MLA taking message to UK

| 01/02/2012

Ezz5.jpg(CNS):  At least two members of the Legislative Assembly and a leading member of the Concerned Citizens Group will be heading to the UK shortly to deliver the ‘other side of the story’ regarding the various projects that the government plans to sign up for and the issues surrounding proper process and the premier. Ezzard Miller says that Arden McLean and AliceMae Coe have already agreed to join his delegation to London, where he plans to meet with various FCO representatives, foreign affairs committee members, MPs from the Labour Party and the British press in order to raise the various concerns of those opposed to what government is doing.

Miller told CNS that he has also extended an invitation to others, including the opposition leader, and depending on the dates for the trip, which he says cannot be fixed because of the premier’s failure to set the dates for the next meeting of the Legislative Assembly, he hopes to take two other delegates with him.

The independent member said it was important that the UK was aware that not everyone in Cayman supported the moves government is making in connection with the major projects, such as the cruise port development and the ForCayman Alliance.

The size of these projects combined with the auditor general’s reports regarding procurement and the premier’s failure to follow process on so many occasions gives serious cause for concern, the North Side member maintained. He said it wasimportant to ensure that the UK government and possible future British governments understood what was happening.

Although Miller said that he, opposition members and other local activists have had discussions with the governor about good governance, process and the police investigation surrounding the premier and had taken some comfort from what he had said, given his position, the governor could not express the concerns to London.

“I and others have spoken with the governor about these concerns and although I’m not dissatisfied with what he has said, I don’t think he is in a position to present the other side openly. We want to expand on the concerns we’ve expressed about the total disregard for process and discuss the restoration of good governance, particularly where these major projects are concerned,” Miller said.  “We want to ensure that our message is delivered and our concerns are expressed properly.”

He explained that the delegation would want to meet with Colin Roberts, a key official in the FCO regarding Overseas Territories, as well as the minister, Henry Bellingham.

“We want to look at the legality of some of the things the premier is planning regarding the ForCayman Alliance with Dart as well as the negotiations with the Chinese regarding the port, especially given the kind of money involved,” he added. Miller stated that how the premier’s plans fit with the Framework for Financial Responsibility that he has signed were also on the agenda.

Aside from meeting with the FCO, Miller said it was important that he and his fellow Cayman delegates met with the Friends of Cayman parliamentary committee, the Foreign Affairs Select Committee and Labour Party members, who also “need to know what is really going on down here,” he noted.

Miller said he hoped to meet with the press as well because it was important the message was out in the open that what the government was doing was not supported by everyone.

He said many people in Cayman were extremely concerned about a number of issues regarding the current administration, from the existing police probe to the future risks presented by government proposals and he intended to ensure that message was delivered to the UK.

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  1. anonymous says:

    It is clear, here and now, that PARTY POLITICS WILL DESTROY THE CAYMAN ISLANDS.

    Why not learn from the rest of the Caribbean.  You are ALL being used as pawns in the politician's game.  That is all I have to say to both sides.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can you imagine two of them especially, going to the land of the stiff upper lip with their notable lack of diplomacy.

    Lets apply polish, polish, polish, polish and mooooooooooore polish well in advance to see if they will be seriously taken?

    Or should we use sandpaper and a wirebrush instead?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank God it's not the Premier going.

      • Anonymous says:

        Might as well be if we are sending these three…does anyone see much difference but the names…politics as usual

  3. This is so ironic says:

    I am reading the comments on here from the people who oppose this move by Ezzard and Arden and I am amazed at the level of ignorance that is being displayed. lets look carefully at the facts:

    1. Ezzard has met with the Governor and told him what his concerns are. Nothing has been done.

    2. Ezzard makes no secret of the fact that he is opposed to the way that the UDP seems to be looking after the interests of several multi-million and multi-billion dollar corporations with no regard for the people of this country.

    Yes these projects will generate work, but we all cant be in the construction industry or chop bush (no pun intended) for a living,  and compared to what the corporations are getting the benefit for Cayanians cannotbe considered even crumbs. Look at the West Bay road deal! Dart is getting property that will quadruple in value as soon as the road is moved. He will then operate the hotel and what do the Caymanian people get ? A 4 lane highway leading into one of the most bullet ridden districts in the Caribbean and a promise for jobs.


    3. The UDP despite campaigning on promises on transparency and good governance has done nothing but bully their way through the people and make it clear that we are not going to stand in the way of progress for the rich. I wish the urgency was focused on the schools, but they are saving those schools so that they can "blame Alden" closer to the election.

    4. Is the Premeir still being investigated  or is that now dead? Is it not the Governors job to sort that mess out?

    5. Are we not a British dependency? 

    6. The TCI people brought that mess on themselves by not making it clear to their leaders that their actions were unacceptable. If we sit quietly like good little pawns, we will suffer the same fate.

    Dont blame Ezzard for blowing the cover off the operation! Blame those that are doing the dirt. I cannot imagine who would be so foolish to believe that the UK does not already know what is happening here. They are merely waiting on someone to come forward and demonstrate that we doin fact have people who can lead us, that we are not all so easily duped and brain washed. 

    7. The UK wants us to demonstrate that we have the ability to sort out our own mess and remove the UDP, they need us to demonstrate that we are capable of properly running our own country, for heavens sake, it has been long enough and we are supposed to be a leading financial center. They need to have some assurance that we are not all represented by the UDP.

    8. We have a cabinet of followers, who are so afraid to cross the Premier that they will do whatever he commands. We currently have 2 BT MLA's who for some weird sick reason refuse to stand up for their district and instead support building a stink smelly dump in their constituents backyards. The probability of contamination is highl and they know it, but they are compelled to do what the "Boss" says. 

