‘Dart in political process’

| 01/03/2012

arden new.JPG(CNS): The opposition representative for East End has said that comments made by the premier in his constituency on Tuesday evening made it "quite clear that Dart is involved in the political process.” Arden McLean said that the offer of $200,000 by McKeeva Bush to John McLean Jr from the "Dart donation" to spend on local projects pulled the developer directly into the political wrangling. McLean accused the premier of giving his potential opponent money to campaign against him, while he had been forced to “beg from the private sector” to get an afterschool programme started in his district. 

Responding to the attack on him by the premier at what was supposed to be a public government update and not a political rally, as it was hosted by the premier’s office and paid for from public funds, McLean said, “The blatant lies about me were unbelievable.”

He also noted that the offer of money to his likely opponent from Dart, which was supposed to go to the general public coffers since the money comes from the sale of the people’s assets, was extremely worrying.

“The people of this country must realise the man they call premier is a disgrace to their intelligence and the sooner they realize that the sooner we can get back to good governance,” McLean said, adding that it did not necessarily mean voting for him.

McLean said he just wanted to see proper governance and pointed to what he called the outrageous untruths told by Bush at the meeting.  The MLA, who is now serving a third successive term in the district, said he was appalled by the premier’s comments but not necessarily shocked by them.

He also freely acknowledged that the people of East End could choose to vote for whothey liked in an election, but if Dart was now funding the political campaigns of candidates he wondered exactly how much the islands’ largest developer and biggest investor would be able to spend to help fund Bush’s entire campaign.  

The former minister accepted that the voters could very well elect his potential opponent, who ran against him at the previous election, but he said he would not give in without a fight, despite Dart’s money. He wanted the people to know that he had gone to government to try to raise money for what he saw as priority issues in the district and had been refused.

As far back as May 2010 McLean had gone to Cabinet with a presentation about the programmes required in his district (posted below) in which he had asked the ministers to consider funding a number of initiatives.

With the exception of the school canteen, which McLean said the education minister Rolston Anglin had found the money for, he had been forced to approach the private sector to help with the rest because there was no more money coming from central government.

McLean explained that he had managed to raise the money to fund a $70,000 per annum after school programme for the next three years from private sector support.

“I have requested many things which I considered were priorities and presented my case,” McLean said. “Aside from the canteen, there was no other money so I had to go out and beg in the private sector,” he added.

McLean was also angry that Bush had accused him of opposing Dr Devi Shetty’s medical tourism project when he had consistently supported the concept, a fact that was on the record from his Cabinet presentation.

At a public meeting on Tuesday evening the premier fully endorsed John McLean as his preferred candidate for the district of East End, even though the younger would-be politician says he will be running as an independent and not on the UDP ticket. Aside from the emphatic endorsement, the premier announced he would be giving McLean Jr some $200,000 from the money that was given to government recently by the Dart Group as part of the ForCayman Investment Alliance deal.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You say Dart's mode of operation is to buy up the country and then charge it back to us at an inflated price. Listen yah now Fri, 03/02/2012 – 09:08.  If you stupid enough to allow your country to be broke and run-down, then somebody has to clean it up.  If it is not Dart it will be somebody else. And if you continue to be stupid to spread hate and lies about each other and Dart, then you will only run away other prospective investors.  Just humble yourselves.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mac, give the dam money to whoever you want to give it to. Give me some too because I have 2 work permits that I have to go pay for next week.

  3. Money coming from Jamaica says:

    I was going to give you guys some money, but I am not going to do it again.  You people are too miserable. When unno learn how to be peaceful I will tell my manager to Western Union it to Cayman from Jamaica to the people of Cayman.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Arden McLean prefers to attack Dart reather than McKeeva, why is that?  The money Dart gave the government is spent by the government not Dart. But Arden McLean knows Dart is a hot button topic for voters thus his intensional scape goating.

    How do you think he has stayed in politics for 28 years, since 1984.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you are confused. Mac is the only MLA who has been in the LA since 1984. Arden first became an MLA in 2000.  

  5. CaymaniansInCayman says:


    Please go to your local 4Winds Gas Station and sign the petition we need a better government today not tomorrow,not next year or not never … we need it and we need it desparately!

    Please I ask everyone who wants to sign the petiton for the "One Man One Vote" to go and sign it asap thanks.

    In fact tell everyone you know bring them along with you … as you all sign the petition knowing you and your friends and family are sigining for a better future ahead.


                          Go ahead you can help make a change by signing this petition.


         You got the power! …

                       You got the right! …

                                           To make your country a better place both day &night!


