Cayman National sprint swim meet makes a splash

| 27/01/2012

Photos downloads to Jan 14 2012 081 (249x300).jpg(CIASA): The Cayman National Sprint Meet, hosted by the Stingray Swim Club (SSC) of Grand Cayman at the Lions Aquatic Centre and traditionally the first meet of the New Year, took place on January 14th and held on to that honour. Ninety-four swimmers took part in the day’s events and with the stands full of family, supporters and well-wishers the day was a resounding success. “It is always amazing to me,” said Cayman National’s Brian Esau, Executive Vice President of Cayman National Bank, who was on hand to watch the races and present trophies.

“When the youngest age groups – the U6’s are swimming. The courage it must take to stand at the end of the pool looking down the longest 25m of their life … and they just dive in and swim. It is impressive. Swimming is a sport which the youngest competitors can excel in – and given that is takes place in the water it is perhaps one of the most sensible sports to take part in, in the Cayman Islands!”

Sprint Meets focus on the short distances – 25m races for the U6’s and U8’s and 50m races for the other age groups. With all of the scheduled races taking place between 9am and 12:30pm the event is short in length and fast in excitement; and at the end of the day there were a number of well deserving swimmers who were recognised with High Points Awards.

Boys: U6 Liam Chisholm (CBAC); U8 Corey Westerborg (SSC); U10 Jordan Crooks (CBAC); U12 Rory Barrett (CBAC); U14 Iain McCallum (SSC) and 15 and Over O Wunyae Crawford (SSC). In the girls division High Points winners were: U6 Marisa Poole; U8 Sabine Ellison (UNN); U10 Zororo Mutomba (CBAC); U12 Stefanie Boothe (SSC); U14 Lauren Williams (SSC) and 15 and Over Danielle Boothe (CBAC).

Notable by their absence from the pool at the meet were a number of Stingray Swim Club’s Senior Swimmers who were in Florida at the 2012 Jaked Senior Invitational Swim Meet held at Nova Southeastern University Aquatic Centre in Plantation. With a cold front passing through Florida the swimmers had to contend with far colder weather than they are used to; but, despite the cold the swimmers, who were accompanied by Coach Dominic Ross has a great experience and returned home enthused and enthusiastic.

SSC President, Brenda McGrath was delighted with the turn out. “It really was a wonderful morning,” she commented. “It was unfortunate that we experienced some glitches with the electronic timing system; however, people triumphed over technology and the great swimming, fantastic music and wonderful volunteers all worked together to make it a great day for everyone.”

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