Mac: ‘I’m not prepared to go’

| 22/02/2012

mac 3 (236x300).jpg(CNS): McKeeva Bush has dismissed any ideas that his recent comments were indications that he was stepping away from the political fray and said the remarks made about him “looking pity” had fuelled him on. Speaking for an hour and a half to a crowd of over one hundred people on Tuesday night, the premier launched a full scale attack on his critics and the opposition, accusing them of inciting people on a path to violence and destabilizing the country with their calls for demonstrations and campaigns against his government’s proposals. He told the audience that he was “not prepared to go" and that he was still the premier and he intended to “stand fast”.

“I said I was tired, I was tired of finger pointing and the accusations and after I lost my daughter I had lost the fight,” he told the audience gathered behind the court house in George Town. Bush said he wanted to see young people getting involved in the process and, “I said I couldn’t be here for ever, but I didn’t say I was not going to run.”

Speaking about the grief he had suffered over the death of his daughter last year, the premier said that perhaps he needed sympathy but when Arden McLean went to East End and told the people he was “looking pity … and said that the Foreign Office was forcing me to retire there could never be a bigger lie … It stirred the old fire in me!” he exclaimed to the cheering crowd.

Bush said he did not say he was going. “And I am not prepared to go now,” he added. “And if Alden McLaughlin is right and I am out, then so be it, but in the meantime I am the premier; in the meantime I am the leader here.”

The premeir condemned the recent agitation against the ForCayman Investment Alliance, a proposed agreement with the Dart Group, and said that in order for Cayman to make an economic recovery the country had to be stable. But he said the opposition, the independent member and what he described as their  “cohorts and wanna be politicians” were endangering the country with their action. He said that when they “smeared the mud”, they damaged the image of Cayman. He said their reckless speech was damaging the country and the “cave” people were obstructing everything because they knew they would all be lost if his government was successful in its economic policies.

Bush told his supporters that he was concerned about the “self-seeking” action of the opposition and said they had to be more responsible because of the impact this had on the international stage and Cayman’s global image.

Despite being under police investigation himself while remaining head of the government, which many critics say is having a genuine destabilizing and damaging impact on the country’s international image, Bush said it was the opposition, the call for demonstrations and the media such as CNS and the local talk shows which were the problem as he accused them all of not caring how their actions appeared and how it could hurt everyone.

The premiersaid he was not afraid of anyone, “even if they were in the governor’s office”, as he had done nothing wrong and the “truth would come out”, in an oblique reference to the investigation into financial irregularities associated with the premier and the developer Stan Thomas, a former investor and land owner in the Cayman Islands, over a 2004 transaction.

“I am not worried about any accusation against myself. I know myself and where I have come from and where I have been,” he said. “They tried that before, but if your hands are clean the truth will come out at some point. So I am not scared of them. What I am scared of is the height of irresponsibility they are promoting and calling it love of Cayman.”

In his fiery presentation, which looked much more like an election campaign speech than an update on the current projects as billed, Bush listed what he claimed as his many political achievements, adding that he had 27 years of results in politics and described himself as a worker. From the introduction of benefits to veterans to labour rights for workers, the premier spoke about what he had done in comparison to the activists and opposition politicians, who he said had done nothing for the people of the Cayman Islands and were promising a “path to violence” and the destruction of property.

He said destabilization came from “desperate, power-hungry empty vessels with nothing to lose”, who were leading innocent people on a Kamikaze mission.

Bush also took aim at the bureaucratic harassment that he said he was facing from inside government as well as outside. In a familiar criticism of whathe described as "stumbling blocks”, he said that the plan to divest the Water Authority’s sewerage system had stalled and he was determined to find out what had happened. He said the UK had supported efforts to sell assets and the WA board had agreed to put it out to tender.

“I am committed to ascertain where the hold-up is and why it is held up at all,” he said, adding had the project got off the ground more than a 1,000 people would now be employed in that venture. Bush said the auditor general had “audited this” and the CTC had made comments, but “who’s stopping it?” he asked rhetorically. “There is much more to it.”

He said it was part of the whole bureaucratic harassment and believed someone had complained to the auditor general so he would investigate. “But it can’t be held hostage because the people can’t get the business themselves,” he stated.