    • Anonymous says:

      Remember your Drivers License, Passport or Election or Voter Registration Card

    • POLICY says:

      Will you please explain to me, snf give me a good reason why I should sign this paper.

      Am I correct in thinking that if 20 people run in a district, only one will get in who has the most votes.  If that is the case please let me know.  I need to know before I go to sign.

      • Anonymous says:

        Please see the viewpoints Why should we adopted single member constituencies prior to the 2013 elections and the Politics and Democracy of One Man, One Vote.  

        Obviously the person with the most votes wins even as the persons with the most votes win now. Not sure what the suggestion of 20 people running is all about. EE and NS are single member constituencies and never in their history have they had 20 people running for the same seat. I believe the greates number has been 3. What is your point?

      • Anonymous says:

        You should NOT sign. When you sign over your Absentee Ballot once every four years you have already signed enough. You should not be forced to agree to something that is beyond your comprehension. You will ultimately benefit from it, but your participation is not essential.

  6. Harry the dread says:

    To  on Thu, 03/01/2012 – 11:57.  Why are you so daft? How comes you find that little bit of money doanted to East End that Dart did not miss? Dart has so much money that he donated some for mortgages  and some for East End projects and some here and there. NOW, if you all will just SHUT the F%%K up he might just donate some to you too.  The bunch of you do not realize that the country is BROKE, BROKE, BROKE.  Just be careful that you all do not start eating each other if you do not stop spreading hate.  Something to think about. How many times have Dart paid the government salary?   Be very careful. Voice your opinions but just be careful,  and do not spread hate and ignorance.

    • Kosher Nostra says:

      It is clear my friend that you have a better understanding, despite the language and anger  thing happening, that you are showing appreciation.  Now appreciation does not mean giving the country away on a platter.  It simply means that if someone has done some good, you say thanks.  If Warren Buffet or Bill Gates support a US Presidential Candidate do you think you will have this "It's unfair" blabbering going on? NO!  If the UDP has the support of Mr. Dart, then it is what it is.  Many people are feed, car and house loans paid because of Dart.  Is it because you are not a part of it that you decide to be against it?  Now that's not very grown up is it?  Therefore I agree with the poster on saying, the more you refuse something, the more it will stay away.

    • Anonymous says:

      Darts Mode of Operation is to buy the debt of a country then charge them back at inflated rates.Please don't believe me research it yourself.

      • RESEARCH says:

        Ok now, 09:08 will you please tell the General Public what proof you have that Dart will do the same thing here.  Number one, the man already has two foot on the Island.  Number two he has Cayman Status.  Number three he is spending his money making the Island look beautiful, because exactly where Cayman Bay is now was an unsigtly Bush Patch.  Tell me why all of the other millionaires who have lived here for ages did not do what he did.

        Also tell me what is the reason, true reason that people are set against the man IS IT HIS MONEY.  What else.   These are my comments,  Dart is obviously here to stay, and all those who are against him need to realize that they will be rubbing shoulders with him untill they die.  So it is a case of you cant win me so join me.  The man is going no where, so live with it.

        But guess what it is nothing about Dart, it is about your own flesh and blood Caymanian Mr M. Bush.  The Premier.  As usual the frigging, hipocritical Caymanians will stoop very low to make sure another Caymanian is not famous.  Dam you people are just too much.  Bow under table just to keep your own flesh and blood Caymanian down.  No shame whatsoever.

        I have not had two words with the Premier in about a year, so the poor man does not even know who is supporting him,  Leave it that way.  He is a good man and I will support him as long as he lives.  Nothing, and no one will change my mind about that, simply because he is one of us and is not of a hateful nature like many of you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It is about time the Governor wake up and advise the British Government what is happening here, If you think the TCI situation smelled bad, just wait till the crap hits the fan here. There must be a new definition to the word corruption.

    • SNAP says:

      29.04 GO FIND A BED AND GO SLEEP.  You think the Governor don't have anything to do beside laugh at the crap some of you are talking.

      I am sure he recognize how the Caymanian people are.  Yes, yes, crabs in a basket.  Tearing at the waist band of another trying to get out.  Live here and know what you people do, and greedy little wretches too.  Learn to live together.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Caymanian people….let's not get upset by that fact that Mac is once again trying to look good in the politicial arena by giving out the cash.He only did it to try to make Arden look bad but my friends up in da East have sense they ain't gonna vote Arden McLean out…he is a man that truly loves his Country and East Enders love him like they love their home cooked food!

