MLAs back BT landfill move

| 30/01/2012

_DSC2388.png(CNS): Despite mounting opposition in their constituency over government’s decision to move the country’s waste-management facilities to Bodden Town, Dwayne Seymour and Mark Scotland have made it clear they are backing the move. The two government representatives have stated that the George Town dump is not being relocated to their district but that “a state-of-the-art 21st century waste management facility is being developed there,” although not everyone in their district is convinced. Accusing the opposition, the independent member and “their cohorts” of trying “to pit the good people of Bodden Town against other Caymanians”, the UDP MLAs said their government was committed to putting in place an effective solution to address the "dump debacle" that the former administration “couldn’t solve.” (Photo Dennie WarrenJr)

“The dump problem is not a George Town problem or a Bodden Town problem but a Cayman Islands problem,” Scotland and Seymour said in a statement released by AtWater Consulting.

The MLAs said that although the PPM was responsible for the failure to address the landfill problem, the opposition and the Independent member had “the audacity to use a serious issue related to the welfare of all Caymanians as a political football for political mileage.”

In the statement the MLAs failed to address the mounting and non-political opposition to the plan and failed to address the questions that have been raised by the Coalition to Keep BT Dump Free, which is a single issue organisation formed by district residents to campaign against the landfill relocation.

While the MLAs said that the People of the Cayman Islands were entitled to answers to reasonable questions, neither offered answers to many of those asked by the coalition.

“We, in the government, are working to put in place the right solution for our waste management situation,” the district representatives stated. “We are carrying out a comprehensive review and design process to implement the correct solution for the waste management facility. The public is being intentionally misled to believe that the dump is being moved to Bodden Town and this would be very good reason for concern if it were happening – the facility to be developed in Bodden Town will bear no resemblance whatsoever to, nor will it be operated in a similar manner as the dump in George Town.”

Scotland and Seymour said it was a slap in the face to future generations of Caymanians in Bodden Town, George Town and throughout the Islands for both the PPM and the Coalition to make far-fetched assertions that the current location, in its current form, is acceptable.

However, at no time have any of those involved in the coalition or the opposition stated that the current situation is acceptable. The PPM, the independent member and the coalition all support government’s own original plans to address the land fill via a waste to energy solution. The cross-party group created under the last administration had agreed on that solution and the current administration had already selected a company to undertake the project, which had wide community support at the end of 2010.

Even though the solution government now proposes forms part of a major investment alliance with the islands’ biggest developer, which is a policy decision by the UDP, the BT MLAs said that they could “unequivocally” say they were not playing politics. They went on to add, however, that as elected members and part of the present government they had an obligation to uphold and direct policy that will be in the best interest of the Caymanian people.

“The direction that this Government has taken in relation to putting in place a solution for a proper waste management facility is the correct one, and subject to the proper protocols related to implementation of a waste management facility, we expect that the entire country will concur that we are doing the right thing at the right time for the people of the Cayman Islands,” they stated.

The MLAs further stated that they were "not prepared to face a staged performance of opposition and attack strategists who have no real interest in working with the government” but they did not say if that meant they would refuse to meet the coalition. 

They did say that in the coming days they would be addressing a myriad of issues specifically related to the Bodden Town district.

Meanwhile the coalition pointed to comments made by Dwayne Seymour on Cayman27 on Friday where he said he didn’t have all the information on the proposed move, querying how he and his colleague could support the relocation. It also pointed out that the coalition is not a political movement.

"The Coalition is completely non-political, unaffiliated with any political party, and open to support from members of any political party," said Vincent Frederick, one of the leaders of the coalition that stood as an independent candidate in the 2009 election. "We do not support either party and our only advice come the next elections is 'don't vote for any candidate who supports moving the dump to Bodden Town'. This is our only concern — and it should be Mr Seymour's and Mr Scotland's top priority if they were the least bit concerned with the interest and well-being of their constituents.”

The coalition again sent a message to both UDP members that they were elected to represent the interests of Bodden Town, not those of Dart.

Gregg Anderson challenged Seymour over the accusations that the people were being misled by those who oppose the moving of the dump.

“The coalition does have the facts, and opposes a dump in Bodden Town because of these facts. You claim that you don't have the facts, but you support putting a dump in your own district, in spite of not having the facts," Anderson added.

“Is it not a fact that the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) hasn't in its possession a single document relating to the relocation of the GT dump, or to the selection of Bodden Town as the preferred site? Was this Government decision taken behind the backs of the DEH as well? Is it not a fact that no Environmental Impact Assessment has ever been done, and that this would be the very first required step, in any country, before moving a dump and before choosing a new site? Is it not a fact that the Central Tenders Committee, following the due process of the law, rejected the Dart proposal to move the GT dump, because the environmental impact was of 'great concern' to its technical team?" he asked.

The coalition pointed to the recent revelations on CNS regarding the CTC's technical team’s considerations of the bids submitted in response to government’s request for tender and their concerns regarding the Dart proposal.

The coalition agrees, however, that there still is missing information, and Alain Beiner challenged the MLAs to reveal what it is that they are hiding from the people.

"We believe that you do have the facts, and we ask you how in the world did your government manage to dump the CTC's first choice to solve the problem of Mount Trashmore, and then run with the CTC's very last choice?" he asked. "Who did pick Bodden Town, why and when? These are the real missing facts, and we have to assume that your government has them,” he said to the district’s representatives.

See full statement from the Bodden Town MLAs plus the latest release from the Coalition below.

See CNS Viewpoint here

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  1. Chris says:

    Anon 7:05 you are very confused.

    I encourage you to check the facts as stated on the For Cayman Investment Alliance Website the link for which i have attached for your ease of reference.

    It clearly states that Dart will fund the capital costs of a Waste Management Facility up to completion of Phase 1 which is estimated to be US$26.5 million.

