UDP reps miss BT meeting

| 25/01/2012

kurtibbts.JPG(CNS): Passions ran high on Tuesday evening when well over 100 people gathered at the Bodden Town Civic Centre to discuss the proposal to move the landfill to the district. Although the PPM was in full force, declaring its support for the Coalition to Keep BT Dump Free along with the North Side MLA, neither of the two government MLAs for the district were present. The meeting focused on the long held plans, based on research, to address the dump at its current location and why it should not move to Bodden Town. The significant local opposition to the move was evident as was the anger over the failure of the UDP’s district representatives to consult residents over the issue.

The public meeting was hosted by the district’s opposition MLA Anthony Eden in partnership with leaders of the coalition. Ppposition Leader Alden McLaughlin formally revealed his party’s position and said it supported addressing the problem of the dump on site in George Town via a waste-to-energy solution based on the research already conducted during the PPM administration, which had been supported by the current government until the Dart plan arrived.

Vincent Frederick, a coalition leader, said the movement to oppose the dump relocation was not a political one but he welcomed the support of the opposition. He was however disappointed that despite the coalition’s continued requests, the UDP members, Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour, were not prepared to come and answer the people’s questions.

“We can get five MLAs from all over the island but we can't get our two UDP representatives to come here and answer our questions,” Fredericks lamented as he welcomed the PPM member’s support.

Former PPM leader Kurt Tibbetts said the opposition MLAs did not have the numbers to fight government in the Legislative Assembly and encouraged the people to voice their opposition.

“The biggest mistake government has made is not to come to you and consult you all about the dump,” Tibbetts stated. “Your elected representatives … those of us who are not in government can say all we want but it is going to take you all to stop this,” he said to thunderous applause. Tibbetts said that the people had marched against the East End Sea Port and this deserved no less.

A rally is being planned in Heroes Square to take place during the first Legislative Assembly sitting for 2012, the audience heard, but dates for that sitting have not yet been announced. Aside from encouraging the residents of Bodden Town to take to the streets, however, the meeting focused on the original government plans for addressing the dump.

Arden McLean, the former public works minister, said that during his time in office a cross party committee had completed extensive work on the problem of the landfill. Based on scientific research and the current state of the existing dump, a waste-to-energy solution combined with recycling was considered by everyone, including the UDP committee members and  government technocrats, as the most effective solution.

The issue of cost had delayed the project, McLean explained, but he said the current administration had in 2010 issued an RFP for the dump as a privatization project based on the previous work, which was supported by the PPM.

The original plans had involved digging out the dump to convert as much of it as possible to energy over as much as twenty years. Eventually, through mining, Mount Trashmore would have been reduced to no more than a few feet. Government had also planned to introduce a separation system for recycling.

Contrary to current claims, McLean said, there is more than enough room on the current landfill site to do all of this work there rather than trying to embark on the risky project of attempting to cap and remediate the dump and move the landfill to contaminate another site.

McLean said that the Dart group had made a similar offer to the PPM government to move the dump to BoddenTown during his time in office but as there were too many problems, according to the experts, with remediation and as he opposed moving the dump he declined the offer of a land swap.

McLean said the plans were not thought up overnight. Since 1992 government has been examining the best way to solve the islands’ particular garbage problem and it had been agreed that WTE was the way forward. It would not only tackle the obvious problem of the dump but it would also reduce energy costs.

He said experts in the field have warned of significant problems attempting to cap Mount Trashmore because of the high levels of gas and chemicals. The former minister said it would be decades before the site would be safe for recreation if the plan to cap and remediate goes ahead. In the interim there will be significant risks of gas and chemical build up.

Gregg Anderson, another coalition leader, echoed McLean’s comments and said the campaign had done considerable research and the move presented serious threats. He said the coalition could not find a single report, document or piece of research that justified the move. Anderson said it was simply going too far and the people in the district had to draw a line in the sand as he pointed to the dangers of capping and remediation. He warned that leaching systems can fail, which could result in catastrophic consequences if the dump was covered up and gas unable to escape.

“There is no need to move the dump. All of the research shows it can be dealt with on site in George Town,” Anderson said.

He said that while the value of properties in Camana Bay may increase, the value of properties in Bodden Town would fall and investors would be deterred from ever looking at the district in the future. Anderson pointed to the loss of important wetlands habitat and the risk to the surrounding environment, wells and grazing lands. He also said that with more than 200 extra trucks a day on the roads, lives for all residents would change.

Wayne Panton, a former lawyer and a Bodden Town resident, spoke for the community when he said he was annoyed that the people were meeting not to talk about economic or social advancement for the district but a dump. “The circumstances surrounding it are an insult to every Bodden Towner,” Panton stated.

Everyone understood that government plans had always been to eradicate the landfill on site, he said, as shown by the technical committee’s review of the RFP when the only responder who proposed to relocate it was placed at the bottom of the pile.

He said if government wanted to relocate there should have been a national discussion first not a declaration. He warned the people not to trust government claims about the promise of a site that would have little impact.

“Everything this government has touched so far smells rotten and this doesn't bode well for the Bodden Town dump,” warned Panton as he urged his fellow residents to support the coalition.  “Unfortunately your UDP reps are metaphorically and literally dumping on you and the time is coming when you can return the favour.”

