Miller denies dirty tricks

| 10/02/2012

_DEW0080.jpg(CNS): The independent member for North Side has denied running a dirty campaign against the premier and his government stating that all he wants is answers. Ezzard Miller stated that the only reason the premier believes it is dirty is because he doesn’t like the legitimate questions that are being asked. The MLA has also questioned the premier’s claims that he is facing excessive bureaucratic harassment stating that the premier is simply struggling to follow the legal processes and procedures which have been set down to protect the people. (Photo Dennie Warren Jr)

In the wake of claims by McKeeva Bush in iNEWS this week, Miller denied there was anything “dirty” about him asking questions.

“It’s not me who has placed him under investigation, it’s the governor and the judiciary that raised this,” the independent member stated referring to the ongoing police investigation into the premier and alleged financial irregularities. “I only asking for results,” he added.

Bush said that he was tired of the finger pointing and what he described as a “very dirty campaign” by the North Side member and “his cohorts“. He also complained bitterly again about what he said was bureaucratic harassment and interference, stating that he was “disgusted with it”.

This is not the first time the premier has complained of harassment, and CNS has submitted questions to Bush regarding the claims asking him to clarify whether it is the process and legal procedures that are standing in his way of kick-starting the economy or was he pointing the finger at civil servants and accusing them of deliberately blocking his policies, but there has been no response.

At the CBO conference in January the governor stated that if the government had evidence of this kind of interference then it needed to be brought to his attention so it could be investigated.

Miller said he did not believe there were any serious attempts by senior government workers to try and sabotage government’s efforts to boost the economy, nor were the processes preventing legitimate action.

“I don’t think there is any ‘bureaucratic harassment’ getting in his way. He just doesn’t like the processes and procedures,” Miller said. "My concern with the UDP government is the unwillingness to follow established procedure.”

He said it was wrong of the premier to imply there was some conspiracy against him trying to get the economy going when he was responsible for the economic stagnation.

“The problem is that the UDP administration keeps assassinating the real economic saviours,” the North Side member said. “If the GLF contract talks had not been terminated the company would have been working on the cruise port by now, creating jobs and injecting money into the economy.”

The opposition leader also recently stated that the government had contributed to the continued economic hardships as a result of the massive increase in the cost of doing business since they took office.

“The premier has jacked up the cost of doing business so much,” Alden McLaughlin told CNS. “If the government had taken office and just done nothing we would all have been better off now.”

He pointed to the fact that the financial services sector was beginning to recover but the industry was faced with the highest ever associated business costs.

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  1. north sider says:

    we people in north side need someone that can answer the questions we have. like we need jobs. if ezzard would put in half the time looking for jobs for the north side people as much as he tries bring the goverment down we all would have jobs. its time for a change

    north sider

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps you should go look for a job for yourself, instead of spending your time writing crap on CNS.

  2. John-the-Baptist says:

    I like your POST ( Fri, 02/10/2012 – 09:49) and I agree that neither Ezzard, Aldine nor Mac can fix this problem. We are seriously BROKE and it is extremely frightening. Unless those three Amigoes have (1) some money hidden somewhere to bail out Cayman and not letting us know (2)know how to get our people educated and refused to do so (3) Have some LEADERSHIP skills and being selfish with it AND (4) Have the solution to the Cayman Islands Problems, but PRIVATELY sharing it amongst themselves.   If the three of them cannot collectively come together and solve the problems to restore our islands to the days of Jim Bodden and Haig Bodden, then we might as well ask the Man From The Moon to help us.  

  3. Anon says:

    Hey! Hey! Mr. Bush. The Opposition wants to see a turn around and they do support your good intentions to stimulate the economy for growth. I am copying their comment from this article to stimulate your brain and hands to get started. "He said it was wrong of the premier to imply there was some conspiracy against him trying to get the economy going when he was responsible for the economic stagnation. “The problem is that the UDP administration keeps assassinating the real economic saviours,” the North Side member said. “If the GLF contract talks had not been terminated the company would have been working on the cruise port by now, creating jobs and injecting money into the economy.”

    Therefore, we all need work and fair compensation so please get the ball rolling before the ball roll away from you. If it is not GLF then make it be somebody, the bottom line is that we are all starving and feeling isolated in our country. Can we start working in the next three weeks?