    They are playing politics with our future and using our beaches, and natural resources to pimp these islands to the highest bidder. We complain and cry foul and as soon as someone decides to take up the job of dealing with them, we turn and tear them down. Yet if Ezzard and Arden did nothing what would we be saying ?

    Support Ezzard and Arden and Alice Mae, they may be the last hope for these islands, because based on what I know, this will be the last election where born Caymanians have the majority vote, in another 5 years a lot of "new" Caymanians will be voting and we will have lost the majority and our home. 

    The UDP cling to foreign money and expats like its their life blood, yet thousands of Caymanians are complaining bitterly about their living conditions, incomes, basic necessities, but no one is listening other than 2 die hard veterans and one very dedicated woman. I only wish I could join them.

    This will be the last UDP Government, the people of this country have had enough, its time to act. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    And BTW at least Ezzard has the sense to say in advance that he is going. That way you can all post your instructions to him on CNS!

  5. Miss INTEL says:

    Way to go Ezzard, Arden and Mrs. Alicemae.

    Time someone take up the mantle because too many lazy people sitting on their bums doing nothing and beating up their gums all the while the Sharks and Vipers are running around the Govt. backs doing what they want and the Premier agreeing and giving up everything we have that is of value to us.  I hope someone over there listens.  I agree if they come in and take over for a couple years, we may not want or like that but maybe we can get this corruption cleaned up once and for all.  The Police, Judiciary and the elected arm of the ruling Govt. is in dire need of some shaking up, we will be under pressure for a while or maybe we won't, but regardless we cannot allow The Premier to sit in power too much longer and continue to do what he is doing without any accountability whatsoever.

    Unless Caymanians, you want this and are prepared to change your nationality down the road.  If that is the reason, the FOR SALE just went up on everything I own including my drawers.

    Good luck Cayman, if the Premier remains in power much longer, the dog will never want to eat our supper it will be SOUR!

  6. Anonymous says:

    As was said on the news, it is the Queen's jubiliee year and consideration is being given to appointing a representative in Parliament for the Cayman Islands, and other OTs.  Maybe Ezzard should be appointed while he is there:) Enjoy the cold!

    • Anonymous says:

      We don't want that as it would be an excuse for British expats to have the right to vote here, and perhaps a curious twist would be no representation without taxation. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    I try my best to keep up with international news andso far this is the only country that opposes every decision made by their government. I think this island needs no government, everyone just do what  they think is right. I  am sure other countries are trying their best to garner any form of investment they can in order to ensure at least some economic stability, but this country clearly do not need investment. I wonder what will happen if the poople who are investing get angry and decide to leave Cayman. What will happen? Can't we see how many Cayman small businesses have been closed and are still closing. Haven't we see the number of houses and apartments for rent? I would not even mention the jobless. When will this nation stop being selfish and think of sustainable development or their children's future. I am confident that there are some words that holds true and one such is: "A house divided by itself cannot stand". I rest my case. 

  8. anonymous says:

    I hear Ezzard always talking about due process. But he now believes he can now go to England to speak on our behalf without a refermdum or even public meeting to ensure we the people of the Cayman Isands want him to. Surely that is not due process. 

    Mr. Miller is purely grandstanding for votes. XXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      Grandstanding for votes??? Are you accusing Mr. Miller of imitating the UDP?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Has this unofficial delegation thought about the personal, political, and media consequences of being snubbed by UK officials?

    • Anonymous says:

      This unofficial delegation knows that it will be well-received by the UK officials.   

    • Anonymous says:

      nope, i guess not!  just wait until bbc picks this up

    • Anonymous says:

      Seems to me the FCO doesn't have all that much to do these days and will be happy to have a delegation from somewhere to host.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Regardless of whether he goes or not, nobody in the UK is going to give him the time of day. They could barely care less what Big Mac has got to say, let alone some xxxx who is a nobody and always will be a nobody.

    Ok he has got 50 friends in North Side but in the UK they have bigger fish to fry and would not waste their time meeting him.

    The man is delusional if he thinks anybody anywhere would take him seriously.

    • Profound Reality! says:

      I love your 'can do' attitude.While your at it why dont you write a childrens book!

      "let alone some xxxx who is a nobody and always will be a nobody"  sounds like he stole your girlfriend.

      Whatever happens, you can be sure that Mr. Ezzard has more than 50 persons in more than one district behind him on this matter,know that don't you :-0

    • Anonymous says:

      Why don't we wait and see, instead of criticising and trying not to let them go to UK?

  11. Anonymous says:

    right now it is our won Caymanians that are ruining this country corruption in the LA, under the table deals, giving away citizenship…raising cost of living…giving away concessions and many many more bad things… honestly i don't any anyone from our MOTHER country can do us any more harm than what our own COUNTRY MEN have done over the years!

  12. Anonymous says:

    You Go Arden and Ezzard and Alice Mae….You all are our new Annie Huldah Boddens and I applaud your efforts….even if the Mother Country takes back control we will be better off than we are with Mac XXXX and the Dart Empire running us……I will buy you all Hawaiian shirts and would be "rebel rousing" right there with you if I could.  I support your efforts 100% and hope this brings about the removal of our incompetent Governor if nothing more….things would not have gotten so out of hand if he was doing his job……Many Caymanians and the more intelligent "For Cayman" expats that live here and want to not lose everything there is here to a select few  are behind you all the way…..I just wish you had gone sooner.  I also now realise more how incompetent and ignorant Alden is……he is just like our governor….Please God help us get one man one vote for 2013……

    • Anonymous2 says:

      ha ha ha… a british takeover my friend, is another dictator. From one local dictator to a Governor who becomes a dictator. You should read the TCI Sun and see what is going on in Turks and Cacois Islands. Don't be so foolish in thinking that these Annie Huldah Boddens could not bring something worse on us for declaring to world that we are corrupt. Think of it before you blabber your mouth. 