    If you took the time to research the cost of a fully funtional and effective waste management facility you will be sure to find that the cost is much closer to US$100 million. In Cayman these costs may well be higher. For US$26.5 million in Cayman you may get a couple of buildings, a few holes dugged out and lined and some paving and drainage work done.

    The big question is where will the remaining 70 million dollars come from?

    To date govt has claimed "not to be in the financial position" to handle this landfill problem. So if govt cant come up with the rest of the money needed to complete the other phases of the waste management facility, it is very likely we will end up with a DUMP in Bodden Town.

    And by the way you still haven't answered the main question…"Why cant the new waste management facility be built on the exisiting George Town site??"


    • Anonymous says:

      If the waste management facility cannot be built at the site in George Town, it can easily be built in one of the two MLA's yards.  We have been blessed with two stooges to represent Bodden Town, so our expectations should be no more than what is being proposed, a DUMP. 

      How many governments has displays such an negative attitude towards the people who put them up front to represent them.  I am sure their are many who are wishing that they could retract the X.  You can only cry over spilt milk, but remember, don't make the same mistake again. 

      No consultation with the people, only darting around.  Cayman God-send.  We are not for sale.

  2. Mrs. Rita Myles says:

    Misery may love company, but misery is still misery.  The peoples voices are rising rapidly, but it seems like these politicians don't care about them, but their selfish greedy money hungry ways, and putting an extraordinary strain on their own people . We the people of Bodden Town and the Cayman Island need not be silent no more!  Change is coming and change is needed because our Government is one of the biggest "SELL OUTS" that I have ever witness in my entire life.  I am almost 79 years old and my Great Grandma(r.i.p) used to say "My Child  someday you are gonna leave this world…  "but I say to you go down fighting with every last breath you have in you for your beloved Country"


    We need to speak up so our voices can be heard from here to the England shores even if it means writing to the Queen of England to let her know what's happening in our beloved Country. To think that our own politicians won’t do much to address these problems to the Bodden Town  people first, to resolve the ability to take strong actions to address their serious concerns.  But  my people I cry shame on us, that's right me also for voting for Mr. Seymour & Scotland that do not even want to listen to us all much-less hear our cry.  I am a very strong believer in God and I will always put him first… so I suggest prayer above anything else then we can start taking action to get these two so called elected members out the house.  


    I have a very large family base that voted for the UDP and  together we will also vote them out in 2013.  I think that we need politicians that really and truly care for the people and can stand up for us and be there whenever we need them.  Mr. Eden I like him for he's a very nice and kind respectful man. So Mr. Eden our vote would be for you.  My family and I also like Mr. Frederick because he's very aggressive and stern and he gets straight to the point and is not afraid to speak  whatever is on his mind.  We need someone that can stand up like Mr. Frederick to defend us against  Dart and Company so our vote would also be for him.  Last but not least Mr. Osbourne another aggressive man and well like so our  vote would go for him also.  To my Bodden Town people and my Caymanian people whom I love so much… let me say something to you all before I go, or before the lord ever  take me home…


    " know that your voice is a weapon speak up my people and let it be heard be not afraid of Satan and let God always be your guide"

    • Anonymous says:

      This is one time that Bodden Towners drop the substance and grasped at the shadow. It is not too late to learn.   We can only trust in God to take us through this storm (worse than Ivan), and keep the good ship Cayman afloat.

      We are being sold and the carpet is slipping from under our feet.

  3. Chris says:

    I think having a state of the art waste management facility is a much better idea than a dump.

    The problem is that Dart is NOT providing a state of the art waste management facility in Bodden Town.

    Dart is only providing the land and lining a few holes where a new dump will be started unless we the people can come up with tens of millions of dollars to set up a waste management facility.

    Also, no one seems to be able to answer the question "Why cant the new state of the art waste management facility be built at the existing dump site in George Town????"

    That would be a win win as Bodden Towners wont have anything to complain about as there will be no waste facility coming to their neighbourhood and George Towners would have a lot to celebrate as Mount Trashmore could be reduced and cleaned up over time.

    I think this would be the best way forward.

    • Anonymous says:

      To Chris 00;02

      I think you are a bit confussed. didnt you listen to the hard talk with Jacki and Ezzard on Tuesday morning? Dart will be building the waste management facility in BT what is so hard to understand about this? for Christ sake… man, give it up!

      This has nothing to do with Bodden Town, it is a national issue and the nation will have a win win situation.

      Let me tell all you professionals about the George Town dump, there is hardly anything in that dump you to burn, you would be wasting you time trying to burn marl, which was trucked in by the thousands of tons, to cover the rubbish. Over the years the burnable material has now turned to compos/ top soil, do  you want to burn that?

      You will find lots of different types of metal…tons of it ,  batterys full of acid,medical waste, oil slush from the two oil terminals, and lot of toxic material. Is this what you want to burn and poison our people?

      Lets stop the bickering… stupidness, and let the country and its people prevail.

      I hope the Government wont have problems with the Caymanian people, educating them about recycling.    

      • Anonymous says:

        I am a Bodden Towner and I will do whatever it takes to keep the DUMP out of Bodden Town.  Let them utilise the 30 acres of land and continue the facility that was started by the PPM.   This government has wasted more money on travel than any other, with no results.  No DEVELOPMENT, no JOBS, only PROMISES.  Stop giving away Crown Land and depriving the citizens of their birthright.   

  4. Anon 1.0 says:

    Why can't we just implement a waste management facility…

    Moving it to BT won't solve a thing.


    I wish our government didn't sell their souls to DART on some aspects. When all is said and done, more is said than done.

    • Anonymous says:

      anon 21:09

      Why are you so against Dart? is it because of his association with our Premier?

