Petitioners keep up pace despite Bush’s position

| 28/02/2012

ard n ezz_0.jpg(CNS): Regardless of the position the premier has taken to wait until the May 2013 General Election for the ballot on the country’s voting system, organisers of the one man, one vote petition, which is designed to trigger a people’s initiated referendum this year, are still pushing ahead and keeping their eyes on the target. With close to 1,800 signatures, the petitioners have already passed the half-way mark to trigger the constitutionally sanctioned vote. An army of volunteers is growing to help promote the petition (contact details posted below) and organisers have set dates for meetings and established stations at a number of locations around the islands.

The first public meeting will be at the civic centre in North Side this evening, followed by a second meeting in South Sound on Wednesday evening. The petitioners are also beginning the door-to-door campaign and petitions are available in various shops and locations, including Book Nook, Four Winds Esso, Walkers Road Texaco, the Health Care Pharmacy and many others.

Those interested in signing the petition can call one of a number of volunteers, who will ensure a petition gets to them so they can sign. Ezzard Miller said anyone who has time to help is also being asked to join the volunteers and help keep the momentum going.

“We need foot soldiers to help, as this can be done,” he said. “It’s the right thing to do and I am comfortable that the premier will see the writing on the wall if we get enough signatures and move the amendments to change election law and implement one man, one vote before the next election,” he said.

With civil servants now given the green light to sign petitions, and the opposition leader and the PPM throwing their weight behind the campaign, the goal of 5,000 signatures is in easy reach, the organisers believe.

Miller says Bush is hiding his responsibility to the people with his reaction to the one man, one vote referendum when he can see that across the country the tide is turning in favour of single member constituencies.

However, according to section 70 of the constitution, the premier has the power to control the vote date. Even if the petitioners can get wide support from the country for a November referendum, the premier probably can, under the constitution, choose to disregard the wishes of the people and hold out until May 2013.

Anyone wishing to sign the petition can contact any of the following volunteers:

Al Suckoo Jr                      916-1689    
Noel March                        916-1429    
Chris Goddard                  928-6534    
Betyann Duty                     916-1494    
Kent McTaggart                928-3449    
Bo Miller                            916-0003    
Sharon Roulstone           516-0220    
Marco Archer                    939-7474     
Edward Caudeiron          916-0157    
Terry Caudeiron               916-7895    
Ezzard Miller                     327-5757    
Arden McLean                  916-0630    
Woody Da Costa              916-2470    
PPM Office                        945-8292    
Gregg Anderson               916-6777           
Alden McLaughlin             916-3153
Bryan Ebanks                    916-3048           
Johann Moxam                                       

Vote in the CNS poll:

If the petition for one man, one vote triggers a referendum, how soon should this take place?

See petition below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    how about 'One man, No one else gets a vote'?

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is why I like CNS, it represents the people's voice and desire for true democracy, and its stance is constant when it comes to transparency, accountability and democracy.   The Compass lately seems to have multiple personalities, one week its editorials support the need for transparency, democracy and good governance, the next week it seems to be back-tracking – I read its editorial yesterday and am amazed at what seems to be a wishy washy, discouraging and defeatist attitude.   They feel it is a waste of time and money because they think the majority of voters won't turn out and it is better to wait  and do it at the national elections.  It is never a waste of time and money to pursue true democracy, no matter how slim the chances of winning might seem according to the Compass's opinion.  The people will have succeeded in making their voices heard and it is only a matter of time before they do succeed, the sooner, the better for us all.  Obviously the people want One Man One Vote implemented BEFORE the next election, so that the next election will represent a truly democratic exercise and notjust another case of certain constituents having more voting rights than the rest of us and with an unequal influence on the matter of who makes up Government.   What Compass is suggesting is simply playing right into the hands of the current Government who want to win the next election and then implement the One Man One Vote in 2017.   Another 4 years down the road after the 2013 elections – mind-boggling that it seems to be suggesting that the people wait that long.  This is why a lot of people think Compass is out of touch with current reality.  Either that, or perhaps some large or wealthy entity on island has threatened to pull their advertising if they don't tone down their editorials and reports.  We need TRUE JOURNALISTS, not those who seem to cower and discourage people from demanding true democracy NOW.

  3. Asuckoo says:

    Please come to the One Man One Vote meeting tonight. 7pm at the South Sound Community Centre. We will be discussing the petition and taking signatures.


  4. Anonymous says:

    The premier clearly is becoming increasingly agitated at the people daring to challenge his iron will on the issue of one man one vote single member constituencies. Last nght's frenzied shouting session in EE demonstrated just how powerless he must be feeling at the moment, and it doesn't seem to be sitting at all well with him. I half expected to hear an ambulance approaching to cart him off to the hospital to calm him down. Game over, Mr.Bush, and no amount of huffing and puffing will make any difference. Time to throw the towel in on this issue. You are done, sir.

  5. Wishes of the people says:

    The Premier cannot ignore the wishes of the electorate, if they are able to get sufficient signatures so as to represent 25% of the registered voters, not acting would be political suicide. I suggest you all try to get the 50% needed to pass the referendum and then challenge the UDP to ignore that!!!

    I really hope the people rally behind this movement. It is what is right for Cayman and we cannot survive another 4 years under the current system.




  6. Anonymous says:

    Will the Brac be given an opportunity to support this direction?  If so when?

  7. Natural Mystic says:

    The blindfolds are off We the People see all of them for what ALL of these Heathens are about and its $$$$$$$ and POWER!!! All of unna gotta go!!! 

  8. myview2 says:

    'One PERSON…OneVote'..   you got mine 'cuz it's 'bout time! FINALLY!!!


    I wonder how it will 'explained'  to the constituents that a 'NEW' system is too difficult to adapt in a 'short' time?? What could possibly be so confusing about ONE vote? & the cost? Well, probably not a priority on the gov't checklist!

    Guess we can all figure why the referendum vote date might be postponed by our Premier, while the wishes of our people disrespectfully, disregarded.

    Kudos to the opposition! Keep up the GOOD work! We certainly gotta do something!

  9. Anonymous says:

    " the premier probably can, under the constitution, choose to disregard the wishes of the people and hold out until May 2013."

    i wonder what will happen? Wasting time and energy with this one I am afraid. We all know if he is allowed to do something he will do it regardless of whether or not its best for thepeople. If its best for him, that's all that counts in his book. I, I, I, Me, Me, Me.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is never a waste of time and money to press for your democratic rights whether or not it succeeds in the short term. We do not need that kind of defeatist attitude.