Bush spoke about the promise of many of the forthcoming projects and other issues that he said his government had achieved. He described the launch of Cayman Enterprise City as a “master stroke” and that the Dr Devi Shetty hospital project was about to go through the planning process. He said his government had attracted interest from investors worth "billions and billions of dollars". Bush also claimed that his government had managed to get the public accounts up to date, despite the fact that the accounts from most of the ministries and portfolios after 2007/2008 have not yet been made public.

Although the premier’s office circulated a flyer about a number of issues, including the port negotiations, there were few new details on the current state of that particular development project. He said government was still negotiating to allow local people to have shares in the upland project and that government had just signed a contract with Luis Ajamil of Bermello & Partners, one of the world’s leading marine architecture and engineering firms, as a consultant on the project.

Check back to CNS later this week for more from the public meeting.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why are we are paying $2300 a piece for full page advertisements in the Compass (placed by the Premiers Office, so the money will come out of the public purse) so that Mac can attack everyone and not stick to discussing what the adverts say will be talked about/announced?

  2. Out of Towner says:

    One thing I will certainly say about the People of West Bay, THEY ARE SMART WHEN IT COMES TO VOTING Do you thinbk that West Bay people are going to vote out Mr Bush :HELL NO

    Mr Bush is the only person right now who can run the country.  If you have anyone eho can do a  better jopb, please expose them no,

    Bush knows what he is doing so it is only because he is a friend of Dart why people are against him.

    But you people cannot see that Dart is a very rich man, and spends his money well in Cayman, so stop Grudging Dart for his money

    m and stop bring spiteful against the Premier, because he has strength.

    • Anonymous says:

      You forgot to comment on the criminal investigation against your beloved Mr. Bush that is screwing this country into neverland with every single passing day. Was that on purpose or are you just plain stupid?

      • Anonymous says:

        Mac is running our country.  Running it into the ground.

        • myview2 says:

          Think he dun run it INTO da ground! Of course he can't see dat far  down from his ivory tower..he wants MORE while we watch & starve!

          Can't think da West Bayers are as good off as they used to be, say 20 years ago! but election soon come, f nothing else. LOL

          You know what dey say bout mac n cheeze…afta all dis time, da sauce gone bad! 

      • Anonymous says:

        Plain stupid seems more like it.  I am exercising my democratic right to state this.

      • Anonymous says:

        His sins are washed away and the investigation is at Mt. Trashmore, never to see the light of day.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr Bush is the only person right now who can run the country??????????????
      You missed a few words at the end of that sentence so I'll fill them in:


      • Out of Towner says:

        09.24  will you Please answer my question, instead of asking me the same question I asked you with a dozen ???????????????? in front of it.  Answer my question, and say who you think is capeable of doing a better Job than Mr. Bush.

        Truly speaking, there is no one, and you are quite aware of it.  Start driving from Kentucky South street, right into West Bay.  Cover all areas.  Come on my friend Mr Bush is giving West Bayers a beautiful district with all they need, they do not even have to come to George Town if they do not want to.    Look at the homes, the offices, recreations, hotels restaurant, clubs, roads, round abouts, and so many more I could name.  Do you see any other district looking so nice, not even George Town.  But why should I grudge him because he looks after his people and sees that his district comes first?   Charity begins at home.

        West Bayers are smart and intelligent people, don't care what anyone may say about them, and they would really be loosing that intelligence if they vote out Mr Bush and his party team.

        The trend he has with his people need not be broken, so if it isnot broken, then it needs no fixing.  What needs to happen is that more of the MLA's need to work with him to continue making Cayman a better Place.    We are the envy of the Caribbean, but many Caymanians are not thinking of how lucky we are.   Many of you, instead of visiting Miami to shop should go to other Caribbean countries, and then you will appreciate, the clean, comfortable peaceful Cayman Islands.   And to the foreign nationals living here, We love you, and wish you would work with us to make Cayman good for all.  I am a Die Hard Bush supporter.   That is my one democratic right, so I will exercise it.

        • Out of Towner says:

          Thats right Mac, dont go anywhere, Give them a run for their money.  Remember I told you that many many years ago when the same little crowd wanted you to step down.  Imagine they are still there hovering over you..

          I always believe if you are going to critize a situation you must have an alternative.  If you do not have an alternative then what hope is there.  Dont throw away the milk if there is no replacement, make cheese.




