Cop’s house shot up in WB

| 24/01/2012

good tape.jpg(CNS): The West Bay home of a serving police officer was shot up in the early hours of Sunday morning, the RCIPS confirmed Tuesday. An RCIPS spokesperson said that the house in Velma Banks Drive was damaged by gunshots at around 4:30am and an investigation into the incident is now underway. Police said that no one was injured in the incident and security precautions have been put in place with respect to the safety of the officer and his family. Police have not named the officer and have declined to confirm if the officer had given evidence in any of the recent Grand Court trials relating to gang shootings.

A spokesperson said enquiries into the incident are ongoing and officers are seeking informaiton from anyone who may be able to assist.

Anyone who was in the area at the relevant time on Sunday morning and saw anyone in or around the area, or heard any gunfire, is asked to contact West Bay CID on 949-3999, the RCIPS Tip-line 949-7777 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. MEEEE TOOOO says:

    One thing that really Pisses me off is to hear foreign people with a little bit of common sence talking foolishness about Cayman like it is the worst place onearth.  You all know it is not so,  You live here and know that Cayman is still one the safest places in the world.

    If any of you find yourself in the back roads making a bad weed deal you are going to get run around town.   So stay at home and watch TV eat at local restaurants and go to church on week ends/

    Be nice we still love you all, so please stop making it harder for us.  Gosh we are already a struggling minority on Island, so can't you all use a little of the softness of your heart and at least feel some sympathy for us instead of butt kicking us on every page.  Thank you

  2. Anonymous says:

    Grand Cayman sinks further into third world status.  Nothing stopping or even standing in its way.  Down, down down.  Proof of what third world leadership leads to.  Cayman is self governing.  That in itself is terminal.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Honorable and responsible citizens have a right to bear arms and to protect their families. There is no reason why a man in his forties, with a business and family has to sift through You Tube videos of how to modify a flare gun to protect his family when he should be allowed to have a shotgun locked in an easy access area of his home.

    • Not in the Closet says:

      A farmer defending against a wolf or a bear might want a shotgun in the closet, but Cayman today resembles the scorched earth of Beirut in the 1980s and 90s more than a rural landscape. Cayman people need concealed carry automatic pistols and assault rifles – we’re a ways past a shotgun in the closet my friend.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you think you qualify, why not apply for a license?  

  4. THE WATCHER says:

    I think this is a terrible thing to have taken place, and frankly speaking, I will lay the cards down on the table in front of the Governor, the Judicial department, the Legal department the Police and the Premier.

    I see it as time you guys have a meeting, play knock rummy or strip me naked or six love get up.  But it is time that these punks realize that the game is over and you are in control.

    Shooting up the home of a police officer??????????????

    Now it is going too far, because in plain English, the Governor, Judges, Legal Dept. Police and Premier better understand and learn fast that the day one of those thugs shoots a police officer on this Island, DONE IT DONE.  Because you are going to get, and see what Vigilente actions will be taking place.  These thugs who are terrorizing this country will be picked off one by one until they are eliminated, and no one is going to say a word, even if the police have to do it.  Take good advice from a citizen.  Sentence them all to life time, and get them off this Island.  If you do not put that is your sentencing you are inviting trouble.  If the premier and the Govenor do not touch base with England on carrying out this plan, then they will have a situation out of hand, gone bad.

    Anyone serving over two years should be sent off Island, depending on the crime.  My advice as a citizen is, BE SAFE DONT BE SORRY, take good advice.



  5. Simple days says:

    I have decide to no longer STATE the obvious because it doesnt seem to get the message across it is better to ASK a question and allow the you the reader to arrive at your own opinion. 


    1. If gunmen or a gunman shot up a house owned by a police officer a member of the RCIP Royal Cayman Islands Police, what does that mean for the regular everyday Citizen of Cayman?


    2. If gun crime continues on the current path what does that mean to or for would be potential 'investors' or current in the cayman?


    3. If you had your choice to live in a country where you felt safe or a in a country where people were getting robbed with GUNS approximately EVERY 2.5 days**. Where would you live?


