Mac aims to usurp petition

| 24/02/2012

mac 2 (237x300).jpg(CNS): In the face of mounting signatures on the petition for a people initiated referendum on one man, one vote, the premier announced Friday evening that government would hold the national ballot at the same time as the 2013 May General Election. Despite the petition organiser's goal to trigger a legally binding people's referendum by November so that the next general election would be based on single member constituencies, the premier has pointed to cost and the opposition leader’s alleged failure to support the idea of a referendum before the election as reasons to hold the ballot next year.

Bush said in a short statement released to the press that “the United Democratic Party government will hold a referendum on ‘one man, one vote’ at the May 2013 general election.”

He added that this was a previously stated position of the UDP and the benefits of holding the referendum as part of the general election next year would avoid duplicating “costs at a time when there is tremendous pressure on public finances.” The premier stated that if the one man, one vote passed at what would be a 2013 referendum, this allows for an orderly implementation of the system.

“Furthermore the call to have such a referendum this year obviously does not have the support of the leader of the opposition given his comments,” Bush stated as he referred to an article published in the Caymanian Compass earlier this month.

Despite Alden McLaughlin’s position that the only way to get one man, one vote was to vote in the PPM, his party colleague Arden McLean and fellow single member for North side, Ezzard Miller, have both taken the view that they can push for the 2013 election to be held under the principle of one man, one vote. They both say the extra seats added to existing constituencies, creating a six member constituency in George Town, is simply undemocratic and will undermine the legitimacy of the next election result.

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If the petition for one man, one vote triggers a referendum, how soon should this take place?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva is going to George Town and return to West Bay every day until he is ready to go to China and Jamaica.  He is 'not prepared to go'. GET THAT?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The harder they come, the harder they fall.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why do we care how any of the current politicians feel about this? Of course they are only thinking about their own reelection at this point. This referendum will reveal how the voters feel. That is what is important. It should be held this coming November to prevent the type of influence PPM and UDP have at a regular election. Costs? Compared to the fiascos these elected officials have put this country through in the recent years, the cost of a referendum would be minimal.

  4. SCRATCH says:

    But I thought it was the Governor and Premier who made the decisions.  So how come its the MLA,s now.

  5. The Truth is Out There says:

    If he is truly worried about the cost of the refferendum he would just pass the law now and be done with it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    C'Mon Mac, you want to do this at Election time????  Why? Just so you can secure your 4 people in West Bay again.  Please….. I beg you, do what is right for Country first.  Remember John F. Kennedy said "Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country". Do the right thing man and do it in November.

  7. Dare to Dream says:

    I did'nt expect anything else from the Premier, but really disappointed in Alden.   What a shame.  Chuckie, where are you?  We desperately need you in Bodden Town!!

  8. Anne mouse says:

    To Mr. Bart Simpson of 18:45: Of course I get it. The Premier is very POPULAR and he will be back! The fact that you found the time to respond and trying to convince me that Mr. Bush is not popular only validates my point.  If you Posters keep this up, all of you are going to develop cancer and may very well suffer from a heart attack. Upon the day of your autopsy when the knife is torn through you,  the doctors will only find McKeeva Bush in your stomachs. So please calm down and do not allow the doctors to rule, 'cause of death, Mckeeva' LOL. Mckeeva rules for decades and he will keep his seat no matter how you turn the table for a very long long time.  ONLY because the majority loves, admires and respect this man. The ones that do not like McKeeva is a drop in the ocean. The more you talk about him will only make his supporters protect and reinstate him.  Do you remember years ago when he was deposed and then reinstated that his followers brought him out on their shoulders to the meeting?  The LOVED Premier did not even walked that evening. He was lifted up, they paraded with him on their shoulders before he was seated.  And all of this was televised.  And do not forget that at that time he did not have any surgery and could have easily weighed 500lbs.  Believe it or Not, this man is loved, honored and well regarded both by his fellow Caymanians and expats.  You and I may not like some of his doings. But we have to face it… He gets things moving and put things in the Making. Mac is the only one that has the BALLS for the job who LOVES both Caymanians and Expats alike. Fr. Anne Mouse.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why do ALL of the comments in support of McKeeva have this same stubborn daftness about them and poor English, this bringing up the past, excuse-making and exhalting his 'common man' values?  ALL of them.  "His People love him, you cannot escape that, no !   And we will se the new era of McKeeva whether all of  bloggers have any opinion or not!  Yes, that is the case!  And you will see it!"

