Cubans make bid for freedom

| 23/01/2012

IMG Cuban A-  0112 -20120122-00525 (322x500).jpgB - IMG Cuban 0112 -20120122-00524 (333x500).jpg(CNS): Updated Tuesday –Two Cuban men who were being held at  the Cayman Islands government’s detention centre in George Town who escaped at the weekend are still missing officials confirmed Tuesday. Rafael Hidalgo Figueredo and Fernando Figueredo Corrales were discovered to be missing on Sunday 22 January, by guards at the facility, which is located on Fairbanks Avenue. The public are asked  to be on the lookout for the two Cuban detainees, who are both in their 30's but the authorities said the men should not be approached.

A warning was also issued to the public at larged that it is a criminal offence to assist the Cubans who were picked up by the authoritiesafter they ahd entered Cayman waters and sought assistance.

Since the escape, officials said, enhanced security measures have been introduced at the facility, which houses the latest refugees to arrive in Cayman.

Anyone seeing or having information on either man should contact 911, or immigration authorities, as soon as possible. Contact Officer Scott at 526 0433, or Officer Thomas at 526 0488.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Let me try this again…

    I don't think we should rush to call this a bid for freedom- not when in all likelihood there are human smugglers involved.  Human trafficking is akin to moder day slavery and is a scourge around the world.

    Many Cuban refugees have gotten themselves ensnared by human traffickers who exact a very high price for their freedom.  So we shouldn't be so quick to view our authorities as being in the wrong for incarcerating them. 

    If they are hooked up with human smugglers we need to track them down quickly.  Yes they might choose to be smuggled, but it is still wrong and they are being taken advantage of because of their despair.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am sick and tired of having to read that the Public should be on the lookout and assist just because some incompetent people can't do their job right.

     There doesn't seem to be ever any consequence for such incompetence and the ones in charge (yes, the "higher ups" with the tick pay-cheque) seem to be untouchable.

    So why on earth should I give a crap? Really?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Usually Cubans that take to a raft are the worst of the worst and have criminal records which do not allow them to apply to get into the US or any other country. They can get a passport but the only way to reach heaven(USA) is to head to Honduras or somewhere in Central America and head North. Cubans are free to leave Cuba anytime they want either for work, vacation or whatever. They must have a clean police record though.

    I am sure if one of these refugees had mugged or conned you, wonder how fast will you would agree  to help them NOW! 

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cuba is just 15 mins away from Cayman so what is the big deal about here?  Feed them and release them back to Cuba where they rightfully belong!

  5. Anonymous says:

    How about those that assisted them to escape????  I am more afraid of havingincompetent people in such positions of trust than I am worried about unknowns on the street to be honest.

    • Anonymous says:

       One of these men are not so nice like some people think. We where doing some work up there and while we where working one of these men went in one of the trucks and stole what he could before being stopped and searched. So don't think they are all nice they are human and do bad to.or we could give them Caymanain status.

  6. NATO NATO says:

    The detention center is, and has never been run very good by security guards.  The only time it was run perfectly was when it was run by Tad Welcome and his group.  The refugees had a good communication with Tad and his officers.  But the immigration department xontrol of it under the Enforcement did every thing wrong.  Check these refugees, they have criminal records. 



    • Anonymous says:

      What I would like to understand is why is security guards guarding a detention center????? Just a few years back maybe two, wasn't there another escape  and it was a security guard watching him? Isn't this what the police are paid to do? or even Immigration? What is a security guard going to stop them with "stop or ????" oops thats about all they can say to them lol

      • kate says:

        Why would you lock up or detain men, woman, and children because they are seeking for freedom and a better life???  Something is not right with that.  You would lock up dangerous criminals who have committed a serious offense or illegal landers who are involved in drug / firearm activities.

    • Anonymous says:

      Look at all the escapes..they are showing the statistics now…and this is the same security company that has been there…why oh why are they keeping them there to guard the prisoners if there are constant escapees?????? Something isn't adding up here…is this another "UDP" favour????

  7. Anonymous says:

    uh oh spagettieohs…..

  8. Anonymous says:

    Enhanced security measures??? Isn't this a little to late?  Security Guards detected them missing on Sunday?  How long before did they escape?  I guess the security guards were off sleeping somewhere.  Thought it was the RCIPS guarding the detention centre? 

    Are they dangerous, a little more information would help…..

  9. Anonymous says:


    Why is the public being warned about criminal offenses of helping these people? We didn't let them go. How about investigating the escape and punishing someone for dereliction?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Distracted from their duties, Cayman's Finest will loose many things under their supervision.  Wounded suspects will disappear from the hospital, detained persons from the GT lockup, guns disappear, paper files, and evidence will disappear.  Nobody ever seems to hold themselves accountable for reprimand or resignation.  One has to assume that their pathetic supervisors have accepted this appallingly low level of aptitude and professionalism and feel we are okay with this too.   

    • Anonymous says:

      Don't forget the dude who walked off the prison farm and murdered his girlfriend. They closed the farm but never heard of anyone being disciplined for letting the guy sneak off.

  11. Boat Captain says:

    A disgrace!  To hunt them down like criminals just for their freedom, is the most inhumane and uncivilized thing that has occurred on this island for the New Years!  It is so contrary and unethical for that matter!  These people should have been assisted with supplies, food, and water to allow them to go on their ways to Honduras and find freedom?  Why send them back to Cuba in handcuffs where they could be killed or persecuted for the rest of their lives!  This is so much a disgrace and unnecessary expense on our part!!!  My Warning to Cayman:  Just wait till we cry for freedom and thrist for a better way life from a dictator who is our of touch with the people!  It is coming one day, and we will remember how we treated the Cubans!

  12. Anonymous says:

    The authorities have warned it is a criminal offense to assist the escaped Cubans but how many people have been charged for helping and assisting escaped locals from authorities?