 21st.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Interesting development in the football political circles of CONCACAF and no great surprise that Jeffrey Webb would be in the framework to replace Jack Warner but…

    The question of David Frederick, CIFA's former vice-president being suspended by FIFA for allegedly accepting the bribes that got Warner in trouble has never been addressed or answered; XXXX

    Webb immediately retiring Frederick from CIFA did not answer this question and inquiring minds would still like to know.

    • Stiff-Necked Fool says:

      The crux of the question is: is Dave Frederick the only CIFA official involved in the alleged said-mentioned corruption? I figure not!

      • Anonymous says:

        Ever since this scandal broke involving Cayman's participation…I've asked this question, over and over and over again, in the Compass forum and have not even had the comments printed…entire commentary has been published, with the question edited out.

        What is the relationship between Cayman's press and CIFA, that questions that have been asked by the world football community, of which I'm very much a part, cannot be asked and answered by CIFA ?

        Asking the question in no way be construed as slander; the knowledge and names of all invloved persons have been published in the international press and each and every one of them had been representing their country's football associations up until that fateful meeting; it goes without saying that David Frederick was representing CIFA, in the absence of Jeffrey Webb, at that meeting.

        I pay respect to CNS for finally publishing my comments but the direct question has still been edited out but any reader knows what the question is.


      • Anonymous says:

        Why are you minding Dave's business, dont you see he does not even qworry about you critics.  You all were happy to see what happened even tho he paved the way for your children.  Have he gone to prison,.. Dave did nothing. Just get off his back and trying to keep him down.

    • Touche Ebanks says:

      So would enquiring minds