      Do you covet him for his money?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mark and Dwayne should have more respect for the people who voted them into the Legislative Assembly than to ask Atwater, who speaks for Dart, to issue a press release on their behalf. Really come on now, they are actually asking Dart to address the people of Bodden Town. What a disrespectful act this is!

    Nothing good can come from this Government!

    Everything they do have to have some covert agenda.

    Move the dump gives Dart property increased value in the $100M's.

    Give Dart 3731 feet of West Bay Road gives Dart property increased value in the $100M's.

    Build a replacement Road through Dart's own land that adds increased value to Dart's land locked property!

    Sadly though, people still believei this whole For Cayman, I mean For Dart thing will create jobs. Well maybe some road work for $300 a week, but these are not sustainable jobs my friends. 

    I have my suspicions about the the GLF settlement too, something just do not sit wll there!.

    We have to do something about the amount of Garbage on this island. Too many rats around right now.Too many Rats, too maany rats! They in the house, they in the churches, they in the Banks and they in the offices!

  6. Anonymous says:

    All men should admit when they are wrong…women too. I voted against Mr. Clifford in 2009 primarily because of the Commission of Enquiry. I clearly made a serious mistake…….we should have listened to Chuckie when he told us what would happen if we voted for McKeeva, the UDP and his BT Puppets. Our country has never been in such a mess before Cayman !!!.

    When I look at what was achieved in BT when Mr. Clifford was in Cabinet compared to what we have gotten in the past 3 yrs from the UDP it paints a very depressing picture. And now they want to give us a dump after 3 years of neglect !!!!

    I for one will right the wrong that I did in 2009 when I voted against Mr. Clifford. I'm getting my old broom ready………lets get ready to sweep BT clean………all 3 must go because the other one has been sleeping for the past 3 yrs and hasn't helped either.

  7. Todays Special: Sparky Stew says:

    I think if done correctly you would'nt be able to tell its a landfill just like in the states, but knowing how our government is they will cut corners to save cost, but let the people of bodden town suffer.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sparky, my concern is not the Government. the facility will be developed by Dart, and it will be the state of the art type of facility.

      What bothers me, are the ignorant Caymanians that are not going to pay for this service, the lasy ones that refuse to be educated about recycling. the ones that will continue  to mix all their waste in one can.

      This will need legislation, if not in place already. Remember government had to increase  our import duties, to try and pay for waste collection. because the people wouldnt pay the fees.  So its not the Government, it's our own people we should worry about.

      • Anonymous says:


        A bigger concern is bigots like you that would try to sell the notion that only Caymanians are responsible for all the local waste management problems. Do you realize how many different nationalities these Islands accommodate?  Can you please post the stats on here showing that non garbage fee payments and any other faults associated with waste management responsibilities are only attributed to Caymanians?

        Perhaps, you should caution yourself when trying to “pin” a national problem on a specific nationality. Also, referring to others as uneducated and spelling the word “lazy” as “LACY” …Well, you go figure.

      • Anonymous says:

        What we need to worry about, silly, is how you and I are forever going to pay the increased fees for trucking garbage to Bodden Town as a result of our Gowerment's efforts to please one rich man. A classic example of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. This needs to come to an end in Cayman. Dart does NOT need to be made richer, and certainly not at our expense, which is what this gowerment seems to be hell bent on doing in whatever way they possibly can.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Is is true, "you make the wrong choice, you suffer".  When we forfeit our dignity for money, it is the route of all evil,so my votes can't be bought, and no special favours are anticipated. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    So why cant we start or enforce laws that we start separating the trash for all places that serve alcohol and food.

    Have 4 different trash out in front for 1) paper 2)glass 3) metals 4)plastics and a fifth for the kitchen if serving food which goes in dumpster. and the other 4 left by dumpster for pick up. I am sure that amount of food does not get thrown away so i guess the larger bin for the most used which i assume will be plastics and/or glass.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 17;59


      Thank you for such positive suggestions. lets start the education now. I wish you luck though, when it comes around to the homes that have to do this, we will be the hardest to adapt.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The mouth is in West Bay, the stomac in George Town and the……………in Bodden Town!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Not directly related but, why are MLAs issuing press releases through an external consulting company? Does GIS no longer exist? The website clearly shows that they do.

    It is my understanding that Government employs people at GIS for the purpose of construction and disseminating press releases and managing public relations in general. So, I would love an explanation as to why additional money is being doled out to a marketing consulting company to do the same work. Our money at work.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sell Out!


  12. Anonymous says:

    If you can't screw the people, what's the point of being a politician.

  13. I Love Big Dumps says:

    Good. This move will secure my vote for Mark. Dwayne was a waste of space to begin with.

  14. Anonymous says:

    All a dis yadda yadda yadda…but I still caan figure out….wha unna Caymanians gon do bout unna rubbish….n da smelly, disease-risk mountain a trash unna ga in Geoge Town.

    Boy, a tell unna di trut…some a unna people fool fool fi true, bo bo.

    Unna ga a whole heap te say bout wha wrong wid Bodden Town fidi new f'cility but na one a unna can make a positive alterntive suggestion.

    So wah, unna don wuk n do business in Geoge Town too ?!

    Bo bo, at tell unna again, some a unna Caymanians fool fool bad !


    • Caymanian - BT says:

      Your Cayman talk is getting stale now!  People are angry because these two MLAs are suppose to be representing Cayman – not Dart nor Party!  The dump is an issue but direct representation is a larger one that has many Caymanians frustrated.

      • Anonymous says:

        The reality that waste management is a national issue and not a district issue needs to be understood by all within the country. This district separation needs to change as it is old and useless. The East End and North Side MLAs seem to thrive on it and this hurts the country's development.