North Side’s MLA Ezzard Miller also lamented the failure of the government’s district MLAs to meet with the coalition while Dart, he said, had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting the move. He warned that all of the experts and technocrats recommended dealing with the landfill on site and it was only because of Dart that the government was embarking on the enormously significant proposal of actually moving a landfill site.

He said government had bundled all of the projects associated with Dart together to deliberately confuse as he asked people to take to the streets in their thousands against the proposal.

“People can no longer believe anything that comes out of the mouths of UDP members,” he said, adding that he would be on the streets with them outside the LA on the dayof the rally.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In defence of poor Mark and Dwayne, I am sorry you guys are (allowing yourselves) to get dumped on like that. That's what you get for hanging out with the wrong company. You can still save face by having the balls to stand up for what you know is right for your country and it's people. Maybe the rest of the gang will finally wake up and follow along and we will all yet be winners.

  2. Four eyes says:

    To you Dear Sir of Fri, 01/27/2012 – 20:38. I hate to burst your bubble, but this is not going to happen between neither parties because they do not like each other. Therefore, they are going to feel extremely unwelcomed, worst if an invitation was not extended. Do not forget that there is no unity between these people.

  3. Beep Beep says:

    TO: 01/26/2012 – 12:25. Where you come from? What are you talking about former UDP Supporters? There is no FORMER UDP SUPPORTERS. Once a UDP always a UDP and they will all  die as UDP. So do not be fooled because you see UDP'S at the meeting you believe that they have switched. I glad Mark and Dwayne did not turn up. Next thing we know you will be calling them FORMER UDP MEMBERS. Fool Fool.

    • Anonymous says:

      Um, who fool?  Only fool I can see is the one who refuses to admit the loss of soooooooooo many former UDP supporters… because dey leaving in droves.

  4. John-the-Baptist says:

    I am going to my bed now and you tell me tomorrow where the dump will be.  Good night.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So the 2 elected members for BT were invited?

    If you know for sure that they were then:

    Thumbs up YES

    Thumbs down NO

    and LOL if you just like to make presumptions 

    • Anonymous says:

      A good politician who felt strongly about something wouldn't give a shit about invites, he'd be there anyway to represent his constituents and make sure their views were heard.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians are getting what they deserve.  Caymanian leadership at its finest.

  7. Anonymous Bee says:

    I like Dart and if I had his money I would purchase everything which is available for sale. I would also fix the problems of these islands which in my opinion he is gradually doing because he has the funds.  I have a piece of land 100 x 100 and I will not sell this little house lot to Mr. Dart because that is all I have and actually own,  along with 2 suitcases, a bicyle and my Digicel pre-paid phone. 

    • Anonymous says:

      If he gave you a price you couldn't refuse, bet you would sell.

    • MEEEE TOOOO says:

      Anonymous Bee 15:24  I like Dart too, and I have a home without even enough property to walk around on, but I would sell it to Dart right now. because I know he would make it beautiful.

      You see, I admire the way Dart has a gold finger, making everything he touch glitters.  What baffles me is why is it that those against him cannot see that the man has made Cayman more beautiful than it was.   Remember when we could not go near the other hotels on the West Bay beach, could not sit on the beach or go in the pool?    The people who are fighting down dart are not the ordinary locals, and those who are,  is only being pushed to the front line by those who have made it here in Cayman and is just plain jealous and envy of the man.  Further more I do not understand why people from West Bay and North Side and East End and George Town is interefering in Bodden Town Dump.

      It clearly shows political interference, and Anthony Eden,  I did not know he was still in the house, I thought he had resigned .  I have never heard him say a word from last election.  He does not need to run for Bodden Town, he needs to take a rest now.  He is tired, and Bodden Town does not want any tired MLA's.   Let us see what the man is going to do with the dump before we jump to conclusions.


      • biker says:

        Regardless of your opinion about MLA Anthony Eden, he was SECOND in the number of votes received from Bodden Towners in the last (2009) election. What IS important is how he votes within the house, NOT how loud he can talk and lambast others.

        Time will tell about the next election.

        And the next election will be VERY interesting AND entertaining as the PPM and the Independants have been steadily collecting "Ammunition" since day one of this UDP controlled government, and I'm quite sure they'll happily use it!

      • Anonymous says:

        "Further more I do not understand why people from West Bay and North Side and East End and George Town is interefering in Bodden Town Dump."

        It is everyone's business.  If people from other districts and other political parties want to lend their support then all well and good.  If the Premier wanted to build test a nuclear bomb in BT do you not think we should all come together from across the island and protest?  Or perhaps we should stay at home and stop interfering if we not BTers… or PPM… or UDP (depends who's holding the meeting)… this kind of hostility and separation of loyalties just fuels the current (bad) behaviour by government.  It stops a sufficient number of us getting together publicly or by referendum to try put a stop to it.


