Dart dump bid ranked lowest

| 27/01/2012

Mount trashmore_0.jpg(CNS): As the campaign against the government’s decision to enter into agreement with the Dart Group to relocate the landfill to Bodden Town gathers pace, an FOI request made by CNS confirms that the developer’s original bid for the project scored the lowest number of points during the tendering process. The firm that the committee recommend the ministry award the waste management contract to – Wheelabrator — scored 81 points for its submission, compared to the bid submitted by Malcolm Point, backed by Dart, that scored only 36 points. In a memo to the Central Tenders Committee, the chair of the technical committee said that concerns had been raised about that particular bid because of the proposed relocation to an environmentally sensitive area. (Photo Kerry Horek)

According to the memo, ten companies submitted bids in response to a request for proposals for private companies to manage and operate the landfill and introduce waste-to-energy and recycling facilities to tackle the growing problem of Grand Cayman’s dump, a.k.a. ‘Mount Trashmore'. Four companies were immediately rejected for not meeting the minimal technical or financial qualifications. Of the remaining six Wheelabrator was awarded the most points at 81 out of a possible 100, WRR holdings Ltd received 64 points, MSolar received 56 points, Nova energy LCC received 53 points, Cambridge Project Development received 46 points and Malcolm Point Engineering came in sixth with 36 points.

The committee found that in many respects the bid from Malcolm Point did not address the requirements of the RFP. It proposed to cap the dump, the memo stated, but it did not provide a definitive solution and focused on the desire to relocate the dump to Bodden Town.

“The relocation of the site was of great concern for the Committee in relation to the environmental impact, especially since the proposed new site is in an area that is environmentally sensitive,” the memo stated.

The committee went on to recommend that government begin talks with Wheelabrator, which is the largest waste management company in the US and which had provided all the required elements to successfully complete the project and a comprehensive breakdown of their approach.

The memo sent to CTC on 17 December 2010 came just a few weeks before the ministry confirmed that it was following the recommendation and would begin talks with Wheelabrator in the New Year.

However, only a few weeks after the decision was made public the premier made an announcement at the 2011 CBO conference that the dump would be relocated after all and that Dart would be engaging a firm to cap and remediate the existing George Town site and a new eco waste-management site would be created in Bodden Town.

The swap later emerged as a key component in the deal government is proposing to sign with the developer under the ForCayman Investment Alliance with the Dart Group. It also emerged that Malcolm Point would be the company that would coordinate the remediation of Mount Trashmore and develop the infrastructure for the new Bodden Town facility.

During a public meeting this week the members of the Coalition to Keep BT Dump Free said they still want to know how government went from awarding a waste-to energy waste management contract to Wheelabrator that had planned to deal with the dump on site in George Town to the relocation of the landfill to Bodden Town only weeks after the CTC had rejected that solution.

See technical committee memo below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    To 22:01 it is only because RITCH is a well known surname in this island. So the writer of "Hey Johnny England" only knows one Ritch and believes that once he adds an ER to RITCH he would have spelt RICHER that means- More affluent. Please forgive him. When you are filled with hate it is very hard to conceive intelligence.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can't you find something better to complain about?

  3. Do Not Get Upset says:

    I agree with you 15:08. I will just add that I have saved an attractive sum of money over the years and have invested quite a bit to make me comfortable. I am also confident that I could BET all of it if gamble was legal in these islands and qudruple my savings and investments, that McKeeva is not going anywhere. He will be the first and the last Premier that the Cayman Islands will ever have. Another thing you were dead-on right with, is that not many of his supporters visits this site and not only is he loved by the expats but he is also loved and respected by the RIGHT FULL  BLOOD Caymanians. These are the only people that he needs to be re-elected and they are just waiting for 2013. Not intended to upset anybody, but it is the facts.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just have one question, Where the heck is the coalition to keep BoddenTown Crime Free, or Cayman Crime Free. I guess it’s not as important as the dump…

    • Anonymous says:

      No one wants their son , cousin, nephew or other close relation arrested so that explains the focus choice.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You know, Dart has to deal with whatever government is in power. They've lived through several governments at this point. You elected them all. Some of Dart's developments may be controversial but there is no evidence of Dart corruption. They play by the book more than anyone and their projects are very open and are cussed and discussed by all. I'm sure they would be very happy if the government would find a way to organize taking out the trash on its own like every other government on earth does, without Dart having to be involved.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Let’s be negative about everything!

    Christ you people can complain…

  7. Anonymous says:

     .. I do the recycling here on the island .I have the recycle place in Red Bay and East End  We buy scrap metal from over 100 businesses on this island ..In the last 4 years my crew and I have shipped millions of pounds of garbage off this island, That said  we could remove  mt. trashmore  and fix it for the future ….Give me a call anytime

    • Anonymous says:

      Really???!!! This is the first bit of good sense I have heard since moving to this island!!! Someone call this man and get a decent recycling program going because it is a gosh-darn disgrace to see how much garbage my family of 2 adults nd 2 smaill children produce in a week because there is no household recycling.

