Chinese are best, says Bush

| 19/01/2012

DSC07665 (243x300).jpg(CNS): China Harbour Engineering Company is the best option for the cruise port, the premier has said, because government has examined many other possibilities and no one else has the money with the right plan for Cayman. McKeeva  Bush has also revealed that when CHEC has recovered its investment in the planned facility, the Cayman government will get a 40% share in the profits. He declared that the Chinese would be developing the port in George Town, the bad weather alternative at the Spotts jetty and a new pier in West Bay but did not say when he expected the main agreement to be signed or when the work would start. Delivering his much anticipated annual CBO speech, Bush failed to reveal any new initiatives or any details on other pending projects.

Speaking about the cruise berthing facilities, he said that following negotiations with both Dart, who he said had the money but the wrong plan, and GLF, who he claimed didn't have the money, he re-emphasized his commitment to CHEC as government's partner on the much anticipated project.

“The Chinese remain the best company to do the cruise facilities,” Bush told an audience of some 350 people at the CBO conference at the Westin Resort on Thursday morning. “You can search from now until Kingdom come and nobody else has the money.”'

He made the noted exception that Dart did, but as he wanted a99 year lease the people had objected to that proposal. GLF, the previous developers in negotiations with government, did not have the money, he said, as they had wanted a letter from him so they “could go out and peddle bonds to finance” the proposal, Bush added.  

He made no mention of the South Sound proposal, which he has rejected previously because it is not in George Town where the exisiting merchants have made their investment. He also made no mention of the latest proposal, which has also been submitted to the government that has suggested placing the facilities further North of George Town in the Pageant beach area.

He said the Chinese would and could do the much needed project. He emphasised the need for the port facilities when he said that most Caymanians who worked in the tourism sector depended on cruise tourism.

Bush stated that the agreement with CHEC would include the renovation of the Spotts Jetty and that the pier which was always intended for the Turtle Farm in West Bay would be part of the deal. With government subsidizing the Farm to the tune of $9 million every year because of the low visitor numbers, Bush said a dock there would stop that. When the Turtle Farm was redeveloped it was done with the understanding that there would be a dock, he stated, but “the previous government didn't do it”,  so the facility went into deficit. With a pier at the location there would be thousands more visitors, the premier added, as well as a significant saving to the public purse.

He told the CBO conference delegates that the Chinese, not the Cayman government, would cover the cost of the environmental impact assessment for the facilities. Bush acknowledged that there would be issues, such as the requirement to move the George Town dive wreck, which he said should never have been in the harbour. Admitting that the location was not necessarily perfect, he lamented the objection to what he believes is the perfect spot, which is the George Town area of the North Sound.

Outlining other aspects of the negotiaitons between government, the Port Authority and CHEC, he said the Chinese would also be covering the costs of tendering at the new facilities and that all material for the project would be bought locally and they would be responsible for the costs of on-going maintenance of the facility. Bush stated that all of the upland development would be undertaken by local contractors.

Addressing fears based on the experience of other jurisdictions in the region that have done business with CHEC, Bush said there would be no trailer camps. “Any accommodation that they need they will have to rent local rooms. There will be no trailers,” he said.

Focusing on the financial issues, he emphasized that there would be no government loan or even any guarantee to the firm with this deal. Bush stated again that people would be able to by shares in the project and there would be a direct profit share for the public purse as well.

“When they pay off their investment in 25 years, we think, there will be a profit sharing with the Cayman Islands Government of 40%. Now, as business people, then you tell me if that's bad,” he told the audience of the CBO.

Check back to CNS and CNS Business later today and Friday for more from the CBO conference.

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  1. Dred says:

    Here's what needs to happen and it needs to happen quickly…

    1) The two plans need to be laid out on the table stating exactly what each party is doing and what they are getting in retun.

    2) Then this needs to be put to the Caymanian people via an INSERT into the Caymanians Compass stating EXACTLY the pros and cons.

    3) Then the Compass needs to do a poll and every Caymanian needs to make a concerted effort to do the poll. I would ask all internet vendors who offer internet cafes to offer a free vote session. Maybe set up one system in your shop for 3 days x 2 weeks where people can stop by and vote for free. Weneed service providers in each district.

    4) Then this poll needs to be featured so that all can see at the end of the two weeks.

    The poll should be done at the internet vendors in an easy manner so that it is easy for people to vote by having the poll up an ready that all they need do is to submit.

    The reason I state this should be obvious. Whatever we do we are tied to. The Chinese will lean into us if we try to break the agreement. We need to stop this before it starts if we plan to stop this. People who have funds to do this needs to do this and now.

