Bush: CS bosses must work with elected government

| 02/02/2012

_DEW2501.jpg(CNS): As the new deputy governor officially took up his post Tuesday, along with a number of other senior civil servants starting new top jobs, the premier said the new team “must work most closely” with the elected government. In a message to all civil servants McKeeva Bush said that the challenge would be “how to best provide within available and earned resources, for the betterment of the common good.” Following his criticisms of "bureaucracy" and "too much good governance" at the recent CBO conference, Bush welcomed the new public sector bosses and said he believed that Franz Manderson’s tenure as deputy governor would be a “progressive one.” (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

“We know Mr Manderson will be a great asset as we strive to attain, and sustain, the dynamism and reliability, the insight and the foresight, that are necessary to establish peace, order and good government amongst and for the people of the CaymanIslands,” The premier said in his message, which was circulated throughout the service.

Bush said he believed that civil servants could look forward to the enhancement of their value under Manderson’s leadership. “You may expect a heightened recognition of the value of the great service you all offer to the public of the Cayman Islands, as well as to our many short- and longer-term guests. He will no doubt call on you to keep to or exceed those standards,” he told government workers.

The premier described the new deputy governor as “dedicated, capable, and hard-working” as he wished him every success in the face of what he called “our emerging challenges” and the “renewed emphasis on pulling together for the common good.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    so what is going on with investigation of the premier?

  2. Pitta Patta says:

    In other words…….. "do as I, Mckeeva Bush says" or else…..! (that is what you call "working with the government").

  3. Peter Milburn says:

    Helter skelter hither and yon.Hope it works Mr.Premier.You have some good people there so maybe YOU should let them get on with whatever job they are being paid for.Its hard on employees when the "Boss"is constantly looking over ones shoulder.Give them the free rein they need and you may be pleasantly surprised.

    • Theo says:

      It is indeed sad to see the type of comment made by Mr Milbourne,which shows a lack of understanding of the Civil Service process. He says “you should let them get on with whatever job they are paid to do” which shows that he is not aware that the Civil service and especially Chirf Officers jobs within Ministries is to largely carry out the policies of the elected Government,therefore they can’t get on with whatever job they are paid to do. This also means that the Ministers therefore must have oversight over what they have asked to be implemented.

      I only use the Chief officer as an example of the chain of command, there are obviously layers upon layers within the chain of command. mr Milbourne you mean well, but don’t write for the sake of bashing the Premier but write to bring people together, you who has been amongst usforso long should be one who offers messages to inform,messages that help to reconcile these islands and not divide us further .


  4. Anonymous says:

    Congrats to all you guys that got pronoted, at least some Caymanians are moving up the ladder. Let us hope the private sector follows suit.

    Promotions usually require more responsibility from the person being promoted so I hope all of you are listening when Mac said that you  “must work most closely,” with the elected government. If you dont we all know he will get rid of you like he always do.

    It really does not matter if the idea is good for the country or you new guys had better back Bush, or else…………..

    Mr Manderson, you appear to have the most onerous job ofthe lot. The Premier has made it clear that you are responsible for "the insight and the foresight, that are necessary to establish peace, order and good government amongst and for the people of the Cayman Islands.”

    No matter what crazy scheme the present government comes up with, or how much the public objects, you Sir are expected to put it right with the people and make sure that the people understand it is for their own good.

    I just hope that if you are unable to "establish peace, order and Good Government" that you are not ordered to ( or choose to on your own)  inforce the concept of "good Government) through strong arm tactics or intimidation.

  5. Anonymous says:

    All managers in the CIG (and any quasi-gov't funded entity) should be required to pass a basic accounting course.  The entire CIG should be running a common, centralized accounting software system with regular required input so that the country's balance sheet is always known at a glance.  This should have been implemented decades ago.  Further, the CIG should devote resources to linking department databases and automating the mostly inefficient paper processes that currently maintain.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Premier's criticism of good governance and welcoming of new senior civil servants must mean he is comfortable that he can "wuk wit" the newly appointed. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva's look like they came from a book of Leonard's poetry instead of his Granny Wits catalog.

    • Anonymous says:

      One ting we can say about McKewa,

      He is definitly a born achiewa

      At times he might get mischiewas

      But he would never, ever deciewe us

      Wuk wit him dear ciwil serwants

      If not he'll replace you wid oriants

      Don't worry bout a raise in pay

      You'll get that just before election day

      Please help Mac report a surplus

      If not he'll just continue to xxxxx us

      It doesn't have to be a real one

      Jus lookin good is all the fun

      Please help him keep Mr. Dart happy

      If not we'll all be pretty crappy

      He has more money than God you know

      So we don't need God in our show

      Jes Mr Dart an Mr Ryan

      Will keep us strong as any lion

      Forget about the PPM

      Way too much progress coming from dem

      Wote for me come election day

      You know dere aint no other way

      An as for dat Ezzard Milla

      Eweryone knows he's a party killa

      I'll be yours if you'll be mine

      To hell wid the rest of humankind






  8. Through The Looking Glass says:

    Excellent job on the rhyming.

    • Anonymous says:

      When you write that newfangled poetry where nothing is allowed to rhyme, you have to get rhyming out of your system by putting it into prose.