          • myview2 says:

            Oh Yea! Right!!! That  same 'little' crowd has grown into a nation of disillusioned, neglected Caymanians, so I venture to say, 'the honeymoon is over' and the 'writing is on the wall'.

            The only way Mac can hope to retain his position, and he knows it, is to hold off that rererendum and I certainly hope and pray that he doesn't. Lets see if he really has 'his' people at heart or something else!

            The only district that MAY be supporting him is West Bay and I have to give the young, educated West Bayers the deserved credit of seeing that we really need  unbiased, educated and NEW leadership in order to regain control of our future!
            The OLD career political system and its engineers have worn the wheels off our train and its time to refurbish! C'Mon West Bay, you should want better for your district too!

        • Anonymous says:

          I wasn't answering your question, I was commenting on your statement. Question marks are actually at the end of the sentence, not in front of it and ANYONE would be better to run this country than McKeeva Bush. It is my democratic right to state that and I am exercising it.

        • bart simpson says:

          To all the Mr & Mrs  10:32s of this Island please note the following:


          Don't be led by inflated egos. You are becoming subservient  to one 

          who has reached his  "LEVEL OF INCOMPETENCY"  

          Main while you have my sympathy!!

        • Anonymous says:

          I hope that in 2013 there will be no $500 envelopes driven around  in rented cars being hand delivered.  I don't want a stove, fridge, washer or dryer, my vote is not for sale, lease or rent.

        • Anonymous says:

          It sounds like you’re getting your Han grease or bayer term your yard sanded off etc. You can follow your beloved leader lmao!

        • Anonymous says:

          Please open your eyes Caymanians

        • Kung Fu Iguana says:

          Can we offer you some pretty smooth pebbles or shiny objects in return for your agreement never to vote ever again?

        • Anonymous says:

          My cat has agreed to run for office.  He wants to be Premier.  He will meow meow meow and meow meow.  He did mention meow a few times as well.  Thank you and on election day, please put a X next to KITTY.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope he start giving your houses in west bay and by then it will be too late, there is a saying (keep following the fool further), all of those free fridge, stove etc will not help you then because you won’t have a place to put them lmao!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians we need to unite and look at the picture in the 3D not in 2D,when you vote think of our kids @ their kids kids & what is in best intrest of of the island not or pockets. Let’s join forces & stop the fighting each ohhet.We are all one people, Caymanians!!!

  4. Mushroom1 says:

    After attending ump-teen of Mr. bushes so called meetings I decideded not to waste the $25 bucks on a sitter to hear more non-information about the port. SOOO glad I saved my money.

  5. Dred says:

    You know that's really too bad….cause we are really ready to see you go…

    And as the saying goes…don't make the door hit yah where the good Lord……..yah.

    • !Anonymous says:

      There are courses available that would help you express yourself with more impact. But I get your point.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey, calling the people in West Bay dumb only means one thing and that is your blissfully ignorant.  We need to get away from that and see that we are all in this together.  We shouldn't be putting up walls against each other.  In the end we all suffer if we can't see that then improvement in our islands will be far more challenging.  We should be trying to encourage our people to think for themselves and to think far beyond a new fridge etc.  Ya know the saying teach a man how to fish and he will never go hungry.  Any how that's all for now. 

    • anonymous says:

      Well, first you call us ignorant, and then ask us to join you? Really?

    • !Anonymous says:

      This West Bayer would like you to check your post regarding your and you're. Which one did you mean to use?

    • Anonymous says:

      You are right. No one on earth has the right to call a whole district of thousands of people dumb. There are intelligent, and not so intelligent, and yes even dumb people anywhere you go in this world. I am from Bodden Town and I did NOT vote for the UDP because I consider myself intelligent enough to read between the lines. The fact is West Bay AND Bodden Town AND George Town are ALL responsible for electing the sick excuse for a government that we have in this country today. Thankfully we have decent, honest, upright, caring, intelligent people like Alden McLaughlin and Ezzard Miller and Arden McLean who are very seriously hell bent on actually EARNING their salaries by CHANGING that and rescuing this country from the frightening jaws of evil. Lets get behind these people and support them with everything we have for the good of our country and our people. Do not be misguided by the very few diehard UDP supporters we have left in this country that we have no choice but McKeeva Bush. We DO have better choices, and that could never possibly be more clear to anyone who will very simply open their eyes to see and their brains to think rather than simply being herded like cows over the edge of a cliff very simply at the promise of a little fresh grass. Deception is the hallmark of the UDP and when all is said and done they MUST be given credit for being the very best at that. WAKE UP, West Bayers and Bodden Towners and George Towners, you are not dumb. You were simply decieved by the very best in the business. We very simply CANNOT continue to to allow ourselves to be decieved in this country to all our detriments and in the sick, misguided interests of a very few. Wake up Cayman. It is time to WAKE UP CAYMAN.   