    If Mac really loved this Country like he claims we would not be in this mess today…he is only concerned about his pockets and Darts long term wealth…well he'd better fill them up whilst he can cause next election is a OUT!

    I hope unna stupid people especially those who were on Mac's platform for the last election realize how wicked he is now..unna were the ones taking part… praising, singing, encouraging, and kissing up to him . What did Mac give you all in return… money? a Job? a washer? a load of topsoil? well I look at it this way unna gave Mac unna vote and he sold out unna country in return. Unna da same ones that complain everyday about dis n dat…the complaints are only a result of some stupid choice Mac has made…

    I can't wait for the 2013 elections UPD its time to pack it up…PPM takin over and in full control!

    We should have a something called" week of election result celebrations" cause history will be made….just wait and see!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Read the comments.  

  10. Anonymous says:

    I remember when Ms Oldies donated the 9 millions to eastend after ivan>i dont  hear anybody  complaining about that.We need to audit Mr Arden accounts.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are really thick if you can't see the big difference. Those were not government funds but Mrs. Olde's funds, they were not given to Arden and in any event Arden was the duly elected representative of the people of EE.  

    • Anonymous says:

      If you bothered to research the matter before crapping out of your mouth you would know that the money was not given to Arden, and it was not money per say, it was household items and such valued around a couple million dollars. Mrs. Olde insisted that the items go to East End families whom were in dire straits after the horrible damage caused by hurricane Ivan, in particular in East End.


      Mrs. Olde did not ask for anything in return fo her family's generosity. Actually, the two matters are not comparable and I cant go on any further without dropping some f-bombs.


      Your comments here about Mrs. Olde are just irresponsible, her family has always been a great supporter of the people of East End. 

  11. Anon 1.0 says:

    Smells like an episode of politricks y'all! 

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well, I hope the Eastenders do what we gonna do in West Bay, eat um out, drink um out , spend um out and vote um out!!! 

    Get more money  bobo and  make sure you spread it around around. Make sure I get my share, ya hear?? Keep it flowin til next year June  ca one ting is fah sure…… dat not gonna help you. What a hot stinkin mess.

    • Anonymously!! says:

      If this be the case that Mac is giving the money from Dart to East End, can we have some in Breakers, North Side for example,  Not fair, just give each district $200,000.00 as we all have needs in our communitys, I want to cry for my Islands as they are slowly loosing their lustre.   

      Dear God have mercy on us.


    • Empty Chair says:

      What's new for MacChevez? Same old, same old!

  13. Anonymous says:

    You accept money from a political party/alliance…you are not 'independent'; simple as that.

    This is how McKeeva Bush and the UDP wins elections….they break up the votes between so-called 'independents' like a certain lady lawyer from Bodden Town, the last election…and the votes for the declared party politicians….and walk away with the spoils.

    And, the unsuccessful 'independent' candidates are looked after by the UDP Govt. when they get in power.

    The only independent politician in Cayman is Ezzard Miller.

    • anonymous says:

      Ezzard is independent but a loose canon at best. His hatred of Expats, Dart and now the Communist Chinese is not the sentiments that these Islands were built on or should protray to the world.  XXXX

      • Anonymous says:

        …wow, you actually listed his extreme caution in dealing with the “communist Chinese” as a negative. You Fu Fu?

      • Anonymous says:

        When you own-run a construction company and the government grants a contract to a foreign (Chinese) company that will import foreign construction labour, you would be scratching your head too and worrying how you are going to pay your bills next month

      • Anonymous says:

        You are right about Ezzard's views. Thank God he does not represent the country.

  14. Bodden Towner says:

    Can the Premier really just give the Dart Group's money to anyone he likes? No strings? Nice. The crowds with their hands out who wait by his front door every morning will be increasing now I guess! How is this different from the "Nation Building" money he randomly gave out to his favorite churches?  – and by the way, my driveway needs re-paving. As a registered voter I'm entitled to get that done free, right? I'd also like a washer, a ceiling fan and a case of beer. 

  15. Cayman turtle says:

    Free money folks, whats to complain about that?

  16. Libertarian says:

    People, realize that there is nothing wrong with someone who has wealth, donating money to the party they support. This is practiced in all democracies. It seems that Dart is the only well-off Caymanian elite who is placing his money for government projects and programs, and has chose to do so through the United Democratic Party. Many are envious because of his support for the UDP, but we should not get sidetracked by all the partisan rhetoric; especially on this site. No harm is being done by Dart's donations. Other Caymanian elite who care for Cayman, can also donate and have the liberty to donate to parties and activists to advance their causes. Such a system will never change.

