Activists keep up pressure

| 12/03/2012

IMG-20120310-00044.jpg(CNS): The various alliances and coalitions fighting to preserve the West Bay Road and stop the crown land swap being proposed with the Dart group were out in force on Saturday, keeping up the pressure on government. More than sixty cars as well as buses assembled at the cricket pitch in George Town in the afternoon for a motorcade, which took the protestors from the capital along the West Bay Road, past Camana Bay into West Bay and back to the stretch of road that will be closed if government goes ahead with the proposed plan.

Dozens and dozens of people who are opposed to the closure of the road for a number of reasons lined the roadside waving a variety of placards in protest about what many people believe is a poor deal for the Caymanian people.

Despite holding up traffic, the motorcade generated considerable support from other motorists and the community in general as the line of cars made its way from the capital to the premier’s district.

Although the group is facing an uphill struggle as Dart has already began work on the Esterly Tibbetts extension and has signed a preliminary deal with the National Roads Authority and government, the activist remained steadfast and determined in their opposition to the plans that they believe will also limit access to the last remaining undeveloped stretch of Seven Mile Beach. The Dart Group has also given the government a cash payment of $5 million as part of the preliminary deal, which the premier has said will be used for the save the mortgage programme and a number of community projects.

At an East End public meeting last month the premier stirred up controversy when he said  that around $200,000 of that money would go towards projects in the district which would be led by John McLean Jr, who plans to run in the next general election and whom McKeeva Bush has endorsed as the UDP’s preferred candidate.

Although Bush later denied saying he was giving the money to McLean, it was made very clear that the project proposals the young would-be politician had taken to government for the district would be directly funded from this first tranche of Dart funds.

This first $5 million is expected to form part of a larger cash payment of around $20 million if the full investment deal with government goes ahead.

As well as making their opposition to the proposed deal which would see a stretch of road that is crown land swapped for land in West Bay and Barkers, many of the activists were also protesting against the premier and his government.

The motorcade came on the heels of a major demonstration in Bodden Town on Thursday evening  against an another element of the planned investment deal, which includes swapping the George Town landfillsite for one in Midland Acres.

The various groups and coalitions that are opposing the controversial deal are also planning further demonstrations and intend to hold a rally outside the Legislative Assembly once the country’s parliament returns.

Although the premier has scheduled a meeting of Finance Committee early Tuesday morning before he heads to Washington, no dates have been released for legislators to return to the LA to deal with government’s legislative business.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The pressure is building keke, coming soon to you (middle east uproar in cayman) lol

    • Anonymous says:

      our neighbours have had many uproars – not just the middle east

  2. Inactivist says:

    "Dozens and dozens" = "hardly anyone".

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously you were not there>  More turn out than many of Mac's plolitical rallys, and people who were not there because of party affiliation.

  3. Anonymous says:


    I wish people here would focus on the BIG picture — Lord…Please let our children and children's children be able to purchase a piece of their home…somewhere, anywhere because at this point  it seems we'll all have to live in condos … or  I’m sorry affordable houses…that are near a swamp where we’ll live like rats because everywhere else is owned by a millionaire who only cares about the almighty dollar and by the I mean THEIR OWN…and Lord I also pray that we don’t have another Ivan or 1932 storm because now that our only saving grace that you put on this earth to help break up waves…what is it called again OH mangroves are all – in your son Jesus name I pray amen. Only GOD can save us now. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    Miserable, miserable,  miserable people. Dart is no hurt to anyone. Please leave Dart alone you bad minded people. 

    • Anonymous says:

      And leave Brittney alone also. Please see my Youtube video for more details.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you 14:31. It our own Government that protect foreign investors that turn out to be criminals or owe us money and then also the only country in the world that a person can get work in 24-48 hrs with no back ground checks.  They can come and go as they please and we are left holding the bag of crap and out future generations. Its time to really think about who we put to run our Country in the next election as its seems both parties once in just seem to sabotage or boycott each other ideas for 4 years (not that i agree with any of UDP)

    This sis a disgrace that we have maybe 15K people registered to vote and we can not move this country forward and it just shows how divided as a people we have become. The old saying as it goes..united we stand,divided we fall. This may work or be sustainable in larger countries with millions of citizens but not in the case with ours. I hope we all go for that one man vote and stop with this 2 party BS. I hope we can get some young blood in also with excellent moral standings and ethics and not just a huge ego show. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    Do you want to MARCH?? Join me next week to look for Anna, Kerrian and Nathan and leave the dam West Bay Road alone. Let's march against crime and missing innocent people. We desperately need to find out who is picking up these people and making them disappear. It could be us next.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Before we get too excited about the $5 million for mortgage assistance we need to do some math…. $5 million(DART) minus $3 million?(GLF payment) = $2 million. And oh, I forgot about the $200,000 for John Jr.!

