Cops appeal to missing witnesses in latest shooting

| 02/03/2012

crime-scene-tape.jpg(CNS): Detectives investigating the shooting incident outside Club 7 in the early hours of Ash Wednesday are making a further appeal for witnesses to come forward. Detective Sergeant Joseph Wright, the officer leading the investigation, said: “I believe that there were other people in the area when the shooting happened outside Club 7 just after 3am on Wednesday 22 February. These people have not come forward as yet. I would ask them to contact me at George Town police station on 949-4222 as they may have information which is relevant to the enquiry.”

According to police reports two men were injured outside the West Bay Road night spot before police arrested one man and recovered a fire arm.

Leighton Rankine Jr was charged with two counts of attempted murder unlawful use of a firearm and possession of an unlicensed firearm last Monday and is due to appear in Grand Court on 9 March

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  1. My2Sense says:

    What a surprise!  In a XXXX establishment, with sketchy patrons, at a sketchy time of the day…something bad happens!

    I do hope this thug…and every single person that saw something that isn't speaking up…is punished to full extend of the law!  No only is it the knuckle head that pulled a gun out, but everyone that is sitting back quietly hoping someone else will deal with it, guilty!  I appreciate that the police, political system and government haven not given us any hope of security, but we can't just let these punks with guns think that they can run around our island thinking they're gansters.  they're punks.  they're your or your neighbours kid…the same kid that washed your car last summer.  Cayman isn't so big that we should have this many misguided youths.  If it's your kid, have the b@ll$ to call them out and if necessary have them arrested.  Is it easy? NO.  Would you rather have to explain to your neighbour that your son shot his kid in the face?  NO

    It's called responsibility…Cayman can use a real dose of it! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Smart police should've had the names of all the people who were present at the time of the incident.  Are they that smart?  Why wait weeks after to find/ or ask for people to come forward.  Your poor strategy doesn't work, deal with the facts on the spot. 

  2. Letsby Avenue says:

    Police continued that the witnesses are likely to be badly dressed wannabee gangsters with terrible taste in music and women who are into men like that.