    John Mclean may be accused by the Opposition of changing sides, but that is pure politics. But you will have to prove that he is involved with any sort of Political Corruption in receiving the funds.


    • Anonymous says:

      Correct me if I am wrong here, but the money donated by DART was to used for mortgage assistance scheme, not for a boxing gym. It is not Mac's money to spend  or give away as he so pleases.

      • so Anonymous says:

        What rock have you been hiding under?  It is clear to most that all the money IS Mac's until further notice.  If the Caymanian people want it all back they had better get ready for a fight.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is better to be thought ignorant than to open your mouth, or start typing, and remove all doubt.

      "People, realize that there is nothing wrong with someone who has wealth, donating money to the party they support".

      This was not a donation to a political party but instead a part of a transaction with the Cayman Islands government. I know that it may become confusiing at times under this regime but the United Democratic Party and the Cayman Islands government are not the same; they are separate entities. 

      Johnnie McLean has not changed sides. He was Arden's opponent in the 2009 elections and was supported by McKeeva then too.

      There is a reason why there are limits on campaign finance contributions in most countries.

  17. Anonymous says:

    If this money had been given by a Foster or a Tibbetts or a Bodden, would there be such an uproar?  Remember Dart is a Caymanian too.

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:


    • Profound Reality! says:

      Caymanian yes, but the real difference with these Caymanians are, they did not run from their respective countries to avoid tax(speaks much of ones character dosn't it?!) and their certainly not dragging around the reputation as Dart XXXXX.

      To answer your question, yes, there would still be an uproar.

      Good try though!

      • Just Sayin' says:

        You may be surprised as to just how much many of those same “Caymanians” owe Uncle Sam.

      • Anonymous says:

        It seems a bit unfair to denigrate the characters of those who take action against paying taxes  when you are living in a tax-free nation.  I doubt very much you would be the last one to complain were income tax to be implemented in Cayman.  

    • Anonymous says:

      The Fosters, Tibbets and Boddens are real caymanians and dont have to buy votes.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Just tell the truth about mac Alden and you will be fine, then promise to have him investigated completely when you are voted in, not that it is already assured you will win but that will put you waaaaaaay over the top

    • Anonymous1 says:

      BoBo, He's already voted in so if you waiting for him to be voted in any further, I guess you'll have to look around the back to find him or his shadow.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Arden is once again doing what he has done for the decades he has been in power. Playing politics and trying to make Dart the scape goat and play the Caymanian underdog against the big bad Dart.

    The only problem with this it is untrue and Dart has nothing to do with East End politics.  Sorry Arden it is between you and McKeeva only.

    Ardens rant on Rooster about his father would have run Dart off the island was really offensive to me and shows that he is living in the past. Playing hate politics hurts the country.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you are confusing Arden with Mac who has been in power since 1992 with a brief respite between 1998 and 2000. Arden was first elected in 2000 and was "in power" for only 4 years of that period. 

  20. Tracy from Swamp says:

    I really do not see anything wrong with John McLean Jr. accepting the money to do things in his district.  Because I do not feel you need to be a MLA or Minister to assist with district needs.

    That is the reason I always watch those persons who did not get in when they run, because they sit flat their behind for four years do absolutely nothing mean time and expect people to vote for them.  Hell no.!!   Show me what you can do before.

    So to John McLean Jr.  I say show your district East End what you can do not, you do not have to wait for election day.

    Those person who never made it on election day should spend the next four years making up on what they lost out on.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sure you are not that dim, Tracy. Since they were donated to government as part of the For Cayman Alliance these are government funds and cannot be used for political campaign purposes of an aspiring politician. The Premier made clear that that was the real purpose. 

      The other aspect you apparently miss is that, through the backdoor, this is essentially giving Mr. Dart control over our political process. Those candiates who receive this money will be beholden to him and not to their constituents if they allowed themselves to be bought in this way. At $200,000 each Mr. Dart could easily afford to buy every MLA in this country if they allow themselves to be bought in this way. 

      Just FYI it is not true to suggest that Arden has sat on his behind and done nothing during any of his terms in office.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Tracy, another point is that those funds that were given to Govt were to be used for the mortgage scheme allowing people access to funds to stop them loosing their houses, NOT for Mac's own agenda and certainly not for politics.