  9. Caymanian born and raised... says:

    Listening the Alden McLaughlin this morning on Rooster 101.9, he as well desires for the petition to take place at the General Elections. In fact he went so far as to call Ezzards and Ardens petition, a RUSH. "Why the Rush?" Alden says. He has dissappointed me alot.

  10. Anonymous says:

    To hold the referendum at the 2013 elections STILL gives Mac and crew another opportunity to carry ppl on their coat tails in May 2013, because, if the referendum is not held til then, the system cant change til AFTER May 2013.


    "..Dont let um fool yuh oh no… Or even try to screw yuh, could this be love?"


    Stick with Arden and Ezzard's plan so we can change the system BEFORE May 2013. Mac talking bout pressure on Govt finances, he shoulda thought about that before:


    the world travels – upwards of $300,000

    the GLF lawsuit and settlement – #3+million

    the Cohen "smells like rotten fish" deal – $450,000

    taking his pension and mla salary – $20,000+ per month

    lawsuit with Tom Jones – $17+ million?

    donations to his church friends – $4+ million


    im pretty sure i missed some other stuff too. What might the referendum will cost, $250,000? Most of that already covered because civil servants doing most of the work during regular working hours.

  11. Anonymous says:

    A great idea – One Man, One Vote.


    Its success depends upon "who" is counting the votes!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Chuckie told you all from the time he resigned from the PPM that Alden and Kurt didn't support the one person, one vote proposal. Alden countered that he does support it. Well Alden actions speak louder than words…….you've proved The Chuckster right again !!!

    • Anonymous says:

      alden has got himslef in a real tangle on this and was made to sound  foolish by rooster this morning…..

      what is with ppm leaders?…they always seem to asleep at the wheel….

  13. Anonymous says:

    Interesting, the way that the premier and leader of the opposition are trying to cope with as clear an example of  "people-power" as I've ever witnessed in 32 years of residing here. It must be quite a novel situation for our elected representatives,surely. Kind of funny, I mean the two "reasons" given by the present premier  for the referendum on one man one vote not to occur : that it will cost a lot of money to hold a referendum, and that the leader of the opposition doesn't support the idea. Well, let's see, the cost is pretty small fry all things considered, and therefore irrelevant, and so is the opinion of the leader of the opposition on both counts. Mac, get with the programme : times are a changin', people are weary of all the bad-mouthing and other such nonsense. You're pressing the same old buttons but nothing's working any more, the country's moved on, man. it's going to happen, whether you like it or not.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Running scared Mac?

  15. Anonymous says:

    He is 'not prepared to go' and he will 'stand fast'

    These are not the words of an elected leader, these are the words of a dictator.  With all due respect (and it doesn't amount to much)  In a democratic sociery you must be prepared for what the people vote for, not want  you desire.  You fear the one man one vote concept smply because it will weaken your position.  If you yourself were not threatened by this, you would be supporting it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would like to volunteer to help prepare Mac to go. Just because he isn't prepared, doesn't mean that he doesn't need or have to go but I can help all the same.

  16. Anne mouse says:

    A very popular man indeed. Every topic is on the Premier. With this popularity it is no doubt he will be Premier for a very long long time.

    • Anonymous says:

      A very ridiculed man indeed. Every ridicule is on the Premier. With this ridicule it is no doubt he will be the laughing stock of Cayman for a very long time.

    • bart simpson says:

      To 08:53.

      You obviously don't think.! In other words "YOU ARE NOT A THINKER" cause if you were you

      would realize that everyone is so fed-up with this guy that they can't wait until he's gone.