      • At the Cross Road says:

        07:49  You may be a Bodden Towner, but I will like to ask you this one thing, Who?  out of all those vieing for the Crown of Premier can do a better job.

        Listen to this,  Mr Bush can say;

        "I am a better man than you, and West Bay know that its true"

        I am a betta man than you and PPM know of that too"

        "I am a betta man than you Cayman Island know that it's true"

        So will you please tell me who else can sing that tune.

        We are not moving McKeeva Bush…………………………..


        • Anonymous says:

          No you're not. You're not smart enough for that. We're moving him though.

        • Stating the obvious says:

          Who?  out of all those vieing for the Crown of Premier can do a better job.

          Even the annoying rooster outside my house could do a better job!

          Why don't you pull out a copy of the electorial databse, all the names on it could  also do a better job than Bush

          • Anonymous says:

            He did say he's at the cross road. Maybe he'll come to his senses after all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actions speaks louder than words that is why I said what I said about ( bayers being dumb), you are following your beloved leader keke and look at what is happening, your beautiful 7mile beach has been giving away for swamp lmao!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mac, Cayman has three words for you; one from each island. "GO! GO! GO!"

    • Empty Chair says:

      Mac says "I'm not prepared to go." Ohhhh, Poor thing. He had better get prepared to go because he no longer has a choice, we will see to it that he goes; he & his UDP cohorts, all of them! After three years they have accomplished nothing. They have failed us miserably & they shall all go.

    • Kung Fu Iguana says:

      I think that sentiment can be summed up better in two words.

    • anonymous says:

      No.  No. No. Who then? If he goes, goes, goes, investors flee, flee, flee.

    • Anonymous says:

      What will we eat,eat, eat?    Greece, Greece, Greece?

    • Anonymous says:

      Urr… you DO realize that GREECE is a country and not a cooking fat right???

  8. Anonymous says:

    My advice to you Mr. Premier is that it is better to go prepared than unprepared, but go you will.  

    • Anonymous says:

      FACT CHECK……We have protested as far as I can recall,

      Atlantis Sub Site on the waterfront.

      Hyatt and walkway>



      Caymana Bay (Where as far as I can tell< the detractors take their kids every weekend.)

      Runway extention

      6 stories in town or SMB


      Yacht Club

      Red Sail Sports

      Busses over  10 persons

      Any golf course whatsoever

      AND I COULD GO ON……..To reverse this< I recommend a one child poicy and closed borders, immediately. Galleon and Royal Palms should have been desinated historical sites!!!! See how silly you all sound?!

      • !Anonymous says:

        And remember< Airtours from UK????Horrors!!!!!! Beginning of the end! Gay Cruise ships!!!!!OHHHH NOOOOO!

    • !Anonymous says:

      And your replacement is……………..(drum roll)

  9. SKEPTICAL says:

    Maybe he has been told to go by a higher authority, so that they can get on with the admitted investigation of alleged financial irregularities, BUT, without the international embarrassment of possibly having to remove an elected member of the LA, let alone the Premier.

  10. A True Caymanian who wants the best for this country says:

    I know that Premier Bush has done alot of things recently that may piss off us Caymanians, but, please remember that he and the UDP have truly taken Cayman out of a very bad financial situation brought on by the economic downturn and made horrifying worst by the PPM government.  The PPM did nothing while they were in office andwill still do nothing as they have not got the political experience or knowledge to get Cayman back to where it used to be.  I do not agree with MAC selling our property to Dart and this should stop but please remember that if Cayman does not attract investors we will all be in a totally devastating boat.  MAC you and your government do not need to allow Dart to close our roads.  Dart needs to abide by the same rules and laws that all previous investors did. 

