TCI to amend laws for “good governance”

| 22/02/2012

delton-jones (238x300).jpg(CNS): Officials in the Turks and Caicos Islands have said that the interim government has launched a new white paper summarizing proposed new and amended pieces of legislation to guide the future governance in the islands for public review. The document circulated on Monday was prepared by the EU funded Legislative Review project team and is about addressing “deficiencies and gaps in laws which are key to the governance process in the TCI” and developing more efficient and transparent modes of operation for the public sector, the governor’s office spokesperson said.

This white paper was described bythe UK officials as a step towards helping TCI meet one of the key milestones for a return to elected government. The review and reform exercise should result in new laws which are compatible with the new constitution and with regional and international treaty obligations, the authorities stated in a release.

The Territorial Authorizing Officer for the EU funded Project is the Turks and Caicos Islands Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Chairman of the Project Working Group, Delton Jones (above).

"The project is an important input to on-going efforts to elevate public sector management through the institution of a series of political, economic and social development projects aimed at helping to restore the economic viability and good governance of the TCI,” Jones said, noting that it was one component of a wider initiative of stabilization and development towards a path of “greater financial viability and sustainability” that the TCI interim government is undertaking.

“I hope the populace would embrace the opportunity to make an input into the final laws through the consultative progress that is integral to the project,” Jones added.

The document was drawn up by a committee headed by Professor Rose-Marie Antoine, which spent several months with senior government professionals, its advisors, and special interest groups on a wide range of areas, touching all government ministries. The White Paper gives the public an insight into the policy issues involved, analysis of the issues and possible legislative direction being taken and a basis for consultation on these new laws.

The key areas targeted for review and reform are:

Regulation of Healthcare Facilities and Health Professionals
Trafficking in Persons
Regulation of Crown Land
Integrity in Public Life
Creation of a Fractional Ownership Scheme
Improvements to the Land Registry
Juvenile Justice,  the Rights of the Child and Adoption
Family Law and Domestic Violence law
Public Service Reform
Environment, including Public Health, Agriculture, Aquaculture and Waste Management
Labour and Industrial Relations
Upgrade of the International  Financial Sector
Companies, Commercial Entities and Investment
Oversight to Implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT)
Stamp Duty

See white paper below.

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  1. Benny Hill says:

    All of which apply to Cayman.