  4. Anonymous says:

    The point here is that Ezzard is not our man, but his temperament does suit the vacuum we find ourselves in and he is filling it nicely, saying what needs to be said.  If we get a better government next time – and I say if because there is a remarkably large minority of people in Cayman who do not pay attention to public affairs and will vote solely in their own interest – it will be in large part thanks to him.

  5. Anon 1.0 says:

    I be yelling MILLER OVER EVERYTHING. simply because he represents the people and contests UDP with such questions that the people need answers for.


    Keep it up Ezz.

  6. Gilumbo says:

    What Mac is not saying:

          "We have to stay on course with Dart. I'll make sure everyone will eat Fish heads and rice every meal every day. As long as UDP is in power. You can count on it". "You have to reelect me to finish the job".

  7. nauticalone says:

    Very good job Ezzard!

    Keep on asking for "real" Accountabilty.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What the people of these islands need to do is wake up and smell whats cooking. Stop the bickering and take resposibily for there actions witch no caymanians want to do, Its better to blame other people than to admit they are part of the same problem , Ezzard you should no that when you were not in Goverment how many Caymanians was out of work did you help find them a job?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey Mac, think you could spare a little of that double pension to put this guy in school?

    • Anonymous says:

      It is not the role of politicians to find jobs for people. In fact, our problems are exacerbated by politicians giving jobs to incompetent people.

      The role of politicians is to create an environment where businesses can flourish and people can find jobs for themselves. Increasing taxes on businesses and spending the money on junkets with friends is what caused the problem. Giving jobs to cronies, and then ensuring that only their supporters get the scarce amount of work that is available is one sure way to divide and ruin the country.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Dave Barret, a former Premier of British Columbia in Canada, described politics like this…


    "Politics is like sex, when it is done right, it's messy but fun".


    Chill out Cayman. Enjoy "Rundown" next time and have a good laugh.


    The only politicians who don't laugh are the ones with thin skins and no sense of humour. And they tend to be the corrupt ones….they have most to hide.

  10. The Crown says:

    Well if da naw di kettle callin the pot black! Den you tell me wha is padnah! Ez make sure ya carryin ya own tea ya hear.. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    "This is not the first time the premier has complained of harassment, and CNS has submitted questions to Bush regarding the claims asking him to clarify whether it is the process and legal procedures that are standing in his way of kick-starting the economy or was he pointing the finger at civil servants and accusing them of deliberately blocking his policies, but there has been no response." 

    CNS- LOL! is all I can say to this paragraph.  I don't think you will get a response to this from him.  

    However, I can guarantee you that the civil servants wouldn't be putting any blocks in his way.  They are too afraid of losing their jobs.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thats it, Since you all wont stop the foolishness im gonna tell Capt Eugene.I bet he will stop all this!!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Some  of you people same to not understand that it is not the ppm or EZZARD to find solutions to our problems. it is the ruling goverment duty to do so.  when the PPM offered to work with the goverment  leader told no he did not think that they had anything to offer.  now you udp supporters memory       is very short.   AS for EZZARD  IF what you are doing is deem dirty tricks  i say to KEEPTHE PREASURE UP UP UP UP.  Mack cannot handle  people asking him questions, he is like a spoil child.   Now caymanians he has said that he will not be running for premier the next election.  There is only two thing that will have him say that  (1) some thing may be going down with STAN THOMAS deal (2) he has come to reliase that he has lost so much support. he is afraid of loosing the power that he cannot handle.  ALDIN all the work that EZZARD is diong is what you shoul be doing.  ARDEN please pack your bags and leave ALDIN  to fight his iown battle  . ALDIN is not a leader.  he knows nothing about POLITICS

  14. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Miller,

    Please can you let us know what happened to your famous Hospital? 30 mill lost was it? Oh i forgot we have short term memories. These guys are all the same..

    All i can hearfrom Mr. Miller is Dart is not from here, we guess what he is he was granted staus and is now a voting person… At least we have a Caymanian buying back all the properties which our forefathers (Caymanians) sold years ago to overseas investors who put nothing back into the country..

    Go Mr Dart You Caymanian….

  15. NeoSurvivor says:

    We have questions… OR………… any of us not garnering backdoor benefits have questions.    Ezzard has questions, and they seem to parallel my own.  

    I work for a living;  I don't massage 'public funds' for a living.   MY duties, MY fees all go to pay for government, and I think it's mostly being pissed away or given to special interest groups that don't benefit the whole of our beautiful country.  