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is a slap in the face to the governor. Ezzard & Co. must think that the FCO's representative is not doing his job and that the FCO is completely in dark with the going-ons in far-far-away Cayman.


    Slap! Slap! Slap! Shame on you three.

    • Dred says:

      Actually you must be in the dark because many of us here believe the Governor should be doing a lot more than he is.

      Also knowing about something and doing something is completely different. What Ezzard and Co wants is for someone to know and do something.

      • Anonymous says:

        Question to dred; what are these two doing for the wellfare of the Caymanian people, besides playing politics…you really think Caymanians can feed , educate their children with the bull shit politics?

        Im for one that at least try to build a healty economy, for the wellfare of its people.

        Read  the news of whats happeniong in the Wold today…they fighting to boost their ecoomy.they are  pumping billions into their economy just to keep their curency, banks and credit rating from crumbling. 

        Their is not one honest Government person on Earth, just like there are no honest rich person…you get  my point? these peolple who critising mac 's Government are not lilly white either…you get my point.

        just work hard and raise your children well. God bless you.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Idiotic, the folks in the UK already think we cannot handle our own affairs and that we are a bunch of fools. When Miller gets done, I'm sure they will be more then convinced that they should just come in and take over. And the first thing they will do is instate direct taxation saying that Cayman needs it to balance it budget, something they have been fighting for for the longest….

  15. karen says:

    Interestingly, Ezzard is going up to London with no view of giving the electorate, the democratic power to RECALL and REMOVE politicians from office anytime before the general elections, because Ezzard is a politician himself!  Cayman, when are we going to find new blood who will stand up for US and see that establishing a people's democracy here is just as important as fighting corruption and scoring political points? 

    Yes… the members of government who suppose to be representing us, are representing no one else, but their personal interest. Ezzard, I feel, is no different.  He barks at Mckeeva day and night about corruption, but strangely is silent about our direct democracy and having proper representation established on the island.

    • dartanian says:

      Hello karen where have you been hidding Ezzard is the only politician elected or otherwise who has stated publicily on manny occassions over the past 20 years that he supports a recall mechanism in the constitution that allows 66% of the registered electors to recall their elected representative. He is also the only elected MLA who meets with his constituents every month in a public forum.

  16. Four eyes says:

    Wicked!! WIcked!! Leave the Premier alone.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just because you think he's wicked doesn't mean we should leave him alone.

  17. Legal Mind says:

    Please make sure they all take the evidence with them if they really want a REAL case against the Premier and Dart. It would be stupid if they do not pack the beach, the dump and the road with them to show when presenting their case.  

  18. Hazzard Mgmnt says:

    There goes any respect I had for Arden.
    The only person
    Ore dangerous for Cayman than the Mac Daddy is the Duke of Hazzard

  19. Anonymous says:

    I  don't like HOW the gowerment goes about it's business, and I often find myself in agreement with Miller's positions; but going outside the "department" inthis manner is an ill-considered step too far.

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Brian says:

    These two idiots will result in the UK pulling the plug on Cayman! Ezzard, bless him, but what a fool.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Dat's EXACTLY what we need to do!!! Report him to the PRINCIPAL!!!

    And Ezzard please tell them about all his sneaky trips abroad to Venezula, Cuba, China etc….WE ARE NOT COMMUNIST AND WE SHOULD NOT ASSOCIATE OUR COUNTRY WITH PEOPLE THAT ARE!!! If I was a betting person, I would say he is gearing up to make this country a hub for ANOTHER reason. We should warn the U.S. too!!

    Bring him down Ezzard XXXX


    • Anonymous says:

      Hope you read the international press…three or four weeks the UK and Chinese MILITARIES signed an agreement of a closer working relationship!!!  "Warning the US" is the best laugh I have gotten all day.

      The Chinese have controlled both ends of the Panama Canal for the last 20 years as well as major port presences in Bahamas, Mexico, etc. I am sure the US does not have to worry about two 1000 finger piers in Cayman that can only be used some times of the year!

      The Chinese economy is second only to the American one now worldwide and no one will avoid dealing with them, end of story. You need to get out of the 1950s.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Why is he planning on meeting with UK Labour Party MP's they are not in power in the UK.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmmm… it was under the Labor Party that TCI was taken over.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would hope that while he is visiting the Labour party, they will teach him that , being a  opposition member of parliment, is not all about oposing Government's hard work to revive our economy.

      Maybe he can teach them a thing or two how to revive their economy. show them how Mac and our MPs are on the thresold of creating a booming economy. And this was done within 2 -1/2 years. England and the  European countries are still losing their credit ratings, after  pumping billions of Euros in their econmies. This has been going on now for the last 5 years.

      Go Ezzard!….ask them if Mac can help them with some econmic plans. 

