Cops and crimestoppers encourage team spirit

| 17/01/2012

Windsor Park RCIPS and Crime Stoppers 12 January 2012.jpg(CNS): The Windsor Park neighbourhoodofficer Police Constable Cardiff Robinson engaged in a little bit of preventative policing recently with a sporting neighbourhood initiative. The community officer got together with Crime Stoppers to provide a number of branded footballs and basketballs for the young people in the community.  “Young people in Windsor Park are no different from young people anywhere else in the world – they are full of energy,” he said. “The challenge for us, and the wider community, is to ensure that the energy is channelled productively and that they don’t become tempted to get involved in anti-social behaviour or crime.”

The officer who has been in the community for about a year explained the young people were short of this type of equipment.\\

“That’s why I approached Crime stoppers to ask if they could support a community sporting initiative and supply some much-needed equipment. We hope that the equipment provided will engender some team spirit in Windsor Park, and ultimately contribute to the social development of the neighbourhood,” PC Robinson added.
The handover of the equipment took in George Town last Thursday. The cost of the equipment was CI$400 and KPMG made the donation that allowed crimestoppers to acquire the sports equipment for programmes such as this.

Malcolm Ellis, Chairman of Cayman Crime Stoppers, said: “The Cayman Crime Stoppers board is very happy to support this initiative to provide young people with a positive outlet for their energy, and to see our police officers acting as role models at a community level.  The equipment is branded with the Crime Stoppers logo and the 800-TIPS hotline and so provides another way for us to remind everyone involved about our programme and how to provide anonymous tips.”

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