    ** There has been 10 robberies 8 of which were gun crimes in 25 days of the new year so little math 25/10=2.5 days** 


    Caymanians / people of Cayman I know I really don't have to ask you these questions. Because you the people are aware, it appears that the only people who aren't aware are the people we elected. I have heard the current government pass the buck of responsibility for NATIONAL security over to the governor because that is his job/ responsibility. PERSONALLY I believe this is unacceptable to say and accept, I get it but I still think it is unacceptable.


    We know what the problems are, we see the issues, but yet something as important as protecting your voters, your public, your bread and butter, you can so easily turn your back on and make the excuse 'oh well that's the governors job' [in short] is simply stupid.


    As a politician who is elected by the people, in the hopes as they said for the people how can it be when the people need your help the most you turn your back and pass the buck…?


    I would imagine that any politician who wants to be re-elected for another term or potential politician would have their golden ticket if they fight to pass laws / regulations that protect the people better by allowing the people to protect themselves aka pepper spray, Tazers, Stun guns, non-lethal Guns that fire bean bags or pepper balls.


    These tools of self defense are non-lethal options that SHOULD NOT be removed from the table of ownership by the people to defend themselves. YES I understand if they open this door up some of these non-lethal weapons could fall into the hands of criminals and could be used against citizens. That is a fair point and this should be expected and once expected /known proper procedures could/should be put in place for example.


    1. Non-lethal weapon and ammo
    • CAN ONLY be purchased from government approved company of which x amount of dollars goes to government.


    1. Safe
    • CAN ONLY be purchased and installed by government approved company of which x amount of dollars goes to government


    1. Gun locks
    • CAN ONLY be purchased from government approved company of which x amount of dollars goes to government.


    1. Bi annual safety training seminars
    • CAN ONLY be completed at a government approved company of which x amount of dollars goes to government.


    1. Regular police visits or owner brings non- lethal weapon to police station for inspection…
    • Covered in your annual license renewal fee


    1. Annually license renewal
    • Annual fee paid to government


    Etc. etc. etc.


    Obviously owning a non-lethal weapon won’t be something EVERYONE will or can afford but it will allow people a chance to protect themselves and for ownership to be regulated and revenue to be made by the government and create jobs to stimulate our economy…

    • Anonymous says:

      With all these Government t fees I won't even be able to own a slingshot, which is also now illegal (but not when we kids; so much for progress). 

  6. Anonymous says:

    Three years ago my car was shot up outside my house.  I am not a police officer, not a criminal – just a hard working member of society living along SMB (not WB, not BT).  Nothing was reported in the media.  The police advised me not to find myself on my own after dark, sent a patrol down the street occasionally for a couple of weeks and after a month I never heard another word about it…

  7. Anonymous says:

    The prisons are too lenient no where in the world are they treated as good as they are here at HMP did anyone ever think why they house so many repeat offenders.  I hope they increase the pressure the system sucks, people have to understand when you enter a prison you loose your identity you are just a number, rights you have none once you walk through a prison door, and this where our system has failed.  Never bow to the demands of a convict, and it seems that everyone at HMP will always be bowing to these criminals. 

    I am sickened by what this island has become and mark my words nobody wants to paint a bad picture of where we have known most of our lives as a place for peace and tranquility, but that is lost and it will never return.  One of the problems is the deportees from our neighbouring countries arrive on our island with new identies and infiltrate our system corrupt our already corrupt young people and allhell broke loose. Finger printing needs to be put in place and the sooner the better.

    2012 new year lets make a safer and better place or all will be lost in 2013.



    • Simon says:

      anon@10:13 you still blaming the rotten behaviour of those lazy, criminal-minded youths Criminals' acts on foreigners? You people keep doing that and you will see where we will be in the next 5 to 10 years. I am only surprised that you are not blaming it on one particular nationality. Because every bad thing happen in cayman you have some members of our community want to blame it on  foreigners.Oh No! It must be the American TV programmes, and probably even the internet . Keep on blaming. And if you know who is sneeking into Cayman and corrupting the youths and teaching them how commit crimes, why don't you do something about it?. And if they can sneek in without being detected what does that say about ,Immigration, customs and the police? Boy when a man open his mouth you can readily tell how wise or ignorant he is

  8. Anonymous says:

    Baines should consider more rehabilitiation measures…. perhaps another condemnation of  the USA's 2nd amendment right and rap music is in order.