        • Tracy from Swamp says:

          15:57 your point is well taken, but why should we jump the gun on this.  I am quite sure that young John and the others who asked for this assistance, their intention is to assist with housing funds.  I really do not believe that the money would be taken to buy flowers to plant along the road side, neither do I believe that the funds would be handed to individuals to use as they wish.  I would sincerely believe that ther are persons in that district who maybe need their roof fixed, have four children sleeping in one bed, and need another.  has a small refrig. and a one burner stove.  Come on friend, this is all part of housing, and of course there are persons who will need a little boost with their mortgage.  Please stop the one track mind, and think outside the box.

      • Tracy From Swamp says:

        Hello 12:08  I would suggest that you go back and read my comments.  I never said such a thing that Arden sat on his behind for four years and did nothing.


        So it is either that you cannot understand/read very well or your intentions are to mis-lead the readers.

        Please read my comments and admit you are wrong and talking nonsense.

        • Anonymous says:

          Tracy, my apologies if I misundertood that part of your post. But you only responded to the last sentence of mine which was not the main issue.  Most of it concerned the nonsense you posted in the first instance.  

    • Anonymous says:

      SMH… Never mind, I guess thats why you from swamp!

      • Tracy from Swamp says:

        13;16  Guess what?  you will be surprised to learn that Tracy from Swamp can hold a debate with you any day and win. 

        But by your comments in saying "Never mind I guess thats why you from swamp!   clearly shows that you are disrespecting people that live in Swamp.   Be careful  13:16 you may have to eat your words. 

    • Tracy From Swamp says:

      I would really like someone out of all the thumbs down to explain to me what I said was wrong.  My comments were my thoughts, so If you do not tell me what I said was wrong, then I will never know, and will not understand the thumbs down.  Ok now tell me what part of my comments are wrong.

      • Anonymous says:

        Tracy, if someone has to explain a joke to you then its unlikely that you will find it funny. If you have no concept of ethics or scruples then…….

        • Tracy from Swamp says:

          16:12 do not be surprised if you was to know that this Tracy from swamp is by far more learned and intelligent than you would ever dream of.   So stay there and dream on my friend. Lol.

          • Anonymous says:

            Anyone that has to blow their own trumpet about how learned and intelligent he / she is, is just trying too hard, don't you think?  For someone who claims to be learned and intelligent, why not try to learn the correct use of grammar?   To answer your question, if anyone has to explain to you the meaning of proper ethics and morals in governing a country, following high standards of leadership and avoiding the appearance of political cronyism, and the difference between proper campaigning and vote-buying, then none of us can help you.  Perhaps go take a lesson in Good Governance 101, or go back to the swamp.

            • Tracy from Swamp says:

              Says you and PPM will wish for that swamp vote next year.  What a surprise you will get.  Besides the fact I have common sence and no idiots in my family.   sITTING RIGHT BESIDE YOU  hAHAHA. Look to your left.

            • Anonymous says:

              Obviously Tracy doesn't care about such petty things as proper ethics and morals. That is why she supports the UDP.

      • neverconfused says:

        Try reading the comments, like 12.08's, below.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don't worry yourself, all those with thumbs down are the grand total of the PPM. Look and see if the Islands burning down if you ever see so much bloggers come out, but as soon as CNS post anything about Mac. or UDP, good or bad, all the bloggers come out with negativity and thumbs down. Jealousy and envy is a hell of a thing.

        • Tracy from Swamp says:

          Tracy from Swamp says thank you 17:45 for your reply of intelligence.   I really feel sorry for some of the Cayman people, because they are not thinking clearly, neither are they using their memory bank.  But if they are not careful, I am sure that come June Next year they will be running around with their hands on top of their heads, and wished that Premier Bush was still in control.

          I have seen many comments, where persons have asked the question.  WHO else in the house can do a better job.  But as much as I have heard this question asked.  NO one gave an answer.   Right now as I see it, two of the best to run this country is Bush and Solomon.

          Trust me, because I am called Tracy from Swamp,  don,t fool yourself.  I am  intelligent. 

          • Anonymous says:

            Tracy, everything that you have written on this subject belies the intelligence that you claim unless you are being completely disingenuous. But at least you declared your hand – "two of the best to run this country is Bush and Solomon". I would like to know why you think that since it clear that they have served themselves and their cronies and not the people of this country since they were elected. 

            While there is a lot fanfare and grandiose claims McKeeva Bush has not achieved anything tangible since he took office. His idea of an economic plan is to sell government assets and make sure his buddies benefit. He has not reduced government expenditure and he has not produced any new sources of revenue.

            McKeeva Bush has behaved in a dictatorial way even in his own party. He wants to shut down FOI and curtail freedom of speech. 

