Victim denies being drunk when attacked at Wet-Fete

| 24/02/2012

(CNS): A 21-year-old man from Bodden Town told the court he was not drunk when he was attacked last year by a man with a knife at the Wet-Fete event on West Bay Road. Giving evidence as the crown’s key witness and complainant in the case against Aaron Solomon on Tuesday, Akeem Dunbar, who was stabbed multiple times, including in the neck, said that the defendant was the man who tried to kill him. He told the court that he had left the party, where revellers were being sprayed with water and foam, to get cigarettes from his friend’s car. As he sat in the passenger seat with the door open, the accused came towards him and kicked him in the chest and began stabbing him.

Dunbar told the court that he attempted to defend himself during the attack, which lasted for around one minute. Dunbar said that he put his arms up to his face as Solomon stabbed him in the neck, the chest and his arms as he cried out for the attack to stop.

The young man said that his attacker ran away on foot and he then got up and went looking for his friends. But before he made it back to the party area, two girls came towards him and he said it was then that he lost consciousness. He said he came to in the ambulance on the way to hospital, having lost a considerable amount of blood.

Dunbar said he knew his attacker from spending time in East End and was not mistaken over who had stabbed him. He said they were not friends and did not speak but he told the court that the men had been involved in a non-violent argument around a week or so before the Wet-Fete stabbing at a bar in Bodden Town.

Solomon (25), who is charged with attempted murder for stabbing Dunbar, has denied being the attacker.

The trial continues.

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