      THAT'S WHY EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT HIM!  Remember that allDictators were the

      main subject of those who lived under these tyrants.

      Remember Gaddafi. He's no longer there!  I'm also very happy that we don't have an armed

      force like Syria, if you get what I mean, "CAUSE IF WE DID!   THINK ABOUT IT?




    • Anonymous says:

      There is a difference between being popular and being a laughing stock.

      If I were a betting man I would say this will be his first and last term as Premier.  

  17. Anonymous says:

    He's not prepared to go.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, but being prepared and being booted out of office are two very different things, surely.

    • Anonymous says:

      The "clean sweep" broom doesn't care whether he is prepared to go or not. Somebody, prepare the man, because he is GOING.

  18. Peter Milburn says:

    I for one fully support the One Man One Vote Concept and I urge all Caymanians that are registered voters to do the same.If you are unsure read the relative documents and decide for yourselves.Its your future and those of your chidren that are  at stake.The party system has failed miserably especially over the last decade or two so its time to get the country back on track and elect those that you feel can and will lead this country for the good of all not just the chosen few of which it now seems that they want to screw up the works and push back the referendum to next years election.This is truly an act of desperation involving our present Govt.and its up to the People of the Cayman Islands to stand up and change what has been such a "Them and US situation"Over to you Cayman and may God guide you all in this turning point in our History.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Listen people, a lot of Bayers voted in Mac and his other 3 mates, terrible i know.

    BUT, the other districts voted in the other members  that you smart voters voted in,

    so W/B VOTERS are only (3/9) three ninths responsible for this mess.

    THE OTHER 4/9  IS  ON YOU ALL think think about it, got it

    you all enjoyed the freebies too and cast your vote irresponsibly, now you want to put all the blame on W/B

    Lets all vote for Cayman Islands next time

  20. Knot S Smart says:

    Well at least now he wants to save our money.

    So he wii repay us from his own funds for the several million dollars GLF fiasco, the hundreds of thousands on the Cohen loan, the millions of dollars given to buy the votes of the churches, the millions of dollars wasted on world travel etc. etc.

    Oh. He will also stop his double dipping of both pension and salary at the same time.

    After all he is a man of God.



  21. nauticalone says:

    I say; continue with the plan for the Referrendum so as to have One Person One Vote in place before the next Election.

    Especially now as Civil Servants have clear support of the Deputy Governor to sign.

    Thanks for pushing for this "now" Ezzard, Arden and other concerned groups/persons!

    The "cost" IMO to vote on such an important matter "before" the next Election is money well spent. Can't say that about so much money "wasted" in recent years.


  22. Anonymous says:

    It is very clear what is going on here. Being a savvy politician Mac senses the petition will gain the necessary support to force a referendum which will be binding on his govt so he is trying to get ahead of it and thwart it by making a political promise (and we all know how non-binding they are) to hold a referendum on election day. No doubt he figures that many people will now think the petition is unnecessary and fail to sign it. At the worse case he will have postponed the coming into effect of one man one vote until 2017 and bought himself another term in office. Don't be fooled people. Press on with the petition. Make the holding of the referendum binding and the demand that the Governor call for it to be held within 6 months.      

  23. Bueller says:

    I really think we should do away with electoral districts all together. Cayman is so small there really is no reason to break it up at all, in my opinion. I mean, why shouldn't I be able to vote for someone who he lives 10 minutes down the road from me?


    My vote is let everyone vote for 3 people, regardless of any districts, and the 15 who get the most votes get in. Simple. And who knows, Hazzard may get even more than 253 people to vote for him!

  24. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    Smoke and mirrors politrick double speak voters. Now all of a sudden Mr. Bush is concerned about expenditures. One man One vote means that Mr. Bush and most of his party will not be re elected. it means that Cayman will finally get MLAs for the people by the majority of the people. It means Cayman will start its long road to recovery towards more prosperity and stabilization.

    Press the petition, sign the petition demand that the system be changed, or continue to spiral downwards.