    • Knot S Smart says:

      You #&@$*g Nit-Wit!……

      • Anonymous says:

        You're smarter than you think. Unfortunately that guy up there is not nearly as smart as he thinks.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is no objective evidence that Bush and his government have taken Cayman out of a very bad financial situation. It is all smoke and mirrors designed to make the gullible feel that he is their saviour and irreplaceable. You simply cannot move from a $81m deficit to a $20m surplus in two years withour massive spending cuts and there were none. I believe that both figures are bogus.

    • Anonymous says:


      How do you know what financial position we were in if the Financial Secretary financial reports cannot be taken to Fosters for grocery?


  11. Old Sea Captain says:

    As the countrys' first Premier you are leaving behind a legacy of total and complete failure. The bell tower that you propose to build in your honour before leaving will be a testament to your achievements during your four years, if you manage to complete them, in office. This is all that you will be able to show to your grandchildren that you have achieved. All we will need to do to forget your tenure will be to dismantle this tower and take it to the George Town dump where it will be buried with garbage where it belongs. The first candidate in the next elections that includes in their manifesto a pledge to remove this nonsense from our landscape has my vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you!  No more public money spent on religion.  It's an inappropriate diversion of public funds that is offensive to the majority of the country.  Churches should be supported in their role as community builders but not just for the sake of it, and according to need.  And this bell tower is an insult to the very valuable and important site where they propose to build it.

    • !Anonymous says:

      Run for office!!!!!!That's your right!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush your words is like salt in a fresh wound you stood up and told the public that you where going to give the younger people a chance and now you aint prepared to Go .Not sure if you prepared to go or not but the people of this Islands is Fed up with you and theres no IF & BUTS about that.

  13. Anonymous says:

    > "I'm not prepared to go…"


    Spoken like a true dictator.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well you do have a vote. right? Then hush.


    • Anonymous says:

      As we know, the will of the Caymanian people means nothing to McKeeva Bush.

      • !Anonymous says:

        It obviously does matter, his party won a majority vote. If you did not vote, you can not fuss.

        • Anonymous says:

          More people voted for the PPM and Independents combined. Check it out. #truestory

    • Caymanian & Used to be proud of it. says:

      Your closing words are the most sensible I have read so far.  I have said via this medium that the premier is really a "dictator wanna be".  The Cayman Islands are too tiny to have all these huge pipe dreams.  We need someone who wants to keep our "used to be paradise" free of a communist invasion and  the premier needs to tell the truth about why he is commandeering the steps he is taking without the input of the people.  He is just as much a dictator as was Fidel and Hugo.


      • Monkey Uncle says:

        Caymanian and used to be proud of it, cannot you see that Fidel is a Great Leader, In fact one of the greatest I have known. Obviously you knows nothing about the ruling in Cuba, because that Country is well ruled,  Cayman could never have good rulership like Cuba.  Dictatorship?  Visit Cuba and have anything bad to say about Fidel, and see how fast your ass will go to jail.

        If Bush is like him, then I say he is a great leader, and we need him.

        • Anonymous says:

          So you would like McKeeva to have dictatorial powersso that anyone who says anything bad about him could be thrown in jail and for you that is a well run country. Either that was deeply sarcastic or you are incredibly stupid. 

        • anonymous says:

          Instead of Monkey Uncle, your name should be Horses' A$$..

  14. Anonymous says:

    Out with the boy named sue, Cayman.

  15. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva is obviously blissfully unaware of the fact that he has seriously pissed off ninety five percent of the folks that voted him in by taking away their road, or that only a district full of total and complete idiots would vote to re-elect a Premier with an impending criminal investigation over his head. That he should even be allowed to run for election with this matter unresolved is unthinkable and would most certainly be an affront of the highest order to the intelligent people of this country. Get prepared Mr. Premier, you're history, sir. Thank God Almighty for that.

    • Anonymous says:

      True. How would he be allowed to stand for election when under investigation by the Police?? What does the Elections Law say about that?


      Anybody got an Elections Law i could borrow?

    • Mushroom1 says:

      Really? Do you think our electorate is that keen? Many Bayers would vote Mac back in for a free pack of gum!
      Too many are ‘blind-eyed’ parents to wanna be gagstas, who would sell their country for a tin of sausages and a pack of saltines.

    • !Anonymous says:

      Read your post again, and remind us of your intelligence….What did you do for your community today?

      • Anonymous says:

        I read my post again, and I would like to remind you of my intelligence. Please read my post again.