            He has cost the country millions of dollars in lawsuits or to settle lawsuits. He then tells us govt. won't have to pay, then we learn that govt. will in fact have to pay. You simply cannot believe anything he says.

            He wants to gerrymander the electoral districts so that WB will have 5 MLAs when it is not justified by the population. He is trying to use govt. funds to fund the election campaign for a political hopeful who would then be under his control if elected. 

            Every day there are fresh reasons to suspect corruption. He is under criminal investigation for suspected corruption for God's sake. Of course there is no reason to be surprised given his questionable history from First Cayman Bank on down the line.

            Ellio has shown himself to be hypocritical being part of the same behaviour that he onced criticised on Caypoliticis and on his radio show.  He has shown himself to be a loose cannon. He claims educational qualifiations that he does not have. He came up with the ridiculous prposal to reserve certain jobs for Caymanians. The truth is the only jobs that can be reserved for Caymanians are they jobs we don't want to do. What exactly has he done to recommend himself?

            The answer to you question just about anyone else in the House with exceptions of Ellio, Capt. Eugene, Anthony Eden and Dwayne Seymour would be a better leader. There are also plenty outside of the House. Are you seriously suggesting that McKeeva Bush is the best Cayman can do? God help us if you are right for then we are surely doomed.

            You are not using your memory bank. God help us that you do not represent the average voter otherwise this country is on a certain path to destruction.    

        • Anonymous says:

          …and all the thumbs up are the grand total of the UDP.

      • Graft Gift Slave says:

        When you take the money from the money bag you soon will have to repay. Remember he who buys your vote will sell you.

    • Anonymous says:

      The important thing is to look beyond any imagined benefits. Dart has a whole bagful of carrots, remember.

  21. :o) :o( says:

    Good news!  Dart is donating for the East End cause – great!

    Bad news!  MLAs will soon be representing UDP and Dart – not us!

    Oh well, guess I will have to be loving and representing myself at bodyworks. 

  22. Anonymous says:

    Is this "donation" even legal?  I can understand DART supporting a candidate financially, but why has money come from the ForCayman Alliance through Mckeeva (i.e. "Government money") to the candidate? 

  23. THOUSANDS says:

    I do not agree with the comments of Arden Mclean, because Dart does not need to be directly, or indirectly involved with Cayman Politics.  The man has enough money to buy half of the Island.  Lol.!!    I am a Caymanian and I would like someone to point a finger at something the Dart Foundation has done against the people of Cayman.  Every thing I see him work at is done in a professional way, nothing sloppy or hap-hazzard; where on the other hand all those who are complaining about Dart, and has made millions off this Island has done nothing, except being jealous, badminded and downright grudgeful.

    Take a few moments and think about all of the big companies, businesses, hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars and water sports.   Now will someone truly tell me how many of them have used any of their money to build roads, give scholarships, built Parks, donate to charity and district beautification?  None.  WHY CANNOT THE PEOPLE OF CAYMAN SEE THIS"  but guess what,  KENNETH DART KNOWS, that it is only a handful of Caymanians following fashion.  STOP FOLLOWING OUTSIDERS!!,  they mean you no good and is being selfish.

    Dart foundation has built Parks throughout the entire Island.  Now tell me why could not one of those Hotels on West Bay Beach did the same thing, even just one.  NO…they only want it all for them selves to send else where.  Dart is spending his money here on the Island, he is not sending it elsewhere.  GET REAL CAYMANIANS.

    What is wrong with giving 200,000. to East End for things needed in the district.  Eastenders would be fool not to take it to see their district beautified.  JOHN McLean Jr. listen to me TAKE THE DAM THING, and lift up your district with it.  Do not listen to Idle talk..  Besides all the critics about the PREMIER BUSH, Tell me who can do a better job now?  As many times as that question has been asked here, no one seems to find an answer.

    East End, Bodden Town, North Side, George Town, West Bay, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.   Have you so quickly forgotten IVAN,   PREMIER BUSH  put roof on peoples house, and gave them back furniture.  PREMIER BUSH allowed the opportunity, of those who had a one bedroom shack to be now living in a three bedroom house.   What did PPM government did with the money that was left off when they got in power.  THEY USED IT FOR THEMSELVES.

    I am going to say, go ahead and be fooled by the PPM and want to be Independent Premier.  Pray to God that another IVAN does not hit anytime soon, because You all will wish for the Premier Bush and  Kenneth Dart money bag to save your asses.  Take the money John Jr.  and seek advise in your district on things needed to be done.  I am sure it can be well used..