    • Anonymous says:

      Take off the Cohen fees debacle, say $1/2m, and the new $6m loss on the Ritz.  Throw in the costs of the Great Wall of West Bay, the cook, the driver and whatever else he has in his entourage.

  8. Anonymous says:

    O boy! I wish people would read and inform themselves before they try to debate the issue.

    It is 4,290 feet which will be closed running from the southern boundary of the public beach to 559 feet beyond the southern boundary of the Yacht Drive  (at 3,731 feet) making the closure a total of 4,290 feet.

    The significance of the road is that we are giving away our asset, i.e. the road along the world famous Seven Mile Beach, and we are not getting value for money. The value of the public beach, as undeveloped as it is, is worth CI$100,000,000. Yes, that is CI$100 million dollars.

    But that is not the major concern. The road runs over Crown land. It belongs to the people of the Cayman Islands for their use. It allows us access to our beaches. Mr. Dart does not need this whole length of road to develop one hotel. Eventually, your children and my children will not be able to use one bit of that beach. Would you sell your birthright for 30 temporary jobs and a few  jobs for heavy equipment operators? Eventually he will own so much of the Cayman Islands that your children and mine will have nothing.

    The truth is that all the sustainable jobs from this so calleddevelopment will go to work permit holders. Currently, there are 23,000 work permit holders and only 1,000 unemployed Caymanians. Why can't we hold off on granting permits until every Caymanian is employed?

    And yes, I would gladly join the protest against crime which is the result of the young people being marginalised. Even the brightest who go away to study but come home and cannot find a job. Is that what we want for Cayman? 

    • Empty Chair says:

      Congratulations to the organizers on a great success! I wonder how the dictator & his followers will answer this one! This was LOUD & CLEAR! But will they listen?

    • Mr Logic says:

      Don't be silly about 'giving away an asset"…the road is a strip of LANDLOCKED land that is only 50 feet wide and has a public right of way running over it. You cannot build on it, it is not zoned for construction and it cannot meet any setbacks in the planning law. In other words it is  presentlya strip of useless land for anything other than a road. Every single Quantity Surveyor  in Cayman would value it at $0 for those reasons!

      The value of the land on both sides of that landlocked strip is ALREADY owned by Dart. He already owns the valuable land down there. Not us. Our grandparents sold it off years ago.

      And yes by moving our unuseable strip of landlocked land Dart will increase the value of his landside parcels. That has been taken into account in the other lands he is giving and the building of the road to WB. Lets us pray that we dont have to pay HIM for the by-pass lands from his assembly because that DOES have value now.

      So folks, lets think straight here. Agree with the FCIA or dont agree, that is fine and democracy, but dont talk about that landlocked 50 foot strip of land having any value to anyone other than Dart. It simply doesnt. It has no intrinsic value. And if you say the public beach is worth $100M what is it going to be worth when he extends the one to the south all the way to the bypass and ADDS a new public beach to the North?? Have you calculated that??

      Regarding the beach use, you only have access up to the high water mark now anyhow. Whether Dart extends the hotel across the road orsimply builds condos and homes on the seaside, you will not have any less or more access than now. At the moment we are merely trespassing on Dart's land above the high water mark when we camp out there.(Granny sold it long time ago to help pay for your SUV!) Therefore this idea of "saving the sea views" is also nonsense.

      Caymanians don't be used for what is purely political ends. Be smart. THINK!! Obviously I support trading that landlocked strip of land for all the other things and most importantly now, for JOBS.

      • Anonymous says:

        If a parcel of land has raod access to ti it by definition is NOT land locked.  Hence a road can not be land locked.

