Toddler teachers pass through government course

| 09/03/2012

1stdaykinder01.jpg(CNS): Ninety six early year practitioners from both public and private kindergartens and nurseries have now completed the education ministry’s Early Years Introduction Course facilitated by the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) unit.  Government officials said the course provides base level training in order for practitioners to “provide a strong foundation” for the children they work with. The ministry has emphasised the need for all children to have a strong foundation and reform of the early years is a priority area in the education reform ministry officials have said.

Last month 12 practitioners in Cayman Brac and 84 from Grand Cayman who work with preschool babies and toddlers from 6 months to five years of age, received certificates to say they had completed government’s course.

Education minister Rolston Anglin said great teachers can inspire young minds, and young people, despite their circumstances, can prevail.
“I am so pleased at the number of you that have completed the initial training and thank you for all of your diligent work and your continued support to the Early Childhood Curriculum.” He added.

The premier was again on had to offer his support to the education minister’s work when said that children deserve quality learning experiences with caring and knowledgeable adults

“You nurture and support our children from infancy to primary levels. Your training shows you the best practices to implement in each of the centres and I applaud you all for participating,” McKeeva Bush added.

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  1. Exam Papers says:

    Congrats on passing through goverenment course…