      • Anonymous says:


        Who is paying for the trip?
        Well, the same system of fund raising used to help legal costs for CNS being sued by the premier who targets little old ladies and senior citizens dragging them into court for opposing his wrongs; well, I think the public should contact Alice Mae Coe and whomever else is traveling with her and Mr. Miller and Mr. Arden McLean to the UK and generously offer to help pay expenses for them since they are travellng on the people’s behalf..
        Some of you businesses in Cayman that are suffering because of Dart running you out of business on the water front and bussing all your cruse ships customers to Caymana Bay in his big ‘greyhound size’ buses taking away all your customers from you because he is a blood sucking hog, well all of you small business owners who want to survive, have the opportunity to show some support for Mrs.Alice Mae Coe, Mr.Ezzard, Mr. Arden McLean, and any one else traveling in the delegation. It is our civil duty to assist them and help provide enough funds to cover traveling expenses for them to go to the UK. After all’ they are representing the people of the Cayman Islands. This is not a casino gambling trip, nor a trip to meet a secret lover, nor is it a trip to hide money from under the table deals.this is a real cause.We have no other representation, Alden McLaughlin is irresponsible and obviously his only goal is to be the premier of the Cayman Islands. He doesn’t pass the sniffing test I’m afraid.
        Sorry but we need someone else other than Alden who is not at all concerned about jobs, he has yet to mention job loss as a problem for Caymanians being unemployed. He has not taken on the issues like Mr. Miller has. Mr. Ezzard Miller already leading the country and is Leading the opposition from behind. I call this true leadership.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because Ezzard is appealing to the politics of the situation and get support from those which most aligns with his ideology.  Tax the rich liberals.

  24. Anonymous says:

    There is not doubt that the FCO are well aware of the happenings here in the Cayman Islands.  Who will pay for this trip as these people do not represent the government ?

    • Insider says:

      There's a huge difference between being aware of the situation (which I can assure you the FCO are) and being forced to do something about it.

      Right now a number of left-wing media outlets in the UK really have the knives out for the Cayman Islands and this move may have short-term benefits but in the long run I'm not so sure it's a smart way to move things on.


  25. Anonymous says:

    Honesty and Courage in Cayman politics?

    Bout time! Get er done! They toook are jobs!

  26. Anonymous says:

    At 14.27 I must go to the LD for a job ?? That is a joke. I have sent resume pretending to be from a different country with same credentials and then from Cayman . Which one you thinks gets the reply first 😉 This is the problem in helping out the economy and crime prevention.

    Of course you do have those no goods that just want to steal, and be a nuisance to Cayman society. Well does not matter anymore- I have left the country in seek of employment in another and am happily working now. Thank you Ezzard and Sherry, Immigration and my own smoke screen government  for that one!! maybe one day I and hundreds of others can come back home.

  27. Anonymous says:

    This is embarrassing! A bunch of children running politics in this country.

    Turks & Caicos here we come…

  28. Cheese Face says:

    For the love of God don't let this man go and speak to anyone in the UK, we are a laughing stock already!!!

    • Pitta Patta says:

      What on earth has happened to Alden Mclaughlin? Where is he? He is more silent that the PPM had before. We need action, & we need it now! Where is Mclaughlin? At least Ezzard Miller & Arden Mclean are doing something!

      • Theo says:

        Alden you ask, Alden? but ya dont know, he in training looking at his name in the mirror with Premier attached to it and hoping for  the day he can wear it.

    • Mass Charles says:

      Revolution and now directly approaching the British Governmeent. Why did the fish got caught?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Can I come too?

  30. Dare to Dream says:

    Good!!  About tiime!!  Anyone who is afraid of condemning and exposing corruption is perhaps corrupt as well.  Ezzard and Arden maybe a bit rough around the edges, but they are honest intelligent men who loves Cayman and  the Caymanian people  and is willing to fight for us. Sir Winston Churchill and Sir Bustamante were also considered " loud mouth and boisterious" and did so much for their countries that their names are forever etched in history as the greatest Statesmen who ever lived.   Do what you have to do and Posterity will thank you for ever!!  Gentlemen while you are over in Englandplease tell them how the Immigation  departments/boards are allowing one of the large law firms XXXX to systematically destroy senior level, educated, efficient, experienced  Caymanian' s career by getting rid of them and bringing in expats who are lesser qualified to take over their positions.  Just recently I saw an ad in a newspaper for a Director of Human Resources, and I know for a fact that the persn holding the position is a qualified  and well able Caymanian.  This particular law firm has done this over and over and Immigration is doing nothing about it except of course to keep granting them the permit.  We always compare our Island to Bermuda so forthe sake of all that is fair please take a page out of their book!! Only in Cayman this crap can go on year after year.  Arden, Ezzard  and Alice-Mae you are charged with the responsibility to blow the cover off this sort of evil that has permeated our island for far too long. Some of us Caymanians need you to speak up for us- the rest of us  are living in denial. DO  GOOD AND GOOD WILL FOLLOW!!

  31. Anonymouse says:

    Well done Mr. Miller. I pray that you and your co- travellers find ears that will listen and get our Governor attention. It needs to start somewhere. Too much shady deals going on that not only is destroying our Beloved Cayman Islands but insulting our intelligence in an ( don't care what you think ) ATTITUDE. Very tired of it as' things are not though enough as they are. Very well said Mrs. Myles and respect to you madam for speaking the truth and have the courage to sign your name. But don't worry your current representatives will go down with the Ship with everyone's help. We now need People who will serve our COUNTRY first and foremost and WE the people.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I hope the UK – FCO don't ask Ezzard how many people he represents in the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are probably more people that agree with this grup thsn with the Premier..  At least they listen to the people.

    • Anonymous says:

      His views on this matter represents many thousands of us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 12:08 considering that the CS have to be quiet. How much does he really represent?

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps he represents a lot more people than you think. Do you have any idea who represents those West Bayers who McKeeva consider to be his "enemies"?

