Jamaica opens talks to split from UK royals

| 16/02/2012

queen-elizabeth-horrified-21 (289x300).jpg(Go Jamaica): The Jamaican Government says it has started initial discussions regarding Jamaica’s transition to republican status. Minister with responsibility for Information, Sandrea Falconer, made the disclosure at yesterday’s post-Cabinet press briefing.She said the talks are being led by the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General’s Department, spearheaded by a Ministerial Committee. The team is expected to make recommendations to Cabinet before talks with the Opposition begin.Meanwhile, the Ministerial Committee is also spearheading discussions for the Caribbean Court of Justice to become Jamaica’s final court of appeal.

The government has repeatedly stated its intention to cut ties with the British Monarchy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    so this is the reason why McKeeva is spending so much time in Jamaica. He isnt only looking for Cayman to go independence put self Governance. People of Cayman wake up and wake up really fast dont let  this man get away with this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As a Caymanian I will say this – We borrow so much from Jamaica and claim it as a part of who we are, regardless of timespan. From the modern dancehall of today, all the way back to the very quadrille dance….both are of Jamaican origin. Many of these come from West African traditions and customs brought my slaves.

    We were very close to Jamaica in the beginning, hence why we have fed off of much of what they possess. Jamaica was inhabited for possibly thousands of years by the Arawak indians and then later settled by other groups. Cayman was at this stage, 3 tiny rocks which nobody wanted to settle on.

    We have come far, but let us remember how important Jamaica was from a historical point of view. Learn your history Caymanians. Ignorance and denial are truly bliss.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually the quadrille did not originate in either Jamaica or West Africa; it is European in origin, although, like everything else, it was creolised with some African steps when it came to the Caribbean. The Cayman quadrille is similar but not identical to the Jamaican quadrille which itself takes a number of forms.

      All of that is very interesting but what does it have to do with the article?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians or some people in Cayman are so full of hatred for Jamaicans. The article is about Jamaica gaining independence from the Queen. And the postings are bashing Jamaicans.

    It’s not our fault we are ambitious and like to excel. Have you ever seen how many HUGE houses and businesses we own in Jamaica? All because we come to your country and work harder than some of you lazy Caymanians who have no ambitions and drive.

    Wake up and do the same as us, so we don’t have to come to your country. Stop being hateful and ignorant. It’s your laziness, ignorance and stupidness why we are here. We are collecting gold that you people do not see exits. Don’t be grudgful.


  4. Anonymous says:

    The problem is the same wealthy ones that ran from Jamaica in the 1970's, are dictating to us here now how to run our affairs. And our local politicians are so gullible they are listening to them, including the need to close the West Bay Road to satisfy their business interests.

    I hear from reliable sources that this is one of the reasons they want to have a  bike path in the area in question, so that the hazardous effect is reduced from traffic for certain businesses in the area.

    Now did they not know this when they built their businesses so close to the road? And did they expect this closure would go down well with West Bayers in particular?

    Selfish, selfish, selfish greed I say.

  5. Who de cap fit says:

    Geez some people get a little testy about the silliest things.  It's photo for crying out loud!  I assume it was chosen because it depicts what the queen might feel about this proposal. As she and her familywatch their realm along with it's enormous perks get a little shaky.  They've had a good run for their money.  I might add also our money.  Because they don't actually have income from any meaningful employment.  If attending flower shows and polo matches is discounted as meaningful employment  But now it's time for a reality check. We've all had to cut back and countries are trying to get leaner in lean times. They just cannot afford the added expense of maintaining a wealthy family with a royal jet, royal yacht and castles who spend most of their time skiing or cavorting in the Med.  Jamaica can't afford these parasites and that's really what they're saying.  But 'tings aren't that bad. They could always get jobs.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why do people like to bash the UK over this.  The British empire disappeared long ago.  The Head of State will gladly let Jamaica have whatever it wants (but I suspect she would rather sever ties also).  The only thing that can be preventing this is Jamaica itself.   They have the right to be a republic and there is nothing to stop it so why are there 'talks'.  Seems to me to just be political manoevering.

    Jamaica is a beautiful country ruined only by its corruption.  Being a republic will not solve this problem, it will takes many many years to reverse.  My bet is the politicians stall this until the next election as a way of keeping the peoples support to win another term.