    • Anonymous says:

      If you do decide to sell just be sure not to let the UDP gowerment negotiate for you. You'll only get paid for 60 x 60 and one suitcase. The bicycle and the phone will be thrown in for incentive. Mr. Dart will be a very tiny little bit richer and you will be one heck of a whole lot poorer. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    The two UDP members did not show up because I guess they know within their hearts that they are not doing the correct thing by trying to relocate the dump to BoddenTown therefore they could not face the people in the district of elected them. While I understand that these two members are of the UDP party however, they could have showed up to answer questions posed by those interested in the future development of BT. Maybe they should have had a meeting first to discuss the topic with the people of BT. They know within themselves that Bodden Town will gain NOTHING by its relocation aside from a heavier traffic on the roads of Bodden Town….and rotten smelling air that one cannot escape from breathing 24 hrs a day..

    …maybe Dwayne and Mark should park their cars in front of Lakeland Villas on theHarquail bypass with the winds rolled down and sit there for 24hrs. just to get an idea what it would feel like to have the dump relocated to BT.

    I guess after they do relocate it (because Dart always gets what Dart wants thanks to McKeeva and his puppets on the strings UDP members) then next they will want to widen the already narrow roads in BT in order to accomadate the increase of HEAVY trucks…

    ….Let's join forces and hands to keep the eastern districts untouched…let UPD (Under Papa Dart's) Mangement and team continue the destruction of WEST BAY.. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    BT wanted the united destruction party, BT voted for the united destruction party and now we are stuck with the united destruction party. Seems like no difference from WB.

    • Anonymous says:

      The only difference is Bodden Town is going to smell like a dump and West Bay is smelling more like a rose every day.

  10. Anonymous says:

    West Bayers and Bodden Towners need to shut up and let the progress begin. Mr. Dart stop wasting time and just go ahead and close the road I am waiting to see and use the new beach and its facilities. Mr. Dart hurry deal with the dump and get it out of my district where it sits as an embarrassment to each and every Caymanian. The SMB strip / the Tourist strip is always stink from that dump so that needs to be dealt with asap, Bodden Town is the perfect place for the dump!!!!! Let's just get on with it….

    • Anony says:

      There is no new beach. The existing rights of way are being combined so that there is only one beach access instead of the multiple accesses which we currently are entitled to use to get to the beach. There will no longer be a right of way to the beach across Dart's property. We are losing here folks, not gaining beach access.

    • Anonymous says:

      U need to try practice wha u preach.  Your own back yard would be the perfect place for the dump.  If only we could geton with that.

  11. George Town resident says:

    Come on Cayman, don't be so niave!  In the name of "PROGRESS" PMM rose the debt. And now in the same name of "PROGRESS" UDP underminding legal processes and Democracy.  It seems like you will be hearing more of the terms like "PROGRESS" and "DEVELOPMENT." The parties use these terms to avoid having to listen to the people. Because they know that if they listen, "NOTHING WILL GET DONE" the way they want it!

    • Anonymous says:

      UDP have yet to prove that PPM raised the debt. They even changed the law so they wouldn’t have to bother with those little details.

  12. Chad says:

    That is why I sincerely believe that a Member of the Legislative Assembly should serve no longer than 2 years instead of 4 years. Why 4 long years of reign like some monarch?  I just dont get it!  I understand a huge country like the United States. Obama got his health care passed in one years time. Why is it taking so long for the UDP to build a proper cruise berthing facility?  Cayman is so small, 100 square miles. Our issues are not like the issues of a big continent for crying out loud!  An MLA should serve only two years here, yes… have elections every two years so the people can vote them out or keep them! The U.S. Senators and Congressmen have their elections every two years. WHY IS CAYMAN STUCK WITH 4 YEARS OF BULL!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are right.  And the only thing similar to a big continent are the big fat pay cheques the MLA's are drawing… why the need for the pay to be so high when indeed, they all do so little?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Here is my two cents on the matter at hand.  PersonallyI am not sure where poster 01/25/2012 – 21:57 makes a ridiculous insinuations that birth defects have resulted from the GT dumpsite.  Unless you can provide sufficient evidence backing such statements, please refrain from making such accusations.  Furthermore, the plans call for the more thru traffic throughout the BT district, it would be very interesting if ARCP wins the contract to update the road infrastructure.  Can you say conflict of interest???


    • Anonymous says:

      I feel it for the people who owns those beautiful homes in the Look out Gardens area because it is purposed the trucks will be diverted through there but then again we need research to see the land owners in the area. Lol!  Please don't be surprised as its always deal for deal and I always missed out. Cha!

  14. Anonymous says:

    They didn't need to show up, there is nothing more to discuss.  The dump is going to BT whether you like it or not.  The UDP is in power and they have the power to do it.  WB complained about the land swap, but nothing can stop the UDP from progressing this island.  The UDP will win the next election too.

    • Anonymous says:

      We sure hope you can handle disappointment, You Dumb Person.

    • Anonymous says:

      Da UDP is only REgressing the island.  Well actually, it seems the Premier is doing that single-handedly, and the rest of em just follow blindly behind like bleetless sheep.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Even if I did agree to the idea of moving the dump to BT (which I don't), aint no way Bodden Town Road, could deal with all the extra heavy traffic, its already heaving with regular traffic and dump trucks as it is.

  16. Anonymous says:

    They have a reason for not showing as it was a PPM rally or meeting. How many PPM Members show up to a UDP rally? There was mostly PPM supporters also from all over the Island.  I am neutral and neither side -but fair is fair! Now if UDP does not hold a public meeting the next few weeks if some more info comes to light then by all means bash the hell out of the UDP BT members.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those same UDP members were asked, invited to a meeting of the Coalition.  Ask them if they attended and what was their consensus on the DUMP?  We shouldn't need to have a public meeting to address the problem for them to state that they will have a public meeting.

