Man killed in single car crash

| 28/01/2012

Fatal-accident-in-EE-4.jpg(CNS): Updated 4pm Monday — Police have now named the 42-year-old man killed in the first fatal collision of the year. Herman Byrd from George Town died in the single vehicle smash on Sea View Road in East End on Friday night. Police stated that the car appeared to be travelling west at significant speed when Byrd who was alone in the car, lost control as he negotiated the right-hand corner bend just past Cottage. The crash occurred at around t 10:24pm and an eastern district police patrol vehicle came upon the single vehicle wreck. The vehicle appeared to have skidded across the right hand side of the road and collided with almond and coconut trees and then came to rest on the right shoulder of the road. (Photo courtesy of Cayman27)

The ambulance attended the scene and transported the driver to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival at about 11:50pm. Officers of the Traffic Management are investigating the crash.

Anyone with information in relation to the crash please contact the Bodden Town Police Station at 947-2240 or Crime Stoppers at 800-8477 (Tips).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No insurance, no licence, possibly driving a vehicle that wasn't registered to him either. This young man took a final chance on life, and unfortunately one which caused him his untimely demise.  

    Whenever "we" make decisions, whether good or bad, we have to realise that every action has a re-action and there can be consequences at days end. We can offer our sympathies/condolences to as many families as we choose, but these person "acted" responsible  when they made the ultimate decision to drive recklessly, or under the influence of……

    Its unfortunate he lost his life, but we have to realize – nothing in this lifetime is guaranteed. Let us place value on our lives.

    There could have been re-procussions to this incident, as on a Friday night (around this particular timing) other persons could have been heading home.  Other families too could have been mourning the loss of their loved ones. 

    Let us exercise "wisdom" before making decisions which we deem appropriate, and then our behaviours display otherwise.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yet another one gone….


  3. Anonymous says:

    I was appalled this morning to hear Austin using this accident and the other that occurred over the holidays to directly promote life insurance for a local insurance broker.

    This is distasteful and totally disrespectful and Hurleys, Austin and the insurance broker should respond with an apology to these families particularly this one who we now are mourning. How much lower will this talk show go. I am tired of it and this one hits home and hurts.

    Austin, please respect the dead and remember this could happen to one of your family members too…Think how you would feel if someone was benefitting off the loss of your loved one.


    • beachbaymeatballs says:

      It is times just as this that we need to be reminded about the need for life insurance.

      • Anonymous says:

        aka Austin…

      • Anonymous says:

        Austin, thanks for the reminder about life insurance but an apology to our family for using the death of our loved one to promote your show and one of it's sponsors would be more in line…


        Shame on You Austin!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not surprised – the tone of the show and that particular host has become so abhorrent that the only answer is to switch off – and after today i have. He is aggressive, insensitive and has become so obsessed with his own political ambitions that he is no longer presenting balanced viewpoints. I am sick of hearing him talk over his guests and using them as political punch bags. The only exception being Ezzard – for obvious reasons! This morning’s attack on the Police was also unwarranted. It appears that Harris is also an expert on police work and suggested a fantastic new road bock strategy! Wow,bet the cops are really glad they tuned in this morning to get your expert advice hahaha.
      This accident is a tragedy, political point scoring and inappropriate product placement have no place here. You say you speak for your Caymanian people , try being sensitive to their losses, and not just be thinking about how you can benefit from it.
      NEWSFLASH try having a go at the drivers who speed and drive drunk, instead of coming up with the talkative@t police blame culture model.
      Sure you weren’t at taste of Cayman and picked up the verbal food poisoning? The sh@t u were speaking this morning would suggest you were
      Stick to things you know about Mr Harris, oh but that would be a really, really, really short show.

      • Anonymous says:

        I also listened to Austin's rant about the cops the other morning. So let me get this right – some guy drives his car so fast he crashes off the road into a tree and tragically dies, and it's the fault of the cops cos they didnt have a road block set up at the Hurely's roundabout. WTF!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Austin needs to apologise to us. It's bad enough that we have to mourn the loss of a loved one but to have him do what he did this morning is even worse and no matter what happened  please understand that someone we love has died and to do and say what he did this morning was most despicable.