    Lachlan MacTavish

  25. Anonymous says:

    There are two ways of looking at this.  One is;


    – we can't have another election under this system because it yields illegitimate results, offends modern values, offends democratic principles, and contradicts the Constitution

    – the Electoral Boundary Commission has already done much work, the Government has the benefit (although we don't) of the Census figures and it would not take very long to come up with the new constituencies based on population

    – there are already multiple polling stations throughout the present districts; the vast majority of the new constituencies will contain one of these, so people will already be familiar with where they vote and who operates the stations

    – the Elections Office is one of the most capable Government bodies and can handle any task it is given


    The other is:


    – we have never had a people-initiated referendum before; the procedures for handling it are untested or not in existence and the first one should not be rushed into

    – it is expensive to hold two votes so close to each other as the human and physical infrastructure of a vote has to be put in place, then partly dismantled only to be needed again

    – a successful referendum would then require amendments to several local laws and regulations which should not be rushed because of their importance, and could not in any event be drafted, voted upon, gazetted et cetera in a practicable manner

    – there are deadlines ahead of the election for declaring candidacy, declaring business interests and so on and these reduce the time available to implement one man one vote even further

    – there needs to be time to educate the public, for people to understand and appreciate their new constituency, and for potential candidates to understand the demographics of the constituency, canvas support and generally consider running for office


    The arguments against having it before the election are considerable but not conclusive, and the challenges are not insurmountable.  One might argue that if the required signatures are achieved that should be an indication to the Government that the people have expressed their priorities and so all efforts should be turned to that end.  


    A responsible and competent civil service would in any event start looking now at whether 'it can be done' so that it can advise the Cabinet from an informed position.


    Also it should not be lost on observers that if the PPM or some other progressive group get in at the next election, there is already perceived broad public support for one man one vote such as would justify legislating it immediately.  It was intended to go with the new Constitution and it was only because of the UDP that it was taken out of the Constitution and left to local legislation.  However if there is a referendum the next Government whoever comprises it will have to heed the result.  This is risky business especially when you will have the UDP defending the indefensible at full volume, appealing to the selfish side of those in the populous districts who have or stand to gain more votes than they should.


    My own view is any election as quickly as possible.

    • he knot easee says:

      I have lived in the Cayman Islands for 26 years, I had the honor of status after 17 years with lenght of residency, I never thought it was my right to vote, all I wanted was to live and work in a country I love with my wife and child , and never took my status any futher,  but now I feel I should be naturalised because one man one vote is so important.

      I dont think I would ever vote for the UDP, and I still believe the PPM is not for the expat no matter how much they say they are, but I would vote for an individual she or he who I believe would help in the the district they live in.

      The people in the districts need more say. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey, if you got naturalised you would not be an "expat"!

      • Anonymous says:

        I am an expat and a founding member of the PPM, so is our Chairman, how can we not be "for expats"?

  26. Anon says:

    Sorry Mr. Premier, your comments are too little too late.

    Firstly, your announcement is not binding like a people's initiated referendum.

    Second, you miss the main point of what the Caymanian people are crying out for and working towards; having the referendum BEFORE the 2013 election so in May 2013 we can vote for single member candidates.

    If we follow your proposal and leave the referendum until the 2013 elections this means we wont elect single member representatives until elections in May 2017!

    This is not whatthe public wants.

    Those citizens with the petition keep up the outstanding job and do not get distracted by this political ploy. 


  27. Anonymous says:

    This is typical bush medicine. The voting population already wants one man one vote. Why don't the Premier just pass this into law now and have the election with one vote for each person? This is not ingenious for the Premier to claim he will put this to a referenda on the day of the next election, it is disrespectful to the many hard working, educated, law abiding citizens that go out each day to work, in order to improve their lives and to make this country a worthwhile place to live! Totally disgusting Mr. Premier! But this is the brain washing we have come to expect from you.