      Hey Mister! You want me to design the program for you? I write government policies…This task should be easy!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Lawsuitsand payouts not start yet… instead of the spineless people standing up against the StatusGrants, they (including the politicians and business men – except Mr Panton) just sat back, and now you have to pay the price for the greed & duplicity of  SOME of your New Caymanians.

    Just wait till the Billof Right$$$ is introduced… more payouts!

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem with trying to stop the status grants was that if anyone had taken the (UDP) Government to court by the time it would have gone to court the next (PPM) Government would have been sued. There was no sense in that. The law society discussed it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    A perfect example of the corruption that the UDP has established in our culture when the the best tender no longer wins or matters and you choose the worst and lowest of the tenders for underlying XXXXX reasons and not what is best for the country.  How we have fallen off the rails in three years of UDP Govt.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you just arrived on this planet? " UDP established corruption on this Island " dear child, I assume you serve some form of God, might not be the God that I try to serve, however, look to yours and ask for the ability to access your brain. Then, try and educate yourself on the Islands history and on our so called progress and development. Just might help to undstand where we're at and how we actually  arrived to this point.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually I think you're right. Can't remember what the UDP used to be called before. Sorry for the oversight.

  10. anonymous says:

    The really funny thing here is that parts of Bodden Town district (Savannah/Newlands) is CLOSER as the crow flies, at 5 miles, to the exisiting dump than to the new Landfill which will be 6 miles away!! By road, it is being moved even further away.

    So for those in Savannah the goverment is actually moving and creating a safer facility FURTHER away from them. Think Cayman before you continue to jump on this devisive party system bandwagon.

  11. anonymous says:

    Most of the posts here think that DART NEEDS to invest here. This group invests worldwide and can, at the touch of a computer key, invest anywhere.

    You say "that is good, go ahead and leave us"? Think again.

    Most European countries would be glad for him to invest that US$1Billion in their country right now. In fact I heard that the Bahamian government was here recently in talks with them. So was the Greek government. We are not the only ones.

    It is clear we have an 800 pound gorilla in the room but what is good is that we have an 800 pound gorilla in OUR room. We just need to sensibly connect with him instead of demonizing him for political shortsighted reasons. And we have to forget this idea that DART will just give us money because he likes us. Dart is an investor and needs to make money. Hopefully a lot of money. Nothing wrong with that actually just means he stays around longer.

    We just need to ensure that we get a reasonable and fair deal. And right now if he wants to solve our greatest environmental disaster, one that will soon kill the north sound and may even contribute to future birth defects, then I say let him do it. Of course it will make Camana Bay better, but that will only mean more property sales, more revenue for our government and less chance of income or property taxes.

    So I see it as:

    Dart$$$+cayman+olddump=MoreGov$$+better environment+economic recovery which is all greater than (>) income/property taxes. Simple equation.

    Lets be sensible Cayman. Do not let party politics throw away a gift horse.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I rank my dump as #1 daily!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Please pass the pie. I’d like some more pie please.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think the best solution for Caymanians right now coming election 2013… is to vote the UDP out of office and neither vote for you PPMs…. because when u were also in the house as our elected members you had the opportunity at that time to had stop this dump situation and u did nothing!  Also PPM, when youwere our elected members you showed us no proof what you were spending our money on?  I dont like Mckeeva myself …. but at least  he has shown the WB people what he  has help done for them its like a magic city down there instead of a dumping site!  PPM and UDP to me you all are a bunch of crooks with so call promises that go unbroken along with the UDP.   So Caymanians I say we VOTE independents and give them a chance to see if they really are for the people….independents at this moment seems to be the only ones that cares for the Caymanian people and they do come around often to talk to us. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Independents???….. With their smallminded pandering to nimbyism?…..
      Goodnight cayman…..zzzzzzz

    • FOR THE PEOPLE says:

      13;43  i WAS THINKING ALONG THOSE LINES OF YOUR COMMENT AND ThOUGHT THEY ARE GOOD THOUGHTS, BUT PRAY TELL ME CAN WE TRUST THOSE INDENDENT.?  I am very familiar with some of them, and I would not trust them as far as to throw them.  I thing we need to pick the best of the crops, that  mean a few from UDP< PPM and Independent.  Because further more there is no such thing as Independent.  What is independent.  Ezzard said he was independent too and now he is PPM, so what can the ppeople believe.   WHAT  REALLY IS AN INDEPENDENT MLA.  It is only a few words to fool people, making them believe that they are on neither side.  Well that is Bull Shi******t, because if you are not on the left you are on the right, and if you are not up you are down.  I am more afraid of the independent that I am of the Party, because at least you know where the Party is standing.  Can someone explain to me what does independent movement stand for in this situation.  I want to know.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Ezzard is not PPM. Actually he is ahead of the PPM on most issues. The common thread between him and the PPM (and any right-thinking person) is their opposition to the way this country is being governed. 

        Before the 2009 election Ezzard actually said that he favoured UDP over PPM. Now the UDP are spreading the propaganda that he is PPM because he has found them out.       

