Man gets 10yrs for wife attack

| 12/01/2012

evans.JPG(CNS): A West Bay man was sentenced to ten years in prison on Thursday for attempting to kill his wife by setting her on fire. George Dexter Evans was found guilty of attempted murder and arson following a judge alone trial before Justice Charles Quin in August last year. As he handed down his sentence, the judge pointed to Evans' alcohol problems as the cause of his crime. Social enquiries, doctors reports and his family found that when sober Evans was a loving and hardworking husband and father but a completely different person when drunk. The judge told Evans he was lucky that in the end his wife was unharmed.

Evans, whose drinking had caused significant problems between himself and his wife at the time of the incident, turned up at Plantation Village on Seven Mile Beach, where his wife worked, on 12 December 2010.

The court heard that Evans had been drinking again when he arrived at the condos and attempted to lure his wife to his truck where he pulled out an H7 bottle. While she was in the reception area of the condo complex, Evans sprayed his wife with liquid from the bottle which turned out to be gasoline. Although the fuel went over her body and face, including her eyes, she and a colleague managed to close the door on Evans before he threw the lighted matches, saving her life as the door burst into flames.

Evans then got into his truck and crashed the vehicle into his wife’s car before driving it into the condo reception doors. He then proceeded to pour more petrol in the area before setting light to the building.

His wife — the intended victim — managed to escape the flames but Evans' arson attack caused some $200,000 worth of damage. As the area was engulfed in flames, Evans, who was said to be enraged at the time, was said to have shouted, “I am George Evans. I did it I did it!”

The judge said in his sentencing ruling that Evans had been found guilty of attempted murder as it was clear he had planned the arson attack on his wife because he had come with petrol and deliberately threw the fuel at his spouse. His wife escaped serious injury but the Justice Quin said it was clear she been put through a terrifying experience.

“This is a tragic case where the negative effects of alcohol added to uncontrolled jealousy have made this defendant behave in a manner in which he would otherwise not behave,” Justice Quin said.

As he handed down the ten year sentence in accordance with the guidelines, the judge said it was vital that Evans, who has been in prison since his arrest on the day of the crime, continues to receive medical care and continuing professional rehabilitation to address his alcohol abuse and deter him from violence in future.

“I strongly urge the defendant to continue working with the prison authorities in their rehabilitative programmes,” Justice Quin said. “This, together with regular visits from his wife and son, will hopefully ensure that he will never come before the court again for criminal behavior.”

The judge warned Evans that he could never drink alcohol again because when he did he became a different person.

Evans also received an eight year sentence for the arson attack and a further six months for the charge against him for damage to property but the judge ordered that they both run concurrently with the attempted murder sentence of ten years as the crimes were all committed at the same time.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A recent study of how alcohol has shown that alcohol causing endorphins in areas of the brain related to feelings of REWARD to become excited. So small thoughts of violence snowball into atrocious acts because you are rewarding/feeding acts that you would usually repress or find some other more healthier way to vent. 

    The usual useless explanations that he just "lost it" or some archaic religious explanation that he has a "demon" isn't going to cut it anymore in the 21st century.

    We need to legalize all "drugs" (Food can be considered a drug if you ingest the same meal over a long duration of time), stop playing the cat/mouse game, keep it away from kids, divert all such funds to educating adults and let each adult make an adult choice for themselves. 

    If people simply knew the effects of what they are putting in their body, we might have a larger percentage of the population making healthier choices during times of high stress, and travesties like this could be avoided.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Someone once told me that 'alcohol brings out the real person inside."

  3. Anonymous says:

    My mother and I were both shocked to hear of George’s behavior.  When my mother worked at Holiday Inn many years ago, he would to walk her to the car at night to ensure she got home safe and sound.  Back then, he did not drink.

    It is indeed very sad to see what has happened to him with alcohol.  While he lifted it to his mouth, and drank, we all need to remember we are not in control of alcohol. Once we drink it, it is in control of us.  It is like saying a medical patient can prevent him/herself from falling asleep when a general anesthetic is administered.  Some people wake up form an anesthetic cold and shaking, others vomit and still others wake up ready to knock your head off.  We never know how it will affect us until it is too late. Alcohol, Anesthetic, ganja and cocaine are all mind and mood altering drugs.  

    More people need to walk away from this legal drug called alcohol and never drink it. That is why I and several others in my family have chosen never to drink, because we have seen firsthand the damage and destruction it can and has cause.  We firmly believe life is too precious to gamble with it like that.

    It is indeed a very foolish person who thinks he/she is in control once that is down the hatch.  No one wakes up one morning and make a conscious decision to become an alcoholic.  It just happens without your permission. When it does occur, it is hell to walk away from it. 

    We hope Georgie will take every opportunity to become a better person and be a good example to others. Jail does not have to be the end.  We hope that in time his wife recovers from this attack and can get on with life in a constructive way.

    If you need alcohol to enjoy life, your friends, your family or you assets, you need help, not alcohol.

  4. EX-BUCS FAN says:

    Further  to my previous comment…… does anyone know if he has ever attempted to 'OFF' his wife before or anyone else for that matter either under or not under the influence?