  28. Anonymous says:

    At last, Alden and Mac united….against 1man:1vote referendum. Both use it as an election promise. Neither have the principles of democracy and the wishes of the people in mind. Smh

    • Anonymous says:

      Both running scared, that's for sure.

    • Live Free.... says:

      I hope this was a slip of Alden's tongue, that he was not going to support the one man vote at this time, and give you the people the wrong impression. As far as I been following the Politics of these Islands, I come to understand that Alden was for the one man vote and wanted it introduce along with the new constitution, which was taken away  because of the opposition UDP.  Some people say it looks like Alden wanted it because of political gain in 2009 election, but I hope that it is no so, for it defeats the whole purpose of the one man vote. The one man vote is very important , and should be added to the new constitution before the next election, because I think it's time that Cayman get the taste of true Democracy, which is something these Islands never experience before. And the Bill of Rights which is not to far away, would connect with the one man vote, and further streghten the new Constitution. People say what  you may about the new Constitution today, in the end you all would appreciate how it protects you and give you more say in these Islands than you ever had before.


      Anon 10:19 I was just only going to reply to your post, but I got a little carried away, sorry for that.

  29. Anonymous says:

    thaaaaanks Alden

  30. Anonymous says:

    He realize there is a high possibility as to the outcome of this, so he "got with the program" this is the end to your dictatorship Mac.

  31. Anonymous says:

    More back-tracking/flip-flopping by the Premier.

    The cost of a Referrendum before the General Elections are a fraction of the cost of the Settlement Payment to GLF recently….the Premier only seems to be concerned about "the state of Public finances" where it suits him….Politically!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Must say that this is a smart move politically, for the UDP. Agree to hold a vote on One Man One vote in the upcoming election. That way they (UDP) has nothing to worry about either way.

    If they win another majority, they got four more years, under the current system. If they don't, then they know they never stood a chance. I'm sure they feel that their best bet is under the current set up. That is why the smart move to postpone OMOV untill 2017.

    I hope the voters don't fall for it. As far as expensive is concerned…cancell one trip to China, there!!! 

  33. Anonymous says:

    desperate attempt to secure 4 more years of power…….

  34. Hezekiah says:

    Sensible why put the country through all of this stress do it at elections. The Premier has spoken. May God continue to bless him and his family and all the people of these Beloved Islands.

    • Sneaky Sneaky says:

      Whats with the username Hezekiah? Please dont tell me you imagine yourself or the premier as Hezekiah? For those that dont know, Hezejiah was the 14th King of Judah that reigned between 686 and 715 BC. He is most admired by christans as it is said he fought to reinstate  fanatic(my two cents) religious behaviour. …………….ahhhhhhhh, a clue!,I almost went on to write all kinds of stuff but it has just occurred to me that you are one of the recipiants of the millions of dollars the Premier gave away! Sneaky Sneaky…but while I have your attention, can you tell me where in the bible does it say take from the needy and pass to the greedy?


  35. Anonymous says:

    The title should be "Mac aims to avoid binding referendum". If it is not done by petition he will get to choose the timing and the question and the result will not be binding. The petition MUST go ahead.

  36. Anonymous says:

    The petition must go ahead. Any suggestion by the Premier or his minions that this government will allow there to be one man one vote elections is a tactic to prevent this from ever happening.

  37. anonymous says:

    This gives us even more push to get the referendum now. Mac and Alden with the same 'next year' position!  Can you imagine?  At least you cant say the Opposition and the Government cant work together for something, even if it is against true democracy.

  38. anonymous says:

    NO PARTY WANTS 'ONE MAN-ONE VOTE'!  Both parties have now come out and said "wait until you reelect us and we promise we will change it". Strange bedfellows. TOO BAD. 

    This is exactly why the people of the Cayman Islands SHOULD CONTINUE to push for this before next year. I rarely agree with Ezzard on anything, however I do with this,… this is important and it should be done now.

    If we can pay to send 18 people to China, fact finding missions to Jamaica, pay Cohen, Pay GLF, fact finding missions to Italy, go to IT conferences in Barcelona, pave everything in Cayman Brac that did not move etc etc then we can pay for this most important referendum.