    We all have our suspicions as to why CIG and in Particular MB is choosing the chinese and we need to STOP HIM because in the end he could care less for the people of the Cayman Islands. MB is all for MB and MB alone. We need to think about ourselves and stand up.

    Do this and do it now before this goes too far and we can't head it off.



  2. Anonymously IRON CLAD says:

    Yes, it is TRUE! The Chinese are "The Best" at we we have come to know about their way of doing business.

    Who else would know the Chinese any better??

  3. The Beaver says:

    Your Dear Leader thinks that you are stupid.  The following are what the Chinese are best at / rank highest at:

    1.  corruption / paying large bribes

    2.  mass projects that end up being catastrophic failures

    3.  polluting the envirnoment

    4.  abusing indigenous workers

    5.  scheming with uneducated world leaders




  4. You are a moron says:

    You are a moron making statements like that.

  5. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    This is happening throughout the world.  So-called democratic countries who hold themselves up as defenders of human rights immediately turn a blind eye to the abuses of the Chinese regime whenever it is financially expedient to do so.  By their dispicable abbrogation of the rights of citizens within China/Tibet they have basically given the Chinese government the go ahead and approval to continue it's abuses as long as in the end there is something in it for them.  I also can't help but feel there is a tone of admiration in the way the Chinese have successfully subjugated their citizens and those of occupied countries.  The lesson to be learned here is that where money and or corporate profits are involved our remaining rights are tenuous. We can protest – but only to a point.  When the protests seem to be turning into a popular movement the instructions are given. "Spray them and get them off the streets." 

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope you're nor suggesting that Cayman holds itself up as defenders of human rights.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lord help us soon we will be eating rats, snakes,dogs,cats,sharks and roaches…then sooner or later the Permier will be allowing us to only have one child per  household family like the Chinese! 

    • Deep Sea Creature says:

      Why would the premier want families to have only one child  when he wants more people here, you are nothing but a SUPER MORON,keep away from the computer!!

  7. Truth Hurts says:

    Mac, sorry, on this you are wrong.  You let the Chinese in, even just an inch, and the 99 year deal with Dart will look like the greatest opportunity ever lost…

    Careful – generations will curse your name on this one and you won't ever get your Heroes Square statue…



  8. Anonymous says:

    It's the old con trick – but Mr Bush seems oblivious to it. What happens is that you are persuaded to put in the cash or assets on the promise of a good share of profits at a later time. The business goes ahead and thrives. At the point the profit share is due to start, unfortunately the business take a bit of a nosedive. 'Profits would be good, if only it weren't for the increased expenses. Of course we can't put up the income, the market won't stand it. If it's not breaking even, it's making a loss. Oh dear. Never mind', we (the developer) says, 'we will make you an offer for the part of the business you own. Won't be much because there's no profit, but it's better than the nothing you're currently getting.' Accept the low offer and, lo and behold, everything reverts to being a successful business again – but the 40% now doesn't belong to you any more. I saw this happen not so long ago with a hotel/health care development. The pianist in the piano bar was being paid 5 times the going rate – all part of the plan to increase costs and reduce profits so the developers could buy out the investor at a low price. Get a share of Gross Turnover, have nothing to do with profits which can be easily manipulated. That's the way to go.

  9. Anonymous says:

    "Chinese are best" in translated Bushspeak, means "My way or no way".

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think Mac might have been talking about their food when he said Chinese are the best. Hmmn

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes their food is very much like their business proposals. It tastes so good you hardly worry about exactly what you're eating, regardless of how questionable it might be. They've obviously got our beloved gowerment's taste buds well under control, whatever it is we're  actually eating doesn't matter in the least.



  11. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps Mr Bush should check out many African countries' experience of Chinese investment! It only helps the Chinese.  Cayman lean from others, don't rely on Mr Bush's opinion.

  12. biker says:


    More on the "Chinese are best". (Best at what?)

    (Copied from the "asiaone news" website, 19 Jan. 2012)

    An advocacy group said Thursday that Chinese police beat a Tibetan with clubs spiked with nails as he burnt to death last weekend and opened fire on a crowd of onlookers, citing exiled sources.

    Losang Jamyang set himself on fire Saturday in Sichuan province, rights groups and the Tibetan government-in-exile said, making him the 16th Tibetan to do so in less than a year to protest against perceived repression.

    Citing new information uncovered by exiled Tibetan sources who spoke to locals in Aba county, where the incident occurred, the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) said the twenty-something Tibetan was a former monk.