    • Anonymous says:

      "Also PPM, when you were our elected members you showed us no proof what you were spending our money on?  I dont like Mckeeva myself …. but at least  he has shown the WB people what he  has help done for them its like a magic city down there instead of a dumping site!".

      I think you have got that completely turned around. We cannot see any public benefit for the money the UDP has spent. None at all. While they spent excessively it is plainly obvious that the PPM spent the money on roads, schools and a new government administration building which benefitted the country as a whole. 

      It is not a question of not liking McKeeva. His government has been disastrous for this country in more ways than one. While he and his supporters, cronies and political backers have flourished the country as a whole has perished. There is lawlessness from top to bottom. Each day there is less transparency and more arbitrary decision-making. At every turn there are reasons to suspect corruption. 

      I think you need to accept that the day of the Independents is over. Voting for Independents will only get McKeeva back in office. The PPM certainly have their faults but they were far and away a better government. Unless there is a new, credible party, and if there were I would support it, I will have no choice but to vote PPM simply to get rid of McKeeva.    

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      After reading this and then hearing Rolston Anglin admit that, after all it was the Cayman people who had to pay GLF's settlement and that being after The Premier told us in the House of Assembly, that a settlement was reached with GLF but it was not paid by The Cayman Government. There are quite a few troubling aspects of these statements: 1st, The Premier decieved the Cayman people, 2nd, If a settlement was reached, that means the Government did something wrong as if the Government acted correctly and legally in the negotiations, they would not have to settle with GLF, but as they settled out of Court it goes to show they accept responsibility of wrongdoing, but why should we the people have to pay for their incompetence, 3rd, how did the other members of the UDP not know that Government paid GLF, because surely if they knew and heard the Premier in the house lying by saying it was not the Cayman Government paying, it was their duty to the people to let us know the truth, so with all the dubious deals and proposed contracts signed by the UDP, the Cohen deal, Shetty Hospital, Enterprise City, closing of the West Bay road for Dart development, just to name a few, still just promises, how much can we believe the Premier and his colleagues that all is above board and is as they say.

      It is now time for the whole of the UDP Government to step down because if the Premier can stoop so low to decieve the people in this issue, how can we trust the decieving has not been going on all along and will not continue.

      The Premier has carried on with his iniquities for far too long and with the criminal investigation that is pending against him, we can now only have one conclusion as to his guilt or innocence, therefore it is now the Premiers DUTY to step down as we can no longer trust the person who is suppose to be leading this Country in the right direction and clearly is not!

    • BORN FREE says:

      This looks like more STD to me, same Sxxx different day, 'S'tan 'T'homas 'D'eal! When are the autjorities (the Governor, the RCIPS, the FCO & others) going to put a STOP to all this?

      • Pitta Patta says:

        I agree Born Free, it sure looks & reads like another STD (Stan Thomas Deal) to me also!

        • Anonymous says:

          And the problem with all STD's is that they spread quickly, you sometimes don't know you have them until it's too late and they can be deadly!

    • Anonymous says:

      Vote him out? Wishful thinking people!

      The NewCayman vote now out numbers ours and largely supports him – esp the Jam voters!!  This is the real payoff for the status grants – infinite power!!!!

      Why u think he removed visas for kids& elderly (more dependants to swell our schools & Social Services Dept) from Jam to come to Cayman – but I still needed a visa to go there for just a day recently !!

      And dont talk about all the Bob Marley songs sang at Heroes Day – we all love Bob, but are there no local songs??

      Yo – What about Beautiful Shoreline by Hopkin Ebanks or Cayman Moon -etc- by Mr Dalmain???

      Pandering – pandering!!

      Cayman is gone….




      • Dred says:

        In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny. What a "Marone".

        2013 will put you in the ICU.

        You honestly think that with all the gross F ups during this term he can make it back in? Really??


        1) Under investigation for possible corruption

        2) Mega Quarry – Oops I mean Cargo Port.

        3) Abuse of boards by firing EVEN HIS OWN STOOGIES!!! What a rip.

        4) Throttling his own party member who recommended GLF and putting him in the back seat.

        5) Oil Refinery – Ooh thats a good one

        6) ForDart Alliance – Is anyone fooled by all of this? Dump to BT is not about e dump needing to move and more about it being too close to DART properties. He is soon going to own that whole coridor from West Bay back to the Industrial roundabout. He wants the dump gone to drive the value of his property up further. And yes even in BT it will be a DUMP. I mean you can dress a cow up in a frock but its still a cow. Now he's even pissing off his own WBers.

        7) North Sound Dredging – Let's not forget that.


        Lets see during this term he wasn't happy with beating up on PPM any longer he had to even take some swings at his own.

        1) Boards that were primarily loaded with UDP supporters found themselves either being cut loose or forced resignations because not even them wanted CHEC. Ooh Thanks for your support, don't forget where your X goes in 2013.