    Let's do it NOW!!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Is it in the gowerment's power to determine when a PEOPLE'S  INITIATED referendum will take place, or is this under the auspices of the Governor's office?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Bayers don't be fooled the by this man, how many times do someone have to rape you before you ball for help? He's not delivery nothing he promise and he's giving away cayman! Has keke ever put in place something that allow Caymanians to get a piece of the pie, meaning waving land tax for Caymanians etc, or even setting a different price on land to non-national & Caymanians etc. We need some who we elect to start to look out for us XXXX!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I will give you a thumbs up if you take the word "rape" out of your comment. Rape is a violent act against (mostly) women which can destroy them.

  41. Anonymous says:

    This man is becoming more seriously dangerous every day. I hope we all now know why that wall was built around his house. To protect him from the people who love him dearly and who he loves and selflessly serves like no one else in the history of these islands.

  42. Truthseeker says:

    McKeeva, as cunning as ever, seems to have thwarted this attack and perhaps you are tempted to think it is not worth the effort, or going out on a limb to sign the petition.

    My suggestion, generate enough support for "one man. one vote" not just to satisfy the constitutional requirements for a referendum, but to prove the popular vote outcome in advance ; EXCEED 50% SUPPORT , then petition the Governor for pushing this through before the next election.

    Sign the petition! Your democratic rights are  at stake!


  43. Anonymous says:

    Lol! Politics boy! Mac and them REFUSED to have anything to do with one man on vote till they saw it picking up steam.

    I would like to know when Mac and the UDP perviously took this poisition….lies! Misrepresentation, smoke and mirrors…call in what you will, but they never supported this idea at all.

  44. Say What? says:

    Now I have seen it all, Mckeeva Bush agreeing with Alden Mclaughlin. But wasn't it Alden Mclaughlin that claimed he was the main person behind the push for one man, one vote? Now it seems he has teamed up with Mckeeva Bush against Ezzard Miller & Arden Mclean, now I have seen it all. Quite frankly, Alden Mclaughlin should be ashamed of himself because he has let himself, his colleagues, the PPM, & the Cayman people down. He has told us one thing but doing the opposite (unless Mckeeva Bush is not telling the truth that Alden Mclaughlin is not in support of one man, one vote). Regardless it appears that the 2 have shockingly teamed up, horrors!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Wow! All of a sudden mac is talking costs and all he has done is spend money on worlwide travel since he became premier.  Mac is afraid of 'one man one vote' because he knows he will lose the power that he yearns for. 

  46. Anonymous says:

    Mac, that is a cunning statement and Alden it is equallig cunning of you to not support Arden and Ezzard in the quest to have every man elected on his own merits.  I hope every voter sign the petition and let you both see that we mean business and will no longer permit politicians to manipulate the system to their own benefit.  There is no need to wait any longer.  It should have been done a long time ago.  One man, one vote! 

  47. Not scare to tell it like it is! says:

    It is obvious that McKeeva Bush doesn't give an ass about direct democracy in the Cayman Islands!  He is representing Dart and certain individuals on the island who has the money, and they will see to it that he wins next election, because he is on their side and not the people's side. The saying, "birds of the feather flock together."

    People, please don't be gullible – for the issue of "cost" is just a red herring that gives"them" more time to first buy out Cayman and muster enough power and influence, which Dart appears to be doing so well. Some of the UDP members are silent, they are paid well, time is ripe… only if they can win again. They have Dart on their side and that means good money put into campaigns and events across the island. This leaves any party wanting to go up against the UDP at a disadvantage. Money talks.