    • Just Sayin says:

      This man's actions were completely out of character, I have known this man from a very young age, he used be my school bus driver and i have been out of school over 15 years.  I can't believe that this was him when i read the newspaper.  Mr. "G" as we used to call him was always with a bright smile to greet you as you approached him, always cracking a joke with you, but to be very honest that sparkle that you always saw in his eyes was dimming for sometime, leading up to this incident whenever i would see him at the local corner shop he would try to smile but you could see something wasn't right with him, he started to lose that happy go lucky cheerful way he had about him, you could see the stress etched across his face very clear,  I pray that everything works out for him as he had a mental snap even if this may seem premeditated to some those who knew him,  knows that what ever caused this to happen was building up. 

  5. Dred says:

    WOW. I'm not sure what to add to that. WOW.

    I disagree with the judge in 10 years. I would have given him longer as this was a premeditated attempt. If it had happened in the moment maybe 10 but let's see what he did.

    1) He took the time to fill a H7 bottle with gasolene.

    2) He drove X miles to the site.

    3) He attempted to lure her out meaning conscious thought process

    4) He then did not care for not only her life but possibly the lives of others

    10 in my mind was very generous. VERY.

  6. EX-BUCS FAN says:

    Any drug just MAGNIFIES any mood that you are in so…… my question is even if after his term is fully served and he is COMPLETELY sober, will his demeanor be the same. How do we know that this is not a case where he holds some serious hatred for his wife because she 'wronged' him and he uses alcohol to drown his sorrows for her but ends up in the alcohol MAGNIFYING his rage towards her. Remember….. this was all pre-meditated… sounds like some mental issues here to me…. he needs to be fully analysed for a personality disorder or some SERIOUS ANGER MANAGEMENT!!

    Reading this article reminds me of cases heard time and time again throughout the U.S.A. especially and we see it on t.v. programs where spouses go to extreme measures out of greed, jealousy, money or some mental disorder to 'OFF' the other spouse. So….. what was the case here becuase this is an eerie, viscious case that makes you wonder; was the alcohol really to blame fully….  Hmmmmmmmmm……

    • Anonymous says:

      are you saying that all drugs magnify your mood? that seems to be a pretty misinformed statement. I really wish people would stop spouting off opinion as fact. statements like that are why the youth don't listen to adults like yourself and go make their own mistakes. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    How foolish of you to suggest that alchoholism is a "west bay" problem! It's not a Cayman problem or a Caribbean problem it is a world-wide HUMAN problem. I have repeatedly said that alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs available. It's mind and mood altering, abuse of it  poses a threat not just to yourself but to those around you whom you can cause harm to when you are intoxicated. Long term use causes irreprable physical damage and worst of all, you can walk into any liquor store or bar and buy it with no license or regulation or ANYTHING and it's CHEAP!

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly! amazing that alcohol is legal with all the trouble it causes.

      Legalise the Ganga!

      When do you ever see a Ganga smoker cause violent crimes? = never!

      Everybody would be IRIE

      Just sayin…

  8. Attempt vs actual says:

    On man gets 10 year for attempted murder while drunk – albeit premeditated. But, others get 1 year for actually murdering innocent victims while drunk .

    • Anonymous says:

      "Murder" is a technical term that requires intention on the part of perpetrator. That makes all the difference in the world. An accident does not qualify.  

      • Mulatuli says:

        Drivijng a car drunk shows an intention to act in a manner that accepts the risk of killing an innocent person because of selfishness.  Should be 10 years minimum.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Fine aged wine, cocktails, apertifs, beer, shots, …all mind-altering, life destroying stuff.

    Wise King Solomon said  "Dont touch alcohol"!  Proverbs 23:29-

  10. Anonymous says:

    Given the facts of this case, 10 years is not nearly enough.

    • Anonymous says:

      He will be nearly 70 years old, if he gets out alive! The judge must have taken that into account when considering his fate. However it is clear that he would not have committed that crime if he was in his right mind. This should be a reminder to all of us of the dangersof alcohol and the depths it can bring you to.

  11. Lorna says:

    This is so very sad. Having known George Evans from the time he was a young man and an upright citizen, who never took a drink, I find it so hardto believe that he has come to this. George was a smart hardworking, honest, law abiding citizen who drove the church bus and indeed, school buses for many years.  He had been the employee of the year at Holiday Inn where he worked from its inception until its closing. One year, amongst his prizes was a case of beer, which he would not accept because he did not drink alcohol!

    What a great and skilled maintenance person; he could repair just about anything.

    Georgie, I pray that you will find your way back to the straight and narrow and that you will access the professional help needed to free yourself from the demon of alcoholism. Much love and prayers, Lorna

    • Anonymous says:

      Unemployed. No promised job at the Ritz. Turned to alcohol. No future. Went nuts. Attempted to kill his wife.

