Ritz-Carlton to train CS

| 02/02/2012

ritz training.jpg(CNS): The deputy governor says that the Cayman Islands government has enlisted the assistance of the Ritz-Carlton to help train public sector workers. In a letter to the civil service on Wednesday as he took up his new post Franz Manderson spoke about some of the forthcoming changes and plans for the public sector and said that the Ritz would help in the goal to enhance customer service and it would also be helping to develop an orientation programme for new workers. Manderson also spoke about the need for improved communication between management, staff and customers, using both traditional and modern methods like government's Facebook page.

Manderson said his vision called for a well-informed civil service that is knowledgeable about what is happening in government and willing to share their perspectives with management. He also announced the start of his weekly meetings with chief officers to develop a “collective sense of responsibility” in the service.

He added that other priorities included encouraging staff to understand their responsibilities and improve customer service.

“Our partner in these endeavours will be the Ritz-Carlton, a worldwide leader in customer service,” the deputy governor revealed. “The Ritz-Carlton will help us work towards the goal of exceeding customer expectations, in addition to facilitating the development of a comprehensive service-wide staff orientation programme.”

Manderson told his new army of some 3,000 plus workers that current times require tough decisions and changes to the way the service operates. “We do ourselves no favours if we shy away from this fact,” he added.

The new deputy governor said he would soon start departmental visits in all three islands, where he looked forward to meeting staff and learning more about their agencies as well as sharing his agenda and priorities for change.

See the deputy governor’s full letter to civil servants below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As I see it, the employment situation locally is so bad that there is no real excuse why Ritz only employs token Caymanians/status holders. So how and what can these people train Caymanian civils servants in?  To be Ladies and Gentlemen Minions serving Ladies and Gentlemen Upper Crust making minimum wage in US$?

    Yes, the CService needs custmer service training badly, but I think Franz's message is a bit misunderstood here. How I took it is… The Ritz aspect is only PART of the new emphasis on training… it will also include sessions and training by others- including relevant civil servant trainers

    But, Ryan / Ritz / management… you cant separate them. Ryan owns the property, and developed it for Ritz, who is paying him well, yet he refuses to pay his government bills.. So these cant be cleanly separated for convenience.

    Having said that, yes, I too have experienced Ritz 'Hospitality' at its worse in my few times there – including some server wanting to charge me $$$ for a small bottle of water at a function I was invited to attend.. of course once I complained immediately and they realised I wasnt another Caymanian wondering off the street, they were soo apologetic – but by then I already had the bad taste of that first impression in my mouth so I refused their hospitality thereafter!!

    Strange days!


    • Like It Is says:

      There is no local unemployment problem.  There are only people who choose not to do the many jobs that are available.  That is a Little Islander problem not an employment issue.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I worked at the Ritz for 5 years. In that time, I worked along side a good group of Caymanian employee's and some that were not so good. I remember Cayman staff calling of sick, because it was raining, or they just didn't feel like going to work or Couldn't find a babysitter. Then there were the ones, that would come in late, or go home early (because they didn't want to work a full shift). Lets not forget the one's that would drink booze on the job, or sleep, or steal. The Caymanian staff got (get) more breaks then the expats. A Caymanian housekeeper was caught by a guest stealing from her purse. Instead of being fired she was transferred to to another position, meanwhile an expat was caught stealing and she was fired the next day (the way it should be).

    I was told not to apply for a management position because it had to be filled by a Caymanian, who had not experience or formal education to be in the position. Which wouldn't happen anywhere else in the world. The Cayman Islands are beautiful, for the most part the people are friendly, and caring. But as they say, a few bad apples can ruin the bunch. I believe that everyone Caymanian deserves to have a good job and good life, but it has to be earned and worked for. Not be given to anyone because of who they are. The Ritz does have a good training program, but it will only work if the people accept it. Anyone can go and sit down and listen to a lecture, but what you take away from it, is what mat ters. Good luck, and god bless.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone read the attachment before stating their thoughts? The Ritz is not training civil servants period. They are advising/helping facilitate an ORIENTATION programme. That is a far cry from training civil servants.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh my what a defunct line of comments
    Mr Manderson sees a problem listens to a common complaint and makes an effort to make a forward thinking approach to deal with it. He contacts a well know world wide chain that is known for their customer service and tries to work with them saving $$$ on set up cost and staff an Taylor an existing program to work for cs what’s not to like give it a try see if it works no need to sign big contracts build building create a new line of CsS staff to pay sheesh people complain some more or would you rather he was like the winners here see a problem at Ritz with service say nothing talk to no one that can fix it and by your lack of willingness to get involved you condone the behavior so you are just as much to blame!! But to make it worse you go and complain about what your lack of backbone as a person has condoned. See the problem address it. If your solution does not work try another. All the best Franz you got your hands full with this lot

  5. Anonymous says:

    Will the civil servants have to learn by heart and carry around the 'we are ladies and gentlemen of the Civil Service…..to serve ladies and gentelemen' on their persons at all times or be fined, as the employees at the Ritz have to do…?