        2) Poor old Rolly. Set to be the #2 guy on UDP. Wooops what the heck. Who's Duty Premier? Juliana really. Not Rolly. Sry Rolly two big dogs on one porch simply will not work. Aaah yeah thanks for your support also. Don't forget to vote for me….

        3) Poor old Cline. The man behind the cruise berthing. OOh you don't say not again. Wooops slipped and slit his own throat. Trying to set the record straight he stepped on the one toe Big Mac had left that wasn't sore. Now Helio. Funny joke is I had to ask why people were calling him HELIO. They said cause he is so full of hot air. God I love that one. So Cline got relieved by WHO? Helio really? We are negotiating one of the most important agreements in our time and you put a rookie in with the Chinese. Ooh he plays hard ball does he. And you think Helio can REALLY HOLD with people who does this crap on a daily basis. Whatever he gains was there all along just idiots like we had did not ask for it. The problem is you numb n@ts is that they see a bigger prize and you idiots can't see what they are looking at. When one company controls both your seaport and your airport they control your economy. Do you idiots even open your eyes any longer or are you too busy stuffing your pockets.

        And let's look at what UDP did for business shall we.

        The UDP government by raising business expenses such as Work Permit fees and licenses sometimes to twice and three times their original cost has driven off many businesses big and small. Its now simply not economically feasible for many would be small entrepeneurs to open a business here any longer. Many people lost their jobs thanks to UDP policy.

        CIG – They took away their 3.2% and then gave it back to them. WOW you are so nice. He didn't take 1 dime out of his pocket though.

        You really think he stands a chance in 2013. Forget BT because your two scroogies are gone in BT. Ooh sry I meant stoogies not scroogies cause scroogies are people tight on money not taking it. Well they are gone. BTers don't take much to push them off. Let's not forget 2004 and Ivan when the UDP team did not show up to help how they got repayed in 2005. BTers are not afraid of saying forget you.

        BT is your swing. Helio will not win in GT. Mike stands a good chance cause he's the UDP equivalent of Anthony in BT. Nothing can stick to him. He could walk through a mud storm and come out sparkling clean on the otherside cause he really doesn't stick himself out there at all. So Mike probably will get in along with Kurt and Alden and then who elseI don't know but Helio won't.

        No one has forgotten Helio's antics of storming the radio station. He's not one to represent us on any front.

      • Anonymous says:

        nice try, but wrong

    • samuel says:

      Wow alot of thumbs-up on this site for Independents. But how many people visit this site???  The UDP got over 2000 status holders that were granted by Cabinet when Bush was LOGB in 2003. Many of them Jamaicans and welathy folk like Dart, are ready to put the UDP back in 2013. The UDP is the party for all those countries including Jamaica that the PPM put visa restrictions on, and many of them like McKeeva and will vote for him again. That is just the facts! 

      If you want Independents in the house coming 2013, you better send your message over the airways and newspapers, like start a funding campaign for Independents. Because last election, all I heard over the airways, was sbout the party UDP versus PPM and that polarized voters in thinking that that was the only options available. I would start publicly declaring voters vote for Independents now before the end of next year. If you are so zealous about informing Caymanians to vote for Independents, blogger here is not enough. Like I indicated, not much people compared to the total population of Cayman visit this news site.

      Sorry… but it is true. You have to canvass, become an activist, and reach out to people with your message so people will be informed. If you don't, then some other activist will reach out before you and brainwash as much people as possible. So act now before it is too late.  People need to understand the difference between party representation and people representation.  One represents you less! 

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you!  You have just made my day as I am going to start my own INDEPENDENT CAMPAIGN for 2013!  Anyway just to let you know that CNS here is one of the biggest and well known websites that brings the news to not only the people of Cayman but around the world to all the Caribbean people who lives overseas!  So by starting off  here with all the thumbs up for Independents on CNS was a great start ….and now that the people voice is being heard we will form a campaign to spread the news around …..for we want change and change is coming to cayman 2013 you can best believe that! 

        • Anonymous says:

          I dont know whether torate you up or down. At the rate things are going with really no unified opposition, I am not optimistic.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I remember when Wheelabrator was being discussed in the public and bashed for being a troublesome company and the deal was to cost 150-200 million. Isn't it wonderful how time changes things?

    Are these new found people with environmental concerns in Boddentown going to support the new Conservation Law? With all the MLAs at the recent meeting it should be a shoe in. Oh I forgot they are not in favor of the new Conservation Law as it doesn't allow people to cash in their land to developers dollars.

    Does anyone see anything hyprocritical here with those not supporting environmental laws but using environmental concerns to derail a project to set up nation wide recycling in the country?

    As to recycling, almost 50% of the population come from jurisdictions where recycling is the norm and a portion of the local population would come on board immediately and the rest would be educated to recycle over time.

    But the Obstructionists will keep blocking any progress and the future will end up suffering the consequences.

    • Anonymous says:

      "As to recycling, almost 50% of the population come from jurisdictions where recycling is the norm".

      You apparently assume that to be an expat in Cayman means that you come from a country where recycling is the norm. I think you need to re-check the composition of our population by nationality.