      Common courtesy is the least that they should've extended to the BT district and the VOTERS, who put them there.  2013 can't come too soon, money talks but the votes add up.

    • Anonymous says:

      You couldn't possibly have been in attendance…because I sure saw a lot of former UDP supporters in the crowd.

    • Anonymous says:

      Trust me! Mr. Frederick is NOT PPM.

    • Anonymous says:

      This was a meeting not a political rally.  Just like all the other proposals, the Shetty Hospital, East End Port, Oil Refinery, Cruise Ship Terminal, dredging of the North Sound, the West Bay Road business, etc. this is just one of many important issues that affect the lives and future of us all here in Cayman, regardless of whether we are UDP, PPM or Independent.  It grieves me that so many people seem incapable of casting aside politics to stand up for something that's more important – Cayman.  The future of Cayman is in the people's hands.  If we leave it to politics we're doomed.

  17. Lawrence says:

    Ummm people MLAs in the Constitution, have the right to represent the party interest – not a district like Ezzard Miller claims to represent  in being an Independent canditate. If you dont like the system do away with or change the Constitution that your faithful PPMs, the FCO, and the local ministers of this island drafted and sanctioned. It is that simple. The more you whine and shoot at each other, is the more the two-party system is here to stay.

    • Anonymous says:

      It would be a miracle, if one morning we all woke up and found that we had fourteen more Ezzard Millers as or representatives.  He is our informer and thanks to his investigative ability.

  18. anonymous says:

    I really cannot believe that there are folks in Cayman that would support leaving our greatest environmental disaster as it has become over the last several decades and object to cleaning it up.

    Who could support old CUC transformers leaking PCBs into the ground, who could support old medical waste in ground, old car batteries leaking lead, and just about everything under the sun remaining there. You simply cannot recycle it. Most of it is wet anyhow and cant burn. A lot has such low stored energy that it costs more to burn that the energy coming from it. The rest that can burn would take another 18 years to use up and you still will have a dump at end of day…..still leaking into the Sound and causing GT birth defects.

    Cayman, we have one chance to get this correct and we have someone who will pay to do it for us. Let us get rid of the greatest environmental disaster we have on the island. Leaking into the ground, into the sound and will soon be in the food chain. Just do not eat any fish from the North Sound in future.

    The BT folks cannot really be against a national project that will save our environment and country?? who could be??? only the most evil anti-environmentalist could be.


    • Anonymous says:

      The RFP called for the mining of the dump.  Government asked for the dump to be removed (not remediated, not capped, but what Mr Glidden stated on TV was that the dump should be removed for future generations).  The proposal put forward by Dart does not do that and does not go as far in the removal of this monstrosity as was requested.  Someone else has to thenprovide the necessary expertise to maintain the new location.  This is not a soluton, it is the beginning of another problem and a failure to eradicate the first one.

      • Anonymous says:

        You have to understand tht what is determined to be the right thing to do is subject to change if it is found to not fit in with Darts plans.  We have to remember that because Dart has the money we have to bow to Datrswishs.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is obvious you have not been reading and using the internet to keep abreast the ways and means of dealing with garbage.  Let them clean up the site, use the 30 acres to continue what was started on site and leave the dump where it is at.  If Dart sets up his park there, is he creating an area where Caymanians can gather, so when the explosions and fire happens, we will hear about lives that were lost.  Another way to reduce the population.  Use your grey matter and think outside of the box.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you were reading, you would realise that Dart only plans to cap the present dump, not clean it up.

    • Anonymous says:

      The only ppl suggesting to leave the situation as it is at the old, present dump site is the UDP and DART by saying they will cap it.


      The proposal by the previous govt, as I understand it, was to install a waste-to-energy plant which will mine the dump as well as reduce and burn the waste – then we can get to the old CUCtramsformers, etc and do something positive with the dump.


      How is capping it going to resolve the problems you mentioned?

  19. The lady up the road says:

     I really wanted to attend and do apologize for not attending.  I am the little lady from George Town. 

  20. Martin says:

    I honestly thought the meeting was about the dump moving to Bodden Town. But, after reading 99% of the comments it now appears as if a party was thrown for Mark and Dwayne and they did not attend. People, what is really the problem? Did Mark and Dwayne flopped your show? Were they suppose to be the star of the night? Was the meeting all about those two gentlemen OR was it suppose to be about a mobile dump? Please deal with the problem and pause out on Mark and Dwayne.  Chances are, Maybe they did not even get an invitation.

    • Anonymous says:

      OK, lets see, Mark and Dwayne are the elected government representatives of the district of Bodden Town. We have to assume that they are such as a result of their declared love and concern and support and interest in the district of Bodden Town and it's people, Yet we are saying they should be excused for not attending a meeting of this magnitude simply because "maybe they did not get an invitation". Well kiss my dump. 