  6. Anonymous says:

    The most important training requirement seems to be basic accounting training.  Start with Debits and Credits 101 for all managers all the way up to the execs in LA.  Buy some computers and get rid of the reams of paper forms to improve efficiency and reduce drag on the public purse!  

  7. Just Sayin' says:

    You can’t train the untrainable.

    • Anonymous says:

      At one level that statement is self-evident. However, put in context you seem to imply that Caymanians are untrainable. I hope that you are not a racist pig and that is not what you meant. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    I had hoped for better but with some of the recent apointments and now this contract it looks like the civil service will continue to be bashed for the foreseeable future.

  9. Anonymouse says:

    How Much? Train What? The 'consultancy' gravy train continues. And people wonder why government is broke.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The Ritz-Carlton teaching customer service – what a joke.  I went with friends there for afternoon tea.  Guests at the hotel were not only allowed to walk through the area where tea was served wearing bathing suits, some were actually sitting down in the area in their bathing suits.  However, what was even worse, they were running the vacuum during tea and we had to lift our feet so that they could vacuum under them.  Unbelieveable.  The tea did not measure up to the real tea at theRitz either.  The Ritz-Carlton is no Ritz – they only pay a fee to use the name "Ritz", but they don't measure up to the real thing (I know, I've stayed at the Ritz in London and have had afternoon tea there many times).

    • Anonymous says:

      The Ritz-Carlton name is linked to the Boston property wich opened on 1927. You are correct The Ritz, Paris and Ritz-Carlton are not the same hotel group. You are comparing an icon in the service industry to this property, which is not a fair comparison at all. It is like comparing a Bentley to a Honda.

    • Anonymous says:

      well aint you something

  11. AnonymousX says:

    Why are we paying the Ritz to do training when there are already customer training programs in Government? Why is there not a proper training and development Unit in Governement? What happen to the Civil Service College? The Ritz knows nothing about the Public Sector, its rules and regs!. Always the same thing…bring in someone when resources are already house. 

    • noname says:

      It should be obvious that the reason for the change is what has been tried so far did not work.  The difference is one was Caymankind and the other is not.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Is it true that a certain politician's personal chef and maid and chauffeur and butler will be the first through the program?

    • Anonymous says:

      that's okay with me IF the Pre.. I mead certain polititian would take the course as well.

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is just the beginning soon you will see people getting cut because they don’t meet certain standards  and this is as it should be. Soon will be the end of that over grown Civil Service with a bunch of dead weight costing us so much money. People will eventually start having to work for their money and be qualified to actually get the job…..


  14. Anonymous says:

    I'll never forget when trying to renew my car licence being served, when in the middle of dealing with me she says she jsut has to check something, then disappears in to the back room for about 10 minutes when she comes back she carries on as if nothing had happened, but all I could smell was smoke from her.

    Going for a smoke in the middle of dealing with someone, that's KY civil service for you

    • not local says:

      At least she continued to serve you.  Same thing happened to me but after a 20 minute smoke break she came back only to tell me she was done for the day and I had to get back in the other line.  Caymanians reputation for poor service is well desearved and will be hard to change.

    • Anonymous says:

      That's terrible, the least she could have done was send that guy from inspections to baptize you while you were waiting?

      How many people have met the guy who wants to know if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour BEFORE he asks for your documents?

      I do realise that we have freedom of religion here, but I wonder what happens with the inspection of cars of those people who dare to profess a faith other than Christianity?

      • Whodatis says:


        Why you don't leave my people alone!?

        He is harmless and a cultural icon of the Cayman Islands.


  15. Failing to use our own natural assets says:

    Why do we always look outside?? Borrow Faith from American Airlines for a day or Ms. Zeta Bodden from RoC. Bottom line is common decency and courtesy is something that some people to just refuse to treat other people with out of prejudice and racism. The Ritzy Ritz can't change that.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Fran. Way to hit the ground running and think outside the box.

    Don't be fraid to chop the dead wood that doesn't want to see things change.

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      Sorry Franz, this is a bad start. Ritz-Carlton? Come on Franz, you can do better than that! What the He_l is Ritz-Carlton going to train the CS, as they need to train their own staff first. Judging by their own staff, the CS will be worse off now with the training they will receive. Please Franz, start over again and find someone worthwhile, and not just because they are close to the Premier.

      • Anonymous says:

        Franz, congratulation on your new position, as a Caymanian, Im very proud of your achievment. im happy for you….a man of vision.

        keep looking out the box, and do what's best for your people. Work with any business that will enhance our people, because, God knows we sure need it.

