Swim coach dives into beginners swim programme

| 30/01/2012

Coach Chester (1) (226x300).jpg(CNS): Government’s learn-to-swim programme is now back on track with a newly-appointed coach, officials said Monday.  Chester Hurlston has taken up the job at government’s swim school and said while he will be helping young swimmers improve the goal is to focus on teaching all kids in the government system who cannot swim at all. Registration for the after-school swim programme is now open on a first-come, first-served basis for the weekday classes due to start next week. “It would be great if we could teach every child to swim. The Swim School gives everyone access to swim instruction,” Coach Hurlston said.

Sports minister Mark Scotland said the learn-to-swim programme is very important to his ministry. “Every young child should have the opportunity to learn to swim,” he said “I am very pleased that we are able to revitalize it and extremely pleased that a young Caymanian has been hired to get the programme back on track.”

After returning from college in Knoxville, Tennessee which he attended on an athletic scholarship, with a bachelor’s degree in child psychology, Hurlston taught physical education at Grace Christian Academy and coached in government’s after-school sports programme.  He was drafted for the Cayman Islands Swim School late last year, taking up his position this January. “Sports have always been my thing plus I love working with kids. This new position allows me to pursue both passions and I couldn’t be happier,” he said.

The school will continue to help young swimmers improve but  kids who can’t swim will be the focus of attention for the programme.

“It would be great if we could teach every child to swim. The Swim School gives everyone access to swim instruction. Growing up, I did not have the privilege of learning to swim in a pool. For most of us, the ocean was our training ground. This is such a great opportunity, I hope parents will take advantage of it,” he noted.

Registration for the after-school swim programme is now open and  a nominal registration fee is payable. This term will only feature weekday classes which are scheduled to start on Monday, 6 February. For more information call the Department of Sports at 949-7082.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Are there any programs being run anywhere for Adults to learn to swim?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice young man! I know he will do a great job with the programme and more Caymanians need to become coaches as it can become your career.

  3. Bonnie Scott Edwards says:

    What do you mean by "all kids in the government system"?   Is this all children in the Cayman Islands or all children whose parents work for the government or all Caymanian children or ?????


    CNS: It means all children in the government education system, i.e. those who go to the public schools, as opposed to the private schools. He is, of course, referring to children on Grand Cayman. On Cayman Brac Michael Hundt has run an excellent after school swim programme for many years and the schools (all government on the Brac) also run their own programmes.