        What should be stressed is that the new waste management facility is recycling and the program for national recycling is in place. Why the Independent and PPM are not stressing recycling is a disgrace. It seems like an afterthought to them. Recycling should be a unamimous vote within government to assure recycling is part of this new facility in Boddentown.

        • Anonymous says:

          anon 18;19

          Thank you for your great speach, you are so true about these reps, they so hell bent on removing the present Government, that they keep putting their foot in their mouth.

          How stupid can our voters be, that they cant detect the unorthodox way these political hopefulls,  have reverted to do their campaign.

          BT, This facility that is coming to your district will only bring opportunities and prosperity closer to home.

          What your reps. should be doing is try to educate you on some of the opportunities that will be available, get you in  with the programs…the recycling aspect of it.

          Let me tell you a true story. It was back in 1979 in the city of Phoenix Arizona. this old black man had mountains of old used tyres. people used to make fun of him and called him crazy.

          It was that year, some geneious came up with the scientific idea that  used  tyres could be recycled and used for other porposes. I dont have to tell you how the story ended, you have a brain use it. use it also to see the benifits you will get form this facility, and stop following the hopefulls. 




          • caymanian-on-guard says:

            They grind tires into bits and use them in asphalt plants to mix with  roadway  wear serface material. The dump facility could be doing this in George Town and a lot more with a mega grinder..

            The modern waste management plant use mechanical devices built around the maga grinder to seperate waste material.. Magnets, screens, and forced air to name a few.. 

            With the right equipment, no need to depend on Joe homeowner to seperate the trash..


    • Dred says:

      So exactly what are you actually trying to shoot at language wise. Its not Caymanian and pathetic for Jamaican. You speech is of a half twit.

    • BTer says:

      Let me spell it out for you then…

      How bout if they stuck to the original proposal instead of giving into Dart's NIMBY attitude and other whims?  That was the original plan and is the obvious alternative. 

  15. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone thought that the cost of garbage collection (as well as wear and tear on the roads) will go up if the dump is no longer located near to the biggest sources of garbage on the island? It's a serious point. Most of our garbage must be created on the SMB strip and in West Bay & GT.

  16. Mia says:

    Honestly now, is there anywhere on the island the dump would be welcome, probably not, but  it has to go somewhere! And Mr. Dart is definitely tired of having it next to his multi million dollar venture, so unfortunately its BT.

  17. Dred says:

    ***Spin Doctors***

    Dump = Waste Management Facility

    Garbage Collectors = Environmental Engineers

    People this is not about in BT its best, this is about anywhere but by Dart is best.

    Let's look at the situation for what it really is.

    West Bay = McKeeva Bush backyard so that's a no go.

    George Town = Its already there. So that's a no go.

    North Side = Ezzard Miller who has a big mouth so thats a no go.

    East End = Arden McLean another big mouth and we all saw how Mega Quarry went.

    Which brings us to:

    Bodden Town = 2 UDP and 1 PPM.

    People of Bodden Town this is the thanks you have gotten for placing two @#@# in house who didn't deserve to be there to begin with.

    This dump is being relocate to BT because it is too close to DART MANOR. When moved his land prices will increase and this is the REAL REASON for the move.

    The UDP members are accepting this because they in typical UDP fashion have no choice because Big Mac says so.

    2013 People we know what we have to do. UDP must go down in every district. That means no Juliana, No Helio. Mike ain't too bad as he is a yes man like Anthony. Mark and John John must go. WB we can't do much about sorry to say. Until we get either PPM or some other driving force in West Bay we will be stuck with UDP there.


    • Anonymous says:

      Why mention PPM??  I would like to see West Bay vote in an Independent for a change. Someone who will not make allianceswith big shots to get ahead, and someone who is not a follower of a party, but can think for him/her self.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is impossible for these people to open their mouths without finding some way of dissing the PPM. It is a part of their inherent nature that their beloved leader has very successfully and permanently brought to the forefront. It is a good indication of their level of intelligence and education and self esteem. And why not? After all, whether their dissing is at all relevant or whether it has the slightest inkling of truth doesn't matter in the least, because it makes them feel better and  because it is somehow supposed to reduce the blinding glare of  their own stupidity in the eyes of the public. Mark very conveniently forgot to mention that the UDP failed to do something about the dump BEFORE the PPM. Its been around and its been a problem for 50 years for God's sake. What on earth does that have to do with what needs to be done NOW? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac will move anything that increases Dart's land value.  Anything from dumps to roads.  The Cayman peoples wishes be damned.

    • BTer says:


      Pity there's currently nobody else out there worth voting for.   I'd rather not vote at all than vote for any of the current candidates. 

  18. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if they remember what happened to PPM when the people spoke against the Schools:) I am really wondering what Mario Rankin, Elio Solomon, Dwayne Seymour and Mark Scotland is going to do after next election…..

  19. Mr. Rankine says:

    BT people its sad to say but its true… get ready for  the flow of traffic, smell, pollution and lost in property value.…BT people I hope and pray that you all still plan to fight this whole ordeal….Remember as Bt Citizens you still has your rights to march down to the MLA Office and also the the Governers Office to raise your concerns to stop this from occuring…

    This is not about politics BT people  this is about your district a peaceful, clean and quiet community.  I went to the meeting in BT and it was over at least a hundred concern BT Citizens there and  also other district MLA members and you mean to tell me your own  two representatives did not even had the respect muchless the odasity to show up for an important meeting for their own people???  I am not even from BT and this has anger me…..

