Barber shop robbed in WB

| 24/02/2012

crime-scene-tape.jpg(CNS): Updated with descriptions — Police have confirmed that a West Bay barber shop was robbed on Thursday evening by two men. According to an RCIPS report, the men entered the shop on West Church Street at about 7:30pm and demanded cash from staff at the shop. The police said that one of the robbers was believed to be armed with a gun. After taking an undisclosed sum of cash, the two villains made their escape, presumably on foot. One of the robbers is described as being around 5’ 6” in height, medium brown complexion with a heavy / fat build. He was wearing a long sleeved dark top, dark jeans, gloves and had a black t-shirt wrapped over his face and head.

The second robber was around 5’10” – 6’, with braided hair and very slim build, wearing a long sleeved grey top, jeans, gloves and a grey/black t-shirt over his face and head.

He spoke with what has been described as a Caymanian-Jamaican accent.

No shots were fired and no one was injured during the hold-up. Investigations into the incident have commenced

This is the eleventh robbery of 2012 and comes just over one week after several men were robbed while playing dominoes outside a home in the Swamp in George Town.

Anyone with information on the latest heist is asked to call RCIPS Tip-Line on 949-7777. People wishing to provide information, but who would like to remain anonymous, are asked to use CRIME STOPPERS at 800-8477 (TIPS) or leave an online tip by going to the crimstoppers web site

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  1. insane says:


    Monkey Uncle

    You don't need to say sorry man. It was just a comment.
    I loved your point and I just wanted to highlight some points.

    I have a lot of respect for many people that ad their comments here.
    Mostly are good, but some people are here to joke around.


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  2. NeoSurvivor says:

    When will this stop?   

    a)  When Police are TRAINED, armed and walking a beat with radio comms.    Shiny, new SUVs and trucks are spiffy, but probably not the best investment for solving violent crime.  


    b) When law-abiding citizens are allowed to receive TRAINING, and are LICENSED to carry weapons.   I firmly believe that licensing is necessary in order to ensure that specific weapons are the responsibility of the person they are issued to, as well as to provide a framework for vetting the receipient of said weapons has not been convicted of a serious crime and are a resident/Caymanian/Status Holder.  


    c)  Never, if we keep applying the same solution to the same problem.  


    I can't be any clearer than that.  

  3. Bobby Joe says:

    I see it for every business in the Cayman Islands.

    They should request to have an armed police officer on their premises 24/7 so therefore they can be present on the scene and if someone if stupid enough to still consider robbing a business with an armed police officer present then right when they exit the business the offficer can arrest them and maybe that can help decrease the crime rate within Grand Cayman because after all the police just drive up and down all blessing day and do nothing no wonder why the crime rate is sky rocketing.  

    • Anonymous says:

      If i saw armed guards in a shop I would not go into it.

      If the tourism industry got wind of it, there would be no more tourists shopping either.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the police has to monitor what other activities takes place in these Barber shops, other than Cutting hairs, braiding hair, dying hairs etc etc.  Some of these entities are used for promoting other monetary activities. They ALL needs to be fully inspected on a monthly basis by an inspector. Any wonder we have so many of them?  Things that makes you go hmmmmmmm!  Same goes for the churches! Monitor! Monitor! & Monitor!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I believe that now the police are combing the area.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am a "visitor" to Grand Cayman, we spend 4-5 weeks there each year. Honestly, the crime seems to be out of control. Consequently we are being very careful where we travel on the Island and when we travel. We bought a timeshare on Grand Cayman because we thought it was safe for our family. Now we are very reluctant to go to the West End and Georgetown after sunset.  I am probably not the only visitor who is concerned. If the crime is not controlled the local business will be negatively impacted. That is not good for the entire economy. Please take note and get the offenders off the streets.

    • Sweeny Todd says:

      Now you are just splitting hairs.

    • Reality Check says:

      There is no reason to go to George Town after sunset anyway.  There is never a reason to go to West Bay at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      West End is in Cayman Brac.  We are safe so come on over.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Close shave! Seriously – wasn't this daylight robbery just a block away and on the same street as the W Bay Police Station??

    STILL no beat officers at work…

    Hmmm, where did all those Million$ go – to pay for air-conditioned cars?

    Thankfully the barber's number wasn't up this week and no one was hurt!

  8. Simple days says:

    The facts cannot lie, take a looks at the gun crime committed in cayman… more data will need to gathered to be able to compare to previous years to see the true meaning but it is a start…


    January 6th 9:50pm Pizza delivery man robbed                  6              6.00

    January 9th 8:30pm Gunmen rob GT pharmacy                  9              4.50

    January 15th 2:06am Man robbed outside own home          15           5.00       

    January 15th 6:53pm Robbers hit West Bay house             15           3.75       

    January 17th 7:25pm Robbers in 3rd doorstep heist            17           3.40       

    January 20th 2:30pm Man shot near Countryside                20           3.33       

    January 22nd 4:30am Cops house shot up in WB               22           3.14       

    January 25th 9:30pm Pizzaman escapes gunman robbery   25           3.13       

    January 31st 3:55am Early morning robbery                       31           3.44       

    February 2nd 2:30am Armed burglary terror                        33           3.30       

    February 7th 12:30am Robbers take cash and car              38           3.45       

    February 12th 8:30pm Teen robbers hold up store              43           3.58       

    February 13th 11:40pm Domino players robbed                 44           3.38       

    February 22nd 3:00am Two men shot at nightclub              53           3.79       

    February 23rd 7:30pm Barber shop robbed in WB              54           3.60       


    3.79        Average Days per gun crime


  9. Al. Capella says:

    Just the two of them, sure it wasn't a quartet?