        Work with the elected Government  and make this country the best in the region. 

        Please keep in mind of our own Caymanians, that  will  black crab you, critisise, slander, redicule, crucify, back stab, persecute…their very own.  


        A  born Caymanian.




    • BORN FREE says:

      Unbelievable! The Ritz developer still owes the government $16 million, yet we are still going to turn round now & pay him money to train our CS's?????? This sounds like Mckeevanomics to me! Just does not make sense!


      CNS: You're muddling two different entities. The developer of the Ritz-Carlton, who owes the CIG $6m, has nothing to do with operating the resort. As far as I am aware, the Ritz hotel does not owe the government anything.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you CNS, thats called good journalism, you corrected, immidiatly the misinformation of anon 21;26 when he tried so hard again, to mislead the Caymanian people again.

      • Anonymous says:

        Um, CNS… is it possible to undo my thumbsup above, bcoz, duh? I was thumbing up CNS and not the original poster!

      • Anonymous says:

        CNS you need to check who owns the franchise for the Ritz on Cayman..think I know who it is..

  17. Dred says:

    This actually makes me kind of nervous. I hope they don't give them any training in bill payment such as the 6 millions they owe us. Are they working this 6 million off?


    CNS: Dred, it's not the Ritz Carlton that owes $6m to the Cayman government, it is the developer of the property, Michael Ryan. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks again CNS for correcting Dred.

      It's not the developer that is offering this training. Let me try to put this straight. Ryan developed the facility that house the Ritz Carlton Hotel. The Ritz Carlton leased the building from Ryan the developer, he has no operation of the Ritz Hotel.

      I want to say a big thanks, to the Ritz for taking up such a brilliant task, to train our Caymanians. It is more than needed.

      I would hope many other establisments would follow suit.


      A visionary Caymanian.

    • Anonymous says:

      To clear this up, The Ritz-Carlton is a hotel management group, so they generally just manage properties and do not own them. The owner of this property is the group Michael Ryan represents. The Ritz management group has been known to de-brand and stop managing properties the owners do not keep up. They did that to one owner in the mid 90'swho owned five properties and did not keep them up. The Ritz has won several awards for their training program and employee empowerment. We do not see the full affects of these, due to the labour laws of the Cayman Islands. They are not the best luxury hotel brand, but they do know how to hire and train people to be hospitable. Personally I think some in the CS could use that training.

  18. Pro Caymanian says:

    Really!!!!  What is the BIG DEAL about Ritz Carlton.

    I took my family there a few weeks ago and the staff looked at us like we were garbage on the streets. No smile, no service!! i had to call out to someone to assist us.

    Its a good thing we were only paying $500 per night x3, imagine if we were just strolling through!!!!


    • Eeeenglish says:

      Actually, I have to admit I have witnessed this repeatedly when I am out with my Caymanian friends. Many of the establishments along this stretch of road all the way along to XXXX (yeah I'm calling you out), need to teach their waiters/receptionists/bar tenders not to snub, screw up their face at, or pretend not to see their Caymanian customers.  Its so blatant at times and I do not enjoy the way the staff jump to serve me when I join my friends who have already been waiting to be served for several minutes and are being so obviously ignored.  Then when the bar staff come around asking you if you want more drinks… why do they always come to me as if I am sat alone, and the several Caymanian friends around me are invisible? I mean, come on man, be more welcoming, you should use your customer service skills with everybody who comes into your establishment, not who you choose to serve and be nice to.


      • Anonymous says:

        To anon 20;12

        We cant blame no one for these expats workers. I remember back in the 70s, up untill the mid 90 we had 90% Caymanians working in these establishments.

        Most of them, my generation…now turn 60. these same people have taught their children that it is not the jobs they want. Some of the sentiments; "i dont want  you to work as hard as i had, raising you! son, i want you to be a doctor, an accountant, an astronaught"

        Un-quote. we need to start teraching our children, an honest day's work is better than me feeding you….some of you still feeding your 40 year old. Teach them that a job is a job, untill they can excell in what ever.

        Some of us pulled bush when we left school. We never had these opportunities the children have today….. get real….teach them its ok to work, it wont hurt them.

        A born Caymanian

        CNS: The Education Minister has said the same thing: Trade skills make comeback

        • Anonymous says:

          So true. It's like when they tried to recruit trainee nurses from the local schools a few years ago. All the girls wanted was 'secretarial' jobs with big salaries and very little work because that was what they were 'entitled' to.

          There are some notable exceptions but the entitlement mentality prevails.

          Mind you, R-C teaching civil servants? Last time I was in there the receptionist didn't speak proper English, she had to call her ex-pat supervisor to deal with even the most trivial query and did her best to ignore everyone waiting at the counter. Mind you that will probably go down very well in most civil service departments (and the George Town police station reception) because that's exactly what they all do now.