    • Anonymous says:

      You sir are an idiot if you truely believe what you are saying……

      • Anonymous says:

        Sounds like the way Mac debates his oponents.  Just run them d0own and call them names.

    • Anonymous says:

      14:31  I totally agree with you.  I cannot believe how gullible some of our Caymanian people are.  I can understand that expats, especially those who have recently been living on these islands, are agreeing to the closure of the WB road as many of them do not have the same passion and love that we as born Caymanians should have for the beautiful land that is ours!  We have to realise that once this land is sold we will not get it back and you can bet your bottom dollar that the locals will not be made to feel welcome on the beach when that whole stretch of land/road is developed with hotel and condos!!  It will be just like all the other beachfront hotels where locals are often raced off the beach.

      I hope more people will let their representatives know the great disservice they are doing to the present and future generations.  I have spoken to many UDP supporters who are against the closure of the road but are afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation etc.  Caymanians need to stop being so afraid of politicians but rather let the politicians fear us Caymanians as we are the ones who will determine their political careers!!  

      Don't be blinded by a few jobs that will only be temporary ones.  I would really like to know how many indigenous Caymanians work for this developer.

      • Watler says:

        I understand that the public beachfront alongside the hotel will be for the public. I don't know where you are getting the information from that locals will be forced off the beach from dart security. I have seen at Camana Bay locals and foreignors share the compound. No security is there to run locals away, for Dart himself is a local. I think you have an intense anxiety of losing Cayman. You have a fear of change and being taking advantage of. But the problem is, I don't see any evidence that really backs your fear. Dart has had a good history in the Cayman Islands. Help me to see what you fear?  

        • Anonymous says:

          The problem is that Dart has not had a good history elsewhere and if have no reason to believe that it will be any different with us once he is completely in the driver's seat.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your emotional plea about your children will not be allowed to use the beach some day is untrue and manipulative. Use of the beach is available to everyone and always has been.

      What has always confused me with the irony is how Calico Jacks was build next to the current public beach on 7 mile beach and on a busy day their cruise ship customers spill all over the area there and onto the public beach and no one has said a word about it.

      How a private bar was allowed to be built next to the public beach has always struck me as bizarre. How the public has not gotten upset about this baffles me.

    • Anonymous says:

      " i.e. the road along the world famous Seven Mile Beach, and we are not getting value for money. The value of the public beach, as undeveloped as it is, is worth CI$100,000,000. Yes, that is CI$100 million dollars.
      But that is not the major concern. The road runs over Crown land. It belongs to the people of the Cayman Islands for their use. It allows us access to our beaches."


      i.e. the road along the world famous Seven Mile Beach:

      When there is a building so that we can't see the world famous Seven Mile Beach this no longer is an asset and this could happen with or without FCIA. In fact, closing the road will protect the view …


      It belongs to the people of the Cayman Islands for their use. It allows us access to our beaches.:

      We will still have access, just safer access. We will not be parking along side the road as cars whistle by at 40-50 mph not slowing down to make sure beach goers are safe. What good is access if you get smushed by a speeding car?


  9. Peter says:

    A small group of people making so much noise, clearly most are happy for the road to be moved and can see the good this will do! I think this small group are more upset because they think Mr Darts land is going to be worth more and they ain’t getting any of it! That is what they are focused on not how nice and safe it is going to be for everyone!! Put them green eyes away and smell the coffee. Get it done Mr Dart you the man!

    • Newsmax says:

      Yes Uncle Dart make that beautiful road in Cayman,just like the one at Caymana Bay or more beautiful.  I know for sure you can do it because you are a man of good taste, and do not pay attention to those whining about nothing.