  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey CNS you could save lots of time and just cut and paste these reports.  The only thing you would have to change is the name of the business and some minor details.  Here I can do it for you:

    Police have confirmed that [INSERT NAME OF BUSINESS] was robbed on [THURSDAY EVENING/ FRIDAY AROUND MIDDAY] by two men.  Police said [ONE/ BOTH] of the men was believed to be carrying a pistol. After taking an undisclosed sum of cash the men made off [ON FOOT/ IN A DARK HONDA CIVIC]. No description of the robbers [OR THE VEHICLE] was provided by RCIPS and no arrests [OR ENQUIRIES] have been made.

    Perhaps you could add "this crime will never be solved or in mentioned ever again".


  11. Anonymous says:

    What else can anyone expect?

    So long as the police remain sitting in their air conditioned cars our petty criminals are free to run circles around them. Why should they have any respect at all for the police?

    Do we really want our police to be the laughing stock of the country? Please get them out of their cars and onto the streets where they might be able to do some good.


  12. No money no honey says:

    Wow! Bow wow. Time for pow pow. Legalize businesses to have guns to protect their properties, staff and customers from these low life lazy thiefing bums. 

  13. Monkey Uncle says:

    The poor little barbers, how much money they make?  I do not believed they make 100.00 for the days work,  why robb them?

    I would like to know why dont the Oremier or the Governor which ever is responsible, give the Police more teeth,  Meaning allow their arms to stretch wide to spprehrnd these criminals.

    • Anonymous says:

      New laws passed and 4.5 million in funds! Serious crimes task force?

    • insane says:

      Monkey Uncle.

      I'm with you in all aspects, except one, that they make 100.00 for the day.
      Barbers they made a lot of money as they always have customers, lets say a barber shop have 2 barbers if they charge 10ci per person "average" they reach that amount with 10 customers, 5 customers per barber and we all know they have way more than that.
      The problem I see is the robbers they don't care how much money they will get, all they want is a easy target "barbers" that keep their money on their pocketsor on the drawers. Most probably the money will go for drugs so every dollar count for them.
      Police can't prevent a robbery but they could have more respect if they have proper equipment "gun, pepper spray, baton, stun baton, taser gun and more" these equipment will give them respect if they can use when needed. Proper training is needed for any of the equip mentioned.

      With all this, all we hope is when the robbers are up to do something, they think twice.

      • Monkey Uncle says:

        Sorry insane 08;03, what I really meant, when I refered to the 100.00 one hundred dollars I am refering to their personal salary , not what they make for the company for the day.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      I think the question should be why not Rob them, after all no one is going to do anything about it and there was really no harm done as long as no one was hirt and not shots were fired. Isn't that the Caymanian way to handle crime.

    • Savannah Resident says:

      I'm tired of hearing about this argument regarding the police needing more resources.  As it currently stands, Cayman has one of the highest police civilian ratio's in the world yet crime committed continues to escalade?  Let us as a country address the white elephant in the room.  We need to stop throwing money at the police force.  We need upper management within the RCIP to take control, lead by example, train and educate all members of staff ranging from beat officers right up to the COP.  The current methodology employed for crime solving is not working.  

      Furthermore,   re-employing ex Scotland yard police staff is not in the best interest of our island, why?  Increased staffing cost, lack of understanding of criminal activities for Island vs. metropolitan criminals (although some aspects do overlap) and reduction in patrol officers to compensate for larger salaries of sergeants.   We need uniform police to patrol the street and interact with members within the community. 

      The solution to these problems should and can be resolved by the National Security Council.  Crime is solved by local knowledge, this is known and employed every where worldwide other than Cayman.  Topology, criminal patterns and behaviors are best understood by locals.  We need a drastic change now so that one day in the near future the community will have restored faith in the RCIP. 

      Lastly, I must commend the hard working individuals within the RCIP who working tireless against and strive to resolve crime although the RCIP public opinion is very negative.  Keep up the good work, your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

      My two cents

      • Anonymous says:

        Here is the problem, its this easy to figure out;

        The majority of robberies happen on Thursdays and Fridays, why? Becasue the perpetrators leave on the next flight out on the weekend.

        Step up the searches at the airport following robberies, simple. Anyone who fits the descriptions of the robbers is targeted and if they have any cash close to the amount stolen, detain them. If they bought the ticket the day before or the day of the robbery, detain them.

        They are getting away with this becasue they are leaving the island right after the crime.

        • Anonymous says:

          Could it be some of those give-away status grants.  HE He  He.

        • Reality Check says:

          Stop people wearing black and white striped shirts and carrying bags with "Swag" marked on them.

    • Bueller says:

      Why rob them? There could be a 'number' of reasons 😉