Cop car damaged in arrest

| 27/01/2012

(CNS): A 22-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder following a police operation in George Town Friday afternoon in which a police vehicle was damaged during the chase. A spokesperson for the RCIPS said that the suspect was pursued by police for a short distance and during that pursuit it appears the car was damaged but the details of how the damage occurred were not revealed. Police did state however that no one was injured. The suspect was arrested by officers, at around 2.50pm this afternoon in the Crewe Road area in connection with the shooting of a man in Hirst Road, Savannah, on Thursday 19 January.

The victim had turned up at the Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town, last week suffering from what appeared to be a gunshot wound to his back having flagged down a lift from a man in a blue car.

The man told police that he had been shot in the vicinity of Countryside shopping plaza though police stated at the time they had received no reports of any shots being fired in the area.

Following Friday’s arrest of the 22 year old man police said that enquiries into the case are on-going.

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Category: Crime

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The man told police that he had been shot in the vicinity of Countryside shopping plaza though police stated at the time they had received no reports of any shots being fired in the area.

    Gun silencer maybe?

  2. FOR THE PEOPLE says:

    People PLEASE, support your police force to combat crime in this Island.  If we do not do this one day it will reach your door steps,  Iam sure most of us have children and grand children.  Do we know that they will not be shot or killed by some of these unruly thugs terrorizing this Island.   and then you will say I wish I had told the police or to say I am sorry that I critized the police force.

    Don't say it wont be your child because they are going to private school or private church.  No one is safe if you do not report every thing you see and hear to the police, and please do not expect the police to be on every corner,    You be the police, and keep a watchful eye out, take down suspicious cars licence in your neighbourhood,  write down the licence plate number, color and make, you never can tell you may help solve a crime.

    Watchful of persons doing absolutely nothing in your area or those hanging around shops and other places.  People plan things, they just do not pull names of places and people ot of their hats.'  Be vigilient and make a difference.

    Thanks you RCIP for you strong efforts in combatting crime.

    • Anonymous says:

      Police will tell you they cannot do anything with a licence plate number – they have to wait and call vehicle licencing for that info.  That is how ridiculous and sad the state of crime fighting has become.

      • READ THIS says:

        11:30 I read you, and I understand what you say and you are right in saying this but what you should have said is that Our Government need to equipt the police with more sofistication in their vehicles.  Like a good video Camera, for police purposes only NO XXX)  LOL. and come on Commissioner of Police, make a request to the Premier and the Governor that all of those police cars be equipted with the service that they can type in a vehicle number from their squad car and immediately find out who it belongs to.

        The camera can be used when a situation takes place whereby substantial evidence is needed.  A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS.

        What isx it going to cost us to do this?  I mean even if we have to pay a dollar extra.  Furthermore, will someone tell me what the money is used forwhen we apply and pay for drivers licence.  Why cant some of that money be used to equipt the police cars with these things.

        Another thought.  REMEMBER BACK IN THE DAY.  Every year police would have their POLICE BALL.  What has happened to that, bring it back,  BRING BACK THE POLICE CANTEEN.  It was a social gathering, where officers from all departments got together and exchanged information, and you would even find quite a few WANT TO BE POLICE in there, who would give police all kinds of evidence.

        My word, I really see the police force as a drag, and boredome now a days.   Where all the poor officers do is work, work work, and receive a salary.  No mingling with the community.

        Dear Commissioner, there are lots to be done, and much to be achieved by listening to the community speak.  Now I believe time is over due for the district meetings.  Those officers who are in charge of their districts need to be having quartlerly meeting in their district, updating the people on progress and hear what is happening in your town.  Tell me why it is not being done.  Well lets see if all this information will go into one ear and out the next.