  21. Anonymous says:

    Most of you folks are slow polks or serious haters of the UDP……………….this was a PPM/Anthony Eden meeting for Christ sakes so Mark and John John didn't need to show up,if the UDP call a meeting then you all carry unna backsides and complain, i am sure when the time is right the BT UDP reps will call a meeting,anything negative about the UDP you all act like a bunch of Brazilian river paranas,slow down, think and stop behaving like retards!!

    • Anonymous says:

      It was a public political meeting to address an important matter that has the potential to negatively affect the lives of generations of Bodden Towners. The Bodden Town people's UDP representatives have NO legitimate excuse in this world for not attending the meeting either as their representatives, or as concerned, or at the very least as interested members of their own district. By not showing up they have very simply publicly declared exactly where their loyalty and support is in spite of the fact that the UDP gowerment has done NO research to determine that relocating the dump is a rational idea, and in spite of the fact that the PPM have spent many thousands of dollars on research to determine that it is more practical to leave it where it is. This is very simply yet another shameful and disgraceful act from the UDP Government. You very seriously need to slow down, think, and reconsider exactly WHO it is you are calling a bunch of Brazilian river 'paranas' and slow 'polks' (will you UDP'ers EVER learn to spell) and retards. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Learn to spell or the "paranas" might eat you

  22. Anonymous says:

    Bodden Towners do not want the dump. West Bayers do not want the portion of the road closed.  The Developer should be ashamed of himself not to abort the idea. It shows that he lacks the concern of theCaymanian people.  The UDP representatives are even worse to go on advertising the Cayman Alliance deal. If I was in their position and has so much opposition about the whole deal I would quit.  Where is their shame? You all need to bury your heads in the sand. 

  23. Anonymous says:

    Why are we surpised!   I would have expected more but am not surprised. They should kiss their careers good-bye!! They are negotiating how many liners Dart has to install.  I am a registered voter and I have the right to put my two cents in.  We do not need puppets in our government that collect big pay checks. Since we cannot count on them we must take the reins ourselves in this matter!


    It is disgusting that this crazy idea could ever be proposed. In addition to all the trucks, the private sector must also travel all the way to Boddentown and let's hope they don't drop there load in some bush on the way there! The Government must take control of the dump in it's present location. Not sure why the garbage fees were removed. Those funds could be used to re-vamp the current location. As we understand, some progress was already in the works there and now abandoned!! We need to educate the people on recycling and the separation of garbage, now not later!

    We must all unite and show the Cayman Islands how much we protest this" fly by night "idea to re-locate, move the dump to Boddentown. It is not a "done deal" and we must show our numbers on this one. The everyday hard working people can make a difference and we will make a difference! So many say "why vote" now if all those folks would have voted we would not be in this postion today!  God help us!

    • Cheese Face says:

      They removed the garbage fees because hardly anyone paid them, not really fair for those of us that did.

  24. Anonymous says:

    perhaps they were putting some late hours in at 'the office'……….

  25. NeoSurvivor says:

    Politics aside, capping the current dump is a bad idea.    Almost every global trashmore that has been capped has resulted in a methane buildup, and while many of those were merely an "annoyance", some were dangerous and explosive.   What happens when a dump is capped?  

    1.   biodegredation causes methane release, which builds up under the cap

    2.   eventually the quickbuck people buy or control the property and…

    3.   build a development on said area, calling it "landfill", and…

    4.   plant a few trees and bushes and people move in and all is swell, except for the smell, until..

    5.   sometimes the "landfill" goes fubar and ignites


    Mitigating the existing situation is the best bet.    There are a variety of ways to mitigate the dump so it can be a sustainable dump — one that encourages recycling, one that maintains a set size and utilizes biological additives to 'compost' the waste.  

    Ask you this:   Where does the whole of Cayman, the MAJORITY want the dump?   (a) someplace new, or (b) someplace where we've all gotten used to it being?    Are there new developments being planned around the current dump?   No.  Why?   I't s a DUMP, and while it's currently an unsavory and smelly dump, understand that that location now will continue to reek until the site is mitigated.   "moving" it will merely create another ecological snafu.    We MUST learn and adopt the technology to sucessfully manage the dump where it is.  

    • Anonymous says:

      And let us not forget that Cayman is prone to earthquakes, which could seriously affect the release of methane as well as the capping and remediation.  I have seen nothing that suggests that this is a good idea, particularly considering our geological uncertainties.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is ONLY ONE option for dealing with a dump WITHOUT a liner below and that is moving it. As is common practice Dart would have to put in a methane recovery system which would deal with the problem you state- that is standard worldwide. The way you suggest is far more dangerous as digging into a dump by machinery will cause sparks and an explosion is almost guaranteed, certainly there will be fires there daily for the next decade.

      Add to that that no matter what you do 100% of material is NOT usable. It’s a pie in sky dream that we can just recycle a dump. Yes we can recycle the top 25%, some of the stuff since Ivan but to leave it there for our grandchildren to deal with a toxic site is crazy when we should and can deal with it now.

      Fundamentally it is not lined, can never be lined, and is pouring toxic leachate into ground and north sound. Your analysis is simply wrong. We urgently need a proper landfill that is lined rather than keeping a toxic dump for our grandchildren to get birth defects from. Cap it, create a proper landfill and let’s get going on it.

  26. Anonymous says:

    They were elected to represent the people and protect the  interests of the district…….

    Their absence shows a disrepsect for all those who voted them in and the community as a whole.