    And what is disturbing is that you even have Caymanians accepting the rich man's offer, because the rich man can afford it, and gives them a good deal. These Caymanians are looking out for no one else but themselves (who cares about their neighbor), and when they are offered in the millions, they are desperate to bite the bait. Many say they don't blame them for not biting the bait. They would do the same thing if the were offered millions of dollars for a piece of land. They would have no regard for the other people surrounding their properties, for the rich man can do whatever he likes. I hear people say that the two-party system is dividing cayman, but the love of money is doing it in so many ways, it is impossible to number the many divides and separations. It is like happiness is put in what you can get when in reality it is a state of mind and living a moral life, loving your neighbor as yourself. Cayman or this generation has lost that flame, and can easily be sold out for thirty peices of silver. It is sad and there is nothing that will stop it. Only an intervention from God can stop it. The rich man who wants power knows that people want to be like him or have a little of his golden dust, so cunning as he is, he uses it for his advantage. Soon he will control the market, soon he will control the price of goods and services, soon he will control wages and how much a person can make. More wealth means more power, more power means more wealth, crabs in the bucket, fighting to climb to the top. But little do they know that  for rest who are below, they are turning them into slaves, lesser democracy, and more political corruption.  Where is Cayman going?  It appears to be going to the dogs! 

  48. Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

    Too late Mac! This One Man, One Vote referendum is taking place this year so as to have it in place for the May 2013 elections. Your skulduggery days are over! You not pushing your weight around here anymore. Listen to me Mac and listen GOOD: we running things around here now and we say the referendum is ours and will be done this year so take a back seat and get use to it!

    • Anonymous says:

      This must be a particulary difficult time for Mr.Bush, I mean with his not getting his own way and all. There does reach a point when it's time to go, you know? History teaches. Margaret Thatcher (the "Iron Lady") got her wake up call in the UK when she got dumped by those who realised that they were set to lose the upcoming election because of manifest public unrest in the UK over the poll tax, an issue Maggie based her credibility on, apparently. (A bit like Mac and Dart, I guess.) So her party dumped her, and got re-elected, largely because they realised that the alternative (Mr.Kinnock) was viewed by the electorate as repeatedly unelectable. (Anyone who thinks that Maggie remained PM because she was so very popular with the electorate is mistaken.) So the UDP party has a decision to make. Do they stick with Mac and risk the public's ire over Dart, or dump him and put their bets on the public not viewing Alden as a viable proposition as premier and, as a result, stand a chance of remaing in office?

  49. Anonymous says:

    Bayers please think of what beloved leader did for you! Please open your eyes and see he have failed you! He is selling your country, even west bay!, you ‘ll better thing straight or enjoy boggy sand instead of seven mile beach!!!!

  50. Anonymous says:

    So there was absolutely no duplication of costs involved with the switch in loan provider (which the people did not ask for) in the Cohen deal, or with the switch to CHEC with the Port?  But now with a switch in voting system (which the people do want) the Big Spender is worryin bout costs?  Give me a break…



  51. Anonymous says:

    Since when does the "cost" of anything influence the Premier's opinion? I say full speed ahead with the petition.

  52. Ivan Gelical says:

    The General Election should be held in November 2012 and they all know it. Now who is willing to step up and admit it?


  53. Anonymous says:

    The last thing Mac wants is for this to happen before the UDP buys the next election. 

    People we need this before the next election or it will be too late.

    We also need the constitutional changed to make it possible for the people to have a say in the timing of a referendum it the correct number of signatures are obtained.

    It will be  too late for our Islands to wait.

    An aside:  how can Mac use cost as a reason when he has cost us millions in avoiding court on his "deals".

  54. Anonymous says:

    OK, Mr Leonard Dilbert, you are his recently annointed Chief of Staff. Can you talk some calm rational common sense into him? We the taxpayers are paying your salary and we expect results, Bobo. With your annointment, we expec to see big changes.

  55. Singing Chicken says:

    You can smell Mac’s fear. This is not a matter for the parties to carve up – that is the whole point of voter led petitions.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Ohhhh he's scared now, ahhh thanks Mr. Premier but no thanks, we cannot wait another 4 years for democracy, we want it by May 2013. I've already signed and will be asking friends and relatives to sign. This is a clear sign that we need this, it will certainly upset the balance of power for the UDP.