    • MONEY says:

      Thousands, I want you to know that the PPM was doing the same thing, giving away money for election votes.  I would suggest that they do not say anything, because money was seen  paassing hands for this purpose.  But the payments were too small.  Gosh you people need to step up the dollars. or we not voting for una. 

    • Anonymous9 says:

      Another one who just doesn't get it!!!

      Wake UP before it's too late


    • Anonymous says:

      Speaking of donations, I can remember back in the 1970's when an businessman bought a Mach 1 and tried to donate/give it to government and it was turned down/refused.  What did that mean?  Government was not accepting gifts.  This type of present-day behaviour and style of running government, is the order of a 3rd world mentality.

      What can our country expect from a 4th grader, who has no ethics, limited mentality, dictatorial, and power hungry?  One who alters course more times than the compass has degrees.  I pray that our people will use their better judgement and select people, who can represent us and not be seen as interantional embarrassments.

    • Anonymous says:

      Premier Bush didn't build me crap.  Julianna wasting money paving people's parking lots, VIP air conditioned lounge at Agricultural Fair with turtle meat to waste, Hurricane Hilton, etc.  I don't want anything from any of them and if John McLean had any integrity he wouldn't accept that money either.  You all forgot how McKeever sent away the British ship that tried to help us after Ivan.  People in Cayman still need assistance. PPM helped Brac after Paloma and everyone got assistance that needed it.    You seemed to be turned around because the only people that I see prospering from McKeever is his supporters so you must be one of those.  PPM is for the Cayman Islands.  UDP is for themselves.  You didn't see PPM traveling all over the world with bodyguards, cooks, etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don't think anyone really thinks Dart told the premier to give this money away, nor do i think anyone really thinks he asked Dart's permission to do it.

    • Anonymous says:

      You people need to grow up. you could not survive in a real development country. you would be the laughing stock of any civilised country.

      What would you say to Bill and Melinda Gates giving the UNCF( United Negro Collage Fund)

      One billion dollars in 1999.

      John, take all you can for your people, they need your help. Arden needs to stop playing politics.

      • Anonymous says:

        You sir have clearly missed the entire plot and underlyig message here. And your reference to Bill Gates is quite frankly retarded.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bill Gates making a charitable donation has nothing whatsoever to do with the concerns here. This money was received by govt. as part of the deal with Dart. It is govt. money. You cannot use govt. fund to fund a wannabe politician's political campaign just because you do not agree with the current MLA.

        In a developed country this sort of thing would not be allowed to happen. U.S. senators have been impeached for less.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can see that you may be missing the point!!!! If the Premier wanted to support McLean Jr., he could do so, by his own pockets!!! That's fine! But to use the money that is supposed to be for government to give to his is wrong!!! To publicly admit that it is coming for the ForCayman Investment Alliance fund pulls Dart into the mix, and makes thePremier look bad. That money is for government use as as Arden claims he had to go to the private sector to get money for projects in EE…. "With the exception of the school canteen, which McLean said the education minister Rolston Anglin had found the money for, he had been forced to approach the private sector to help with the rest because there was no more money coming from central government."

      And from your comments you must be from West Bay because, I do remember Ivan, but do not remember government knocking on door to door asking me or my neighbours "How much more money [you] need to finish [your] roof (because the insurance company did not want to cover the whole cost) or asking me if I need any furniture which I had to save and buy myself which took almost 2 years of buying bit by bit.

      I did not get from that article that anybody is bashing Dart for trying to make Cayman beautiful or for building roads, schools or what ever else, so that was a whole other tangent of your comments that just did not relate to this situation.

      The whole point is that he accused Arden of not doing anything for his people; which he was denied funding for because government has no money, but publicly admit that he is going to use the govenments money to back the ideas of McLean Jr. Therefore showing that he is spending governments money at his own will, which in turn, looks like it is in best benefit/interest as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you have so much to say on behalf of Dart why not do it in the open.

      • THOUSANDS says:

        19;45 just remember that according to the word of God, the Earth was completed in 6 days, and Rome was not built in a day.  It took 9 months for me and you to born,  So give me time to do exactly like you said in your comments "If I have so much to say on behalf of Dart why not do it in the open"   Enjoy the mystery and the waiting time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Open thine eyes and look at what he has done in other couintries.Do you think Cayman will fare better than they did in his wake?Do you really think he has the welfare of the Caymanian people in his heart? If you do you are delusional.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hello Mr. Governor? What more do you need to wake up and put a stop to this type of rubbish that the premier continues to propagate and build momentum on? Please put a stop to this NOW!