  10. Anonymous says:

    it's interesting how split the "thumbs up/down" vote seems to be on this one….i think those FOR the west bay road move (or at least, not really concerned about losing the road and more concerned with losing the investment) maynot see that the opposition are not actually against the road closure exactly, but its more a protest based on the continued growth of influence (and therefore fear of future influence) that Dart has in this very small island nation…..

    and those that are against the road closure are really doing themselves no favors in how they project their opposition – its really very poorly presented, and its tainted/tinged in a really unnecessarily overtly anti-expat background….rightly or wrongly, thats how its being perceived and thats going to be the downfall of the opposition, because these days are not the good old days, we cannot simply have our cake and eat it anymore because we're caymanian….its not good enough.

    the opposition would be the first to agree that dart has really built fantastic parks and structures here in Cayman – there is no doubt the quality…the road protest is not about the quality of the group behind the deal itself, but its that the deal is the culmination of so many deals involving the same , secretive person……….but the opposition must offer an alternative, you can't simply throw your toys out of the pram just because!…….and to support the deal, you really need to look deeply into this whole thing and question whether or not the extended influence of one group is the right course of action for sucha tiny country…..if you're an expat, i dare say you don't really care too much as perhaps in 5 or 10 or 20 years, you're going to leave….and if you dont ever leave, you'll still always have another home…..but if you're a local, this is your home and right now, its perceived as being under attack from within (rightly or wrongly, thats how its perceived and these days, perception is reality)

    right now,  this road closure has the potential to be the straw that broke the back……and the funny thing is, Dart doesnt really need to close the road…..he could build a bridge…..but as long as he's not made to, why would he? Because at the end of the day, the driving force is the value of the land…..plain and simple…….he aint fooling anyone about that……dart is all about land value……he could go and demolish camana bay tomorrow, he'd still own the land and redevelop it…….but if he didnt own the land….well, thats a different kettle of fish altogether

    dart is very, very good for these islands…..but even the very good has limits to where it becomes too much

    the problem is – whats the alternative?   another poster did ask, where is Ugland and the other secretive billionaires that use us here for tax purposes but dont do anything like Dart has……if only a few of them would step up, we'd not have this issue

    i bet Saudi princes have billions stashed here…..if one of them was to set up a long term financing company to assist caymanians owning and developing, we'd not have this problem of being under the continued influence of a very, very small minority

    but until then….whats the best thing to do?  Embrace development, and progress? or Embrace inertia and fall backwards?   sometimes the last girl at the dance is the ugliest, but at least we get to dance……and i think i need to boogie

    • Anonymous says:

      Its about giving away our heritage and also about how bad the traffic will be again when there is only one road again, instead of two, going in to town. Traffic will be backed up all day just like it was before.  The by-pass was put there for a reason, to alleviate the traffic.  Westbayers had to leave home before 6.30 am in the mornings to get to work by 8.30.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hopefully now they will never arrive and can stay in West Bay

      • Anonymous says:

        Only one road instead of two, eh. 

        Actually between Yacht Drive and West Bay there will be 6 lanes of road instead of the current 2.  Between Yacht Drive and the closed hotel there will be 4 lanes instead of the current 2.  Between Tiki Beach and the public beach link road to the bypass4 lanes instead othe current 6, and the rest is unchanged. 

        So with the exception of one short strech roughly equivalent to the frontage of the closed hotel, there will be considerably more road capaity, and for a far longer distance, then present.  How then is the commute going to get worse?  Its going to get way better.  Argue about the other aspects if you wish, but this is just plain wrong.. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Lanes do not equal roads!! 

          The original proposal before Dart highjacked/bought it was the West Bay road plus the by-pass.  That equalls two roads!!!   

          Two roads two alternatives.

        • Anonymous says:

          The roads will have to merge at some point

    • anonymous says:

      Bridges are never used…tourist and residents cross everyday at street level at both the Ritz and at the Hyatt bridges. Both locations are dangerous.

      Bridges just dont work.

      Of course, Dart is about land value!..I am sure he has done a very close calculation to ensure he is not losing money on this deal- I really hope he has. Do you really expect some person to just give us Caymanians money for nothing?? really?? that's just sick thinking.

      Regarding the other millionaires here…..they did not get their money by handing it out merrily to folks for nothing in return– nothing is free. We cannot expect Dart or anyone to hand us money and not expect anything for it.

      Unfortunately you seem to prefer to have Saudi folks lending us money than someone who is here and has something to lose if the place goes to pot–not sure your reasoning is sound. Would you prefer the über-rich Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah to pay for the road instead? would he make you feel more comfortable if he came to the table to move the road? really???

      We should be glad that we have anyone who want to invest here at the moment. The rest of the world will gladly take him off our hands if they could.

      At end of day…your grandpa should have told you "you cant get nuttin' fi nuttin'!!"