    Those that have nothing to hide, hide nothing.    When I have no paid work, I garden, because I want to be able to feed my family and my neighbors.    All the while our Premier is cozying up to various groups that seek to exploit our resources.   We are in deep doo-doo, and there seems no hope in sight.  

    I struggle to make ends meet.   It wasn't always this way.   Prior to the last election, I made good money, and there was a country-wide compassion for each other.   These days, it feels to me like most are trying to get their "in" into government, to the exclusion of the rest of the people.  I refuse to kiss butt to make my way.    If I cannot pay my power bill, then I'll go back to the way of my ancestors and cook in a caboose. 

    I have questions, and I want them damn well answered.   I don't think they WILL be answered, because the answer — or at least the truth — would cause most of us to consider getting pitchforks and torches.    This administration is not for the people, and that's the sad truth of it.  

    God hear our plea and help us.    We need something to bolster our hope.   Keep asking the hard questions, Ezzard.   My voice will not be heard, except here at CNS. 

  16. Anonymous says:

    All the Ezzard worshippers seems to have forgotten how Ezzard Miller was the master of riding roughshod over and bullying his civil servants and ignoring " the legal processes and procedures which have been set down to protect the people" when he was the Member for Health in the 1980s and wanted to put his Hortor Hospital in the swamp against the wishes of the general population. His team lost the General Election in 1992 because of that – every single one lost their seats. He and McKeeva Bush are two of a kind. Perhaps the electorate will throw out the UDP in the same way as they threw out Ezzard, Benson, Linford and co. The difference between then and now is that the incoming National Team fought a very well organised campaign and looked like the "government in waiting' while the PPM………….well,……………we shall see.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Does Miller remember the Doctor Hortor Hospital contract that was signed a day or two before the 1992 election.

    I can't remember the company who it was signed with and who was the Minister at the time.

    Oh, what a woeful web we weave……………when we set out to DEXXXXE.

    • Anonymous says:

      I recall that he was the Member for Health and Social Services.

      It was said that the Government was run out of a breakfast meeting held every day with the same contractor at the Hungry Horse airport restaurant.

    • Anonymous says:

      If we had built hospital then we would have saved a lot of money.

      You can try to dig up as much dirt as you like but it won't change the facts about the disastrous govt. we now have.  

      • Anonymous says:

        So do you think that Ezzard is some paragon of virtue?

        • Anonymous says:

          Ezzard is not the one screwing up the country. The point is that you are trying to distract from the govt. which is.

  18. Anonymous says:

    If you wanted to listen to some xenophobic rants then catch Ezzard on the radio. Nothing I could write could do him justice.

  19. Yep says:

    Dirty is as dirty does.

  20. Anonymous says:

    where is the opposition?

  21. Anonymous says:

    bush's antic's must questioned but I am also sick of the never ending untruths and false propoganda coming out of ezzards mouth….. 

  22. Anonymous says:

    We can say what we want about our politicians but they sure as hell ain't starving.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Really, they should have taken office and done nothing.  Is that a legitimate quote from Alden McLaughlin or is that a summary of what CNS thought he meant.  If my memory serves me correctly the disenchantment that was being felt in the business sector during the last administration was the reason for so many businesses pulling up roots and taking their business elsewhere.   

    While some will say that the recession worldwide had an impact, the blatant negative campaigning that some in the PPM perpetrated contributed to many long term residents pulling up roots and leaving. That, coupled with the rollover was never more felt than when the PPM was in government.  It is hard to regain the trust of politicans by investors in this country, when you have no idea what either government will do in order to pander to those on the sidelines who have never contributed much to this country except to be part of the party of No. 

    I have been in this country for over 10 years and every single time Mr. Miller opens his mouth it is only to spout the same rhetoric.  The man has never that I can recall put anything on the table that could be mistaken for a sensible suggestion about how to move this economy forward.  When the PPM were in power, he did the same thing, and now that the UDP is in power, he is doing the same thing.  

    Frankly it is not the UDP or the PPM that is causing the disenchantment in this country.  It is actually Ezzard Miller. 

    • Anonymous says:

      On that point Alden is quite correct. They have done more harm by acting than would have been caused by failing to act. Before the 2009 election the popular perception was that McKeeva was a leader whereas Kurt was not. However, experience has shown that they are both poor leaders but just in different ways. Whereas Kurt spent more time talking and thinking about acting than acting McKeeva acts and speaks rashly and impulsively often having to retract or flip-flop. There is no vision or strategy for the country – he just barrels off in 7 different directions all at once. It has been a costly experience for us.     