    By these actions, it shows us what they are and where their interests and loyalties lie!




  27. Anonymous says:

    Stop bashing Dart over this. It ain't their fault. There could have been a deal with Wheelabrator for waste to energy that would have made all your dumps smaller not bigger. That deal got tossed overboard for unknown reasons. Can you really blame Dart for wanting to cover up Mt. Trashmore once it was clear it would be there forever?

    • Anonymous says:

      The deal got tossed overboard because Dart put more money on the table and offered up the "ForCayman" (hmmmm) Alliance.  Yes, this is Dart's "fault".  I am sure any of the other companies responding to the RFP who were scored higher would have been glad to have gone back to the table, but instead CIG went with the proposal that apparently responded least well to what was being called for – now, why would that be?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Dart told Mac to tell them they better not show up or they won’t get their Christmas presents

  29. Freedom Man says:

    I wouldn't exactly say they "missed" it!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they should start a dump site in the UDP MLA's front yards as a test run. Let's see how they like the pong coming from it then.

    We're a country led by idiots and we deserve everything we get from those bozos if we don't take to the streets and oppose every ludicrous idea they come up with. I guess the West Bayers don't have to worry about a dump in their districts, because they'll have enough free washing machines (bribes) to wash away the smell.

  31. Anonymous says:

    It should not be a surprise that the two elected members Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour did not attend this meeting, after all they do not have the best interest of BoddenTown or these Islands at heart. Obviously, they forgot how they became elected in the first place.

    Suggestion:Mark and Dwayne could have attended the meeting in order to show the people of Bodden Town (who did vote for them) that although they support the relocation of the dump they still have at least interest, respect and appreciation for the people who it vote for them…well that should be an eye opener for all those who voted for Mark and Dwayne! I

    To all Bodden Town residents who voted forDwayne and Mark in the last election I ask you to please consider the crisis we have before us now and please do not give them your vote in the next election. Mr. Eden has always been a mature representive of Bodden Town and he is not immature like the rest of them..having said that did you all listen to the talk show with host Sterling Ebanks yesterday?? I sat and listened as Ellio rudely spoke to Ms. Alicemae Coe…Come on CAYMANIANS we do not need this type of representation for this Country! Wake up… we need the get these Islands back on track so I beg you please in the next election vote for responsible,educated, mature, and professional adults like Mr. Anthony and Mr. Miller who are not afriad to speak up for what they know is right for these Islands. 

    Maybe the dump should be relocated in Mark's or Dwayne's front yard and then we would see how fast they would reconsider its relocation…

  32. Anonymous says:

    UDP think they're now so powerful they forget they need to respect who voted them in office, not who leads them from West Bay.

  33. Anonymous says:

    As a much more pressing matter, we need to find a suitable place to dump the UDP.

    • Anonymous says:

      You people VOTED THEM INTO BODDEN TOWN, so stop your whinning…reap your rewards….people tried to tell you, tried to vote other then UDP, but nnnnoooo…you had to vote them in, so now BODDEN TOWN you got what you deserved…you could have stopped Dwayne and Mark from even getting into office, remember????? Remember no one wanted to say anything??? well there you go…..you deserve the DUMP, cause that is what you voted for!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Not all of us voted them in.  Some of us tried our best to do what was right after their improper election but unfortunately those who had the power to do the right thing, i.e. the AG and the CJ did not have the courage to do what was right and used the flimsy excuse that we filed the papers too late, although we did not file any action under that section of the law.  Many people  choose  to believe that we filed too late when that is not the case. That was the way they could get out of making the right decision and upholding our constitution.  Cayman is so corrupt and has so many cowards from the top down, that it makes me absolutely sick.  I see it getting to the point where there will be civil unrest because no one wants to listen to what the people want.  If there had really beenenvironmental studies done to show that the BT dump would not effect the environment and the people were shown real facts and figures to prove that this was a good move, then I'm pretty sure they would at least be willing to listen and perhaps negotiate.  The simple fact is that we cannot believe a word that the UDP says.  We have caught them out in so many lies that it really is a case of the little boy(s) who cried wolf.   We, the people- Caymanians, residents, work permit holders are not stupid. We can read, we can think for ourselves. The  UDP need to realise that and start to treat the people with respect and listen to our objections.  We have every right to object to the hair brained stupid idiotic plans that they are trying to implement.  Even if they were good, well thought out and researched plans, we have every right to object.  I am tired of hearing Elio, etc. put down and insult everyone who disagrees with anything he or his cronies say.  The people you insult will remember when it comes to election time and I hope and pray that this time around no one will be persuaded to vote for a turkey or washing machine.  There are many well educated, intelligent young people coming up in this country who will hopefully run for election for the sake of the country and not for their own benefit.  

        • Anonymous says:

          You waited to long!!! There was a time frame and you went after the time frame!!!!! That could be why nothing could have been done!!! Also Kurt has no …….he should have been the first one there, including Arden from east end who i am so disappointed in, for I thought he would have the courage to do the right thing!!!!

          • Anonymous says:

            If we had filed under that section of hte law, we would have been out of time.  We did not file under that section so were not out of time.  You did not file the papers so you are not qualified to judge!