    Jamaican's also have the right to seek a better life abroad like anyone else, but I hate those posters who elevate them to the 'best workers in the world category'.  When labour is exported so is the culture and its not all good!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I will start swapping my Jamaican Dollars for Cayman Dollars, and then when Cayman goes independent, I'll swap my Cayman dollars for British Pounds. 

  8. Whodatis says:

    Why all the fuss over the photo of the queen?

    The murderous and inhumane legacy that she represents deserves no more respect than is awarded to Bin Laden or Saddam – and they didn't even commit a fraction of the atrocities that led to her current position of prestige and wealth.

    But maybe I just don't know my history.


    • Pit Bull says:

      No, you just have a distorted view of history caused by the chip on your shoulder.

      • Whodatis says:

        Oh wow … its you.

        Always on about this supposed 'chip' of mine yet, never manage to breakdown exactly what could have given this individual who hails from one of the most sought-after destinations in the world (you ought to know about that huh?) this alleged affliction.

        * Interesting how whenever certain individuals are faced with simple facts their quickest and only response is, "get that chip off your shoulder" … as if the issue is some supposed jealousy or anger towards basic reality.

        Perhaps some of us ought to grasp a better understanding of history?

      • Fish and Chips! says:

        Ask the people of Iraq,the ones being murdered by her soldiers what they think of her!Lets not even get into "what the hell are they doing over there"?. The Queen of England is a lazy notion put in place to intimidate, woe the narrow minded and boast a countries wealth. Take her off well fare and you have a snooby, mostly useless,receptionist. BTW, I"ve seen pics of her and it dosn't get much better. I've got the same chip on my shoulder.

    • Peter Milburn says:

      Very dis-appointed with your comments about the Queen.A little more respect would have been nice What happened in her past has nothing to do her being queen today.

      • Whodatis says:

        Sorry Mr. Milburn, but I have absolutely zero – zip "respect" for the Queen and what she represents – as do the majority of the British people that I have encountered in life. (Although at times like these many pretend to give a hoot as I suppose it serves their overall interests.)

        Furthermore, what happened in her (the) past has everything to do with her being queen today.

        * My views on this particular topic tend to be somewhat controversial, so hopefully we will be able to agree to disagree as I normally find myself supporting the majority of your offerings here on CNS.


    • Anonymous says:

      not a fan of the britain or the monarchybut your comparisons are ridiculous…….

    • Anonymous says:

      Please enlighten us on the atrocities she is responsible for.  Im really looking forward to your answer.  Ooh before I forget if you research your own family tree you might just find a bad egg in there.  Will that make you a bad egg too?

  9. Anonymous says:

    What is wrong with breaking off from the the current arrangement with the UK ? Narrow minded people belong to a period we've long passed.

  10. Richard Brown says:

    Typical irrational comments coming from the ignorant folks who think that development is fast food restaurants and  suvs………Say what you want about Jamaica..we are an independent country that is forging our way forward, problems and all. I mean the few people that have bought recognition to your islands are from Jamaica or of Jamaican heritage. The same Jamaicans that you ridicule are the ones running your country. FYI..emigration is not  endemic to Jamaica you know..The British are some of the biggest emigrants..I guess History was not taught to you ignorant lot that continue to bash Jamaica and Jamaicans.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are wrongly assuming that the negative commentary is coming from Caymanians. More likely expat Brits.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Richard Brown – get real!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Big difference. Most of the British that move around the world are running to grab opportunity. Most Jamaicans that move around the world are running to escape. I know as it is with regret I became one of the latter.

      • Richard Brown says:

        If they are running to escape, Please tell, why do they return to settle? Have you ever been to Mandeville..a town filled with returnee residents?  How stupid can you get? Jamaicans migrate because of opportunities as well.. do not confuse your motives with majority of Jamaicans.

        • Anonymous says:

          Give it a rest Richard Brown. You are living in fantasy land. Many Jamaicans leave Jamaica and have no intention to return because they have adjusted to a peaceful environment with relatively low corruption and those that do return are a particular target for crimes. 