    I felt so sorry for the BT people but yet concern because they seem to have no hope anymore after seeeing that their own two representatives has left them to defend for themselves.  The two main ones that should had been there left them out in the dark.  Rise up!  I say to the BT people Get up and Satnd up together in unity and you can win this!   Mr. Frederick I understand is leading this colation and Mr. Frederick I pray and hope that you can get a petition going for your people for their is still hope!  One more thing that makes me sad is to know that after over one hundred people that was at the BT meeting to raise their concerns the fact is the their two elected officials still want to move ahead with this plan…this is the part that i think hurts most with the Bt people…

  20. Anonymous says:

    It is sad to think that this little island will be sold out to big corporations with the like of DART etc. can control the political arena here; a proof of desperate economic times for Cayman Islands government. The people who we have chosen to represent; are failing us miserably. They are mere muppets(mouth pieces) for the interests of these corporations. It is time for the people to take a more proactive approach and stand up for what is right.

  21. Knot S Smart says:

    John John and Mark Mark!

    I dont think 'the people' in Bodden Town want any new-fangled, high-falutin dump in their hometown!

    The 'people' meaning the ones who voted you into power so that you two smart young men can represent their wishes.




  22. Anonymous says:

    Come on people, at least our two representations are prepared to do what others would not dare to do, dump garbage on us.

  23. Angry Voter says:

    Mr. Seymore and Mr Scottland you can all start packing your bags from now  if you think you are going to be coming to BT to build that dump site you all got another thing coming!!!!!  We the people pf BT will setup a road block because HELL is going to break loose!!!!  RESIGN!  RESIGN!!  FOR WE ARE GOING TO CALL AND MARCH FOR THE TWO OF YOUR RESIGNATION A PETiTION WILL SOON BE FILE AND NOTHING WILL STOP US!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Somebody pleaseeeee shoot me!  Man I should had voted for Vinny instead!!!  At least he's showing us that he is for the BT people….Mark and John John you have betrayed us like Judas betray Christ!  You  both are the laughing stock of your own community lol a state of the art  waste management facility you got to bekidding me????

  25. Through The Looking Glass says:

    They are politicians don't expect more from them.  When they are ousted, as surely they will be after receiving substantial salaries and benefits paid for by voters there is also a good chance they will be employed in some fashion by the people they represented.  And let's be clear it wasn't the voters. Politics is a mere step for these individuals and a way to make connections.  Representative democracy is a thing of the past and the concept is still used to mollify us.  Vote?  For whom??  One appears to be as incompetent as the other.  Too often people are fighting their governments trying to prevent decisions being made that have nothing  to do with them.  We must now depend on ourselves, our intelligence, and our solidarity and observe politics for what it is.  A game.  An entertainment no better than watching wrestling.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Thankfully the people of Bodden Town are willing to take a stand against this decision. I'm hoping that the memories last until the next election and the Bodden Towner's rally up 3 new representatives to vote in.

    I haven't had seen any evidence where Dwayne has earned his hefty pay cheque and while mark is attempting to earn his keep he is still under the rulers thumb and can't seem to make his own decisions.

    Tick Tock the clock is ticking and it is definitely time for a clean sweep in BT.

    • A ROUND IN A SQUARE says:

      10:51  You obviously are not from Bodden Town.  We will be putting back in Mark and John John, so I do not know where you are getting your ideas from.  Bodden Toown does not want PPM people, so I hope they do not run.  We want UDP.

    • BTer says:

      I agree with you on Dwayne, but would say Mark has only done marginally more.  He never answer he darn phone and rarely returns messages.  He has promised to do certain things in the district and still now nothing has been done.

      As for them both backing the Landfill… well if you read the text in this article don't it sound eerily like the words of Mac rather than the words of our district reps?

      All I can say is… baaaaaaaa, bleeeeet, baaaaaaaa!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      And I will say it again…Bodden Town got what they deserve for allowing those two to even continue to run.   You people waited till after the election to do something..there was a deadline and you went and filed it after the fact.  Kurt you are so full of it and have no b…s…Anthony Eden same for you too.  Both of you are from Bodden Town and didn't do a damn thing…now look at what you get…and when election time comes around UDP will be back in AGAIN!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS! I hope this one gets posted!!!

      People take their money and vote them out as I can see it already and it should be lots more to spare by them. I bet we'll see them the coming knocking on people doors but hope they stay away like they did at Christmas with their turkeys. 


      Stay strong BTers!!  Vincent to rescue.

  27. X Pat Matt says:

    Pretty appalling that these MLAs need to have a Media company issue their statements for them: at least let a Govt Dept. do that!. Not impressed either that they issue their statement on Forcayman letterhead. It should be on Govt. letterhead – they work for and within Government don't they, or is ForCayman Alliance effectively in power now?

    However, I may yet be swayed from my opinion that these two are out-of-their-depth clowns who couldn't even draft a press release let alone handle any strenuous debate. In closing their statement they say  "In the coming days, we will be addressing a myriad of issues specifically related to the Bodden Town District. Look for the meetings notices and come out to hear the facts, ask the questions and show your support for the future of our Country." So they are coming to meet you and hear your concerns personally – and soon too.


    Let's see then……………

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the release of a Minister's response on that particular letterhead tells us all exactly who Mark Scotland is working for.  Pathetic.

    • BTer says:

      No doubt the cost of the media company was yet again met by the public purse.  And as for them addressing our many issues…. I won't hold my breath waiting for any meaningul action on that.

      Only times I ever see these clowns is when they holding a party on the beach trying to sway votes in favour of the UDP.  They might even listen to the concerns of their constituents but thats all they do… then they give it a bit of lip service and file all our issues in the bin, never to be addressed or dealt with in reality.

      Great representation that innit?

    • Anonymous says:

      GREAT POINT – it speaks VOLUMES that this is on ForCayman letterhead. No way should a Government statement be done that way (even tho' we know that is where the decisions come from).

  28. Anonymous says:

    GREATTTTTTT JOB Mark & John John  for bringing the value of the people of these districts  properties down cause it wont only be BoddenTown suffer from this. So Great Job guys wooo hoo GOOOOO EASTTTTTTT.

