Police repeat call for information on Anna a year on

| 26/01/2012

Anna Evans.jpg(CNS): Updated – It is one year since landfill worker Anna Evans disappeared and her colleagues will be holding a special remembrance service for the mother of five who has not been seen since lunchtime on 27 January 2011 today. Despite the launch of a full scale search which included overseas experts there has been no sign of the 38 year old woman or any indication of what might have happened to her. The officer in charge of the enquiry again appealed to the public, Friday. Detective Chief Inspector Mike Cranswick has spent the last 12 months leading a team of officers dedicated to finding out what happened to Anna, and finding answers for her grief-stricken family, the polcie said.

Intensive searches of the landfill site and surrounding land and waterways by police, specialist dogs from the US, family members and hundreds of volunteers, no trace of Anna has been found. In addition, a CI $50,000 reward was announced by DMS broadcasting in the weeks following Anna’s disappearance, but as yet this has not yielded any positive leads.

“I would ask anyone who has any information about what happened to Anna, and has not yet come forward,  to contact us,” said DCI Cranswick. “A year has passed but it’s not too late to help us bring some much needed answers to her family, particularly her five children. Every day since Anna was reported missing has been difficult for them, but today the anniversary of her disappearance, will be particularly hard for them.”

When last seen Anna, who is described as being 5’7” in height with a dark complexion, slim build, brown eyes and black hair was wearing her DEH uniform – grey pants, a grey and orange shirt, brown boots and a plain blue baseball cap.

Officials from the department of environmental health said that to facilitate this special service on Friday, the main North Sound Rd office, the George Town Landfill, and the Solid Waste dispatch offices will be closed from 8:30 am until 1pm tomorrow (Friday 27 January).

The Grand Cayman facilities will re-open at 1 pm Friday afternoon and staff are asking the public for their cooperation. Businesses that need to dispose of large amounts of waste are asked to do so early in the morning or after 1 pm on Friday. However, the 24 hour drop-off area will remain open to facilitate disposal of small residential loads.

Anyone who has information which could assist the enquiry team has a number of ways to pass the information to the RCIPS :The dedicated enquiry hotline -526-0911, George Town CID – 949-4222, RCIPS tip-line -949-7777 and the  Confidential Crime Stoppers number – 800-8477 (TIPS)



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it any wonder that the country is in turmoil?

    Corruption in our society and corruption in government.
    Cayman must be judged by the law of sowing and reaping, andby God, and suffer the same consequences as any other corrupt nation that tolerates and practices corruption.
    It is inevitable.
    All religious fanatics swearing that people need to pray for their leaders is missing the point. No one wants to do what is right there they must prepare for judgement consequences.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We should ask ourselves if enough has been done collectively to solve Anna's dissapearance.

    Personally I think the RCIP started the search a bit too late, they should have brought in the search dogs a long time before they did.

    Anna's employer (DEH) should hve had a better system in place to identify employees comings & goings. Most definitely they should have had their CCTV cameras in proper working order!

    I think Anna's family did a remarkable job of taking the situation in hand and start searching the landfill very early because they know her best & realised that she wouldn't leave her hand bag behind & not show up after a shift.

    Someone out there knows something and you may be afraid of the truth coming out but remember there are 5 children left without a Mother and her family will never have closure unless you come forward.

    Someone had to see something, please set your conscious free!

    • Anonymous1 says:

      I do not care to add any confusion to this situation because I understand the frustration that the family and some in the public have being facing but I, as one of the first people out there searching all night and next day for her, I can confirm that the police was there from the very evening of the first day searching along with us right through the night. It might not have been a large contingent of police, but they were there coordinating the search on the grounds of the land-fill. For the next three days that I was there I had seen the presents of the police throughout searching. but please tell me, were you there? May be if, and just if, you were there may be you would have solved this mystery and we would not be where we are today. We all need to start caring for our fellow human and their welfare and stop sitting and criticizing the efforts of others. Yes I was there and I am not a police or a friend, in fact I did not even know her. Please I am asking all the bloggers here not to make comments that could be discouraging to the few loyal civic minded ones among us who may think twice the next time if they should assist another person.


    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah Yeah Sherlock – you know it all!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Knowing not the problem, nuff people know. It's talking is the problem. No one talking to Police cos they too untrustworthy. So becos they can't  investigate, crime gone wild.  

  4. Anonymous says:

    So sad and after one year no sign, no trace, its as if she never existed. 

    Further, the one person who may be useful was being forced by immigration to leave…

    Another Cayman Unsolved Mystery…next will be the one year for Kerran its so sad.

  5. burn notice six says:

    This will be the lady that is still missing and the police have done nothing, found nothing, and are now doing nothing to find right? May got rest her soul, because no one else will.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hard to believe this lady could disappear in the daytime like that without any trace and without any witnesses to anything. Somebody's got to know something.