           If expat Jamaicans are so eager to return to Jamaica why would the President of the Association for Resettlement of Returning Residents need to beg the Jamaican govt. for incentives to "lure" them back?

          I understand that you are a proud and patriotic Jamaican but please don't let make you blind and stupid.

          I had a number of internet links to support my comments but CNS's spam filter would not allow me to post with them.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is a very distasteful, chauvinistic statement to claim that "the few people that have bought recognition to your islands are from Jamaica or of Jamaican heritage". As well as native Caymanians Cayman is blessed to be home to people of many nationalities a number of whom have brought us recognition. Off the top of my head Tanya Streeter (a Caymanian of British parentage) held a number of freediving world records. More recently the Fraser boys claimed gold and silver medals in 200 metres freestyle swimming in the Pan Am Games. No doubt you will claim Selita Ebanks as of Jamaican heritage because one of her parents is Jamaican. Apparently that cancels all other heritage.     

  11. Knot S Smart says:

    She looks upset as hell about it too…

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ahh, CNS terrible photo.  Hopefully we Caymanians don't have to pay the price for your journalistic licence.  It is quite insulting.  But anyway…

    The whole point of Jamaica becoming a republic is quite simple- they can reintroduce the death penalty and start cutting into their ridiculously high murder rate.  U don't think it will work?  Watch and see.

    Right now the Police and soldiers are given orders to carry out extra-judicial killings.  Why waste the country's money on court and jail for serial killers who can run their gangs from prison?  The people want crime stamped out and until regular citizens have their basic human rights guaranteed, the government is not going to let the UK through it's Commonwealth and Orders in Council tip the scales in favor of these depraved killers.

    Tough times ahead Jamaica but you will see the light in about 10-15 years when your streets are cleaned up.

    • Tiny Briefs says:

      There is no link between the death penalty and reduced murder rates.  In fact the evidence is that once a crime becomes a capital crime then it is harder to secure a conviction, with the effect that introducing the death penalty might increase the number of killers on the streets.

  13. Anon says:

    I do not see anythin wrong with the Queen. She looks like my aunt Marina.

  14. Yardie says:

    I wonder if the estimated 600,000 people of Jamaican descend will remove themselves from the UK at the same time

    • Anonymous says:

      adding to 12:29: And all the welfare money and free housing they are getting.

      • Anonymous says:

        You mean like the 8000 of you currently here in Cayman on welfare?  Talk about pot calling kettle black !  LOL !   Since you know so much, could you tell us how many are on welfare over there?   FYI, Jamaicans leave Jamaica to find better opportunities and life for themselves and their families.  They are ambitious people who could not get opportunities in their own country, thanks to inept and corrupt politicians.  When they go to other countries, they excel, and hold top positions in industries, top businesses and yes, even Government positions within those countries.  The vast number of Jamaicans overseas are exemplary, law-abiding and producting citizens in the countries that they migrate to.  Yes, a number of them are bad seeds and give others a bad name – but isn't that the same with you guys? 

        • Anonymous says:

          'They are ambitious people who could not get opportunities in their own country, thanks to inept and corrupt politicians. When they go to other countries, they excel, and hold top positions in industries, top businesses and yes, even Government positions within those countries.'

          They even get their own PoliceOperations such as Operation Trident.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sorry to burst your bubble but most Jamaicans that go abroad do not end up doing well.  In fact, many end up in jail.  Ask anyone in Canada, the UK, the US and other countries around the world about "Jamaicans" and the first response the first words that come to their lips are "drugs", "guns" and "gangs" – just like in Jamaica…

        • Anonymous says:

          Quite a few of them on welfare are Jamaicans who just got Cayman status.  They even got affordable housing homes.  I really don't see the purpose in giving Cayman status to people that are a drain on society.  

          I was quite shocked when I found out that someone that had married a druggie in West Bay, had children for another man not her husband and was receiving assistance from Social Services. She wasn't even living with her husband.

        • General stereotype says:

          I am from Slovenia, you mean to say that there is another 7,999 of my people here?


  15. Simple Simon says:

    I am sure the Queen is absolutely devastated, at least she can breath a sigh of relief that se doesnot have to waste British tax payers money to visit again. Wht don't they just leave the Commonwealth as well or are the hand outs still useful?