    "He doused himself in petrol and set himself on fire. He walked into the street calling for the long life of the Dalai Lama and for freedom in Tibet," the US-based advocacy group said in a statement.

    "Police began to kick and beat him with clubs spiked with nails rather than immediately focusing on putting out the flames.


  13. PC says:

    It really does not matter if its the Chinese,Egyptians or Cayman Brackers, jus get the bloddy port started for goodness sake!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    'has examined many other possibilities and no one else has the money with the right plan for Cayman'

    Wow – no one else eh?  Just how many is 'many'?  What is the 'right plan'

    Why is it that with every statement this man makes to answer questions he generates more questions?

    Sounds very much like what an uneducated and uninformed person would say.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Macs name in Chinese would be Yu tu foo foo  They make good food doe…love Canton

  16. Anonymous says:

    The government has obviously not taken any of the Environmental Impact Assessment Issues into account. The only thing they are seeing is dollar signs and an increase in their bank accounts. Obviously they cannot take criticism or advise from those more knowledgeable about issues concerning the port.  When the Red Bay port alternative was proposed NO government member even showed up for the presentation. The completely disregarded the Sea Captains proposal and the tireless work and effort they put into the plan is astonishing.  I know for a fact that certain government members were contacted on this issue and out right refused to hear any part of the discussion. This however, is not surprising but extremely embarrassing. These elected members are supposed to represent the people but they have total disregard for what the people want. The current port in George Town is NOT an ALL weather port.  The first puff of breeze causes the cruise ships to divert to Spotts or by pass the island completely. Having THREE different Ports is totally and completely absurd and a waste of money.    ( The West Bay pier, The terrible back up dock at Spotts and the George Town Port that can ONLY be used when the weather is GOOD meaning practically only in the Summer as northwesters are very common this time of year we all can see this just by driving through town)  SpotsCANNOT accommodate these smaller ships that are being pulled off the line left right and center much less these much larger new ships. Even with the millions and millions of dollars china will pour into ruining George Town causing irreversible environmental damage the first northwester that comes NO ship will be able to use it. Isn’t the point of the birthing facility to accommodate these ships year round????  Every ship that has to bypass the island has a ripple effect putting our entire tourism industry in jeopardy but that doesn’t seem to matter to those calling the shots. They haven’t looked far enough into the future to figure that out yet.

  17. biker says:


    The following is a partial extract from an MSNBC News article on their website today, 19 Jan. 2012.

    These are the kind of people our Premier is trying to allow a foothold in this country!

    BEIJING – Last week Chinese dissident author Yu Jie fled to the United States to avoid what he described as further “inhumane treatment” by the government.

    Now Yu, 38, is speaking out about his experience in detention during a sensitive time in China’s recent human rights history: the 2010 awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to his friend and fellow dissident,Liu Xiaobo.

    …………..The final moments after Yu was hauled from his home to a waiting police car were brutal, he says.  “Over a dozen plainclothes officers and several cars were waiting there,” Yu recalled at the press conference in D.C. “Immediately, two burly men charged at me, slapping the glasses from my face and covering my head with a black hood, and then forcing me into the back of a car.”

    Yu was driven to an undisclosed location, where he says he was stripped naked and made to kneel while officers took turns delivering blows to his head and body and stomping him when he was on the ground.

    “They forced me to kneel and slapped me over a hundred times in the face,” said Yu. “They even forced me to slap myself. They would be satisfied only when they heard the slapping sound, and laughed madly.”

  18. EYE ON ISALND says:

    That's why Mac wears his Black Power suit he is transforming in to Chinese. What else is he going to say but the Chinese are best. Mac is hooked up to a world power now. What are we going to do?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Well well well…is this a slip up or what from Mr Bush…….when stating that Dart did have the finance, he says their deal was stopped because "the people objected to the 99 yr lease"

    well now Mr Bush….the people are currently objecting to the re-routing of the road in West Bay…..yet, it's still a go


  20. Anonymous says:

    The moment Cuba opens its doors for cruise tourism it is done with Cayman.


    • Spanish Cat says:

      When Cuba opens up their doors it will be no hurt to Cayman Islands because only then we will get back our country.  It will only hurt foreign men looking Meow soup!!

      Only an idiot would step in a frying pan when they know it is hot.  Of course fools will rush in, and believe me I hope it would open because, then and only then we will have some of those critics leave.  However I am very darn sure they will go to Cuba, but cannot open their mouth for nothing else but to say Meow, because Fidel will fix there asses, they will not get away with ruining that place again like they did before.  I hope it hurry opens and take some money from you all and then suddenly close the door when their banks are full and they have new business places.  I am just dying to see that happen.