    • Theo says:

      And you will also be history 09:50 when Udp wins the next election

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank goodness I won't be the kind of history the UDP ic creating.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Your reasoning makes sense to me.


    Why would any politician who is collecting a salary and a pension at the same time want to quit?  Quitting would only reduce your income by 50% and nobody wants to take a pay cut.  Stay in office and continue to travel the world on the working man's dime.  You may be XXXX, but your not stupid when it comes to making a good living.  After all, that's what politicians do best.

  17. Anonymous says:

    at 19:14 …. you want him to break Dart too? Dart is no dummy!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I get better information regarding the state of Cayman from Rundown.


    Rundown is much more truthful.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Keke will always get in because the west bayers are dumb and they are brain washed by this man, it is sad but true lol

    • Anonymous says:

      No…..West Bayers are not "dumb" or brainwashed And we also know where to capitalize and punctuate. And courses are available locally.

  20. Anonymous says:

    It would be interesting to know the breakdown of the 1000 jobs that would have been created if the Water Authority's Sewerage system was divested.  We then should look at the unemployed persons to see how many Caymanians would be suitable to fill these positions.  A breakdown of the industries or jobs that the unemployed Caymanians can fill would better assist  in deciding what type of jobs we need to create for the unemployed.  For example, If we have 2000 unemployed Caymanians and 100 are construction workers creating jobs for 1000 construcion workers would not help that many of the other 1900 unemployed persons.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very good point.

    • ChrisJohnson says:

      I do find the creation of 1000 jobs rather fascinating. Assuming someone pays their salaries then presumably this cost is passed on with a profit to the public. However I donot believe the public can afford it. The alternative is to cut costs of the Water Authority but I suspect that this will be a drop in the bucket so to speak.
      Something does not add up up here.

  21. The Crown says:

    Well you should prepare den..

  22. Anonymous says:

    Macdictator you are as good as GONE….like it or not….you are NOT in control of that fact.  Wish I could say goodbye in Chinese!!!!!  And for those of you who still follow and support him, you will be greatly disappointed when his empire crumbles so stock up on kleenex….

  23. WillYaListen! says:

    So much money. So little time.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Yes Mac has attracted people with Billions of Dollars to these islands! For instance Dr. Shetty! Only probelem is the Government has committed to millions of dollars in concessions, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars making new laws and regulations and other COB. Bu Shetty has gone from a 2000 bed hospital to 140 bed hospital, he has not bought the land for the hospital, and we do not know for sure he will even be operating a hospital in Cayman. I think there is more chance that I will find gold under a rainbow than Shetty will be operating a Hospital in Cayman. Have we not heard enough about this Shetty dude? What is his problem? Why has his hospital has not commenced construction as yet?

    Mac please stop looking for sympathy it is unethical!


    CNS note: The land for the proposed hospital has been purchased.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would be surprised if any cash has actually been swapped between Imparato and Shetty for the land in question. Just deals …. The Title to that land I would think is still with Imparato; who was placated ( after the ship dock got denied) with a promise of acess the shetty war chest.

      I would be surprised if Shetty actually has the money lined up to start this overly ambitious project. His plan likely was – let's change all the tort laws…now let's go look for an investor. He's cashing on his brand … another example of a project of smoke/mirrors and wool in your eyes .

      • Anonymous says:

        Imparato always said he wanted to develop … now he can … just around the hospital instead of the dock. Who fool now huh? Not Imparato … just ol' Arden!

        • Anonymous says:

          Arden was opposing the cargo port. He achieved his objective. He is not against every kind of development in EE.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Mac – u do not have to attend every argument you're invited to. Your reaction to every little comment only validates what every1, well the smarter bunch of us feel – you belong in pre-school with the toddlers or in high school with the chicks arguing over over who stole their boyfriend. Grow up and step down…politics is not for you.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are just silly.  and mean spirited. Higher Education and travel could be of benefit.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Better prepare to go perhaps China !!!!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I don't understand why he doesn't want to go….I am sure Dart has a good job waiting for him….I mean he is working   for Dart now while he is in office,isn't he, or at least it sure seems that way with him giving everything  to Dart that Dart wants.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Same old bluster without substance.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Judging from his eyes in the photo he must have done an overnighter from China or is there something more sinister afoot.?