    • BT and Love it says:

      09:38 why dont you hush up.  WHAT LAND ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT.  That old swamp land up there is miles from any decent home.  Go take a look and stop fogging up peoples minds with foolishness.

  29. READ THIS says:

    18:39 you may have a point, but my question is this, will we in Bodden Town give the chance to someone who will try and do any  better, or how can we tell that someone else will do better or say the same old thing over and over again.  Life is about either sticking to the foolishness you know or making changes my friend,, and granny would alway say "Throw way da glass it broke " 

  30. Naya Boy says:

    If it is good as they say it is why don't we set it up in their backyard then? I am really worried what Ellio Mark and Dwayne going to do after the next election!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Well – you just earned some repect from me guys. Not a popular position to take, bit the right one!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Please, in words we can all understand, tell us exactly what is going to happen to Mt Trashmore?

    You cannot use it for WTE in it's current state and even DART can't wave a magic wand over the stinking heap andmake it suddenly disappear – it has to go somewhere but nobody seems to be willing to say where. 

    • Vincent Frederick says:

      Hey Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 01/31/2012 – 06:21,  


      The current dump (Mount Trashmore) don't need to go anywhere. I am now positive that most of the Caymanian People don't have the facts and is wondering if the two UDP representatives from Bodden Town may be holding out on facts surrounding the re-location or creation of a new dump in Bodden Town. If the FACTS were not there in the first place..WHY STATE IN THE MEDIA THAT IT WAS THE BEST THING TO DO FOR THE COUNTRY!!!!!. The dump could have been flat in ten or so years at it's current location. Why does it take pressure to get answers from those that are elected on our behalf to protect OUR interest and that of our future generation of children? 

      Recently, I had a owner of a condo located close tothe dump asked me why I was protesting the dump, as it would make his home value go up and he would no longer have to smell the stench coming from the dump… Caymanians the dump will be capped and the scent will remain there even if the dump is moved to Bodden Town. 

      If this political – career ending decision is successful… it will clearly show that care, honesty, belief and honor is no longer factual amongst the vouchers and wolves that we call politicians. It seem that anyone or anything in this country IS FOR SALE. There are men amongst men, leaders amongst leaders and thieves amongst thieves. I only asked our representatives to be real leaders and to get up and stand up for OUR RIGHTS. Greed and power has ruined us and the future trend is "HOW DEEP IS YOUR POCKET".   I am not here to pull anyone under the rug but rather to inform the people that we are being misled into believing the proposal by the UDP government and Dart.

      Here are some facts to think about: –

      (1) No Environmental Impact Study done.

      (2) No consultation with the people of Bodden Town….None at all with anyone but Dart.

      (3) George Town residents and Caymanians would benefit if the dump is managed at its current location. It could be flatten in ten or so years and the energy would be used to benefit us in the future via CUC and the Water Authority…If we still own it..

      (4) The UDP representatives for Bodden Town stated not even them have the facts…Really!! so why are you slamming a dump in our face that DON'T have to be re-located and telling us that it is the best thing for the Islands?

      (5) Dart management team has stated to the coalition that DART would not be responsible for building a Waste Management Facility. Dart would dig five holes in our wetlands fill them with plastic liners, hence creating five Mini Mount Trashmores. Upon completion it would be handed over to government. Unless OUR NEW Government Agency PR machine start working wonders…this position will not change.

      (6) Government don’t have the money to build a Waster Management Facility and if Dart is not building it..who will?

      (7) Does anyone ever listen to the people?

      Vincent Frederick


  33. Kon says:

    Well Mark, since you're plans are to go ahead with this dart deal despite the opposition from your district, I do hope the waste management facility, is a safe one. Because in the long term, if it is not proven safe to us and to our wetlands, I could never see how you will be able to rest with a disturbed conscience. Please, if you are truly dart's or somebody's else mouthpiece, give us the facts. But be careful, I as one of the concerned citizens, will not just take talk after you said it is not a dump… then what is it?  I understood a dump to mean when you pile waste in a certain location. You can't manage waste if you don't have it stock somewhere. So please, Mark and Dwayne, be factual and realistic to the Bodden Town people, don't give us mere talk.

    • READ THIS says:

      06:04  Kon, this is the most sensible piece of conversation I have read concerining the dump.  This is straight talking man, and I believe straigt talking should make no falling out.  Thank you,  A concerned

  34. Anonymous says:

    It,s about time B Town contributed something to the national efforts!

  35. Anonymous says:

    When last have you seen puppets disobey a puppet master? Oh Please!!!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Mark and Dwayne, what do you expect? Both of you were at the meeting last August in Bodden Town presenting all the good things that the For Cayman Alliance would bring to the Cayman Islands. That road show, carefully orchestrated by the Dart PR machinery conveniently forgot to tell the Bodden Town people that they would get a brand new dump as part of the package deal. Only when question time came up and the Bodden Towners asked for details on the dump, the subject was discussed. Bodden Town was assured that it would be an ultra modern facility with all the trimmings you could expect of a perfectly engineered dump. Above all, Mark and Dwayne committed to come back to Bodden Town to further discuss the plans for the dump. 6 Months later and Bodden Town has not seen them yet, are you surprised about the anxiety in Bodden Town???

    • BTer says:

      Not surprised about the anxiety, I feel it myself.  Our district is decaying and our representatives act like they don't give a ****.  I'm also not surprised they didn't come back to further discuss the dump, because neither of them come back to us on much in reality.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Governor, why is it we have to wait for 4 long years to get these two flip-floppers out of the house?  They are attempting to divide the country by saying the coalition movement is solely a PPM initiative. That is so wrong.  