      • Anonymous says:

        There are a significant number of posts on CNS where a poster makes errors which are obvious to anyone who lives here.

      • Anonymous says:

        As I read your post I understand your point and concede its accuracy. But there is already a sizable population familiar with and ready to recycle both Expat and local I would suspect that  30 – 50% of the population which would be a very good start.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Looks like somebody took a BIG DUMP on us again!!

  17. Bushwacker says:

    Another PRIME example of how short-sighted, narrow-minded, arrogant, inept  and some other choice words come to mind, but would not be appropriate in this forum when trying to explain the actions of the Premier of The Cayman Islands. Nevertheless, such displays and actions are nothing but sheer XXXX committed by the Premier on this territory and its citizens that literally translate or cost this territory Millions annually.


    For all you nay-sayers of the above, I urge you, better yet, compel you to take a serious open minded look at every project this joker has been in charge of over the past twenty-five plus years. In addition try to find at least five that have consistently made the Cayman Islands’ money. Not drain its coffers annually because they require subsidizing from the Government i.e. all the residents of these wonderful Cayman Islands by way of a high cost of living due to in-direct taxes!


    For the supporters of their dear Leader of the UDP and the current Premier of The Cayman Islands, I say, what say you?!;


    When will this electorate (people entitled to vote) finally realize that all McKeeva and his cronies do is pander (telling the voters what they want to hear in order to garner their support, but in reality they really do not care and or hold the same view as the voters) to them. I say according to the record books this is sadly another unfortunate example that McKeeva’s understanding of being elected is not to work on behalf of the overall benefit of the territory and its citizens, but for private interest and a select few that ironically panders to his very own ego.  


    There is an old West Bay saying; you can’t cover-up stink for too long, before everyone is disturbed by it!


    Sadly there is no other way to approach this rather vexing and chronic way that the UDP operates other than the above and DEMAND the UDP remove McKeeva as their Leader and the Premier by way of an immediate No Confidence Resolution.

    • Anonymous says:

      That's quite a challenge: "look at every project this joker has been in charge of over the past twenty-five plus years. In addition try to find at least five that have consistently made the Cayman Islands’ money. "

      Five? If anybody can find just one I would be happy.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Our culture equates cheapness with value, and it is foolish to think that way.  There are many businesses that habitually bid on jobs at less than real world cost and also fail to disclose or omit real world contingiencies that come from experience.  I'm not saying this is what has happened here, only that it is commonplace in many industries here.  If there was a consumer advocacy group like a Better Business Bureau, they could record the patterns and show the quality of quotes from certain firms are in some cases not worth the paper they are scrawled upon.  In some cases after big talk, the written estimates fail to materialize at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman culture also equates corruption with intelligence.

      • Anonymous says:

        As an intelligent and highly principled Caymanian I find that comment highly offensive. In fact it is downright racist.

        • Anonymous says:

          Offensive, racist …and true!

        • Knight That Goes Ni says:

          I never got past the words "Cayman culture" since it was clearly a hypothetical.

        • anonymous says:

          I agree with you. This is why anonymous blogs like CNS can be downright dangerous. The unfortunate thing is this is just as likely to have been posted by a Caymanian as an expat.

          Sad….but yes racist and ignorant.

        • Anonymous says:

          As an intelligent and highly principled Caymanian what are your views on Caymanian kind leadership?Would you not call your Government corrupt?  Would you not expect Non Caymanians to find these acts offensive?

          • Anonymous says:

            It's not a matter of nationality!

            Anyone with good values would find "wrongs" offensive, regardless of the country or nationality.

            And, yes, there are enough wrongs here to share around.

            The Cayman challenge is finding good people to stand up for the Right — and enough smart people to vote them into office!


        • Anonymous says:

          Hmm – my 2 cents:

          I'd prefer to say the MODERN Cayman culture equates "success" with greed/corruption/crime – not necessarily intelligence.

          After all, we have all seen, and know, the "outstanding citizens" who came from rags to riches – locals AND expats… many through the questionable $$proceeds of the Lawless Eighties…

          and then there is the politics: the East End Land Grab, the many lawsuits and waste – Pedro/Dr Horter/Turtle Farm etc,which all add up to more 'Zeroes' wasted than I can count!

          Shame – through all those years we couldnt save in govt coffers & teach our people the value of the economic miracle, and carefully develop our cuture with the new times.  Some tried over the years, but thoses are not usually 'popular' people.

          And then again, MANY of our people are still shell-shocked by it, and trying to keep up!


  19. Johnny England says:

    You DART haters are so misguided…. take Mr. Darts money out of this Islands economy and the place would be a dust bowl in 5 years.  Open your eyes – private investment in public affairs is the ONLY way a small economy can survive in these economic conditions.  What does Cayman sell other than sunshine? What does it produce to earn the right to have better infrastructure than most other Caribbean Islands? Private investment makes this possible.  Without it the roads woudl crumble and the shops would close. The cruiseships would become fewer and the skys empty. Tourism would collapse – there are many Islands beating Cayamn in the race for the tourist buck… oust private investment and you sign the death warrant.  