  33. Anonymous says:

    O Lord help us, it is like the pendullum is starting to swing to the far extreme of a full british rule dictatorship. From a party-dictatorship to now a uk one where we will be micromanaged like tci. Both extremes are not good for Cayman. Could not someone else spearhead a delegation to represent Cayman not only against political corruption, but against wealthy investors controlling our local government, and disenfranshizing the people of these islands?  Could not they go with more issues than corruption?  How about giving the people more powers against these greedy developers over the population?  You would have thought the delegation would about establishing more democracy in the Cayman Islands.  

  34. Dred says:

    This may well have been said a few times but I would just like to restate this here.

    The ForCayman Alliance is not a FOR CAYMAN Alliance it is a ForDart Alliance.

    Dart has made a career out of "helping" governments who are in need of assistance only to come out the other end better than he went in.

    When you term someone FOR someone the normal belief is that the FOR person or entity gets more than or at least equal to what the "giving" person is getting. The FOR normally states who REALLY benefits from the deal.

    As many people including Mr Ezzard Miller has demonstrated it is not Cayman who is getting the better of the deal. I honestly am not sure the numbers Mr Miller are 100% accurate but I am 100% in agreement that this deal is HEAVILY swayed in DART's favour.

    If we look at the two major parts of this we see the following:

    1) Marriott Courtyard – Acquisition of Crown Land namely public beach – We are giving up to Dart one of our most prized posessions something we wanted to place a moratorium on a few years back as we have so little beach fews now along our 7 mile beach corridor. This will double or even triple the value of his property.

    To add to thishe is "giving" us a new road to West bay. "Giving", "Giving"??? No my friends he is giving us nothing. Mr Dart would have built a road there any how to increase the value of those properties. When you spend 10 million and get back 30 million its called an investment. By making that road of more importance than it would have been previously with a fully functional 7 mile beach road it will only seek to raise the price of that land even more. That my friends is not an act of giving. So basically he will be getting the 7 mile beach sector for what would be for FREE. To him its a WIN WIN not a WIN LOOSE.

    2) GT Dump relocation – We may all THINK this is about the dump being able to be managed better in BT Vs whether it can be rectified in GT but it's not. This is all about LAND.

    When the dump is relocated to BT what will happen not immediately but in time is that once DART spends a few million on the GT Dump his land prices will raise again because its no longer bordering Mount Trashmore it's border a park or playfield. In the end the gain he makes on his land prices will out weigh the funds he is laying out for the relocation.

    People you need to do some reading up on this man to understand who he is and what he is about. Read about the Argentina debacle or the US Government issues.

    He is not a stupid man he is quite smart and we have all heard that no one gives you something for nothing. He takes this one step further. He generally "help" government who are in distress but comes out the back end way better than he went in. In saying that he is really helping himself far more than the people he is supposed to be helping.

    If Mr. Dart wants to help the Cayman Islands truly why does he simply not say CIG we are both in agreement that the GT Lanfill is an issue. Let's sit with some entity who specialises in this and I will take my own gain out of the true equation and lets see what can be done. I will finance persnally the solution because it's in both of our interest. Whatever they suggest so long as we will not be looking at Mount Trashmore 5 years from now I will fund. That my friends would have been a much better situation instead of get it out of my site and I will fund it. This is basically what was said.

    In one regard I don't have anything against Mr Dart as he is a businessman but I get really offended when you wave this flag of help and assistance namely calling this project "The ForCayman Alliance" when in fact you are really only furthering your financial position and are in fact just playing to us like your TRUE goal is to help us when in fact it is for your own personal gains. This is insulting to those of us who are in possession of more than two brain cells. We start to think that YOU think us STUPID to swallow any and everything you throw out.

    Mr Dart if you want to call this place your home and you want to call yourself a Caymanian then for God's sake start acting like it. If you want to help I am not stopping you but don't try to blow smoke up you know where on us. Let's be real you could fix the dump without even feeling it and it would help your position and ours.

    • Anonymous says:

      How many local Caymanians are putting their money where their mouths are to deal with local problems with a cash strapped government?

      • Anonymous says:

        If government so cash-strapped maybe they should get rid of their chaffeurs, bodyguards, housekeeper, take a pay cut, and stay home instead of travelling alll over the world.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don't worry plenty of local caymanians will be putting thier money where thier mouth is once UK folks take overand drop the Big T world on everyone. Then you will see just how it really is to pay taxes.

    • Anonymous says:

      I understand your point that Dart Realty (and untimately Dart Corp and Ken Dart) will benefit in the long term, and perhaps financially even more so than Cayman. What I don't understand is why that is an issue as long as this is also a huge benefit to Cayman and Caymanians.

      From everything I read about this it seems that people are basically "cutting off their nose to spite their face" – if someone comes to you with a deal that is great for you but greater for them would you rather not do it at all than enjoy the benefit?

      Here's a hypothetical example – if someone offered to buy you a car and pay all the insurance, maintenance, gas etc. and in return you would have to advertise his company on the car (which ultimately made him twice as much money as it cost to give you the car) is that a bad deal for you?

      Not a perfect example by any means but I wish we could have a better argument than "Dart is going to make more from this than us". I'm not saying its the right deal for CI Government but I don't see any others on the table – perhaps they could shop it around and get a better deal.

      It seems to be part of our culture these days to whine about what other people have that we don't.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Mckeeva was on house arrest by the governor during hurricane Ivan because of his role in stopping aide to the Cayman Islands?
    Whhhhhh this is a good whip to use in 2013 elections campaign!!
    Huh, that man is lucky.