        • Anonymous says:

          Dont drink the Koolaid that most have — there are many Caymanians who built the industry until we were shut out by cheap labour (and bad service)!

          there are even more who would take a joy – and even a second job – in a hotel or restaurant now, but the lies of us not wanting to work in tourism have almost become the gospel 'truth'.. 

          Isnt ANYONE listening to the repeat guests who are complaining that they never see a local face anymore??????

      • not local says:

        Respect is something that must be earned.  As is the reputation of "trouble".  They might not be the cause but many years of on the job training will tell who is likely to cause trouble and who is not.  They are acting out of experiance.  The only way to change this reputation is for more Caymanians to show respect until that is what is expected from them.  Inother words they must earn it.

        And we all ready know that it is not their fault so it must be ours.

        • Eeeenglish says:

          Excuse me?  Are you really seriously saying we must earn the respect of the serving staff there before we can expect to be served… or did you reply to the wrong post perhapst?  Or did you just assume we were some ignorant youngsters or yobs of some sort?

          We, and indeed anyone visiting a bar, restaurant or hotel, particularly on or around the SMB stretch, have every right to be treated equally and with respect, until circumstances prove otherwise.  Its downright rude and offensive, and it makes me feel most uncomfortable to see my good friends so blatantly snubbed in favour my white face.  

          Incidentally, we are all mature working adults aged 35-55.  Each occasion (and believe me there are plenty), has been at a restaurant or bar on the SMB strip.  The young girls and boys serving us – well, serving me – were all expats not much older than 20, if that.  So yes, I am sure they had "many years of on the job training", could "tell who is likely to cause trouble and who is not" and were "acting out of experiance".  If they, did, they were woefully wrong and need this training themselves.


          • Anonymous says:

            I see that you have finally figured out how to make all this "my" fault.  did you just assume that when I wrote"it might not be their fault" that it really was?  The only thing I am sure of is that you are sure of what you think is right all evidence to the contrary.

            • Eeeenglish says:

              My dear its not so much a matter of fault, but trying to understand how you can possibly expect any customer in any environment to have to gain respect before they can expect to be deserved.  I am sorry if you feel I am laying blame, I am just trying to understand your point of view in the context of the situation I was discussing, and you replied to.

        • Theo says:

          Not Local its a good thing.  You probably are friends wit those who serve on the & mile Beach.  There are indeed cases of discourteous and rude service to Caymannians. Lets be frank we all have bad sheep in the family.  So be careful how ya talk and how you judge, yoi  will also be judging ya own.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just another anonymous made-up story…

    • AnonymousX says:

      How many were actually Caymanian? They tend to hide them in the back and only bring them out when the big boys visit!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are right!  It's the civil service that should be teaching Ritz Carlton about good service.  Maybe if the Ritz hired more out of work Caymanians they would have better service!

      • Hmmm... says:

        We really need to start  a campaign to get people to stop sniffing glue around here. Seek help, sir or madam, quickly.

    • Anonymous says:

      I bet you get that a lot.

  19. Anonymous says:

    ezzard won't be happy…he siad before that he thinks the service at the ritz is lousy (because they don't hire enough caymanians!)

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzard needs to lobby the Government to set up proper training instituations. Right now he should be recruiting, preping  and encouraging his young North Siders to assert themslves to take these jobs.

      What is he doing about the Employment Department that he help  established to penalise businesses.

      Businesses that can't afford to comply with, such astrocities like the manatory laws that  governs the Healt Insurance, the Savings for expats workers in the disguise as a Pension scheem, Employers by law, have to pay the work permit fees…they are being punished and taking the rap, for the lack of  past Govrernments lack of  training their people.

      These are the things Ezzard needs to lobby for, the wellfare of his people….. close to 2000 local businesses plus their offsprings that they bust their ass for, to try to  survive.

      Where are these Caymanians Ezzard are talkig of?

      • Anonymous says:

        Why Ezzard alone?

        Are the rest of us loud enough to make a difference, or r we all to afraid to be seen pointing fingers at wrongs??

        Caymanians, we are such hypocrites – that will be our demise!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Please they don't hire enough caymanians, just a few weeks ago I was watching the News Special that focus on young caymanians being unemployed. One of the young caymanians was offered a job from Ritz and she turned it down because her personal space wasn't big enough and she had to be at work before 8am.

      • Eeeenglish says:

        Yeah I saw that too.  I was dumbstruck!

        She has no idea what she has done for her future job prospects making a statement like that on the News, lol!

  20. Anonymous says:

    “Good morning sir, oh yes my pleasure please hol”d…puts down phone and forgets to push hold, “so me say di bwoy nah gonna get no pulam till him say himma…oh hello sir are you still awaiting the hold?” LMAO

  21. Anonymous says:

    Excellent start, Franz! I know you will do well.