  30. Anonymous says:

    So he says the opposition is trying to de-stabilise the country.  I think he has done a pretty good job of that himself.  He didn't need any help as an autocrat.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone ask what our budget deficit is? There are little birdies, possibly Cayman parotts that are saying it is in the neighborhood of clost to 65 million as a deficit……oh the webs we weave.

    • Anonymous says:

      He has to get to 81 million before elections. That's the only way he will ever prove himself right about the PPM.

    • !Anonymous says:

      Well give Kurt and Alden a big ole sloppy kiss for that!

  32. Anonymous says:

    what a putz

  33. Anonymous says:

    CNS: please don't give us anymore updates on that meeting.  Our computers will explode with from McKeeva's BS.

  34. Anonymous says:

    A crowd of over 100 people? That leaves about 7,800 that Kim Jong Mac can consider for removal from the Pauper List for not showing up to cheer.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Caymanians are smart enough to know that the loyalty to the leader and party does not bode well at all times, and they can depart from both when they have had enough.

    Such is the case with the intended road closure of West Bay road, where the people have clearly spoken that this is not what they want. Yet the government of the day are proceeding like a petition and demonstrations do not mean anything.

    When people do not listen and are 'hard-headed' , WestBayers have a saying " if you can't hear you mus feel". Lets hope that the people concerned will listen and compromise before it is too late otherwise they will most certainly feel in May 2013.

    An interesting view of this topic is shown by our neighbours in today's editorial of the Jamaica Observer.

  36. Anonymous says:

    A desperate plea from a drowning man. I thought the meeting was supposed to be about the port fiasco?

  37. Anonymous says:

    A crowd of over one hundred prople? Wow, that's very encouraging indeed. Obviously some people were expecting that freebies would be handing out. Just because you're not prepared to go doesn't mean you're not going, Mr Premier. "The truth will come out at some point"? Why not very simply bring the truth out and rescue your previously untarnished political record, and salvage the Cayman Islands' image on the world stage, and regain some support for youself from the local electorate since you're "not prepared to go"? WHY, Mr Bush?  

  38. Kung Fu Iguana says:

    Has he been learning from North Korea instead of China?

  39. so Anonymous says:

    Could someone please translate that into something meaningful? A real man would just say sorry and walk away.

  40. Annoyed says:

    Now That is my Bushie.  A man of Wisdom. Do not get distracted, just get the jobs rolling and keep attracting more investors.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry, which investors are these?  Apart from Dart — who was on his doorstep — there has been NO inward investment of any kind during the Premier's term in office.

    • Kung Fu Iguana says:

      We need a sarcasm font.  The type of die-hard Bayer who votes party right down to Captain Eugene probably thinks you are serious.

    • Anonymous says:

      That's an oxymoron. You cannot be a bushie and a man of wisdom too.

  41. Anonymous says:

    As usual Mac does not defend his goals he simple runs down those who disagree with him.  His plans do not have merit enough to stand on their own so he has no choice but to attack those who disagree with him. 

    He is a very small person with power issues.   I would suggest counseling.  He does not " Play well with others!"

  42. Anonymous says:

    With all due respect you are not a leader

    You do not lead you dictate.

  43. McCarron McLaughlin says:

    Well the election campaign has officially began! Let's go people we need to give our elected reps the one man one vote gift come May 2013.

    • Anonymous says:

      True dat – now we can see how many of the people who are 'Truely For Cayman" … are, or are they "Truley for their own political aspirations." Lets see how many of them are gonna run …

  44. Anonymous says:

    Mr Bush can take heart from the fact that his new Chief of Staff Leonard Dilbert will confidently cut his way through all the red tape and make sure the Premier's policies are implemented.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wed 11:37, Mr Dilbert needs to first release the Infrastructure Report he was sent to the ministry by Mac to produce way back just after the general election. Then he can start on his new tasks.I suspect the result will be the same.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Worst news today.

  46. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    That is what megalomaniacs do stand fast protecting his ship of fools. Question is will his fools continue to follow thier master over the edge?

  47. Time to go says:

    He may not want to go but we sending him. bye bye

    • Anonymous says:

      Bush doesn't want to go ~ and we keeping him in! No body can tell a West Bayer how to vote and that's what is pissing off the PPM supporters on this site. 

      We love our Premier in West Bay and until somebody worthy enough comes along that can replace him, we voting him back in until he says that it's over and he hangs up his gloves.