  38. bodden town'r says:

    I am shock. Mark and Dwayne would dare say to us that it is “a state-of-the-art 21st century waste management facility"???  HOW INSULTIVE TO OUR INTELLIGENCE CAN YOU BE???!!!  We were last year used for gunea pigs with genetically altered mosquitoes. Now we must trust you all with a facility less than 3 miles away from residential areas in Bodden Town????. No mention of cancer?  What kind of waste will be used there????  You both compaign saying "no dump" will ever be placed in the Bodden Town district. Now you both would have the auducity to make us like fools, insult our intelligence by saying its a "waste management facility." Trust me, that is really insulting Mark and Dwayne. Shame on you guys. You will not be getting my vote in 2013 for certain!

  39. So says:

    So Mark and John John are you saying that the dump is just fine for Bodden Town, but not for Mr Dart? Why not leave it where it is and convert it to a state of the art waste management facility there ? Surely it would be cheaper as GT produces the majority of our garbage.

    Whats good for the goose is good for the gander… Leave it where it is and see how long MR Dart remains a UDP supporter. 

    This little island has become the laughing stock of the Caribbean, we are overrun by greed and corruption. Did ayone see the movie "Club Paradise" with Robin Williams? I swear they wrote that story with Cayman in mind.


  40. Anonymous says:

     I do agree with them that a Waste to Energy option like what Wheelabrator offered is the best one, but to be realistic who do they think will pay for it ? Cayman obviously cannot afford it and I doubt very seriously that Caymanians will be willing to come out of their own pockets to pay for it. If people think that it was going to be done at no cost to Cayman and that it would produce free electric like some people have claimed they are sadly mistaken, nothing is free. It is and should be obvious to everyone that the bottom line is that this choice was made because it's the only option Cayman could get at no cost to them. Don't blame Dart blame the people that put Cayman in such dire financial straits.

    While this is not the best choice, if it does not happen the Mount Trashmore fiasco will go on unaddressed for years to come for the simple fact the country cannot afford the do anything about it and Dart is the only one willing to put up the Capitol to fund it. If any other private entity came in to deal with it Caymanian homeowners would be facing large monthly fees for trash removal so they could recoup their investment and it do nothing but start another monopoly like CUC.

    If the CIG made a choice that ended up costing the Caymanian people money the same people that are against this deal would be the ones screaming wholly hell.

  41. Hmm says:


    Very disingenuous and reckless for the BT UPD MLA's to say that the previous administration didn’t deal with the dump as it has been there for decades growing into the monster it is today. Everyone knows that the urgency to move it now is due to the current neighbors insistence that it not be next to him. Why didn’t the UDP deal with it when they were in power the first time. Mark and John John are making excuses and digging their graves.. 

  42. Anonymous says:

    The very big question that the UDP gowerment including Mark and Dwayne continue to refuse to address is why on earth can't the supposed "state-of-the-art 21st century waste management facility" be established at the current site as a proper means of getting rid of mount thrashmore, (rather than allowing Mr Dart to "cap" that and leave it there to leach into our water table forever), and where it would be more central to the island and certainly in better proximity to the area of Cayman where the vast majority of our garbage is and will continue to be generated.

  43. Dred says:

    Good People of BT. I am a fellow BTer and lets set the record straight.

    The moving of the dump has NOTHING to do with whether it can be treated at the present location and EVERYTHING to do with the fact that the dump is too close to Dart properties.

    I would be interested in hearing what the impact of moving the dump would be on the value of the land owned by DART GROUP. I am guessing here but I would believe that it would increase in value substantially.

    You it saddens me to see how the UDP believes us to be so stupid. They would have us to believe that DART is making the road thru his land to West Bay to help US. Do we not realise that by a major road going through his property the value on the land in that area INCREASES SUBSTANTIALLY.

    He is doing HIMSELF a favour by making the road. He is selling us on the fact that he is doing it as a trade off when he was more than likely going to do it anyway for his own benefit.

    In my eyes he is basically getting the WB road for free and this is not just any road its the road that crosses our precious Seven Mile Beach at its best point. The sand there is the best on the Island. Touristenjoy the drive by there probably most of any location because at that point they can see we are truly an Paradise Island.

    I have no issue with Mr Dart becoming apart of our community but when does it end. Can he not say at some point "I have enough, let's leave some for the people who were here before me".

    Mr Dart what you are doing is going to kill all of us. The Jamaicans have a saying which you should learn. Greediness choke puppy. Enough already.  

    PS The UDP team is really trying hard to sell us on the fact that the BT site will be a more modern facility but lets keep in mind 50% of what is sent to our dumps is not serviceable under their methods. So 50% of what goes there will end up being a DUMP. Dress up a cow its still a cow.


    • Anonymouse says:

      Dress up a cow and its a Rolling Calf. 🙂

      • Granny Back Yard Say says:

        09.08  Now ye  leave mi cow alone ye hear, cause  he nuh fava no rolling calf.  lol.

  44. Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

    Now this is shocking news! Well, not really. You know they have to do as told!

  45. Anonymous says:

    So Bodden Town MLA's support this new facility without an environmental assessment of the area! So now they are also environmental experts as well. Can you promise us our quiet, peaceful area will not be affected?  Can you promise our property values will not go down in value? Can you promise we can still admire the parrots in our trees? Can you promise we won't get run over by the busy truck activity this will create? Can you promise we won't suffer from the facility smell when our windows are open to enjoy a cool breeze?  Can you promise our children will not be medically effected if a leak was to occur? Can you promise we won't be infested by mega rats? Can you promise people will not dump on the empty properties next to us to avoid the long trip to the proposed facility? Can you promise people in fact will recycle and continue to do so?  Can you promise this proposed state of the art facility will truly be a state of the art waste management facility once Dart hands it over to the Government? I am not politically involved but am a hard working registered voter.  If I could have these questions confirmed in writing then you may have a chance at my support. 