  25. Anonymous says:

    All you have to do is look at Darts previous "exploits" in other countries and the fact that they are Politically involved in Cayman politics  is CRYSTAL CLEAR. Just open your eyes and look.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can't do business in Cayman without dealing with the politicians. It is not allowed.

  26. Anonymous says:

    The repersentative from East End should not be surprise of this development, Dart is a Caymanian. What I would question is; is the donation made by Dart to the people of Cayman? Are any election laws broken in the donation process? And, where are the good business people of Cayman?

  27. Anonymous says:

    What did Stanford do wrong in Antigua again?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Not that it is at all surprising but McLean's presentation to Cabinet shows that the Premier is being economical with the truth. if you don't have integrity what do you have?

    • Anonymous says:

      Can we have a 4th Grader spell I N T E G R I T Y??????????  Would he know the meaning of the word?

  29. Anonymous says:

    There is but one word to describe what is happening here, "wrong".

  30. Anonymous says:

    I think Arden is really out of order suggesting that Dart is funding political candidates. Dart contributed funds to the Cayman Islands Government for community projects and its McKeeva Bush and UDP we need to blame for its distribution "politically".  I am sure also if McKeeva had given that money to Arden's projects he would not be saying this. Nasty, Nasty!

    Arden this is really dirty, dirty, down in the gutter, politics. I am ashamed of you. Its obvious that you are not fit for office either with such a statement. And I used to support you. We need to get rid of all these career incumbents and get back to proper governance of our country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Boy you must be a Donkey to write rubbish like that!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You just don't get it do you..


    • Dred says:

      If it is not the case then I would suggest that the Dart Group stand up an issue a statement requesting explanation for the use of their funds in what could be miscontrued as a Political Funding issue.

      I believe truly and honestly the ball is in their court.

      While I believe it's more a UDP thing that a Dart thing I do not believe it's a FAR STRETCH to tie Dart into the picture seeing as it was SPECIFICALLY STATED that it was their money.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are implying Mac and the UDP came up with an idea on his/its own.

      You so silly.

    • Anonymous says:

      I do not for one minute believe that you used to support Arden. If you did you would not write this nonsense and certainly would not be making a statement that he is not fit for office because, as  always, Arden has called a spade a spade. You don't like it? Tough.

      • Truth and Fact says:

        The truth and fact is have you ever listened to Arden talk.   Some of the MLA,s need to please keep their mouth close.  Because pure shi**t comes out.  Embarassment to the Cayman people.  How can they fight for Leadership.  Blinded fooled Caymanians cannot even see further than nose that it is all about money and power.  I am not going any where,  I will be right here waiting on the Island next year to see if the people again make an ass of them selves by not keeping the premier in position.

        • Anonymous says:

          Evrything you said in that post actually directly applies to McKeeva.  This is has beenhe single worst govt. in the history of this country and we should not have to wait until net year to be rid of them. The only people who want them to remain in power are their cronies who personally benefit from them being in office while the country as a whole suffers.  

  31. Anonymous says:

    Don't worry Arden….your East End people know who you are and what you have tried to do and they know your accomplishments and that in many ways your hands have been tied by the UDP.  They won't be bought out by Dart or the Dictator…….they're not as fool as the UDP and Dart think so have no fear.  In 2013 you will still be HERE!!!

    • Anonymous says:

       Dont castigate Arden – I neva saw Mckeeva one day after Ivan on the road – oh I forgot it was because they had locked him down cause he wanted to take over the disaster team at the firestation and was interferring XXXX – but I saw Arden clearing his way through to East End to get to his people – I was right behind him – I am not an East Ender but wish I was – I would neva leave that place – that is the only place left that has a semblance of Caymanian culture left – I think I going to move there soon and neva leave – just grow mycassava and go fishing – I think it should be used as a Caymanian reservation and a declared a national park where we can grow our children by caymanians and keep our cultures alive …to repopulate the rest of the island when the blood suckers leave GT SMB and Camana Bay a ghost town after they ruin the island and no more tourist come to visit – cause mckeeva going to run all the invesors if he dont stop begging and taxing the wrong investors and letting the rich get richer and the poor get poorer! 

      East Enders dont be fooled by mckeva – I cant believe you all lett him into East End to castigate Arden – there is a spy in you camp…root him out….put Arden back or mckeeva and dart will eat unna suppa! would to God my BT MLAs had Arden's guts…and all the other MLAs stood up for their people like Arden and Ezzard does then McKeeva would not be so rampant running to and fro like a mad man he is….hurry come May 2013!!!