    • Anonymous says:

      The Queen doesn't care about the British tax-payer. Her whole monarchy is supported by taxes !

      • Anonymous says:

        And most of British tourism is supported by the monachy, why else would you go to that gloomy wet  country to visit

  16. NO MOORE SQUEEZE says:

    Jamaica is tired of the Colonial Game being run on them so they opt out. Good show old man.

    • Anonymous says:

      How come it took fifty years before they came to this decision?

      • streetwalker says:

        How come it took Canada, Australia, Barbados, Antuiga, Grenada, and others who remain in the Commonwealth so long? If you don't understand what the Commonwealth is about , google it. This will give you the opportunity to learn something more than about cayman, and immigration, and permit and real ant paper caymanians and roll over. Focus on a broader learning base.

        • Anonymous says:

          What's 'real ant paper'?  Itchy:)

        • Anonymous says:

          I understand the commonwealth and have travelled or worked in most of it, including Jamaica.

          That is why I own property in Canada and not Jamaica, Trinidad, Kenya or Nigeria.

          That is why I am considering  moving to Australia, not Spanish Town, Kingston or Port of Spain.





        • Anonymous says:

          CNS …. Any news on when the WTF? button will be available?

  17. Married to a Caymanian says:

    I am an American who has lived here under the British flag  in the Cayman Islands for over 16 years and I find your choice of photos of the Queen VERY disrespectful and reeking of irresponsible journalism!

    As a fan of CNS I am saddened and shocked that you have stooped so low and say "Shame on you!".  You have lost my loyalty for today.

    Please get a cup of coffee and a clear head before you post such disrespectful photos of Her Majesty, who happens to be the Head of State for these fine islands.

    I am not a royal loyalist, but I am also not a fan of hack journalism either.

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally agree, there is no need to use such a photo, The Queen is a wonderful hard working lady who does not deserve to be portrayed this way. She would only want the best for everyone in Jamaica eg and would want them to have the result they want.

    • Anonymous says:

      I absolutely agree with you, "Married to a Caymanian" 09:05

  18. Anonymous says:

    Portia Simpson Miller – Queen of Jamaica, Dance Hall that is. 


  19. Poor Government - Great at tricks says:

    Just a PNP trick to keep the mind of the masses of the fact that tthe PNP cant star"t the JEEP.

  20. Anonymous says:

    That picture is wrong. The Queen is doing a dance.  She's jumping up and down, going "oh yeah, finally.  We rid of them.  Now if only we could get rid of those pesky Cayman Islands with that mousy looking pray mare, we would be set."

    They took that picture when she was McKeeva.

    • Anonymous says:

      I meant to say that picture was taken just as she sighted McKeeva.

  21. Anonymous says:

    And how is this going to  make a positive difference in the lives of the ordinary citizen.


    This change is a waste of time and money. Time and money that could be spent doing something really beneficial to the people… like reducing crime, creating jobs, improving health care etc.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely terrific, Jamaica, but……..erm……why are so many millions of your citizens living in other countries, including the colony of Cayman?

    • Anonymous says:

      Jamaicans who leave Jamaica simply do so for a better life, because their corrupt politicians were destroying their country for decades and they wanted better for their families.  Don't confuse those people with the Jamaican politicians whose has an agenda to remove the island from its colonial ties.   The actions of one group has nothing to do with the other.  Politicians will do what they want, and the citizens who seek a better life, will do what they want.    If Cayman suddenly decides to go independent, does that mean all Caymanians should now suddenly leave the UK.   Should one's actions be dictacted by what a politician does?  How does that make sense to you?  Please stop and think before you post nonsense.

      • Anonymous says:

        By the sacred bones of Bob Marley, 20:49, you are a really naive and inarticulate poster. You missed entirely the point of the post you were responding to with your devastating analysis. Take the advice of your own last sentence, Bobo.

  23. Holy Mackrel says:

    Ye mean te tell mi dat dey couldn,t find a betta pitcha de Queen.  Jeepers creepers.  Holy Mackre,.

    • Anonymous says:

      bwoy a dat mi sey too. mi did a lagh becaz de picta look mean.butt den a agen mbe dat a how dem see de queen.LOLOLOL