      As for disenchantment during the PPM administration causing people to close their businesses and leave I think it is fair to say to the extent any such disenchantment was caused by rollover the UDP govt which passed rollover into law must share in any blame. We were told that it was the PPM "implementation" of rollover that caused the problems but if that were so then the current govt. would not be agonising over how to change the law. It has had almost 3 years to "implement" it correctly.     

      Ezzard is playing a vitally important role right now as the only MLA who is holding the government fully accountable.  

    • Anonymous says:

      There is none so blind…

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe the country should revert to Independents instead of the 2-party system, then the rhetoric would stop and all would have to work together for the good of the country, instead of the good of the party.

    • Dred says:

      Its not that they haven't done ANY good. I back the following moves:

      1) Shetty Hospital – I believe we are giving a ton of concessions but I believe we will get more than we give.

      2) CEC – I like the economic zone idea and I believe it will make us known for more than just laundering money. I like new technologies being in our backyard instead of only heard of decades later. Digital phone technology comes to mind.

      3) Pension drawing – I like that UDP gave us options on what we want to do with OUR savings.

      4) Proposed E Business ideas such as licensing online. I believe this should have happened a long time ago to be honest and I am happy UDP governmenttook it on their backs to do this.

      Those are some of things things I like about the UDP government. Now lets start in on the crap I hate from them.

      1) Oil Refinery – Really!! Really??? A tourism country touting oil refining. We should be more leaning to alternative technologies such as solar farming or wind farms seeing that we are in the caribbean with all but unlimited supply of both, not OIL. How can we with one breath say lets do CEC and with the other breathe say OIL REFINERY. We really do not need to practice one step forward two steps back.

      2) Dredging The North Sound for Mega Yachts – Really!! See note 1. We are supposed to be a eco nation not plundering its reserves.

      3) Mega Quarry in East End – Yeah I guess you know where I am going to go with this.

      4) ForDart Alliance – In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny "What a Marone!!". When the scales are tipped like 90/10 in Darts favor its really hard for me to call this a ForCayman Alliance. To say FOR somthing GENERALLY means the name coming next generally is the one getting the super deal. Truth be known we are getting something super but the word that comes to mind is not DEAL. If you look at our 7 Mile beach and just look at all we have given away or sold off and condos built on it we have all but killed 7 mile beach. To do this deal is STUPID and UDP should be ashamed of it. Dart as a businessman I see where you are going but you got Cayman papers now which SUPPOSEDLY makes you Caymanian. Let me say this. This deal is the most ANTI-CAYMANIAN move I have seen in my 40 years on this Island. I pray you reconsider. It's not like you are starving and will die without it.

      5) CHEC – God, where do I start on this. Shady is not even the word for this deal. I have no clue why you did not just do the right thing and propose back to GLF the same deal CHEC threw in front of you and say give me your best price and if you can beat this financing, timelines and other avenues I will go with CHEC. This would have made it at least a fair playing field and 1) We would not havehad to pay them off 2) It would have been more transparent and explainable 3) You wouldn't have had to lie threw your teeth to us about not paying them.

      6) Fee Hike – UDP would like to say that it was the recession that killed many Cayman businesses but that is only a half truth or half lie depending on your view. It was one thing for small businesses to face a recession but the nail in the coffin was when instead of $1,200 they had to pay like $3,000 for the same work permit. Then duties were hiked also so the cost of products had to go up or be absorbed. Then there was the fuel duty hike also. This hit us from every single direction. Now it cost us more to run our vehicles. It cost us more to buy products locall as businesses raised prices to pass the duty on to the customers. Then it has us in our business expenses for electricity and water. Then it hit us at home in Electricity and water. Then it hit us driving our vehicles. How can businesses survive under those situations? UDP has been the government that was all about BIG BUSINESS. The DARTS, the Chinese anyone with deep pockets. Small businesses are falling all over the place. I have never in my 40 years seen more vacant spots and in HIGH END SPOTS such as Westshore, Galleria and many others.

      I believe and this is my opinion and I believe others share my view on this. This is my FAR AND AWAY the WORST Government the Cayman Islands has ever had and second place is not even close. As bad as some may have made PPM 2005 to 2009 government out to be they do not even begin to be as bad as this government is. YES they made mistakes. Every government makes mistakes. Its not about making mistakes its about how you pick yourself up. UDP seems to go from bad to worse and they do not seem to learn.