    Also what is most distressing is that these deals are made under the table.  One day we are going to upgrade the dump in Industrial Park, the next moment we are moving it 15 miles away.  Without the checks and balances we have in place to assure the public, that the best and fairest deal is being carried out for our Country, we are in big trouble.   These back door negotiations have to stop!  Our ears are open you can't and you won't get the support you are looking for if all the proper departments are not involved. That's why they are there to make sure MLAs like you can't do whatever the hell they want in the name of our Country!   

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, its uncanny that the Environmental Minister would support such a move in his own district without any research or investigations into the potential consequences on the environment and the district in the future, but then again, Mac is the puppet-master and money is a heck of a thing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Parrots! I may die laughing! You all are the so called farmers who want to shoot them out of the trees. The Residents of Bodden Town and the rest of the CAVE people need to wake up and realize that this is something Cayman needs! It is not about your district – which looked a state the last time i drove through Bodden Town Proper – it is about the Cayman Islands as a whole.

  46. SKEPTICAL says:

    Maybe they have already quietly filled in an application form to join the PPM in the hope that they can at least save their MLA’s salaries after 2013

  47. Bodden Towner says:

    It really pains my heart to hear some of the people in Bodden Town speaking negative against the project.  Some of these people cannot even read or write, but is still  listening to what others say.

    Sensible people will ask sensible questions from Intelligent people.

    What i see happening here is that this is only a political Manouver to thread the minds of the people pre election.  BUT it wont be any surprise to me, because as much as I want to give credit to my Bodden Town People for being intelligent and wise, when it is soon time for election they turn fool.

    Of course again next year they will do the same thing and then ask the question "How did certain persons get in"   Then six months after they will be ranting to have them out of office.   and the monkey said OH MY PEOPLE"


    • beachbaymeatballs says:

      Why don't you write as though you are inteligent and not as some of those people that you claim cannot read and write.

  48. anonymous says:

    I do find the DumpFree press release funny- must say some of you do have time. The simple truth is that the "dump" in GT is the greatest environmental disaster in the Cayman Islands. It cannot stay there without a LINER below it. We cannot lift it up and put a liner under it. It will continue to leach into the North Sound and Ground for decades. 

    The only way of dealing with a "dump" is to close it and cap it. Pull off the gas and send that to CUC. After a few years it will basically stop contaminating the ground significantly. Even putting a waste to energy facility at the existing location does not stop the environmental disaster there. This is clear as crystal.

    So the only real question is where do you put a properly lined solid waste facility? naturally where there is lots of land and few people living there. That leaves East End, North Side or Bodden Town. In EE the fresh water lens eliminates most of the usable sites. NS and BT then tie for suitable sites. The site I see chosen is to the North West of Breakers, way inland. It already has two quarries on either side of it. I think that is as good a location as any and fairly central.

    The reality is that there are major portions of the Bodden Town district, like Savannah, that are actually closer to the GT dump than the engineered landfill in Breakers.

    This is a NATIONAL environmental disaster. We have to solve it as a COUNTRY. That location northwest of Breakers is perfect and more suitable as BT is the fastest growing district.

    • Anonymous says:

      So the only real question is where do you put a properly lined solid waste facility? naturally where there is lots of land and few people living there.

      So they decide to put it in what is, as a matter of fact, the fastest growing district in Cayman… yeah that makes sense man.

    • caymanian-on-guard says:

      I believe your point as to location for a new dump is correct, even without an impact study anyone understanding the lay of the land can see that..

      But' also true is your statement in regard to the hazard the current dump pose to the north sound.  

      I believe it would be more sinsible to reduce a current hazard than to to start another problem somewhere else on the island..

      A proper waste management facility to remove the current hazard while handling incoming waste will be costly,  but it is the best choice.. We may all have to chip in to get what we want.

      I am glad that Caymanians can find the time to stand up and be heard.. Whether the dump stays in George Town or a new one opened in BT, the voice of the people is the best guide for all of us.


  49. Anonymous says:

    Who is the Coalition think they are fooling when they state they are not affiliated with any political party? Whether the Coalition know it or not the PPM and Independent member have joined with them for votes toward the next election.

    It is sad but party politics over what is best for the nation. Why aren't the PPM and the Independent member crying out for recycling? That shows a lack of vision and leadership from the Obstructionists.

  50. Anonymous says:

    mark should have it in northword next to him

  51. Enviro Dave says:

    I'd like to point the public and the MLA's (Those MLA's that can read and think independently) to a document called

    Public Participation in Making Local Environmental Decisions: The Aarhus Convention Newcastle Workshop Good Practice Handbook

    It is available at

    Unfortunately Cayman is not a signatory to the Aarhus convention although it only has to ask the UK to add us to the list.

    The convention can be located at under

    “The UNECE Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters”


    There is also a case study on a new landfill at

  52. Anonymous says:

    Would Mr.Seymour please explain how he made his decision AFTER stating this on Cayman 27:

    "Meanwhile the coalitionpointed to comments made by Dwayne Seymour on Cayman27 on Friday where he said he didn’t have all the information on the proposed move querying how he and his colleague could support the relocation."


    I do believe that Mr. Seymour was told what to do by Lord Dart.I doubt if Mr. Seymour is capable of an independant thought of his own.I hope Mr. Seymour enjoys being a puppet for Dart because after they no longer need him he will be discarded.

  53. Anonymous says:

    to address the "dump debacle" that the former administration “couldn’t solve.”


    “the audacity to use a serious issue related to the welfare of all Caymanians as a political football for political mileage.”

    People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones 🙂



  54. Anonymous says:

    Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour should relocated it to their backyards.  2013 will be their reality check and only then will we rid Bodden Town of 2 wasters, seat  warmers.  What has Bodden Town come to?   I know we can do better in our selection.