Legality of multiple rape indictment challenged

| 29/01/2012

bodden-barnes (250x300)_1.jpg(CNS): Suspected serial rapist Jeffery Barnes has still not answered any of the charges against him as his lawyer claims the prosecution have incorrectly tied together a number of charges on the same indictment that cannot be tried together. Jeffery Barnes, who remains in custody at Northward, was arrested and charged with one count of rape one for sexual assault and another for aggravated burglary shortly after his arrest on 1 November at an apartment in Ocean Club. Soon after the arrest relating to just one victim, he was later charged with two other counts of rape in relation to two other separate incidents revolving two other women.

Barnes has been charged with an assault on a 49 year old woman on 29 October in the middle of the morning when he reportedly forced his victim into his car and taking her to Admiral's Landing, where the rape took place.

He was also charged with another attack on a woman who has since left the island and also with a third assault on a female teenage relative.
Although Barnes had been expected to answer the charges against him in court Friday morning the defence attorney representing him said that the crown had misinterpreted changes to the criminal procedure code and it could not try her client for all of the crimes together.

The lawyer stated that she would be making legal arguments before the court about the charges and the failure of the legal department to correctly word the indictment which had been served on her client.


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Category: Crime

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