  36. Anonymous says:

    It is pretty naive to think that any British MPs or media outlets will be sympathetic to cries of corruption or cryonism from one of their tropical non-contributing tax free dependent territories.  Rather more likely it will fuel their resolve to separate themselves, or impose new burdens and controls upon us.  

  37. Anonymous says:

    Although there are many that feel the UDP have overstepped their authority, at the end of the day Ezzard literally represents 500 people from North Side in the Cayman Islands.  He is a Hawaiian shirt wearing rabble rouser that's barely relevent in this country, let alone on the world stage.  He is not an ambassador to speak for the Cayman Islands on anything.  More alarming, his willingness to create a delegation for a media roadtrip just goes to show that he has the same misplaced ego and global travel aspirations as our current Premier.  I mean, isn't it odd that he'd rather fly to the UK than make an appointment with the resident Governor?!?      

    • Anonymous says:

      Multiple meetings have already been held with the resident Governor.

    • Anonymous says:

      Comment 10:01 has got to be Elio blasting Ezzard for doing what is right.

      So what if he wears Hawaiian shirts? he’s concerned about Caymanians and Cayman, something the UDP has yet to do.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice attempt to deflect, Mr. UDP crony. Who says that Ezzard has not had an appointment with the resident Governor? Is anyone satisfied that the Governor is taking the necessary steps to ensure good governance? 

      Thank God that at least a couple of our MLAs have chutzpah to take on McKeeva and hold him to account something which you obviously like to evade.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a prime example of Ezzard's view of his own self importance. With the problems of the EU debt crisis and problems the UK are currently dealing with the West Bay Road issue won't excite anyone. I don't think Ezzard will receive the rapt attention in the UK that he enjoys in North Side or on the radio.

      I would have thought some of his local confidants would have already advised him of this fact.

      • Anonymous says:

        Talk about self importance.  Just another Caymankind responce.  A person who pretends to know everything but shows the opposite.

    • so Anonymous says:

      Sounds a lot like fear.

    • Crayon Break says:

      Mr Bush, please get back to work!

    • Hey Dingdong! says:

      Wed, 02/01/2012 – 10:01

      You haven't been paying attention, have you?

      Start with reading the article in its entirety. Not just the bits that you are interested in and then making up the rest with your head…

    • Anonymous says:

      The comment at 10:01 is a prime example of the level of sheer ignorance in this country! Are you so upset that a Caymanian has decided to do what is right when all others failed to rise to the occasion? You should feel very stupid at the least supporting a Premier whose only intentions are to lie and be evasive to the same people that he’s supposed to represent. That in itself presents a serious conflict of interest and makes absolutely no sense, but clearly it makes sense to you. Perhaps you are one of those benefitting from the series of shady deals being put in place by the Premier.  

      Thank you Mr. Miller for representing the people that actually care about the future of the Cayman Islands. I pray that your words won't fall upon deaf ears.

      Oh and feel free to wear your Hawaiian shirts whilst "rabble rousing" in the UK. The concerned citizens don’t care what you wear as long you seek the well needed justice that the people of the Cayman Islands deserve.  

      I applaud your efforts Mr. Miller.

    • Dred says:

      Come 2013 we will see exactly how many he represents when we send your cronies packing in several districts.

    • Anonymous says:

      Governor? We have a governor???

  38. Whodatis says:

    Considering the circumstances surrounding the Cayman Islands and its mechanisms of government – I am pleased to read this report.

    However, not for the reasons easily and naturally attached to the particular matters at hand – but primarily because such a move will go some ways to complicate any future potential of being 'TCI'd' by the "mother country".

    Anyway, best pack your fur coat Ezzard … its colder than a penguin's nipples over yonder at the moment!


  39. so Anonymous says:

    Wow!!! A Caymanian who does not like corruption,  does not live off of corruption and will actually do something about it.  Cayman is finally changing.  hope its not too late.  Good luck Ezzard!  You are about to declare war on the Corrupted Caymanian empire.

    • Anonymous1 says:

      Yes good luck Ezzard and I do hope that you don not fall into the same hole that you are digging. Remember that at the end of the day that this is our Cayman Islands and will have to live here.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ezzard is not digging any hole. Those who are involved in corruption have dug their own holes. Let the chips fall where they may.

      • And says:

        And that my friend is the main reason why he is doing it!

  40. Anonymous says:

    It's good that someone is trying to save Cayman from itself & all these dodgy deals & corruption. Going directly to the UK seems like the only solution left now; tell the Queen about the giving away of HER land. Just DON'T tell the British press. They will have a field day & makeCayman overall look thoroughly corrupt & terrible; that's opening Pandora's Box & will be scoring an own-goal for us. Don't wake the UK up too much to what is going on here; we don't want a TCI siutation which would ruin Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      "We don't want a TCI situation, which would ruin Cayman" What do you think he has been doing for the past months, or is it that, you do not understand very well? I for one do not see this, as a beneficial move for the Cayman Islands. Unfortunately, when individuals become powery hungary and envious of others, this is the end result. Ezzard and many of his followers are those who now want a piece of the pie and those who got rich under the same type of governance that still exists,  trying to protect their own interests , in the name of LOVE FOR COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE.

      It is unfortunate that so many Caymanians do not understand their status as a British Colony. Having listened to Ezzard on HIS talk show, speaking of how things should be for Caymanians, and he of course,  would make these changes. Well, the only way some of these changes that he speaks of, could be realised, is if we became independent from the United Kingdom. He speaks of independence in fifty years, you should also be aware that, when we become independent, it  will not be based intirely on the wishes on the Caymanian People and with the present attitude of Ezzard and  his Native Caymanian followers, towards the United Kingdom, indenpendence  just might come sooner than you think.