    This time, just say it louder, and really REALLY mean it.

  9. father farsight says:

    WE have decline in our values . Make no mistake about it we are about to hit rock bottom.

    Some of us bury our provrbal "heads in the sands" and still pretend that "it cannot happen here, this is Cayman". It happen in USA, Jamaica, Hati and other countries. Look at the facts of what is happening here.





    Shooting up the house of a Magistrate

    Attempt to invade the home of the Chief Justice

    shooting up police man's house


    gun and ammo. smuggling

    import/exportation of cocaine and other drugs


    and many other horrendous crimes.

    Are you still listening? Get real!! These are the realities of the 21st Century Cayman Islands.

    If things continue to deteriorate, the investors will pull out. The crusie ships will stop calling.

    Indigenous Caymanians and status holder are going to take their families and their money and run and you can believe me on that. In the 80s and 90s we used to be in denial. These things had just begaun to rear their ugly heads and we ignored them. We used to highlight Crimes in the front pages of our news papers and our , then single radio station, about Jamaica, mostly' and the about other countries to a lesser extent.

    Now reality check.! The "shoe is now on the other foot".

    I hope we spare no effort to get this monsterous crime wave under control  and stop Twiddle our tumbs while thugs take over our country. Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

    The Government, Commissioner of Police, the judges(and they won't be safe either), the Prosecution Depatment, the lawyers who defend these criminals and got them off on flimsy technicalities, the reluctant citizens who sit on the jury, we are in the same boat and   if something is not done, all of us are in "CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER"

    Another point, when crimes happen in a small county like Cayman, there is no where to run except into the sea. Criminal can find anyone they want. There is no rural country side to which you can move to to avoid its effects or maybe move your family to another state or province. The effects is more serious here than in large or even modest size countries.

  10. Dr. SaySo says:

    Trust me before these young punks outnumber us , we better stand up and put a stop. People they are growing bigger everyday. It's time todo something now.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sorry to say but we are already outnumbered and have been for awhile , the way I see it just about everyone is involved in some kind of crime.

    • Anonymous says:

      not all of them are young

  11. Anonymous says:

    The book better be thrown at these losers.

    Half the island will know by tomorrow who did it.

    What a waste of space…

    • Anonymous says:

      until people start turning these criminals in then nothing will change. You want a better society?? You don't want your younger brother to be next….or your momma (hit by a stray bullet)….start talking cuz you know it is only time until a bullet meant for someone hits someone's momma, sister, girlfriend,neighbor,tourist or another baby son!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Here we go again…

  13. Anonymous says:

    And we are to sit back and watch this unfold? The person(s) who have done this have said in no uncertain terms that they are not scared of the Police or Government! They will do what they want, where they want and to who they want. Cayman has lost it innocence and it's only a matter of time before things get so bad that we are like Kingston or Mexico City. Are kidnappings for ransom next?

    The Police say they are trying to get convictions. The legal system is weighing the evidence and letting some of the persons go. If they are truly innocent, I fully agree with the not guilty findings. But if the criminals are getting away on technicalities, everyone from the Chif Justice to the Chief Police and all their employees need to be held accountable for the incompentencies.

    Politicians talk and talk but deliver no solution. Now add in the Human Rights aspect and the criminal has more guaranteed rights than someone on the streets! Of course, the dead or injured party has no say in what happens.

    People of Cayman, just as we can protest about West Bay Road, we can have a show of unity to let everyone know that this is totally and absolutely unacceptable!



    • Anonymous says:

      This has been brewing and building for a long time surprises for me.

      \\the only chance that Cayman has to bring this under control is to declare a temporary State of Emergency and land a squad of the British Army/Jamaica Defense Force military forces on the island of Grand Cayman and put Cayman under provisional military curfew for a 6-month period….that way the civil rights of these shooters can be suspended….then the military can kick down their doors and shoot them in their beds.

      If Cayman does not do this NOW, you will be picking up dead police officers and civilians off the streets within the year….no doubt about it.

      I decided to leave Cayman for good, never to return, in late 2008 to escape all this; its the best decision I've ever made in my life.