    • MEEEE TOOOO says:

      I support your comments Johnny England.  Every word you say I support.  I am a Caymanian and I am proud of the work that Dart is doing in Cayman, and I would like to say I just hope Mr Kenneth Dart and his associates, please do not feel any way down hearted by these comments.  Because at the end of the day you know these comments are majority jealous expatriates and a hand full of their caymanian followers.

      I support your work on my island, and I always will, and can only ask that you continue doing your goods works with the people of cayman at heart.  Thank you.

      • R.U. Kidden says:

        Mr. Meee Tooo,     Jealous expatriates with Caymanian followers?  Good works with the people of Cayman at heart?  You must be some kind of nut.

        • MEEE TOOO says:

          R U KIDDEN  13:51   Living on this Island, and you have not heard of COCONUTS, Well I am that kind of nut you are talking about, Yes coconuts, and proud to be one.

      • JimBob says:

        I don't think you could be more off track here then if you tried. Seems to me it is predominatley (almost exlcusively) Caymanians that have a dislike for Dart, not expats. Why would an expat who is going to be kicked off in 7 years (or maybe not now) care about what Dart does and doesn't do? 

    • Live Free.... says:

      Hey Johnny England, As far as I could recall, Cayman Islands was already known as the fifth Financial center in world, when your all powerful, money pitt friend Dart came to these Islands. So what makes you think these Islands can't do without Dart? It manage to be financial successful without him, so my advice to you is, stop making Dart look bigger than he is. And stop being narrow minded, and holdiing on to one ritch man, for there a far more ritcher people living in these Islands than him. You don't hear about them, because they are not trying to take every piece of the pie, and leaving room for other lower end locals to prosper, not unlike Dart who care about lining his own pockets with every dollar he can get.

      • Anonymous says:

        Without DART this place would be a dust bowl and will become one, FACT.

        Ask yourself this Live Free…with our illustrious leaders clear incompetence to do any good whatsoever, if DART was not around where would we be?

        We are NOT what we once were and we wont ever be, so get your head out of the sand and look around at whats going on NOW. Its called getting with the times.

        Take a look at where we are heading with Mac in charge and all these deals he has made becasue they "are the best option" and then take a look at the ones he is making because they are "the best option". As another poster said, tell me 1 project out of Mac's reign in Government that has made any profit? Scary isn't it. All he does is cost this country more money that we do not have.

        He does not do a single thing that comes out of his mouth, and I believe its because he doesn't understand the meaning of half the words he utters nor does he qualify in any way whatsoever for the position he holds.

        I am a Caymanian, I have lived here my entire life (31yr)s so I am accutely aware of Mac, and I can tell you one thing, if he is in power following the next elections, I will be leaving my island for another place, becasue I refuse to sit hear and watch this man singlehandely destroy these islands. And I can assure you, I will not eb the only one.

        Prove me wrong.


        • R.U. Kidden says:

          Quote:  "if DART was not around where would we be?"

          I dunno, but I'd be willing to find out.

          • Anonymous says:

            Take a look at the brac if you want to find out

          • Anonymous says:

            Good one.  Most of us were happier before he came and before all this population explosion took place causing Mt Thrashmore

        • Anonymous says:

          You are a idiot.

        • Anonymous says:

          Your speculations about Cayman's future, even if they turn out to be accurate, are not at this point "fact".

          I agree with all your other comments.  

        • Anonymous says:

          The recent opposition to the Darts on the part of Caymanians is aspirational.  We would rather have our politicians and other business and community leaders building our future and driving our fortunes.  So long as the Darts fill that vacuum, people like McKeeva can continue to operate.  And they do themselves no favours with how secretive they are.  They could just as easily have moved here and remained anonymous as other billionaires do, no problem with that, but they decided they wanted to own us too.  What happens when you trust the Darts is out there for all to read.  

      • Knight That Goes Ni says:

        I thought I knew about Little Islander mentality, but some of this mob are incredible.  Take this poster for example, handing out economic opinions while typing "far more ritcher".

    • Anonymous says:

      and you would lose much, wouldn't you but those who don't have anything to lose, really don't care that you are losing

    • Anonymous says:

      Ummm… Just to inform you, Dart is not the only private investor on the globe!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Half of you say Dart does what he does is for personal gain? WELL DUH, I can tell you no Caymanian would put a penny into anything if they know they wont get back double. So hush!! I hope you all know this website is not restricted to the people of Cayman and that people all around the world DO come on here and read the ignorant and disgusting comments half of you leave. HOPE YOU KNOW ITS YOU WHO ARE COMMENTING LEAVING A BAD STAINE ON US.

    • Anonymous says:

      How ignorant are you? You can't even spell stain!

    • Anonymous says:

      The educated/intelligent people of the world know about protecting the environment also.  Wait 'til Ivana comes rolling through like her brother did in 2004 with no mangroves to help stop the force of the sea.  It'll be worst than the '32

    • Anonymous says:

      But its the 'For Cayman'  Alliance.  They only care about us whats best for us.

