Teen robbers hold up store

| 12/02/2012

7596-cns.jpg(CNS): A George Town grocery store became the latest premises to be robbed this weekend when two masked men held up Miss Alex Variety Store, North Sound Road. At around 8:30 on Saturday evening the two young men believed to me teenagers armed with what appeared to be a hand gun and a flare entered the small store and demanded cash, police reported. There were four women and one young child in the store at the time of the hold-up but no shots were fired and no one was injured the men took a small amount of cash from the cash drawer and then left on foot. (Photo Dennie Warren jr)

Police said the suspects were both 5 foot in height and regular build. One had light brown skin the other dark skin and the witnesses stated they were possibly teenagers. Both were wearing long jean pants and shirts with one was wearing a stocking over his face the other a black mesh mask. Both males spoke with Caymanian accents.

Anyone who has any information regarding the robbery, is asked to contact George Town Police Station on 949-4222, the RCIPS tip-line 949-7777 or the confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477(TIPS).

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  1. Simple days says:

    What can be said that hasn't already been said, the government is trying to empower the people by allowing them to carry pepper spray but when we take a honest look at these types of crimes I do not see where pepper spray could or should be the first and final option.  


    The government recognizes that there is a problem hence the new legislation to allow pepper spray but I fear that the government is simply doing this to try please the people's outcry for some action and they do not see or i hope they do not see this as the final solution.


    Ask yourselves the honest question how affective do you think pepper spray would be on a criminal(s) with a gun(s) who is/are standing +5 feet +10 feet +15 feet away pointing a loaded lethal weapon in your direction.


    HOW confident would you be that you could properly defend your life with your pepper spray…?


    The government should move to put in place new legislation that will allow the law abiding citizens to become license firearm owners.


    A criminal is a criminal because they do not care about laws or rules. Criminals have the upper hand on any and everyone who is unarmed PERIOD and that includes the majority of the police force who do not carry a load weapon 24/7/365 FACT.


    Yes there are some officers that carry a gun but not the majority


    If a business or homeowner is bring robbed at gun point what can an unarmed officer do for you? quite simply nothing


    It is the place of the government which is elected by the people to act in the peoples best interest at all times in all matters foreign and local. 


    Food for thought moment

    What is the police to citizen ratio in the Cayman Islands?



    • Anonymous says:

      So instead of some money being stolen (for which the shopkeeper is probably insured), someone ends up dead? Yeah, good solution. And just in case you think the death penalty is appropriate for theft, the person most likely to end up dead in that scenario is the shopkeeper or an innocent bystander. More guns is never the answer!

      I agree with you about pepper sprays, though – they're more likely to be used by criminals that victims.

      • Simple days says:

        I too would like to be naive, and wish upon a star and pray to God that our little rock we call Cayman could go back to the peaceful little island it was 20yrs or 10yrs or 5yrs ago but the facts are Gun crime is on a rise in Cayman. Unfortunately the lines have been drawn in the sand and we are losing this fight exponentially. I am not suggesting we arm the public as a whole willy-nilly but I am saying we cannot afford to sit by and take a passive stance or approach to the issue.


        Shock and Awe… give the criminals something to think about, make them realize look if I go busting into this business or home someone may be on the other end waiting armed and ready…


        You see Cayman is still a virgin when it comes to gun crime in comparison to other nations but once the cat is out of the bag gun crime will spill into every corner of Cayman.


        There are enough indicators to show that gun crime in Cayman will only get worse WHY WAIT TILL THEN…?


        Matter of fact ask yourself the honest question


        What would you do if an armed criminal(s) broke into your business or residence with the intent to rob/ kill/ rape you or your family what would you do…?

        See now your opinion and answer will change depending on the type of crime the criminal has come to commit but guess what… the criminals are not going to send you a email or call ahead to let you know what they are coming to do and I am pretty sure you would hope that all they wanted was some money and leave you alone because from the sound of it you have plenty to give away…

    • Anonymous says:

      now dey ga jes pepper spray you and then rob you. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    These boys are lazy, obnoxious, misguided and have no respect. If they can afford firearms, or even just immitations, they can afford food.

  3. Anonymous says:

    5 feet in height? Those aren't teenagers, they must be kids.  

         With the police not catching any of these robbers, there is no deterant for anyone with something that looks like a gun robbing a store, house, or person on the street.  Easy money.

         There needs to be a massive crack down on crime, because if the plan is to increase the population of Cayman, crime will increase exponentially with it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bull:&;@’ hungry? You are a loser my friend. this attitude is the fundamental problemon this island. Bad parenting period.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I hope that comment was a joke, though I fear it may may be a real thoght spoken by a true idiot……..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, hungry for drugs.

  7. Anonnymous says:

    If they are hungry – and I believe this could be the situation – then I would implore them to go to any of the many church offices in their various districts and ask for help, instead of turning to crime.  Some churches maintain a pantry, with contributions from their congregations, for just that purpose – to assist those who are in need, with food and other necessities of daily life.

    • Anonymous says:

      I fear these kids are not the sort who grew up attending Sunday School ……….


  8. Needy says:

    The boys are hungry. McKeeva hurry and get the jobs rolling. Caymanians are hungry and desperate and might just rob you next.