      I miss the Holiday Inn.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the Ganja part not being a real problem but Cocaine is bad news…people will sell their soul for Cocoaine. Coke and alchohol just as bad as one another. Coke is more addictive. Ganja can be physcologically addictive. After a while it "clouds" your mind. If you quit smoking Ganja (becuase you think you need it) go see a doctor and get a prescription to take the edge off….you may be suffering from ADHD. Everything will become crystal clear. Your productivity will double and your mood will be MUCH more positive…you'll be a nicer person with more drive and these two things = better outcome on life. Been there I know. Life is for the taking and not to bee spent walking around in a haze. We adults all here about the kids with ADHD but what about us when they had no word for it other than day dreaming or being lazy. Contary to beleif smoking pot can make some people become more focused. However, prolonged usage also has some other side effects. Eating too much (Munchies), mood swings and not to mention highly illegal here. See the right doctor. They can help.

  13. Ken P says:

    Why are you attacking West Bayers this could have been any nationality? Please don't look at this as a district issue this man has an illness and needs help so please don't be so ignorant. I personally know Mr. Evans and he's a loving person yet alcohol & drugs have destroyed his life and caused much harm to his family and his wife is very fortunate to be alive. I trust that he'll be properly rehabilitated and can once again be an asset to our community and pray for him and his family. Cayman has a high level of domestic and alcohol abuse that needs to be urgently addressed.

    Blessings to all,

  14. Anonymous says:

    Bull s$&#, drink was not the cause he was! How the hell did the alcohol getdown his neck?
    Always excuses to make ass@$?¥# look better.
    Can you imagine the fear of his wife? This I bet is not the first time she or his kids have been terrified.

    • Anonymous says:

      The closure of the Holiday Inn and lack of alternative role may well have assisted in helping him to become him.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Good job judiciary, get some more of these abusive men behind bars.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Why don't you just leave West Bayers alone you mormon? Didn't you hear the saying, "If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all".

    This is not just a West Bay issue it is world wide problem. There are good and bad in every district and I am sick of hearing or reading disgusting comments from heartless and thoughtless people like you.

    George was raised by good parents and it is just unfortunate that he has come to this. I feel really bad for his family to have to go through this and my prayers are with them. Even though it is sad his mother has passed away  I am glad Miss Udell isn't with us to see what he has come to.

    Just stick to your meaningless life.


    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, leave Mormons out of this. OK?

    • Bueller says:

      I don't like mormons either :-))

    • Anonymous says:

      I understand that you are trying to make a point about the previous poster, but I think you mean 'moron'.  Although, I guess it is possible that he (or she) is actually a Mormon…

    • Not a Mormon says:

      “…you mormon”? What do you have against Mormons so as to use it as an insult and suggest that they have meaningless lives!!!! I send my invisible sky-fairy to punish you with 20 years of Oogabooga! Humph!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Knowing the old George and his lovely sisters it is most heartbreaking. I know George when he behaved like a gentleman,XXXXX. George and his entire family have always been very hard working. Certain things seem to get into our lives that change us. He was so kind that there was a time when my daughters wanted a dog and George brought it all the way up from West Bay for them. Wrong choices all the way round.

    • Anonymous says:

      But like so many in Cayman, he was brought up in a souless life-defying old testament hellfire and damnation tradition and discovered that you can escape that crushing destroying crap, in his case alas, through drink. The church (I refuse to capitalise it) in Cayman has much to answer for.

  18. Anonymous says:

    And yet we spend millions of dollars on ganga/cocaine etc prevention/prosecution when the worst problem is the legal drug!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree.  I hope you are suggesting that we also make alchohol illegal.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, Anon 9;01, the US already tried that with the worst consequences in the world. I would legalise ganga and cocaine and sell it like alcohol in a controlled setting. Yes, there would be abuse (as we have now with alcohol) but it would get rid of these nasty little trafficking sh@# and the vast profits illegal drugs bring.

    • Pale rider says:

      18:33 I have to agree with you.  Yes we spend all of this money locking up people for a stick of ganja.  It is a waste of time spending governments money to stop people smoking weed.

      Alcohol is definately the worst.  I have never heard of a man smoking weed, who would try to kill his wife.  Those who drink have tried it many times.  The weed man sits quietly and eat alot of rice and beans.

      • Weed Wacker says:

        Weed Wacker is asking does anyone know why Ganja became illegal?  Well weed wacker heard this story that a Plant name Hemp which is First cousin to Weed was very prevalent for over twelve thousand years in the USA and across the world, but it was prohibited in 1950 by Fiber Textiles & Paper.  Hemp was grown by many Presidents, some of them even  owned a Hemp mill that produced paper.  Hemp is such a close relative to Marajuana that we should check its genetics.

        Google and read about the name and term used "TETRAHYDROCANNABINOL"  THC  OF THE PLANT  cannabis sativa, otherwise called Ganja.

        However, as the story goes a man discovered the SILK WORM and discovered that it made finer material and could have made much more money than Hemp.  So this company had friends who knew friends who was linked to certain governments, which then discovered that Silk could bring in much more money faster than Hemp.  So Hemp was then declared to be illegal.  Search and read the facts on Hemp and its first cousin the Weed.  You will discover some amazing facts.