      • Anonymous says:

        The person you are responding to is from bodden Town but I most certainly DID NOT vote for Mark or Dwayne.

  34. Anonymous says:

    That's like asking the PPM to show up for a UDP meeting…Ain't going to happen?


  35. Chris says:

    It is really a shame that the Premier and his government have chosen to ignore the petition of over 4000 Caymanian voters against closing a section of the West Bay road.

    A petition of over 4000 registered voters is one of the largest percentages of the voting population that Cayman has ever seen sign a petition in recent memory.

    Over 1000 of these were West Bay voters.

    Not so long ago government's of the past would listen to the voice of the people or at least a sizeable petition.

    This government is different.

    As a direct result of the Governor and Premier ignoring the people's petition, we are experiencing an escalation in tactics by thepeople.

    The majority of Bodden Towners seem united in their stand against moving the dump to their district. 

     No longer will a petition allow the people's voices to be heard, instead the talk is about getting warm bodies into the street by the hundreds and thousands.

    While some may say this is democracy, others are of the opinion that Cayman does not have to come to this if the government would simply listen to the people.

    However if the government and governor continue to ignore the people, an all out protest/march/demonstration will no longer be an option but a requirement.

  36. Joe Rio Dadda says:

    The Unwarranted, Despicable Panderers appears to be so greatly out of touch with reality that will they sell their very front teeth if the price was right. I am concerned that catering to Carpetbaggers certainly cannot result in a positive future for the Cayman Islands and their citizens.

  37. DUMPSTER says:

    09:43,  I would not put it that way, because of the 100 persons in attendance, there was only 25  from the district of Bodden Town, the other seventy five was from other districts.

    The truth and fact  is that this is only political manouvering by both parties to obtain power.  The people of Bodden Town could not care less where they put this dump, because this district has been ignored by all of the previous PPM and UDP representatives, and those serving now, and those who want to return..  We are not voting any of you back in, so give it up.

    In the district of Bodden Town there are so many untackled issues, unfinished projects that PPM ignored and UDP turned a blind eye to, that it is not funny any more.  Both of those parties have a ton load of catching up on, and if I was them, and had any thoughts of going to the polls in May next year, I would take up the pick and axe from now, because people will not accept what little they has done to support this district in its arise in the 21st century, except complain  or agree about a garbage dump.


    • Garbage Truck Driver says:

      Well said DUMPSTER!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello poster on 25/1/12 @ 9:43. Pleaaaaase! don't make the BT numbers  fool you because its alot of us against any kind of Dump from Dart moving to BT. We are afraid of victimization from the UDP party why we didn't attend. They CANNOT be trusted and we are not taking any chances.

      Please fix the problem where it is as recommended by the real experts who were not BIAS.

      We are so anxiously awaiting that time again.



  38. Anonymous says:

    Bodden Towners, I guess you can now relate to us West Bayers of our frustration with this government allowing Dart to take away our historical West Bay Road access.  Just like you need numbers to prevent the relocation of the dump from happening to your District, we West Bayers need you too in numbers to stop the portion closure of our West Bay Road.

  39. Anonymous says:

    ha ha ha…. imagine Bodden Towners elected Mark and Dwayne with the notion that they would never put the DUMP in their district, and look ya now!  Who are they really representing?  Thanks to a two-party system, all these leaders have forgotten who elected them into office. But they will listen to big shots like Dart!   

  40. Anonymous says:

    If the PPM get elected and implement a "waste-to-energy solution" (which I assume means something more sophisticated than setting it on fire) I will eat my computer monitor.  If they get beyond grandoise annoucements, bickering and crayon sketches I will be surprised.

    And if UDP stay in power and one single truckful of garbage gets moved from the current dump to Bodden Town without Ken Dart's involvement, I will eat my keyboard.

    Cayman's politicians never actually do anything.  Nothing. It is all hot air and headline grabbing. And Cayman's voters never hold them to account- all they do is act outraged, make that noise with their teeth and write comments with lots of CAPS.

    The Hyatt Hotel.  The cruise dock.  The Dump. Crime etc etc etc.  Not one actual concrete thing has been done in the real world on any of these critical matters despite literally years  of talk, headlines, comments and opinions.

    So don't worry Bodden Towners, sadly Trashmore will still be where it is now, stinking up the island and ruining the skyline in 2020.


  41. Jacky boatside from oldbush says:

    Wha you talking about Dart Told them they better not show up! Looks like another clean sweep in Bodden Town because after Belford votes gets stink out from the dump Poor old John john and Marky wont have no votes. aaaaaah boy

  42. To Mark & John John says:

    "The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow."


    See you both at the polls my friends! and dont say you were not warned of what is coming. Grow a pair or step aside.


  43. Anonymous says:

    They don't need to show up, clearly a decision has already been made.

    You wanted UDP, you got UDP.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Only one word needed to describe the two Bodden Town representatives that failed to show up at the meeting, COWARDS. I hope Bodden Towners have learned a lesson and will elect real Men or Women at the next election. I will be joining the march against the dump relocation, let it stay where it is, if Dart want it moved he has the $60,000,000.00 needed to set up a waste to energy plant and deal with it in its current location. Get used to it where it is as there will be NO DUMP IN BODDEN TOWN.

