Jamaican returns from Cayman to gruesome death

| 07/02/2012

(CNS): A 35-year-old Jamaican woman who had returned to the country from the Cayman Islands last week is believed to have been murdered by her sister in Portmore, St Catherine. The body of Stacey-Ann Smith, a labourer from Portsmouth in Portmore, was found buried inside a house in the area on Monday. Operations officer for the St Catherine South Division, Superintendent Clive Blair said the woman was last seen alive almost a week ago. Smith’s sister has been arrested in connection with the killing, which a Jamaican police officer described as the most gruesome murder he had ever seen, according to reports in The Jamaica Gleaner. “I mean the body was placed in a crocus bag and cemented in the wall," Superintendent Blair said.

The police were called to the scene around noon yesterday after a foul odour took over the community. When the police arrived, the body was found in a section of the building that is under construction, the Gleaner reported.

Investigators told Jamaican daily newspaper that people reportedly heard strange sounds coming from the yard but thought nothing of it as construction had been taking place at the property.

The Portmore police, who are investigating, have yet to establish a motive for the murder.

See Gleaner report here

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  1. SIREEN says:

    This is a common thing in Portmore Jamaica, and ye ah go on like it  a big big ting.  Every day dem ah bury people in wall ova dey.   Bad place fi live.  Da place is one big cemetry, Dead man unda floor, dead man ina de wall, in a de ceiling  an dead man in a de yard.  Mi no like dey saw.  Dem a even bury dead man in ah dem garden, and grow callaloo pon im.



  2. Too sad for words.. says:

    Condolences from Cayman Islands

    My family and I are very saddened by the news as we personally knew this wonderful young woman. Our heart goes out to her only child; her son, for whom she laboured and toiled to provide a better life. RIP Diane, you will be missed dearly and we will be praying for your son and loved ones during this time.

    Shaking my head in total disbelief.

    • Anonymous says:

      To the person that gave LOL  to the 14:49 comment you don't have a heart, no family or don't really know when LOL should be submitted.

      What is so funny about some other human being being killed in some horrible, gruesome manner?