  4. Reginan Robinson says:

    RIP Uncle Herman, may your soul be at peace love always your Niece Amanda!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Firstly, my condolence goes out the young man family and I pray they will find comfort in this time of mourning. No my friends it wasn't a Honda this time, it was a Mazda! Seems like every time there's an accident people starts jumping on Honda's, like is if no other cars can get in accident and or kill people.  If you drive any car, it could be an 1977 Cadillac recklessly or intoxicated, you are at a greater risk of meeting in an accident, plain and simple. It's not the car that kill people, it's the person behind the wheel and their need for speed.  

  6. Anonymous says:

    Try again, it's a Mazda!

  7. WREX says:

    Most likely it is a Honda, most cars in Cayman are

    • Anonymous says:

      I drive a Honda…station wagon…always below the speed limit on these winding roads…I have my kids in the car the majority of the time and I wish some drivers would stop riding up my butt!!! Safety FIRST! And where the heck is everyone going so fast on this tiny piece of rock anyway???

  8. Anonymous says:

    My condolences to the family.  

  9. Coe Konutt says:

    There is a time and place for humor … and this is not it.


    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you but simultaneously I do not beleive anyone should be doing 130mph on the roads in Cayman. They could have killed you, your family or as they say "evin mi".

      His skid marks seem to go on forever, crossing the oncoming lane for what must be over 200 feet.

      We are lucky this is just a single fatality.

      • Coe Konutt says:

        Valid point, however, I still believe that to poke fun at a time like this is in very bad taste.

        Lastly, as odd as it may seem – we are perhaps not "lucky" this was just a single fatality.

        Many of our speedsters purposely travel (alone) to the relatively deserted outskirts of the island to engage in a bit of 'testing'. Most do so primarily to minimize the scope of damage and death in the event of an accident.

        Obviously, many will not see any value whatsoever in this tactic, as car enthusiasts tend to exist in an isolated group, but those that have flirted with such thrills understand this approach.

        Different people find thrills in different ways. Some like to speed, others like to scuba dive, many enjoy surfing in shark-infested waters. How many divers and snorkelers died in our waters in 2011? I lost count.

        Different strokes, different folks.

        RIP buddy.

        • Anonymous says:

          I didn't feel like the scuba divers havind a heart attack had much of a chance of killing me or my wife.  I do feel like persons driving at uncontrolable speeds are threatening me.

          • Coe Konutt says:

            "Obviously, many will not see any value whatsoever in this tactic…"

            Furthermore, any point can be deemed as valid when made in isolation and its context ignored.

            At the end of the day the gentleman unfortunately died doing his enjoyable, albeit dangerous, hobby. Thankfully due to his selfless consideration no one else was hurt or killed in the process.

            What more can we ask for at times like these?

            (At this very moment parents are smoking in the homes where their children live. Both actions (speeding and smoking) carry the potential to arrive at the same destination – multiple harm or deaths via the actions of a single individual.)

            Drawing a line now.


  10. Anonymous says:

    First? I must be missing something. Honda I presume.

  11. XXXX says:

    Honda Civic?

  12. Anonymous says:

    My condolences to this man's family.

    Perhaps in these fatal car accidents blood tests could be conducted to determine if alcohol was involved as it could be reported and perhaps prevent future fatalities.

    • anonymous says:

      it Always is…the pathologist does this as part of his post mortem examination…

    • Anonymous says:

      Prevent how?  As in stricter laws? Or actual action at all the bars?  You mean having a different plan of attack.  How about police cars parking at all the bars and arresting people that are drinking and driving and then those people automatically losing their licence for minimum a year.  How about something like that?

      Right now what is happening is the police and the public have lots to say with no action.  Ever heard of the adage "doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is a sign of madness"

      • anonymous says:

        This particular individual WAS ALREADY DISQUALIFIED from driving…we dont' need more laws..we need tougher ENFORCEMENT YEAR ROUND, not only during certain times of the year and namby pamby policing the rest of the time…