  41. Shock and Awe says:

    Worrisome though it is, I have a sense Mr. Miller et al are doing the right thing. I'll qualify that in as much they are undertaking this without an ulterior political motive. And in the best interests of the Cayman because it is clear something is needed to restore faith in government.  So I'll end this with a quote from Billy Joel:

    "we didn't start the fire."


    • Mass Charles says:

      Ezzard be careful you don't start a fire you can't quench when it starts burning out of control.International media like CNN and BBC can bring any country to its knee. They can make you or break you. To paint a picture of general curruption in Cayman Islands is to invite intense scrunity from the mother Country. I hope we don't become another TCI or be handed an independence package that we can't manage All the above are not good for our country , Inwad investments or the economy.

      • Anonymous says:

        I'm sure England and the rest of the world know what is going on hee.  Some one has to stop the corruption and selling of this island to Dart.


    • Anonymous says:

      We did'nt start the fire!  What Caymanians are complaining about today, Ezzard is a partially responsible for. I remember a former politician publically stating that Caymanians have short memories,WRONG! I remember when he was in power, his performance, no different from today's politicians. I don't think anyone has produced any deep cleansing solution, that could change him from being anyone else, than who he actually is. Having known him, as long as he has known himself, what I can say, he is inebriated with the exuberance of his own verbosity, and gifted with an egotistical imagination.

      • Anonymous says:

        How many times does Ellio have to be told NOT to use up his entire vocabulary in one sentence?

        • yes says:

          yes! All 40 words

          Someone please help him to "elucidate" this issue.


  42. Anonymous says:

    Good Job its about time.

  43. Anonymous says:

    What about the employment and bias against Caymanian applicants for employment in Cayman? We are either get a response as being unemployable or over qualified!!

    We need better protection and fair process when applying for jobs!We need to get hired.


    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 09:42

      you are the only one on here making any sense. I keep wondering about these district repersentitive, and what their purposes are.

      I thought they would welcome these opportunitieswhich would inhance the  the wellfare of their Caymanian people. They can lobby the Government to change the way the Caymanian Employment department do business.

      Instead of penalising small businesses they should be holding work shops and meeting with all businesses to put their people to work. this department is more detrimental to our socity than these so call polititions.

    • IGUANA RUN says:

      09:42 hell will freeze up before any of them help Caymanians out of a job.

      If I vote for anyone next election, they will have to pay me four years salary up front.  If they  dont then they will not get the eight votes in my family, or the 20 votes from my mother in law.  Figure that one out.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is what the Employment department should be doing. finding you a job placement. They are the biggest farce department in the country.

      They have a little game goingn on  with the Immigration, which sells work permit to expats and then the Employment department sits back and wait on complaints from these work permit holders. You wonder why this happens….65 million dollars are a lot of money.

  44. Anonymous :-) says:

    Cayman Islands, are you sure Ezzard, a man who was one time for Independence, qualified to speak on your behalf to the Uk on matters of corruption that could effect our self-determination?  Just throwing out the question.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzard is still for independance.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ironic that Ezzard who has favored independence for decades is going to the UK to ask for help in dealing with local problems.

        If the FCO do not follow Ezzard's suggestions does this mean he will recommit for an accelerated independence time frame?

  45. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard need to go the Queen or some independent group with issues of our democracy!  Forget about going to the same people (the British FCO) who are spying on us, sided with the Governor, and all they want to hear is bling bling$$$!

    • Anonymous says:

      Contrary to common opinion, the Queen is likely unable to help.  The most powerful people in the UK are the Lord Chancellor and Prime Minister.  The Queen these days merely signs off their wishes and acts as a tourist attraction and ambassador for the country.

  46. Caymanian born and raised says:

    NONSENSE!   Ezzard does not represent Cayman!  Cayman is really concerned about their REPRESENTATION in their government. Ministers like himself believe in political power for their own ideas and interest with no regard for the people's interest and vote on those major bills to become law. We don't have enough people-particpatory democracy in the Cayman Islands and that is partly because of a Constitution that was drafted by ministers like himself. Going to the UK with those others important issues is really not FULLY REPRESENTING Cayman, what Caymanians need and want. It is not addressing the two-party system which we all don't want!  


    CNS: I deleted the last part written with the caps lock on. Please avoid that. It's annoying to read.

  47. Mrs. Rita Myles says:

    Misery may love company, but misery is still misery.  The peoples voices are rising rapidly, but it seems like these politicians don't care about them, but their selfish greedy money hungry ways, and putting an extraordinary strain on their own people . We the people of Bodden Town and the Cayman Island need not be silent no more!  Change is coming and change is needed because our Government is one of the biggest "SELL OUTS" that I have ever witness in my entire life.  I am almost 79 years old and my Great Grandma(r.i.p) used to say "My Child  someday you are gonna leave this world…  "but I say to you go down fighting with every last breath you have in you for your beloved Country"


    We need to speak up so our voices can be heard from here to the England shores even if it means writing to the Queen of England to let her know what's happening in our beloved Country. To think that our own politicians won’t do much to address these problems to the Bodden Town  people first, to resolve the ability to take strong actions to address their serious concerns.  But  my people I cry shame on us, that's right me also for voting for Mr. Seymour & Scotland that do not even want to listen to us all much-less hear our cry.  I am a very strong believer in God and I will always put him first… so I suggest prayer above anything else then we can start taking action to get these two so called elected members out the house.  