      We sit here and ask ourselves why now is CRIME Soaring. Its soaring because of UDP and its decisions. UDP is killing the small business. UDP is widening the gap between the haves and the have nots. UDP because of its hikes that killed many small business and made so many larger business leave Cayman has created unprecidented UNemployment. It's lead people who had thought about criminal activity to go threw with it. It's made your people opt in on criminal behaviou because there are no jobs for them out there.

      The fee hikes in my limited knowledge of economy was all but the stupidess move ever made in history. You can not raise fees on businesses who are now seeing less dollars coming in the door. That's just stupid. You give concessions. Give duty concessions that raise with volume. This encourages consumption (which lines CIG pockets) and savings for the business (which lines their pockets). This sort of strategy of giving deeper discounts on voume should be done across the board to encourage consumption and allow business to pass savings on to customers. If I were in office I would have held a seminar on the recession and how best government can work with businesses to weaken the recession on Cayman. The Chamber would have been involved. We would kick back and forth ideas as to how we can both work together to:

      1) Stimulate sales

      2) Create Jobs

      3) Maintain government revenues

      The idea would have been on volume. The route UDP went with is BANG. They went the old fashion way of just pricing it out of this world and force people to pay it. Who survives survives who don't who cares.

      My teachers in school always taught me there is more than one way to skin a cat. Now I never had any idea and still don't why the fascination with skinning cats was and don't like it myself but the point was simple. There is more than one route to any solution and we must always seek out the one with lease resistance. UDP failed here and miserably.

      If you note I did not only BASH them I said the way it should have been done. So not bashing for bashing sake but saying the other option on getting the problem resolved.

      I believe Cayman is at a fork in theroads right now and I would ask every Caymanian to sit back and reflect at the direction we are heading in.

      1) UNprecidented Crime – I really do not care what our Police Statistics say because I believe they are tainted in whatever direction they want us to head in. If they want funds they tell us crime is up. If they get beat up for too much crime then crime is down.

      2) Meandering on UK control – I have never seen us so on edge about this posibility. Our leader being investigated. Funds always on edge. Seems the UK could step in any second.

      3) Cost of Living – With people out of work and many not making nearly what they did before and cost always seemingly rising most of our population is on the edge right now more than at any time in our existence. The haves are living good and the have nots are only increasing in numbers and desperation.

      We need a new direction and at this point I know UDP is not the answer and I am afraid PPM might not be it either. They are a better option than UDP but really who isn't right now. PPM fear of ACTING scares me. In times like these you need people not only of the right mindset to get things done but with the gonads to do it. You can not be timid because there is no time for it. But this does not mean do not do your checks and balances but just do what needs to be done.

      Honestly I would love to have a good mix of independents in house but there will not be an independent winning a seat in any of the major districts such as WB, GT or BT. It simply will not happen as people vote straight far too often not caring about the backend candidates abilities. A case in point is BT and John John. Sadly he is dead weight but he got in on the back of Mark. This has happened in WB for many years also.

      In 2013 we as a nation will decide the way forward and all I ask is for people to remember now what is happening and what has happened and to decide if this is what you want for the next 4 years. In 4 years there is a ton of damage that can be done. One only need look at the contracts that in front of us now that could tie us up for 40-50 years.

      Vote wisely people vote wisely. If not for yourselves then for your children and your children's children.


  24. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone else noticed that all of the other ministers went silent at some point?  Clearly they came to some understanding that they would continue to draw their checks, 'work to rule', say nothing and do nothing.  Out with the lot of them.

  25. Gottya says:

    A never ending squabble. Truth hurts.

  26. I Care says:

    As far as I am Concered they are all DIRTY…….. Each and everyone of them MUST be changed in 2013, a CLEAN sweep. These repersenatives must all go and be replaced by a new young Caymanians.

    Ezzard is no better than Mackeeva, they are fighting like school kids instead of getting the business of the country done, enough is enough is enough. OFF with the HEADS all of them.

    To Be or Not to Be , That is The Question >>>>> NOT

  27. Gilumbo says:

    Whiney Mac “this is unadulterated picking on me asking me hard questions and ting”.

                          “How should I know I’m not even in the country long enough to know anything”.

                          “If they want answers ask Dart he the real leader I just do what I’m told”.