  21. Anonymous :-) says:

    Well done Premier. Now enough talk. Let us start this project!

  22. Peter Milburn says:

    The only thing I like about the Chinese is the food.Please leave well enough alone and DO NOT mess with a dock at the Turtle Farm or anywhere else for that matterPut permanant moorings in GT and fix up the Spotts dock.End of story.Start working on getting stay over visitor numbers back up where they should be and just deal with ships that dont insist on this dock scenario..Wonder what all those West bay taxi folks will say when all the cruise ship passengers arrive by boat and cut them out of all those fares.A dock in that area will only add to more problems re our beaches and fragile coral reefs.I wonder when last the premier(lower case)went by that area and looked at the wave action over there?I wonder what kind of fancy high speed boats(and who will own them) will attempt to bring passengers to this dock or will this be a cruise ship dock?Heaven help us if that is the case no matter which way it goes down.Same old same old election build up and then another 4 years to MAYBE see anything done.Please will somebody put 15 true hearted Caymanians in the house to get us up off the floor and put this wonderful place back on its feet again.

  23. NotFooled says:

    Under the GLF plan, CIG would begin receiving 100% of the profits after 25 years!!!! Its a hell of a shame that our Premier, who is the minister for finance, doesn't understand that bond financing such as that proposed by GLF/Citibank is standard for major infrastructure financing. The very same method is what is being used to finance one of our competitors, the Bahamas, US$400 million airport expansion in Nassau!

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly right! Am I stupid or just not as bright as our Finance Minister? Cayman will receive 40% and CHEC will continue to receive 60% of the income from the port for 25 years AFTER their investment is repaid whereas GLF were going home after their investment was repaid in 25 years and Cayman would then receive 100% of the income from the port. And….which is better? WOW!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said.  Bond financing is a normal method used by other countries to finance large projects. What is wrong with using it to finance our G/Tn port which is small in comparison to other projects done with this type financing?  Getting money from a communist-state controlled firm that will control our port facilities for the next half-century, is the best way for Cayman to go?  A company with a lessthan stellar international reputation, already implicated in a bribery charge over a similar job in Bangladesh, and at the center of another controversy in Jamaica over the manner in which contracts there were awarded and mishandled?   Has no one heard that the Contractor General in Jamaica called for the Government to halt negotiations on major projects with CHEC and put it out to public tender, to ensure value for money?  Has no one heard about those in the Jamaican government service who lost their jobs or were fired over controversies surrounding how the contracts there were allegedly mismanaged?   On the local scene, did CHEC follow the proper channels to prequalify for the GT port project, which the other firms who prequalified a couple years ago followed?   From the news reports, it seems  they apparently entered the picture much later, through what seems to be a back-door process.   Who introduced them to Cayman Government ?  How is it that, with a less than stellar international reputation that CHEC seems to have bearing in mind the recent controversies, our Government saw fit to engage in negotiations with them?   Did Government lawyers do any due diligence beforehand and know about the other controversies, prior to opening negotiations with CHEC?  It simply beggars belief that any due diligence was done.  A significant project such as this, should never have been allowed to be handled this way and just for appearances' sake, it does not look good.  It really makes you pause and wonder what role exactly the FCO and Governor really have in our Islands and if their speeches about ensuring good governance, transparency and openness are just empty promises.

      • B.B.L. Brown says:

        Those are some good questions, Mr. Anonymous!  It would be nice if we could get some honest answers……………. but that's not likely any time soon.  Too bad.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Given the Chinese reputation for high levels of corruption, how are we going to make sure that our government is not doing things illegal and unethical in this deal?

    We need reassurances.

  25. Anonymous says:

    The port will be the largest capital project in the history of the Cayman Islands.

    Interesting that Mac says that giving a no-bid contract for such a project is best, at the same time he is setting up a new Central Tenders Committee. 

    "lie, deny, deflect"….

    • Anonymous says:

      Makes more sense for him to deal with crime.  He can build as many docks as he wants, but if crime is out of control he will have to pray for ships to dock up.  The government that says nothing, sees nothing, does nothing, and waste everything.  Wait until 2013.

  26. Dred says:

    Let me lay this out for you plain and straight. We need this not to happen the way HE McKeeva wants because HE McKeeva is only looking after HE McKeeva. If there is a better plan out there for THE CAYMAN ISLANDS irregardless of what HE McKeeva wants we need to take it.

