Jamaica to introduce 5-year crime plan

| 23/02/2012

35420peterbunting_300.jpg(Jamaica Observer): A National Security Policy to tackle Jamaica’s ballooning crime rate with an intent to reduce murders from the current three per day to less than one over the next five years is to be made public next month, National Security Minister Peter Bunting announced yesterday. The announcement comes in the wake of police statistics which show that 165 persons have been murdered in the first seven weeks of this year, 30 more than the corresponding period last year. But according to Bunting, the plan is to reduce crime to first world levels by 2017. For this to be achieved, Bunting said, the murder rate will have to fall from the 41 per 100,000 ratio in 2011 to 12 per 100,000.

This, he added further, would result in the maximum number of murders being 321, which would be less than one per day.

"We are now slightly over three murders per day, which means we need to reduce murders by 134 per year over the next five years," Bunting told journalists at a special Jamaica House Press Briefing in Kingston.

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  1. and OUR plan is ??? says:

    Please Cayman, Instead of criticizing another country for actually PLANNING —admitting, and working towards a reduction of crime, perhaps we should be asking our government what our PLAN is in light of our own crime stats.  Let's  not kid our selves by blaming nationals of other countries, cause we have some home grown problems too! 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Boy – Jamaica to our left and Honduras to the right — BOTH are murder capitals of the world.

    No wonder Cayman is gone!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Our criminals seem to have , and are executing , their own 5 year crime plan.  Very sucessfully, I might add.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Em this idea is rather far fetched. Sadly Jamaica the country with all its beauty, mountains, rivers and rich culture has been crime ridden for many, many years. You would have to adjust the mind set of at least 60% of the nation who are criminal minded in one way or the other and my estimated 60% might even be too low. I know some very hard working decent Jamaican's but the bad ones have surely left their mark on that country's reputation. Too bad, it could be the perfect place to live and retire if it weren't for the crime.

    • Richard Brown says:

      I wonder how you can say without evidence that more than 60 percent of Jamaica's population is criminal minded…I mean if it makes you feel better about Cayman's rising crime rate, then i guess you should.  There is a robbery reported in the Cayman Islands almost everyday…violent robbery..y'all have a population of 50,000? I mean…those who live in glass house shouldn't throw rocks. No rational person would agree with your illogical assessment.

  5. Anonymous says:

    To increase or decrease? You mean a 5 year corruption plan?