  28. Anonymous says:

    They will call it everything in the books no one every wants there dirt to come to light. Mr. Miller take it as far as you can let the truth be told. 

  29. Anonymous says:

    UDP logic – insisting the law is followed and demanding answers that the taxpayer is legally entitiled to = dirty tricks.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Emperor Ezzard engaged in dirty tricks …never. Just be careful if you disagree with him.

    It worried me that if the PPM would have been in control of the government after this past election that we would have gotten direct taxation as a result.

    No politician has the answer to the size of the civil service.

    • Anonymous says:

      What nonsense. More UDP propaganda. McKeeva has absolutely nothing to improve our financial situation but has worsened it by breaching contracts for which we must pay millions.  

    • Anonymous says:

      12:13 are you day dreaming, why attack the size of the civil service?
      Is the private sector hiring Caymanians, you must be an xpat that does not want to see Caymanians employed.
      Thank God almighty that the civil service at least hires Caymanians, if it were not for the civil service Caymanians would not have any jobs at all!

      Find a real topic and do not waste our time.

      • Anonymous says:

        Here is some intellectual coffee to stimulate your thought process.

        If the civil service was smaller then the costs to government would go down and the taxes paid to the government would go down and people would have more money to spend and local businesses would do better and hire more people and create public sector jobs.

        Of course private sector employers require a certain level of productivity that often is not required in the public sector.

  31. John Harren says:

    Keep at them Mr Miller. And where the heck is Alden????????????? he's like the governor, quite as a mouse!… On almost everything!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Mr Miller is doing what he and many others should be doing and should have done a long time ago.  Asking questions and those questions should be answered.  It is called 'accountability'.  Mr Bush needs to wake up and realize that this is 2012 not 1012 and that he and the government are accountable to the 'people'.  Unfortunately, he, like most people who are given power and titles seem to suddenly forget that their glory days will soon be over and they will be a human being again like us all. ….well, that's another story…!  Questions should be asked and they should be answered.  Appears to be alot of squirming going on….wonder why?

  33. anonymous says:

    Mr. McLuaghlin….it was YOU that put us in deficit and required the additional fees. If you were in Government now you would have been forced to do the same.  You seem to have a very, very short memory!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, the familiar UDP rhetoric. Alden didn't put you in deficit. There was/is a worldwide recession that reduced govt. revenue by tens of millions of dollars. And we know that we cannot rely on any figures that come from McKeeva's mouth. Ever.   

    • Anonymous says:

      still with the UDP propaganda I see?

  34. anonymous says:

    Miller does seem to get a lot of press coverage for someone that has offered absolutely NO SOLUTIONS to Cayman's problems.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually he has offered a solution to our problems: get rid of McKeeva Bush and the UDP govt. 

    • Anonymous says:

      He is offering solutions every day if we would simply listen. Get rid of a useless gowerment is THE solution to the woes of this country.

  35. anonymous says:

    The usual he said, she said…lower the cost of doing business here please and that will help…lower duty on fuel so CUC can come down…I dont know how some make it here…having said that I cant think of a qualified person in politics right now I would want to serve my country…Ezzard, Mac, Ellio, Aldon,…forget it.

  36. Pat says:

    Definitely, something is wrong with our system of government. Meanwhile, does it really make sense to get caught with these puppets when the end of the world is expected to occur at the end of 2012???

    • Anonymous says:

      I thought the end of the world was supposed to happened late in 2010 at the top of the Linford Pearson????

  37. Chris says:

    Mr. Miller is doing his job as an effective opposition by questioning the government on various policies. I believe that the majority of the voters in this country, PPM, UDP or the vast majority of which are not members of either political party, support our democratic process having a strong and effective opposition.

    Mr. Miller is the strongest part of that opposition.

    Looking at the other side of the coin, who would want a government that is not asked the hard questions?

    Who would like to live in a country where there is not constant scrutiny of what policies come into effect and how our public funds are spent?

    Mr. Miller, please continue to do the right thing so you and those you endorse will earn our support at the polls in 2013.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Yet again, I find myself agreeing with Mr Miller's stance.  Although I don't always find myself agreeing with him, he seems to me to be the only politician here who is actually doing his job, earning his wages, and REPRESENTING his constituents and Cayman.

  39. anonymous says:

    Keep the pressure on Ezz.   Mac don't like it when he has to explain anything.