    To this end we need to do whatever we can to STOP HIM. People you want to come to arms on East End Quarry. You want to come to arms on West Bay Road. What you NEED to come to arms on is this dock. This is 49 years of crap to deal with. This is a company we will regret dealing with. Lets stop this madness now not after we have signed over our lives to them.

    I call on all the business owners at or near the waterfront to band together for the good of Cayman. We really do not need an outside business coming in here and killing local businesses. This will severely and I mean SEVERELY damage businesses by Island Companies, Kirks and many other local businesses.

    The state of Luisiana was so adamant against Hotels with Casinos and Restaurants in them that they legally stopped it. They did not want another Atlantic City.

    The problem is this if you do not know. 70% to 80% of people who stay at places like that never leave the facility.

    • George Towner says:

      "We really do not need an outside business coming in here and killing local businesses. This will severely and I mean SEVERELY damage businesses by Island Companies, Kirks and many other local businesses."  Wow… pretty strong words Dred. Just how will the killing take place?  I mean you must know, right?

    • Anonymous says:

      Regarding this "We really do not need an outside business coming in here and killing local businesses. This will severely and I mean SEVERELY damage businesses by Island Companies, Kirks and many other local businesses.", nothing new:  Dart already came in and bought Island Companies, so much for the locals there.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you however Island Companies is Dart

  27. Whodatis says:


    So many ignorant, misguided and hypocritical statements on here.

    Tell me, when was the last time the Chinese;

    • lied at a top governmental level, armed-up their military and bombed a foreign land to smithereens
    • killed hundreds of thousands of foreign innocent men, women and children in the process
    • threatened sanctions and repercussions onto other nations that refused to go along with their internationally corrupt gameplan
    • cozied up to foreign figures for decades as it suited them only to turn their backs in the flash of an eye and label said characters as dictators and evil-doers – even calling for the very DEATH of the individual(s)
    • equipped and financially supported actual dictators and evil-doers to do the dirty work in a foreign land as it suited their needs
    • carried out international military strikes in contravention of international law
    • illegally invaded a foreign country …

    I think I made my point.

    I don't necessarily agree with the notion of China being the best option for this project, however, I take some comfort in the fact that I did not rely on ignorance and hypocrisy to arrive at that opinion.

    * At the end of the day the West has imploded itself due to BAD GOVERNMENT, greed, and destructive economic policies and rather than admit to the truth, we see its members spewing out the bullcrap that is in such abundance right here on CNS.

    America and England are broke and have abondoned their long-standing culture of 'hard work'. (To see a "Made in America" or "Made in England" label is next to impossible today. Honestly, when was the last time you saw such a thing?)

    *True story: My last time was over the past summer as I was going through some childhood belongings. Within the contents I came across my kindergarten's uniform shirt name pin – on the underside was etched the following words; "Made in America". I was almost floored!

    Therefore, what we see taking place today is nothing but the nature of true and unadultered 'economy'. However, the pathetic West is doing all in its militarial (and media) power to prevent this from taking place.

    (Sitting back and enjoying the show … bring on WW3 you ignorant, arrogant fools.)

    * Just don't try to enlist Whodatis – I'll be chilling on the pier fishing my dinner for the evening. Rasta nah mix up inna Babylon plan!


    • Anonymous says:

      Can you tell me what you smoking???

    • D. Lusion Al says:


    • Joe Rio Dada says:

      Here is something that might pour a lickle wata pan ya wannabe dreds; it appears by your posting you really have not researched as best as you could have. Frankly, your posting is really one dimensional consequently lacking real substance. If you really have perused all sides of the information at hand courtesy of the world wide web during your in-depth research. I am fairly confident your boorish statement, would have been conveyed a little different.


      Unbelievably in your aggressive and insulting post it is evident that you deliberately failed to mention the many Human Rights Violations that China is still mastering?! On that note, this factoid might be enlightening for you. China has over the last several months limited their Attorneys from practicing and endeavouring to uphold the law by heavily restricting them from offering any Legal Aid to the general population. A fundamental right to protect yourself has been dismissed in this just one aspect of everyday life in China. Countless more are listed for your perusing.


      Maybe you should slow down on the kaya rasta man, because like a recent witness in current high profile murder case told the Court; I can’t remember ‘cause I ganja messed up my memory. Hopefully you take a bit of my advice then when you do your future research you will do it thoroughly before spouting off sanitized propaganda that really does not allow the entire picture to be shown especially when you are insulting people and their capacity.