    I have a very large family base that voted for the UDP and  together we will also vote them out in 2013.  I think that we need politicians that really and truly care for the people and can stand up for us and be there whenever we need them.  Mr. Eden I like him for he's a very nice and kind respectful man. So Mr. Eden our vote would be for you.  My family and I also like Mr. Frederick because he's very aggressive and stern and he gets straight to the point and is not afraid to speak  whatever is on his mind.  We need someone that can stand up like Mr. Frederick to defend us against  Dart and Company so our vote would also be for him.  Last but not least Mr. Osbourne another aggressive man and well like so our  vote would go for him also.  To my Bodden Town people and my Caymanian people whom I love so much… let me say something to you all before I go, or before the lord ever  take me home…


    " know that your voice is a weapon speak up my people and let it be heard be not afraid of Satan and let God always be your guide"

    • Accountant says:

      Mrs. Rita what Cayman needs is more "direct democracy" provisions in our Constitution. We currently have "representational democracy," but the question, Madam, who are they representing?  Us or the Well-off few. With more direct democracy provisions where the MLAs will need a majority of votes from Caymanian citizens before they can pass certain major laws in the LA house, more democratic provisions where we can recall politicians, and have better referendum conditions in our Constitution. I tell you, Mrs. Rita, those Well-off few won't stand a chance in monopolizing every piece of legislation in Cayman again!  If we want to fight corruption we have to strike at the root of it:  our laws and constitution allowing for these corrupt acts and the acts against representing the people of these islands to occur!  The Uk has done little about it!  They have failed us in terms of good governance. 

  48. Anonymous says:

    Good. Perhaps if they can also ask for a few questions to be asked of the FCO in Parliament that might wake up the Governor's superiors and then they can wake up the Governor.


    If Cayman people think that the Premier Bush is hard ears, then they need to check Ezzard Miller.  He will be their match.  I hope they remove Bush and put him in so I can sit back and laugh at all of us expatriates who think Bush is wild.

    Bush is bringing money to the country to stay, but those of us who have been here for years and did nothing with our money but fatten our bank accounts, do not want anyone ele to come in here and earn a penny.  I have lived here for 50 years, I know the bad, good and ugly.

    Of course it is expatriates setting up the Cayman people, and we need to stop it.  You will definately miss the good of the Primier if he is not there.  I saw the good in him after IVAN HURRICANE.  No man, no place on earth could have done what he did.  From that day I respected that man.  So Cayman I say take care of what you have, because what you may get may be even worse.  Take my word.

    • Knot S Smart says:

      After reading your post I can only hope that you are still taking your medication…

    • Frank says:

      When you say "you saw the good in him" after Ivan, you must be reffering to limiting the amount of people that knew Cayman needed serious help and turning away a ship that came in to deliver supplies to help us out which subsequently led to him being placed on house arrest by the Governor. Of course hes a good man *sarcasm*

      • anonymous says:

        The UK ship came to check on their governor. They left after they confirmed he was fine as their men were tired from helping out in the Eastern Caribbean 2 weeks earlier. Thank God the Americans sent us some tarpaulins.

        • Anonymous says:

          Although I fee the UK should have done much more, for the record the Royal Navy left us tarpaulins and water purification tablets. I am not sure that we received any assistance from the Americans.

      • IGUANA RUN says:

        Frank, 0848  if it was not for Bush, after the Hurricane, you all would still have plastic on your house top, sitting on cartoon box and eating sardines and crackers.

        Turning away a ship that came here with supplies???????? Fopr your information the ship crew did come off, but to do what put guns in people faces for a tine of dirty corn beef.

        Obviously you was not here I was. So I can tell you what took place.  Ungrateful wretches.

    • Caymanian & Used to be proud of it. says:

      This is a serious response to Political Political.  The comment made about the "Premier" (tongue in cheek) makes me wince as from a blow.  If he did so much good for the entire Cayman Islands, why did the two cruise ships, sent here loaded with blankets, tents and other emergency supplies, by then President George Bush, have to weigh anchor and leave?  I worked for the Government at that time and was assigned to assist in handing out emergency supplies.  We were at the port to meet the first tenders loaded with emergency supplies and Mr. Bush made such a row, that the supplies were not going to West Bay, that George Bush ordered the captains of the ships to get out of the Cayman Islands.  McKeeva Bush is out to help McKeeva, his family, friends and supporters only.  If you do not support him, you don't get any assistance from him. I have a severely handicxapped daughter, who is being assisted to the tune of 550.00 per month and that cannot buy food and supplies for her or other supplies that she needs.  I get a very small pension and I have to put every penny of that into taking care of her.  So when you start praising this dictator, who only ssists those who support him, get help from him.  He is a greedy dictator and I hope things change soon.

    • karen says:

      True!  Are all the bloggers on this site Caymanian?  Is not Ezzard looking out for his own self as well?  He did not take the 10% cut along with the other party members, but was one of those who voted to cut the civil service 3.2% instead. And there is one thing this article is missing. Ezzard is going up to London with no view of giving the people power to RECALL and REMOVE politicians from office anytime before general elections, because he is one himself.  When are we going to find new blood who will stand for US?

    • Bodden says:

      I don't agree with what you say about McKeeva Bush. At least Ezzard Miller did not turn his back on his own district for some wealthy elite. The only thing that concerns me, is Ezzards former stance on wanting Independence for these islands, and he going there with corruption complaints, may trigger another Turks and Caicos fiasco, and that will certainly destroy these islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is this the Ambassador from Jordan?

    • Anonymous says:

      You must be crazy, the only people who got help from McKeeva Bush after Ivan were his supporters. Almost all of the aid sent to Cayman went straight up to Macs house for him to distribute. West Bay got the most help and had the least damage.

  50. End of Days says:

    God help us all.