  40. Anonymous says:

    On Ezzard and Alden responded to the premier’s accusation of Mr. Miller running a nasty dirty campaign against him. He’s now seeking sympathy as things look bleak for his future and the UDP.
    But my question to Mr. Miller is “what the heck are you talking about? The premiers position is for the entire term of 4 Years, not two! Explain please you are confusing me.Ezzard you stated that If you were premier you’d only want to be premier for 2 years? Well what can you get done in 2 years? Come better than that Ezzard I expected better from you. OR are you saying that it carries so much stress you think you’d want it for only two years? that I can understand but don’t make blank statements like that this is serious conversation. Explain”. .

    • dartanian says:

      , Ezzard has explained his statement about only being premier for two years many times and in several forums, he wants to provide a transition to the younger more educated Caymanian. In order for them to have a chance at winning at the poles in 2017 the new premier would need the two years to earn his respect and demonstrate his abilities. Ezzard has also stated that he would remain in Cabinet to offer advice and guidance form his experiences when and when appropiate.

      The Premier has used this tatic before to test his support and get committments from his key supportersduriing the third year in every term he has served.

    • Anonymous says:

      The position of Premier depends not only on elections but on the person who commands the support of the majority in the L.A.. If the UDP were to elect a new leader right now there would be a new Premier.   

  41. Stiff-Necked Fool says:

    Isn't it very ironic that when the premier use to ask questions as a backbencher, he did not consider it "dirty tricks or a dirty campaign"!

    What's good for the goose is good for the gander and what I would like to ask is, if there is no "hanky-panky" going on, why should the premier be concerned!

    I want to thank Mr Miller for doing his best to make sure that everything is kept, as much as possible, above ground!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Hahaa… more of the same… What I See Happening…  Nonsense !!!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    So Mr. Alden, what is your recommendation on how government should raise revenue for the country.
    I am not a supporter of the UDP but can you Ezzard and Alden tell us what should be done to raise revenue for the country and put people back to work.
    there are 3,000 people unemployed and 20,000 + work permit holders,


    Can you or can you not fix this serious problem facing our people?
    Can any one of you prove to us that you are any more competent than the UDP?

    • Anonymous says:

      I suggest we get rid of the UDP Gowerment. That would save us quite a few million a year in wasted travel expenses, lost loan committment fees, lawsuits, church donations, outrageous concessions to wealthy people, cronyism, perks and double dipping, and just about every other type of evil known to mankind. 

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      09:49, you say 3000 people unemployed, isn't that the amount of status's given out by Mac! Strange isn't it?

  44. Anonymous says:

    Why on earth does this man insist on trying to bring everyone to his level?

    • Anonymous says:

      That's right our leaders should be allowed to wallow in their own corruption and incompetence and not rise to any higher level.

    • Anonymous says:

      Surely it's "down to his level"?

  45. Anonymous says:

    What is wrong with questioning his motives and decisions, when his decisions keep losing us money (e.g. Cohen and Co., GLF contract termination), as well as his discretionary grants (of varying amounts) to few selected churches?


    Once again Mr. Bush himself is pointing fingers and blaming everyone else besides himself or HIS "cohorts" for the stagnation in our economy.

  46. so Anonymous says:

    You dare question the King of Cayman?  You are so never gonna work in Civil service.  Or fly King Cayman airlines.  Or get in the Kings turtle pond.  Or get invited to the Kings gated community, sorry,palace.  Who do you think you are you evil dirty trickster?  You only represent the people and not the ones who make the money that pays for the Kings Gastric bypass.  Off with your gas card.

    Seriously Mr. Ezard Millar you seem to be the only peoples representative that acts like a peoples representative.  Its the ant against the elephant.  Good luck.

    And by elephant I was thinking all the other representatives and not just you Mr. Bush.

  47. Theo says:

    Miller said he did not believe there were any serious attempts by senior government workers to try and sabotage government’s efforts to boost the economy, nor were the processes preventing legitimate action.

    The quote above shows how disingenuos Mr. MIller is, he says there are no "serious" attempts, implying that thre are attempts that have been made but shou;d have been stepped up.  The Public at large knows that the proceses of Government are run by Civil Srvants, the public also knows that  Civil servants as well are human beings and will have their preference of Government and there lies the conundrum. The civil service can have the appearance of being transparent, but loyalties exist.  Mr. MIller is afraid to castigate civil servants because it may not be in his best interest as he conceivably may not get any more "little bird " whispers as he has been known to posit on Rooster Talk show.  People beware of wolves in shhep clothing.

