Latest arrest in TCI was PNP leader

| 19/01/2012

clayton_greene_0.jpg(CNS): Following the announcement by the TCI government yesterday the Progressive National Party (PNP) leader Clayton Greene confirmed Wednesday that he was the man arrested and questioned by the special investigations and prosecution team (SIPT). Greene said his arrest related to money he received on behalf of his cousin Quinton Hall. The PNP leader added that SIPT interviewed him about US$1 million which Hall had received for the 2006 sale of an interest in Crown land. “I did not act for Quinton Hall in the sale; however, his proceeds of sale did come to a trust account which my firm operated at TCI Bank and from which I disbursed the funds on Quinton's instructions,” Greene said.

The news website TCI news now reported that Greene had said the funds were legitimate during a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

"The relevant funds were drawn on the account of a reputable institution in the Turks and Caicos Islands held at a commercial bank in the Turks and Caicos Islands and I had no reason to suspect that they were anything other than clean funds,” he said. “When I deposited the funds into my account its source was declared to the bank and the bank did not question me further on it. I also had no reason to doubt that the transaction was anything other than legitimate.”

Greene stated that the investigators did not say anything during the interview to persuade him that there was anything wrong with the transaction.

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