    • Anonymous says:

      I dittto your comment, I live in Reno and there are several people at work including myself that read this Blog. And we always get good laugh at the constant political bashing. We talk about just about everyday and everyone thinks people in Cayman first of all Hate Outsiders and you seem to have some of the crookedest leaders around and they just take turns manipulating your people. UDP this time PPM that time.

      I know I used to love the place but it's clear that with most Caymanians blaming outsiders for all thier problems it's probably not the best place to go. The one thing the cracks me up mostly is that it seems the Caymanian seem to thinks they have some special devine place in the universe that entitles them to be given everything without have to give anything back. I mean it's great to be proud of your home  but let face it, there are other islands and other beaches in the world. Personally if I were Dart and his resources I would have just brought the whole island of Little Cayman and built it on my own image..

  21. Anonymous says:

    Not saying the whole BT dump idea is the best but what would be a nice alternative is to see Caymanians knowing that the Government cannot afford to go with a different waste to energy option say we as a people are willing to support the alternative financially if needed understanding that it will increase the cost of waste managment to each individual household..What do you think would happen if a company like Wheelabrator came in and took over Caymans Waste industry and privatized it, it would become another CUC, where the cost of waste skyrocketed due to a monopoly in the industry.

    • B.B.L. Brown says:

      I wouldn't think anyone could privatize a government operation without the government approving it. But then…..?

  22. anonymous says:

    DART dump bid lowest because they did not respond to the original tender and correctly put more emphasis on relocating that massive environmental disaster in GT…..that is all. Not that they did not have the expertise.  READ FOLKS!

    • Anonymous says:

      The proposal from Dart does not "relocate" the disaster.  It merely "remediates" it and covers it all over for eternity (or until someone finally gets around to dealing with it properly).  In the meantime, it continues to exist in its current location, albeit slightly "ironed out".

  23. Anonymous says:

    Surely you guys are not insinuating that our beloved El Primo had something to do with this. Has he not proven over and over again to be a just and fair leader. Has he not made decisions that benefit these Islands on a whole and not just himself. Has he not provided enough bread for all and not just those who carry out his deeds..sorry..my bad…I think that was Castro. How much longer are we going to put up with this imposter? We need change and we need it now. We need to stop being so d#$m passive and take back control of our Islands from this guy. We cannot do this for another year.  

  24. Anonymous says:

    At the end of this Gov't's term, we, the Cayman Islands, will be left in a bigger mess that anyone will even imagine because the only one profiting from any of this will be DART.

    • R.U. Kidden says:

      Quote,  "the only one profiting from any of this will be DART."

      The only one?  You can't be serious.

  25. Anonymous says:

    you know, i think we may have it all wrong about Big Mac….the constant innuendo or inference of corruption that many posts here offer – whilst understandable – may actually be totally wide of the mark…XXXX

    there's every chance that what's really going on here is simple – the elected guys are no match for the professional businesses that they have to go into discussions/negotiations with

    a classic example is the moving of the West Bay Road – this is NOT a win-win, this is a WIN-win…..one party simply wanted the road moved, non-negotiable….but the party with the strongest hand folded (the govt)…..because they're simply not professionals.

    same with the Dump – they've been outfoxed.

    at the end of the day, our elected officials come from a very small group of people – but the world has changed, and they're up against global conglomerates in many negotiations, people who are paid for a living to hammer out the very best deal, using all manner of intellect, experience, bluff and other hugely important traits and skills needed for negotiation and deal-making

    our govt simply can't compete…..thats why we dont seem to get the good deals. i mean, even this morning we had the usual suspect on the rooster using 1000 words when he only needed 10……this guy is simply no match intellectually for hardened professionals in any negotiation….and neither is his leader


    • Anonnymous says:

      Did you not hear on Rooster on Friday that this 'vociferous" gentleman is a "great negotiator"? 

  26. Anonymous says:

    The Governor needs to step in STOP this now whats the sence of having him and he is just sitting back doing nothen. If he cant do the job the people of this country needs to get the UK involved becasue this man has already cause too much damage to these islands and he needs to be STOP NOW no if buts about this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh please! I wish he would step in, but he's only another useless one that come down here for nothing but to smile and shake hands.

      When they people took the West Bay Road petition to him when their voice was being ignored by the Gov't what did he do? Turn around and gave it back to the Premier..

      What is the sense in trying to get Caymanians to vote in our own country when we still don't have a say?

  27. Anonymous says:

    What is happening regarding the mac corruption investigation regarding re-zoning land for money, will this be added to that?

  28. Anonymous says:

    How very interesting. The Coalition to Keep Bodden Town Dump Free has every right to fight this and I hope that their numbers will grow and we will see one of the biggest protests ever staged in these islands! It istime for Caymanians to stand up to this government for all of the questionable "deals" they appear to be entering into to the detriment of our Islands and our people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Before I form an opinion on this … I want to know who is on the committe who scored the bids.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nevermind who scored the bids, the Minister of Finance has ultimate responsibility and he alone can check and certify the numbers. If you recall, he told us this when he accepted the Cohen loan as the best offer.