      I urge you to check out and similar websites that “research and report” frequently on our intended significant other that will be sharing our bed for not less the next half a century. From my perspective, I think it is only prudent you get to know as much as possible of who is gonna screw you before you jump in bed with them. It is an act that you can’t take back just like the Shetty Deal. Go tink ‘bout it when ya fish’nin fa ya dinna 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      The Chinese invaded Tibet and killed thousands of monks and other people, destroyed a lot of their culture. They imprison and kill many thousands of their own people for nothing.  They are notoriously corrupt at all levels!

      • Angel of truth says:

        How many people did the british kill and destroy a lot of the culture and emprisoned the people of africa, India and much of the Carribean? do not conveinently  forget history and tell us we should forget the past,untill the wrong has been made right no one will forget, can a rape victem forget? we are not fools, you cannot forget what hitler did so do not conviently try to tell us to forget, it is still with us,no one has a monopoly on evil.

        The chinese government is evil and so is a lot of businesses and people in cayman and around the world you try to make it seem that only Cayman has evil people and bad government ,oh and dont forget the attrosities that the us and eu and every other country did and is still doing, we are not blind anymore , you can rave of how the us and uk and so  has so much human rights but for who? .

        Remember who feels it knows it, you have done us no favors but for a very few so you can gain for yourself that is why your country is so far ahead least we forget you are not god, i know you hate him because he tell you you are wrong, the real people of the world now know of your lies,our eyes are open you are no better than the chinese and the chinese is no better than you, i still love America because it is by far the most free for how long i dont know but we must not lose sight of the truth,we know lies when we hear it, the truth hurts and it sometimes also hurt me too, belive me we are all corrupt, we still love you and god bless you even if you hate him,lie all you want but you cant lie to your self, only a fool would do that.

        I know that you did not literaly tell me to forget but if i liston to what you say then you are ignoreing everything that has transpired before.

    • Anonymous says:

      No they just used to charge families for the bullet they usedto execute their family members.

    • Anonymous says:

      And I forgot, invaded Tibet, supports North Korea

    • Anne on a Moose says:

      OK, I know you just like to get people to rise to the bait (or maybe you truly believe some of the stuff you write). Whatever, to summarise your post you simply wish to state that in your opinion China has a better record in the way it conducts its itself at home or abroad, than the USA and UK, and that you would prefer China as a nation to USA or UK as a bedfellow for Cayman. Agreed?

      You shouldn't insult everyone else on CNS as ignorant, misguided and hypocritical if you don't agree with them. Yours is just one opinion against the many. Probably the majority don't feel it necessary or helpful to this discussion to get into a silly p*ssing contest about who has the worst human rights records, politcial repression, war atrocities and so on. They'd prefer to keep it relevant to the news topic.

    • Anonymous says:

      PRC is currently backing Iran and major trading partner with North Korea.  PRC and loosely veiled corporate minions are engaged in legal battles around the world, the central common theme being the abrogation of binding agreements and contracts.  Millions in legal fees are being generated as a result.  PRC actively censor, persecute, and disappear their own citizens.  There is no knowledge of the freedoms that you and I enjoy.  Given this very real backdrop, you would support a blind agreement between the intellect and worldiness of our national leader and the gov't of PRC?

      • Whodatis says:

        Re: "PRC is currently backing Iran and major trading partner with North Korea."

        And … so what?

        If I live on a street where every neighbour owns a gun and a knife – would it not be advisable to arm myself to an equal level? (Furthermore, that is not say that this is even the intention.)

        History definitely suggest so.

        Be careful how you sign on to every scare-mongering tactic coming your way via western leaders and propoganda machines. Those nations are primarily 'bad guys' because they either;

        • once upon a time kicked the West's ass out of THEIR OWN COUNTRY or
        • refuse to comply with policies, infiltration and demands via a foreign (Western / western-affiliated) nation
    • Whodatis says:
      1. Respectfully posters, every issue raised below pales in comparison to what the USA, UK, EU has done and is currently doing to 'other' nations all around the world. Western citizens enjoy many comforts within their respective countries however, those very countries / entities continue to carry out the greatest of injustices and brutality all over the world. Obviously such facts are irrelevant to some of us. (E.g. Within the last decade and to this very day even, tens of thousands of innocent non-Western, non-Christian, non-White children were brutally blown to bits by Western military might on the basis of grand lies and unspeakable corruption in a mad dash for $$$ and oil. Would you like to go and speak to one their mothers about 'western freedoms'? Good luck with that.)
      2. My post was not to suggest a preference of China over other nations, instead it was focused on the hypocrisy within many of the comments and perspectives being submitted to this forum. Each individual is free to dislike a nation for whatever reason, but if righteousness is a criterion then an unbiased and well-informed opinion of the world would go a long way in such a judgement.
      3. It was not my intention to 'insult all other posters' – I was obviously addressing those that fall under the description of the above (2).
      4. China is clearly doing very well on the global economic stage and virtually all of the former 'great economies' are suffering. Who is to blame for that? How exactly is China now the 'bad guy' in this equation? It's time to wake up and see reality for what it really is folks.
      5. I am aware of the deplorable human rights record in China, however I am also aware of the despicable international human rights record of the USA, UK (West).
      • Matt says:

        Keep on digging mate you already alienated yourself from evryone else in this country. Clearly you are advocating China as being "better" than the USA etc so why deny it. Bring it on I say, but only because I no longer care what happens in Cayman , (sorry to say). After years of observing the way of things here I've had it with this place and the naivety and indifference of its people. I;m afraid that includes the likes of Whodatis, just another whiner who hasn't got any skills or ideas of value to bring to the communal table. And don't worry I shall indeed be leaving before to long. It's all a shame, but I really wonder if modern Caymanians can truly govern themselves in anything other than a completely amateur and shambolic way.. 

        • Whodatis says:
          • Re: " Keep on digging mate you already alienated yourself from evryone else in this country." I am not seeking public office so I fail to see the relevance of that statement. Furthermore, I have long understood that at certain times, due to the obvious collective mindset that holds the majority here on CNS, a single "thumbs up" holds a stronger ratio than an opposing "thumbs down" when it comes to certain issues. Regardless, I obviously couldn't care less what others think of my opinion(s) – I simply call things the way I see them.
          • Re: "Clearly you are advocating China as being "better" than the USA etc so why deny it." You seem to be a relatively intelligent individual, therefore I know that this is not your honest understanding of my words.
          • English is clearly your native tongue so I am curious as to exactly which nation you will be returning that currently boasts a societal /political / economic track record other than "govern(ing) themselves in anything other than a completely amateur and shambolic way"?

          I look forward to a response in regards to that issue complete with evidence greater than well-meaning and hopeful words.

          • Anonymous says:

            You must be a lawyer.  I have never seen any poster on CNS that lovesto argue like you do and put forward your points with such dogmatic persistence that no matter what other good points anyone else makes, you just cannot concede any point to the other side (even when they make much more sense than you do).   Keep it up though, it is truly entertaining to read your comments – your viewpoints certainly give me a good laugh for the day.   Hee Hee !

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr Whodatis, your criticism of the 'Chinese' government appears to be based on the usual anger echoed by many anti-colonial persons who are confused, refurse to accept the past and try to work with their current systems and even more important, fail to embrace being a Caymanian and consider teh impact of decisions on all residents here.

      Speaking of examples of 'true stories', I have heard many Jamaicans blame the US for their social and political problems in the late 70s early 80s but refuse to contribute any responsibility on the PM of the time (think he was of Syrian descent?) and the other leaders of the day. So on the one hand many Jamaicans were encouraged to dislike the British and Americans for their own government's inability to make decisions that would result in relative success upon their independence from the UK.

      So, I agree with many of the contributions who don't analyse the Chinese government strictly in terms of anti-American stance but at what actually happens within that country including treatment of others. Yes, the Americans have made global decisions that may negatively impact us all but that does not excuse what the Chinese may also do based on their records. 

      Mr Whodatis, have you really looked into the impact of the Chinese in our neighbouring Jamaica? Do you think most Jamaicans are feeling they will be the 'winners' in that deal? 

      Anyway, if most people are honest, we can't point fingers at politicians in one or two countries, when it appears that most economies are failing due to big businesses (American, Chinese etc) and politicians in most countries.


    • I was taught says:

      I was taught in business school that it is part of the protocol for doing busines with China that you include bribes as part of the business plan. Based on the importance Ellio places on protocol, he needs to be careful and wary of the Chinese.


  28. Anonymous says:

    I would still like to know what the settlement with GLF was and who paid it.  I missed when that was explained.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, you didn't miss it. Once more Mac has not told us what has really happened. We don't know what the settlement was with GLF and who paid it.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Oh well, that's that then. 

    Don't worry everyone: It's all OK – Mac says the Chinese are the best. 

    That'll save some money – for a moment I thought someone might need to look at the figures independently.  You know, like they do in democracies.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you think he derived that they were best suited to this job from the small chinese writing at the bottom of the contract?

      Or do you think he came up with the theory because they make the best fried rice, cheap plastic toys and martial arts movies?