  11. UDP Supporter says:

    We all just need to support our Premier and the good people at Dart. They know what is best for the Cayman Islands and have never let us down in the past. I don't like ex-pats any more than the next God-fearing Caymanian but this island needs investment and money. It's only a piece of road and a dump being moved! True Caymanians know that this isn't a big deal! God bless.

  12. Anonymous says:

    it all nonsense from the proptesters….. the bottom line is dart will expand public beach and improve the overall experience for everyone……………..time to get it done!

    • Anonymous says:

      How much you think you going to have to pay just to go to the beach after Dart has "developed" it? 

      • YOW!! SCRATCH !! says:

        16:01 we are all taking our children to Caymana Bay on Sundays, and enjoying the water the food, the theatre and everything that is awailable, sho why should that be any different from the beach.     I remember one time Caymanians were ran off the beaches by the Westin operators,.  I was one, so please  you do not know what really was taking place here do you?   When last did you go to the beach?  Check out Caymana Bay my friend, It is very nice.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes Dart PR marketing team.   Hip hip horay. 

  13. Anonymous says:

    My crime petition would be against the levels of crime and calling for a higher level of policing at all levels from traffic offenses, drunk driving to drug dealing and violence. If night clubs have multiple violent incidents they lose their liquor licence.  Harboring criminals would be a jailable offense and people would be charged.

    Criminal behavior would not be tolerated and no matter who your relative may be or whatever family connection may exist you are still charged and if evidence is lost the officer responsible for the file is suspended with the 1st offense, 2nd time fired regardless of country of origin.

    Random road blocks set up for drunk driving throughout the year.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am so happy that the people are actually standing up for something.  This transaction should had come to the people first before any deal was sealed.  Dart and McKeeva could had avoided this disruption if they had looped the road behind the proposed 5 star hotel and bring it back out by Tiki Beach and I am sure the people would had stayed quiet about it, as Dart is a partner in Cayman and he has generally been considerate and accepted in our community.  Greed has caused this upheival and it can STILL be rectified and both parties can still live happily everafter. Just don't take the whole 7,000plus piece of the WB Road. We can still comprimise this situation by being civilized about the whole thing and listen the people out.  McKeeva is NOT the voice of the people, he only thinks $$$$, the people still wants to hang on to something dear to their hearts and yes, that is the WB road, their health and their dignity.

  15. TB says:

    This government is not representing the people – its representing Dart!  Forget the Dart fortune!  Forget Ezzard and Ardens interest!  Forget about opposing development!  I am for development!  I am protesting about my "representation" only!  I am opposing the west bay road deal!  I am opposing the dump, because I am a resident in Midland Acres, and no MLA came to me and told me of their intentions!  In fact I votes for JohnJohn and Mark with the belief that they would not spread the garbage to our side!  I am dissappointed and that is why I protesting!  So please you commenters here, do not brand me with Ezzard, Arden, or Aldens interest, because I am not that sort of protestor!!! 

    • Newsmax says:

      TB I do not believe a word you have said, yes you are an EAA man or woman.  What is wrong with the swap, tell me in plain writing on here and I will work mentally with you.  Ok.

    • Strange Protestor Detector says:

      you are so funny…you must also have ESP. You voted for JohnJohn and Mark so they would not spread garbage to Bodden Town? Really?  you knew about this from 2009? before it was even suggested?? WOW

      you are really funny, whatever kind of protestor you are….but then again, you knew I was going to write this post from some months back, didnt you? 

