Commission plans to fuel ‘good governance’ debate

| 29/01/2012

leg ass 2_1.jpg(CNS): Although the jury may still be out on whether or not “good governance” can describe the current situation in the Cayman Islands it remains the phrase on everyone’s lips and the constitutional commission will soon be adding their two cents to the debate. According to the commission’s annual report it willbe publishing a discussion paper on the subject shortly as well as another topical issue that of crown land. In the report the commissions stated that Cayman is at a point in history where the community clearly understands the necessity for the Cayman Islands “to exemplify the principles of accountability, transparency, good governance, and ethically sound decisions.”

The report notes the s establishment of the various institutions under the constitution but notes the lack of legislation for the crucial Standards in Public Life commission and the failure of the government to pass the necessary legislation for a people initiated referendums.

The report offers a review of the commission’s work throughout 2011 and its goal to encourage adherence to a concise framework of checks and balances designed to support the people and their Constitution.

“In essence, the progress of democracy in our Islands is centred on an efficient and effective symbiotic relationship encompassing the public and a government elected ‘by the people for the people‘,” the report states.

Admitting there had been inevitable hurdles and challenges in the Commission‘s developmental process, it said it will continue striving to ensure that the independence of the Commission is fortified and it encourages the public, in the report, to be an informed and proactive participants of the democratic process rather than a passive consumer of information.

“Since the publication of our first report, the Commission has undertaken multiple research-based projects, provided opinions and advice on constitutional matters, and reached out to the community by establishing an internet presence – As a matter of commitment to the people of the Cayman Islands, we will continue to keep the interests of the public at the forefront while promoting greater understanding and awareness of the Constitution,” the report states.

With the sad death of the Constitutional Commission’s chair Pastor Al Ebanks on 18 November, last year Wil Pineau and Julene Banks remain the only two commissioners.

See full report below

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  1. nauticalone says:

    Let's hope they do "fuel" the debate on "Good Governance".

    As the tank seems to be running near empty…to much of the General Public.

    I do agree that we need laws (and the will to enforce those laws…with the Governor ensuring enforcement when necessary) with real consequences to address "Standards in Public Life" abuses…as the appearance currently is that those in "Public Life" especially Politicians (and some very senior Civil Servants) can do almost anything they want!…with no real consequences.

    Ultimately we need debate yes…but also, more than debate we need real Action!…by the very well paid multitude of Government Management Personel. That's not to say that "some" aren't earning their keep…but to say "many" are NOT!