  30. Anonymous says:

    The Chinese are the best at paying bribes, abrogating contracts, and exerting their will on weaker opponents.  They have a 2000+ year track record, and still going strong on Western JVs around the world!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Mac, Chinese are best.  They love you long time.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is why the indiviudals running for President in the US state "don't sell yourselves to the Chinese"

      • Anonymous says:

        There is a big difference between public news and news the mason would keep secret. They would say "don't sell yourselves to the Chinese" and CNN, FOX, all the news channels will broadcast it. But meanwhile they are really selling the United States of America. Whenever they want to distract from the left, they broadcast to the right, and vice versa. Don't listen to everything you hear and see on the headline news. Who do you think is funding the press and directing what news should be publicized?

  32. Anonymous says:

    The more Bush the better! That’s what I always say!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Same stuff, different day, short on details and no consideration of anyone elses ideas or other developers.

    Since Mac is so good at creative accounting, I am willing to bet that "When they pay off their investment" will certainly NOT be in 25 years and whoeverheard of any company giving 40% of their profit to anyone? What a load of hogwash.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Please Governor, prevent this on national security grounds. The gibberish from Bush is also grounds.

  35. Anonymous says:

    We should be building several ports, and this is a good start.  Times a wasting.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Has an EIA been done on the effect this will have on 7mile beach, no.

    Having a casino across the road from a christian heritage park? Interesting.

    Govt. making a profit? Yeah right. This is coming form the minister of finance who doesnt know the differene between deficit and surplus right?

    Leader of a country being investigated for bribery who is doing business with  a company that has been found guilty of bribery and corruption across the globe, awesome.

    Way to go Mac.

    • Anonymous says:

      You know the real problem?  Even tohouh it's so blatent he gets away away with it every time!  The Govenor, the Opposition, the RCIPS, in fact EVERYONE seems completely at a loss to do anything about the way this despot goes about the country's business. 

  37. R.U. Kidden says:

    Who in their right mind would trust the Chinese after studying their past contracts?  This whole thing is a pipe dream.  Our leaders should quit smoking that stuff!

  38. Absurdistani says:

    Read another way "What I say is best".

  39. D. Lusion Al says:

    He still harping on about that Turtle Farm foolishness?

  40. Goin'Broke says:

    “When they pay off their investment in 25 years, we think, there will be a profit sharing with the Cayman Islands Government of 40%. Now, as business people, then you tell me if that's bad,”

    "WE THINK"!!!!  How about KNOWING for sure?


  41. biker says:

    According the the BBC News, 1 Nov. 2011, the Chinese (and Russians) ARE the best at corruption and bribery.


    BBC News – Russian and Chinese companies 'most likely to bribe'



    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder if the private bank accounts of the MLAs are subject to FOI !?

    • Anonymous says:

      You've hit the proverbial nail my friend!  Want to know why CHEC over GLF?: Follow the money.

  42. Anonymous says:

    'The Cayman government will get a 40% share in the profits.'

    Mr Premier, math 101 – 40% of 0 is still 0 and in 25 years you are unlikely to be around to see this proven.

    This is selling the future of the Cayman Islands to what could well be little more than a money laundering scam.


  43. anonymous says:

    So we're coming up to three years of this administration, an election in just over a year, correct me if I'm wrong but this is what we have to show for it: One digger on the site of the new West Bay Road Extension; Some workmen started doing some work on the derelict Marriott Hotel, but they have left to be replaced by a security guard; a sign in George Town to say that a Christian monument will be coming … soon? Half a dozen workmen trying to build a massive new school in George Town; signs for an airport expansion which will progress, but according to the media the financing needs to be sorted out; finally no sign of a new dock in George Town. Yet there is still the possibility of this administartion being elected again – very strange!

    • Anonymous says:

      THere goes the PPM again.  Why did we not have money three years ago.  Who put us in a position that we cannot borrow, who said, only divine intervention would stop me frm building the schools, who drove the process of a new constitution and left out so many vital points that they when called upon cannot answer.  Who put us in trouble with teh previous contractor for the schools.  Who failed to sign treaties to stop us from being blacklisted.


      Who put the economy on the bad footing that UDP has in many ways tried and is corredting, no one else but the Card carrying Red Flag PPM.  CNS probably wont print this if you do Kudos to you.

  44. Anonymous says:

    very embarrassed for the caymankind people…..

  45. Knot S Smart says:

    Ah well… Back to my chop suey…

  46. Dred says:

    I am guessing because of GLF he has no choice now.