  16. Unison says:

    People in life, you have to give and take. With this Dart deal you have to new roads entering into West Bay. The road will be wider, plus you will get two public beaches, and the Dart landscaping with our beaches will bring in more tourist on the island. Also, his hotel will create more jobs. In life people, you have give something to get something back. That is just how it is!  The dump now, is another issue, because no one wants damage to their environment, and no one wants a dump in their district. But it has to go somewhere, and keeping it where it is, is an eyesore. Dart has agreed to turn the eyesore into something better. A brand new waste management facility will be constructedon the outskirts of Bodden Town. It will be more spacious and properly managed than the one we have now. Again, you can't get the good without getting some bad in life. That is life!  Yes, someone's pockets will be getting dough, but that is life!  Nothing is for Nothing!  Again… let me make it clear that my statement does not condone in anyway how the two UDP MLAs for Bodden Town remained silent on the issue and didn't consult their constituency over the issue. Better representation was expected more from them. If you want to protest, such things like "MLA sole representation of their district" is what you should be protesting about; especially about the handling of crime in the Cayman Islands by our Commissioner and government leaders. This protesting about the two deals made by Dart and government, may just cause us more harm than good, because Dart is the only "Caymanian" with wealth who is willing to do something big with his wealth!  If Dart should leave this island and not come back, tell me what other help will we get. If Camana should close down, who is enjoying Camana Bay now???  "I thought I saw you at their cinema last night!"  The Opposition leaders need to know this before they condemn the man and pursue their own political interest: What are their plans for Cayman if the deals with dart are squashed?  We haven't heard anything about the Oppositions plans for the economy if they should get in… have you noticed it is all about cutting down the UDP and nothing about the better way on how they would run the economy???  People, think before you go out there!  What is it are you really protesting?  Haven't you noticed that politicians and certain individuals are amongst the protestors for their own interest and not Cayman's interest???  Haven't you noticed that?  Better wake up and notice that there are wolves on both sides. I challenge all to think for themselves. Don't follow anyone – follow yourself!  What is best for Cayman, my family, my love ones at this time? 

  17. Anonymous says:

    I really hope that the protesters are not succesful in curtailing this project. This stretch of road (from the Yacht Club to Tiki Beach) takes less than 30 seconds to cover if driving the speed limit of 40 mph.I echo the words of the previous poster, in suggesting efforts should be  concentrated on the prevention of crime, and other social ills.

    • Anonymous says:

      Another bad UDP Mathematician. 40mph = 58.8 feet per second (rounding up). At 58.8 feet per second you will cover 1,764 feet in 30 seconds. I do believe the length of road to be closed has already been the subject of some debate. If you do not care about the length of road to be closed, then that is perfectly acceptable, but there is no need to lie or mislead others.

      • Anonymous says:

        Really?  Is that the best you can do – bring a pedantic mathematic calculation to this debate?   And then call someone who perhaps exaggerates a little a liar?

        Let's say the road being closed is double your figure. Then it still takes less than a minute to drive that stretch of road.  Who really cares if it's 30 seconds or 60 seconds. The point is, it's a very short period of time. Jeez.

        • Anonymous says:

          It's hardly pedantic since SMB is sold "by the foot", unless you are also trying to obfuscate.

      • anonymous says:

        Who drives 40mph there anyhow?..I usually do around 53-55mph and try to avoid those crazy, road-running tourists heading to the beach side. (The chickens also.)  It sure doesnt take me a full minute to go by there, I can tell you that. And I ain't looking out to see no gaps of sea through those cocoplum bushes.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Civil disobedience at it's best and they don't even realize that all they are doing is playing to the whims of the politicians. 

    Cayman will soon be like the rest of the Caribbean. The next thing they will do is burn their cars and everyone elses. Watch and see!

    • Anonnymous says:

      Very recenlty one of the members warned that "something regretable" will happen if the plans go through. So you're probably right – what will they do next?

    • Anonymous says:

      Burn their cars? I thought that was a Miss Cayman event.

    • Anonymous says:

      I suppose you would prefer simple blind obedience to what ever our leaders do.  We should keep our mouths shut like good little surfs and not question when we feel our leaders are making mistakes  that can have, in our opinion, long far reaching effects on Cayman.

      This protest is really and act of the people trying to take democracy back from a leadership that is acting close to dictatorial, while under the cloud real of imaginary of corruption.

      The people want to be heard by their leaders.   Not herded like sheep by their leaders.

  19. Anonymous says:

    How pathetic. A simple road closure gets this attention….Where’s the Caymanian uproar at losing millions every year at the Turtle Farm ?? Where is the outrage when Caymanian companies neglect to  pay health and pension benefits to their own Caymanian people as prescribed by law?? Why aren’t people demonstrating that their Gov’t doesn’t use the building that they just spent millions building?? Why aren’t Caymanians picketing the Ritz for their 6 million?? If the road closes, we won’t be able to see 2500ft of our precious, god given beach…you mean the same beaches that thousands of Caymanians litter every Easter and leave for responsible Caymanians and Ex-Pats to clean?? What a joke to hear, “ We need to attract foreign capital and investors “…..for what? So you can pitch a fit at every prospective plan? Here you have a billionaire committed to Cayman for life with some of his investmentsnot showing a return for 30 years and yet you not only want to choose who plays on your play-ground., but they must play by ever changing political party rules.