        Everyone knows that when you are buying numbers you have to "turn them around" if you want to win, so in the Premier's world Wheelabrator only scored 18 and Dart scored 63.

    • THE BEST says:

      Colation to keep Bodden Town Dump Free?????? Why dont this colation form a committee to keep Bodden Town Drug free???????Why dont this colation look around the district and see the young children not going to school and staying home selling drugs every day.

      Those of you who want to do something for Bodden Town, then please knock on doors and find out about those people who are depending on Meals on wheels, those who cannot pay bills, those who sdo not have a job and those who cannot find a second meal for the day.

      The dump is the lease to worry about now.  and this message is to both UDP, PPM, and those who want to be MLA,s next year.  Show us what you are made of now, and stop keeping meetings indoors.  Come out and discuss the truth about what is happening in BT because the dump is the least to our minds.

    • Anonymous says:

      Right on!  Its high time Caymanians stand up to the stupid  things Caymanians are doing to the Caymanians to the detriment of the islands and the people.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Am a UDP supporter out of West Bay,  but all this just blows my mind. How can we give the business of dealing with the dump to the least qualified company. This supports ppls arguments that the UDP would do anything to satisfy the Dart group.

    Sad, sad, sad.  Truly don't know how I am going to give them my full support at the next election.  The Premier has got to listen to those around him who knows what they are doing, in this case the committe set up to deal with the tendering process.

  30. Anonymous says:

    OK Mac, you see now what due process is about? You assess the different options to see which one is best, and give the contract to the BEST applicant, it means that you dont, by mistake, get the worst deal by giving it to your frienand you do the best for the people that elected you. Understand now?

  31. Anonymous says:

    For goodness' sake when are we going to get something done about this behaviour. There is no point in having tender committees and the like if they are routinely ignored.

    I have no isssue with their advice and that of other bodies – being non binding on the Government / Premier but if you routinely override them then it follows that you do not regard them as competent to recommend so you have to deal with that.

    So Premier…sack these people or listen to them – and if you go for the first option then prepare to explain yourself and your concept of democracy.

  32. Anonymous says:

    It makes sense because it is the only one cayman can afford!……..talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth……zzzzzzzz

  33. Dred says:

    In his own words….even a blind man could see……XXXXX.

    He has the reputation of going away from every sensible recommendation to award contracts to the worst possible option. Imagine 36 out of 100, concerns had been raised about that particular bid because of the proposed relocation to an environmentally sensitive area.

    People you can dig your way to China and you can not find any logical reasoning for making the moves he does except for what we all believe is happening. How he has his puppets buying into it only leads me to believe that they are complicit in the actions being done.

    What we need to do we as Caymanians don't have the backbone to do and that is to March to the Governor's House (while he is there) and demand action. It should be obvious that marching on the LA does nothing to a man that simply does not care what the people of his country thinks. But we can not do thins in 10's but in 100's.

    We need to stop him before he completes both the Port Berthing and the DUMP relocation.

    In all honesty I am concerned about Mr Dart but I have no real qualms with him as I do with the Chinese. I just believe the DUMP should not be relocated and YES Even in BT it is still a DUMP. Mr. Scotland or Mr. Solomon can dress it up all they want it is still a dump. I mean you can call our Garbagemen Environmental Engineers it still does not change what they are doing. I say that in all respect.

    We need to pick a day that's sensible like a public holiday or weekend where it does not conflict with work. It's often hard to get time off work especially in situation where the boss maybe a UDP follower.

  34. Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

    I suppose those Pro-Dart & Pro-BigMac people will say that these facts, that show the world that Dart is a much-favoured company, are put together by the Coalition to Keep BT Dump Free.

    How can a bid that only gets 36 pts can be granted the contract over a bid that gets 81 pts.

    It just proves what has been taking place in Cayman all along and all those people that think Dart is good for Cayman, well you better rethink as anyone who has to do "things" to recieve special favours even to the detrement of Cayman, does not mean any good for Cayman but thinks of personal gain first!

  35. Anonymous says:

    And yet the very honorable Mr. Premier and his UDP Gowerment are declaring that Dart's proposal is the best deal for the country. WAKE UP CAYMAN!!! 

  36. Anonymous says:

    It's not about what's best for Cayman, it's all about the Bush & Dart little finger shake.

  37. Anonymous says:

    The Governor should call elections right away to stop this madness.  Just about everything that this present Government is involved in stinks!!!!  We can't wait until 2013, it will be too late!  It will be worse than an $85 million deficit, at least you can go into a surplus 2 years later but this madness will effect all future generations.

  38. I Love Big Dumps says:

    Big woop. A blind man could see that the fault lay with the poorly designed RFP in the first place.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are a big dump

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow.  What a complex and informative retort.  Your mother must be very proud.


        Let's just be glad the entire free world now has access to the insights that spring, unhindered by anything as mundane as thought or common sense, from your mind.   No doubt Cayman will prosper in hands such as yours.