  45. I Love Big Dumps says:

    The relocation of the landfill site to Midland Acres will be one of the few, if not only, postive things achieved by this Administration.

  46. Anonymous says:

    It is good to see that the people of BoddenTown are so interested in their enviornment ,it's too bad that the district MLA's don't show any interest ! The residents of BoddenTown have to thank those that spearheaded the "Coalition to keep BT dump free" and themselves  because it is evident that the elected officials of the district had no interest in preserving thier district.I applaud those that spearheaded the Coalition and the residents of BT for taking such a strong stand against the governments attempt to unecessarily move the dump to BT.

  47. Whodatis says:


    Not a good look fellas.

    If singing and dancing with the kids for a photo-op are not on the agenda then you have no interest in meeting with the very people that elected you to represent them?

    Anyway – same typical story the world over. Politicians only have to 'play nice' come election time. For the duration of time in between they tend to suddenly take on new masters.

    Another way forward is in much demand the world over, for the current way of doing things is simply not working. If not 'occupying', the people are 'springing', rioting, burning, overturning, marching and protesting.

    For the last 4 decades Cayman has enjoyed an enviable reality of ridiculous amounts of revenue in regards to size of population, and if any country should be devoid of such grievances it should be ours.

    Unfortunately, we have either elected or been told to swallow the pills of 'correct' policies of 'greater' nations and we have inevitably cultivated many of their greatest cancers within our society.

    It is painfully obvious where we will end up if we continue along this path. And for those who are enjoying the spoils provided under this current set of circumstances – just you wait. (He who has the most has the most to lose!)

    Human nature is the same wherever we find humans and ALL people – regardless of background, nationality, race, religion and culture – react in similar ways under similar pressures.

    We all have a vested interest in getting our country back on the righttrack.

    * Kudos to Mr. Panton for raising a very poignant issue at the meeting.

    ** Lastly, are there any lifelong perks given to an individual that has been elected to a single term of government? If so, could someone please outline them below? Thanks.


  48. Knot S Smart says:

    Off with their Heads!

  49. Anonymous says:

    It makes it sound as if the UDP called the meeting and didn't show up.  If PPM called the meeting on their own account it doesn't mean UDP have to show up.  I can call a meeting and demand all officials show up.  Am I to get upset when they don't??

  50. Anonymous says:

    Well I hope the voters of Bodden town remember this come election day.

  51. Anonymous says:

    the whole issue now is becoming a political football supported by nimbys……. prepare for another 10 years of no action…..zzzzzzzz

    wake up cayman…..the dart proposal is a free solution to this issue….all other waste energy proposal in the existing site require major gov capital expenditure…….money you don't have!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      As the article mentions, the RFP called for private solutions to the waste to energy solution.  Not one of them would have cost the Government anything, and they were to be handed over to Government at a future date.  Dart was not the only one where it would have cost "nothing" (remember that the cost of the Dart proposal is actually part of West Bay Road), although the others weren't calling for significant trades like this I am sure.

      NONE of the solutions would have required major government expenditure, nor money you don't have.

  52. Angry voter says:

    For crying out loud it would had been much better if we had voted for Frederick instead of these jokers!  Vincent and the PPM showed up? Where was the UDP?   Mark and John John this was a slap in the face for the BT people!!!  You should be very ashamed of yourselves!

  53. Anonymous says:

    CNS I have to say it again…Mark and John John you have failed the BT people you have got to go!  We were the ones that put u all there and you mean to tell us that you did not even had the decency muchless the respect to show up at the meeting  for the people who voted you all in???  Shoot, I was a UDP member but you can best believe i am now forthe PPM for I think they are for the Cayman people!  PPM you now will have my vote and all my family vote you can best believe that!  Oh by the way Mark and John John dont u know that the dump site can cause hazzardrous health problems such as asthma, cancer other etc…goggle it and check out the fact people..the BT people lives is at risk here and there aint no way that dump site is going down!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      "I was a UDP member but you can best believe i am now for the PPM for i think they are for the Cayman people" PPM you will now have my vote you can best believe that!" YEA YEA YEA,BLA BLA BLA……………………maybe you were always a PPM supporter,April 1st is still some time away sonny boy!

  54. Anonymous says:


  55. Anonymous says:

    I know one might say that being that they are the elected representatives for the district, I didn't expect them to be there… Come on now!

  56. Anonymous says:

    That should show the people of Bodden Town what there repersentatives think of them. I guess Mr. Bush gave them orders not to show up.

    • BTer says:

      I am guessing they didn't need orders not to attend, they never around when we need them anyways – a disgrace to the district they are the pair of them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would they attend a meeting hosted by PPM?  UDP should be hosting their own meeting and communicating with the public.

      • You are wrong says:

        If I was a BT MLA I would have made it my business to show up for such an important meeting.  Their constituents were present, why then would they not be there? People who voted UDP were there!!! 



    • Anonymous says:

      Yep, pretty soon all John-John and Mark will be good for is singing the blues…….keyboard solo, hit it John-John.

    • Anonymous says:

      He will be in BT com campaigning time and taking centre stage at that.  Let Dart and the UDP see what we mean by actions and words.

      Bring on the MARCH and lets get going.  I guess we will be told, 'not on the steps of the LA", but that will be fine.  Show your strength and what you stand for.