    • Anonymous says:

      A fool and his money multiplied by 40,000.

      Cayman brings in what?$200,000,000?  Divided by what?40,000Caymanians?  Anyone who can do the math is smart enough to see a lot of Caymanians are not getting whats theirs and a few are getting much much more than their fair share.  How is this done?Only a fool can not see.  Hence the first statement.  Politics is sometimes just an excuse.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a great response. Look at how many locals are being laid off and out of work and many work permit holders doing the same jobs. Look how many locals have not worked for a year and more. The money they used to make those placards could feed some hungry Caymanian children or buy school shoes for them. Dart is helping this island in so many ways and keeping so many Caymanians in jobs. Look at Camana Bay – where else is there to go and enjoy a Christmas concert for free. The place was full of locals. Please use your energy and your excess funds to help some needy Caymanians instead of trying to block a great project which will benefit the Island.

      • Anonymous says:

        That's the problem! Have you noticed that everything happens in Camana Bay. The only thing that has not gone there is Pirates' Week and I'm sure that Dart probably has plans for that too.

        Do you not see how downtown is dying? Don't you see that even Christmas Tree lighting and the National Choir has moved to Camana Bay. Please tell me that we can still pull off Christmas and the Parade of Lights without Dart's people doing it for us!  Surely we are not mice led where the Pied Piper leads. 

        Please wake up and think!!!!!

  20. Patricia X says:

    I went to Camana Bay, had a nice lunch and bought a pair of shoes in protest at the protest.

  21. Anonymous says:

    it's a pity they didn't go into camana bay to see the standard of development done by dart….turning nothing into something world class……………

    • David R. Legge says:

      In fact, the motorcade did wend its way through Camana Bay. I was at the cricket field for the pre-motorcade gathering and then took a quicker "back route" to Camana Bay and got out of my car so I could count the vehicles as they passed by single-file.

      If your readers are interested, I counted 70 cars and trucks, but about 10 or 15 of those appeared to be non-participating vehicles that just got  stuck in the middle of the parade. Interestingly (I think), I can report that CNS's own Wendy Ledger was Vehicle No. 71! I left her out of my count because I assume she was there as a journalist. So was Tad Stoner of iNews. In fairness, a number of vehicles had more than one occupant.

      In any case, Wendy's car count was approximately the same as mine. I will leave it to your readers to decide for themselves whether this was a good turnout (given that more than approximately 4,000 people apparently signed a petition against the project).

      • Anonymous says:

        More than approximately 4000 sounds like bad journalism. Whether it was more than 4000 people, or approximately 4000 people signing a petition, driving along in a motorcade on a Saturday afternoon is more indicative of how many people have free time on their hands than how they may feel about any particular issue.

        "I will leave it to your readers to decide for themselves whether this was a good turnout" is a bit of spin-doctoring in itself, since you are implying that it was a bad turnout.

      • Anonymous says:

        That is exactly the point David. You had an alternate route!!!! This is as it should be between main points in the country. If/When the section of WB Road is closed there will be no alternate route for that section. If something then happend to the only route we will all be stuck. Why not simply reduce the speed on the entire WB Road to 25mph to make it a safe tourist zone and the main traffice will switch to the "alternate route". Then if we have an issue with either route we have an alternative.

        • Anonymous says:

          What is the world are you talking about?

          When the section of West Bay Road – which is well north of Camana Bay  – is closed, the Esterley Tibbetts Highway extension will take it's place.  Except, where there is only two lanes of West Bay Road, there will be five lanes of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway extension.

          There is NO legal alternative route between West Bay and Camana Bay other than West Bay Road.  Yes, you could take your life in your hands and try to traverse the dyke roads, but that's not a legal route.

          So stop confusing things with misinformation.

      • EzzieCaymanian says:

        So besides not having a well attended parade, what is your point?