      • Anonymous says:

        We are quite confident that it cannot possibly be the mentality of the average West Bayer to want to keep a Premier with a substantial criminal investigation on his agenda, or indeed one with "our Premier's" reputation running our country. Surely there cannot be more than one West Bayer THAT stupid. Otherwise God have mercy on us all.

      • Bling man says:

        Speak for yorself Mon.   I not votin for him again!

      • Anonymous says:

        Speak for yourself.  I don't think we all feel the way you do.  Some of us have removed the blinkers and see clearly now.

  48. Dred says:


  49. Anonymous says:

    Same ole, same ole, pot calling the kettle.  Everything he accuses others of  he is equally guilty of himself and was manifested through his own actions and incompetence.  Watching the leadership of Cayman is like watching a never-ending punch and judy show… SMH.

    Perhaps if he had adopted a more conscientious, reasoned, financially astute and democratic role as Premier, little or none of this conflict we have witnessed during his Premiership would have occurred.

    I have no sympathy or support, just lose more hope with every word he utters…

  50. CountryNotSelf says:

    Luis Ajamil was who Decco was using when they were involved with the dock. He liked to use catchy words like "gamechanger".  All Decco ever came up with in 12 months was pretty pictures.

    In 4 months, GLF produced properly engineered drawings whose design was tested and approved by both Carnival and Royal Caribbean captains. 

    We also now know due to our government having admitted to paying GLF millions of dollars to avoid an even bigger lawsuit, that they definitely had "positive proof" of their ability to finance the project! 

  51. A member of the voting public says:

    To me, at least, Mac sounds a bit miffed, even annoyed. It must be difficult  to accept that changes such as the adoption of "one man one vote" are outside of  any sphere of political determination, but instead in the hands of the public.The public, via a referendum, are seemingly getting set to decide the desired structure of our electoral representation, as it should be. Hopefully we'll see a lot of new talent standing for election in the upcoming single-member constituencies, but at the very least each and every candidate (including the two party's leaders) will have to undergo the public's scrutiny in a way many have never had to before, which can only lead to a stronger legislature, surely.

  52. Anonymously IRON CLAD says:

    Oh Boy… Here goes the Cayman Gaddafi. " I'm not prepared to go".

    Now that should "stir the CURRENT fire in ALL of us!! Does it not?

  53. Anonymous says:

    Am glad that the Premier spoke about his grief as this must have been some dark days for him at the time.  I can well imagine his doubts about his political future as he was ravaged with unbeleivable pain from the loss of his beloved baby.

    But God knows the heart of everyone, and no matter the crticisms, at the end of the day, Bush is the best person to lead the island forward.

    God bless you Mr. Bush ~ and I look forward to giving you my vote next year!! 

    Never give up ` Never give in, NO!   Trust in the Lord, He will deliver you.



    • Anonymous says:

      I cannot give you a thumbs up for your last two paragraphs as you are brainwashed by the UDP nonsense.

      I would however, not wish the loss of a child on anyone but please do not try to use this to garner votes for the man who has ruined our country.



    • Anonymous says:

      9.35. The question should be,"if the electorate trusts in the Lord, will he deliver us?" Or does God take his orders from Mr Bush now?

    • bart simpson says:

      MR. BUSH IS THE BEST PERSON TO LEAD OUR ISLAND FORWARD?  Don't you realize that  when one jumps off a cliff to commit suicide they are moving forward.  Going forward isn't always a good thing, and people with huge egos tend to move forward even when warned of the precipice that looms ahead. It's a trend of all dictators and Mr. bush is no different. You Sir. / Madam  perhaps should take the time to wipe the brown off your nose , and then perhaps you will   see the the precipice ahead and the disaster that awaits if you don't change the course you're on. 

      • B.B.L. Brown says:

        Bart, I can't give you more than a "thumbs up" for your comment but it's the best one I've read in quite a spell!

    • Anonymous says:

      The Lord has got a whole lot of delivering to do.

  54. Knot S Smart says:

    I am going to start a factory to make white paint from marl and water.

    It will be finished around the same time as the Chinese complete the building of the port.

    In fact I just sent the documentation over to Govt to get my tax concessions.

    And you will hear all about it at the next meeting…

  55. Anonymous says:

    wow….even worse than i was expecting……

    • Anonymous says:

      If you're going to keep up with McKeeva, you'll have to keep expecting worse.