      • Sotong says:

        um – "hen the military can kick down their doors and shoot them in their beds."

        are you seriously proposing death squads?


        • Anonymous says:

          Death squads? The punks will line up to join. Who do you think death squads will recruit? Certianly not moral and ethical police officers; they will quit only to be replaced by the punks.


          Think about A Clockwork Orange.

        • Anonymous says:

          Maybe you don't get the picture…what do you call a gang that shoots up a police officer's house at 4.30 in the morning when he/her and their family would be fast asleep in their beds?

          or is it OK…as long as 'no one was injured in the shooting' ?

          I do apologise for sounding a little harsh; I should not have suggested shooting them as I do not believe in extra-judicial killing myself but under military states of emergencies these things do happen…does Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans remind you of anything..even in a rights-oriented country like the USA ?

          Do you have any other suggestions that might bring this anarchy to a halt on little Grand Cayman ?

          If you have read the report on the evidence now emerging out of the current murder trial and understand it as I do, you would not sleep very comfortably in your bed at nights, regardless of where on Grand Cayman you live.

          I'll say no more on the subject.

      • Anonymous says:

        Cayman won't declare State of Emergency, they are too concerned how it will affect their international image as a stable leading financial centre.   So things will go unchecked until it is too late, and when the country is in shambles and at the mercy of gun-toting criminals, our leaders will look back and say "we should have done so and so, much sooner".  

      • Ex Expat says:

        I left in 2009, same reason. Best decision for my family I ever made. I was sad to have seen the fall of Cayman, but happy that me and my family could experience Cayman before the end of its golden age. It was a good life as an expat attorney there before the fall, but there’s just no way I’d live there now and expose my wife and children to that risk. The fact that Caymanians were shooting each other in the parking lot of my work was bad enough, but I would not let my family live in fear for their safety (or mine).

      • young caymanin says:

        That had to be the worst idea by far that i've ever read on cns!  After they killed dududs did the killings in jamaica stop? After innocent people who refused to leave the only place they've ever known and loved were killed for simply living amongst gangsters how could you possibly think that a state of emergency would be the best thing for cayman? If you wanna use jamaica as an example then i think it's safe to say that the 1/4 or 1/2 of west bayers who would refuse to leave their homes in a state of emergency could make up the loss of innocent life . kmt. Please think before you speak and fill people's minds with F*@kry!!!!


      • young caymanin says:

        and if leaving here was the best thing you ever did then try so handle your business over there, and stay out of this very serious issue we have here with your ridiculous comments!!!!

    • Shotgun says:

      18:06 what you say is correct, but this bunch of Caymanian loosers can only do one thing, and that is to protest about progress in the Island.  Hold your breath and wait to see if any of them protest about the robberies and killing. 

      • An Onymous.... says:

        It's so easy, isn't it, to criticize and say that "Somebody"  (in your own words "Caymanian loosers") "should do something…."     Well, how about you stepping up to the plate and leading the way by becoming that somebodyor would being proactive yourself take too much courage and commitment?

        • Shotgun says:

          Shotgun dont march in the streets, but I sure tell the public how I feel on CNS.  March against the robberies and killings and stop marching against roads and round-a,bouts.  Waste of time being set up by investers who do not care too hoots about you all and only want to keep you up front the firing line.  Cant you all see this.

  14. Anonymous says:

    What a high class place this is we live in

  15. Simple days says:

    Gun Crimes/ Robbery of 2012


    1. January 6th 9:50pm Pizza delivery man robbed
    2. January 9th 8:30pm Gunmen rob GT pharmacy
    3. January 15th 2:06am Man robbed of cash bag outside own home
    4. January 15th 6:53pm Robbers hit West Bay house
    5. January 17th 7:25pm Robbers in 3rd doorstep heist
    6. January 22nd 4:30am Cops house shot up in WB


    Robberies/Break-in of 2012


    1. January 13th 5:15am Masked men break into George Town gas station
    2. January 19th 7:05am Woman threatened and mugged on Eden Road


    Murders of 2012



    Convictions in 2012


    1. January 20th CJ finds Anglin guilty
    2. January 23rd Mother sent to jail over bank theft