    • Anonymous says:

      camana bay is not for the average caymanian, nor will his proposed hotel. Promise of jobs you say? Yeah, pull the other one, coz that's what they said about the Ritz

    • Anonymous says:


      No one is trying to prevent Dart from developing his land.  We want the Dart Group to play by the same rules as the rest of us.  We do not want them to be handed privileged opportunities that other developers do not have.  We do not think it is fair to enrich private individuals at the loss of significant and longstanding civic amenities enjoyed and used by the public.  We also think this particular deal is a bad deal on its terms that makes poor commercial sense for Cayman and obtains insufficient benefit for the value of the site.  Ultimately there probably is a price for the road but slush fund money to save this pathetic disastrous excuse for a government and further investment in West Bay, an isolated, backward, parochial enclave from whence hails many of our criminal and social ills is not that price.  


      We suspect that because this deal does not make commercial sense it would not have been executed if it didnot benefit the parties to it – for one undisclosed reason or another.  We further object to the giving away of our most valuable consideration in exchange for their least valuable consideration.  We did not need $5 million from Dart.  We have wasted nearly $8 million on churches and legal settlements alone.  As it stands we have no promise from them to build a hotel and I doubt we could enforce it if we did.  There is no objection made to the Dart Group moving the dump (somewhere) for example because that is a problem which needs a solution.  This project is a solution without a problem which makes the pain of it being a bad deal all the worse.  Moreover we have withdrawn our implicit trust in the government to negotiate in our interest and on our behalf because (1) it is perfectly clear that the government is no match for entrenched commercial parties in matters of business and (2) never before in our history has our interest (and our expressed wishes) been assigned a lower level of priority.


      In commercial matters when you have an advantage you press that advantage and doubly so when you have a client or constituent to whom you owe a duty to do so.  This is a bad deal pursued for the wrong reasons and supported with the wrong logic by people with their own agenda or nothing invested in Cayman.  Stop confusing the issue and attempting to mislead people.  It makes me sick.  The citizens of this country must learn to bend to REASON and accept its consequences, lest the Cayman Islands hurtle ever more quickly toward ultimate ruin, snatching poverty and regret from the jaws of prosperity and satisfaction.

      • Anonymous says:

        Expats who want another set of swanky bars to spend your tax-free dollars, your views and wants are not relevant.  Please leave Cayman's affairs to Caymanians.

        • Anonymous says:

          yes maybe we should leave and see how you get on on your own…..hope you can thatch rope!

        • Anonymous says:

          Hang on a minute.  I am an expat and I have zero desire for any swanky bars at all.  I don't go to the ones already here and wouldn't go to any new ones.   Why do you think I moved here in the first place?  I'll give you a hint:  It wasn't to see more of what I can get at home.  


          Please don't lump all expatriates into the same bucket.  We are not all alike.  Some of us may even be on your side.

        • Anonymous says:

          Wow… about backwards thinking……. When one doesn't hear exactly what they want to hear they go for the throat and throw in the "you're an expat and I am a Caymanian". 


      • Newsmax says:

        12:48. Want the Dart group to play by the same rules as us?  What us are you talking about?  You people have been here, Caymanians and non Caymans.  Have sucked this Island dry, reaping, reaping, and eating, eatin, drinking, drinking, and wearing, and never in fifty years have you put down a fence post that anyone can see.  What  have you done, to have the rights to protest, becide being very  greedy and still cannot full.

    • Anonymous says:

      world class – destroying all the mangroves is not world class!

  22. Anonymous says:

    How about seeing a protest arranged of this size, if not bigger, for fighting crime on the island and the drug problem??? These are issues that stand to be a lot more detrimental to the future of our island than the building of some road extension!

    • Anonymous says:

      I consider it a crme that Mac is moving forward with this without consulting the people.  Oh, he has had "meeting" where he denigrates those against him rather than defeinding his plans.  He himself has said no one is going to stop him on this.

      There are many who are concerned of the questionable influence that Dart and its money have over Mac. I am one of those.  This is not about the quality of Camana Bay.  It is about the Selling of our country to the influence of money.

    • Anonymous says:

      How about you organise one? I am sure you would have plenty of support.

    • Anonymous says:

      Instead of criticizing those who are protesting, why don't you arrange something.  I would be very happy to join in.