    The premier has jacked up the cost of doing business so much,” Alden McLaughlin told CNS. “If the government had taken office and just done nothing we would all have been better off now.”

    The above attributed to the Premier in waiting (haha) shows the lack of political maturity of he Leadser of the Opposition.  How can he say "if the Government had done nothing we would all have been better off"; this comment in relation to icreases in the cost of doing BUsiness.  Let the public remember that the previous Government did raise fees, and also let the public be reminded that with the raising of thise fees came the spending rampage that cretaed a spiraling down turn in the caountrys coffers, particularly with an impending recession which has now taken place.  Divine intervention indeed took him out of office and we should be ever so grateful, as the imagination cannot conceive what would have happened to this country if his government had been reelected,.  IT is evident taht as you thinketh you doeth, they would have taken office and done nothing and in their logical thinking ability, we woul all be better off.  Starnge but true.

    Folks beware beware keep your eyes opened , beware.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Mclaughlin should remember that when they won the last election that every fee at the immigration department went up 100-150 percent. When UDP demit office there was money in goverment kitty, PPM lost the election and government was left in debt. Which government would you say do not know how to handle the countries finances. The people of Cayman must wake up and realize that politics is not about who you like; it's about who can get the job done. Something to think about.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those facts have nothing to do with the ability of the govt at the time to manage the country's finances. There was money in the kitty in 2005 because following Hurricane Ivan insurance payouts led to massive rebuilding and record import duty revenues. That was never sustainable. As for fiscal prudence by the UDP Govt. it was McKeeva that wasted $65m on the white elephant that is Boatswain Beach which costs us $10m a year to subsidise.

      There was a deficit in 2009 in large part because govt. revenue declined by such large amounts that the FS's estimate were for the deficit were far off. The other part was in spending on much needed infrastructure that the UDP Govt. failed to build and was creating a crisis. 

      The funny thing is McKeeva said they were making of the figures but it is now obvious that he is making up his. One minute we have a $25m surplus the next minute we are tens of millions in deficit. And remember he is the Minister of Finance. You can't believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Would you say that someone who doesn't know or is lying about how much money we have is a good money manager?

      There is nothing about this govt. that has showed it can "get the job done". It has showed that they know how to look out for cronies and big political backers while the counry has gone to hell.   

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a truth the PPM would prefer the public to very much forget. The PPM spent the public's money like there was no tomorrow. If ever (heaven forbid) they were to assume the reins again we would have income tax and/or property tax faster than you could say "only God can stop me" or whatever lunacy the previous Education Minister came up with during his maniacal term trying to be a minister. Mac needs to go, we all know that (even him), but the prospect of another round with the likes of the PPM, my God. I pray for some kind of sanity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yousay “get the job done”! What’s been done?

  49. Dred says:


    McKeeva Bush has THE NERVE to speak about DIRTY TRICKS when all he is doing is DIRTY and yeah some tricks also.

    Let's give examples shall we…..

    1) Cutting short debating time and public discussion time by bringing bills to the house within the 21 day period under the reasoning of EMERGENCY.

    2) Going around the CTC just to actually get something passed that no one would have recommended BUT him.

    3) Removal of committees because no one would want to approve his stupid ideas

    4) Placing everything as FEDERAL SECRETS that it takes the public not only FOI request but in some cases COURT DEMANDS to get the documents released.

    He should be the LAST PERSON ON EARTH or in this GALAXY or even UNIVERSE to make that comment. He has run such a SHADY government that everything smells bad.

    I really have grown tired of spin doctors, blame games and all the other crap he throws out. I would much rather see him check himself into the old people's home or mental facility and get out of running for office.


    Dred out!

  50. Profound Reality! says:

    Just answers Mr. Bush, thats all we want; your attitiude towards this is what paints you as the "dirty trickster", just answers!

    • Anonymous says:

      Between Mr. Bush calling people, who dare to question him, names and Bull Dog Ellio barking and using his 48 words to answer every question, I am convinced that this Government is by far the most arrogant set we have ever had in there.

      How can Mr. Bush call other people dirty? Pot calling kettle black!

      Now he is planning his latest dirty trick for the next election already. I understand the UDP is building a team of "independents", hoping that once the voting public put them in, they will join the UDP, keeping them in power. Dirty and power hungry set I tell you