Warrant issued for former TCI premier

| 19/03/2012

michael_misick.jpg(CNS): As the war of words heated up this weekend between the former premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands and the current governor, officials from the Caribbean British Territory said that both an arrest warrant and a ‘Red Notice‘ has now been issued for Michael Eugene Misick.  A red notice is essentially an international arrest warrant, which means that the TCI will be seeking Misick’s extradition if he is arrested in a member state. Last week the governor had called in Misick to return voluntarily and face the questions of the special investigation team that is investigating allegations of corruption surrounding his term in office.

“For the past several months the SIPT has sought to secure the attendance of Mr Misick at its offices in Providenciales in respect of allegations of corruption and money laundering during his time in office," a spokesperson from the TCI governor’s office stated on Monday morning. “Every opportunity has been given to Mr Misick to voluntarily surrender to the SIPT’s jurisdiction for interview. Despite previous indications from Mr Misick’s solicitors that he would attend for interview, he has failed to do so.”

This weekend Misick issued a statement accusing the UK interim government in TCI of corruption and said the report by sir Robin Auld on which the current investigation is based was “fabrication and lies” and part of a political witch-hunt that was “designed to destroy the reputation" of the former premier and his administration.

Although Misick has been issuing statements to the press, his current whereabouts are not certain though he is believed to be living in the Dominican Republic. In June 2011 his assets were frozen by a court order after the commission of inquiry led by Auld recommended the criminal investigation of Misick for possible corruption and abuse of his former position.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As much as we understand Misick has alledgely done, the timeline on this is clearly political.

    It does not take 3 years to decide to arrest someone unless it is political. The FCO has made a mess in TCI– even the UK parliament has said that. Allowing the UK to continue to make these types of "tempura" style excursions to the tropics is just wrong. And we need to stop electing folks that give them the excuse to do so!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I bet MIssick is wishing he never contacted the talk show last week to complain about the governor – shoulda just kept his head down!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Not at all. Misick knew this was coming and, like someone else we know, was seeking to misdirect attention and make someone else the villain. He may just have raised some doubts in the minds of some people, just like that certain someone we know. There is always someone just stupid enough to believe any nonsense. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cayman and the FCO needs to recruit the TCI Governor to be the next Governor of the Cayman Islands to get something done and to complete the investigations on our Premier and to clean up this country. He now has lots of experience from the TCI dealing with the Premier's buddy so he will be perfect to take on the alleged corruption in Cayman.

  4. Whodatis says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    Poor ol' Mikey.

    Don't worry bobo – at least now you know that next time aorund you ought to focus your time and efforts on; lying, issuing false warnings in regard to the immediate security of the wider world, illegally invading foreign countries, and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children in the process.

    Then you wouldn't be faced with those pesky "Red Notices", but rather be living it up on the board of a multi-billion dollar energy company that just so happens to have major interests and operations in one of the very countries that you coincidentally illegally invaded in your role as an elected and aswerable world leader.

    Who knows, you may even get an invite to slap around a tennis ball with the greats in the comforts of a 5-star luxury retreat.

    Next time Mikey … next time.


  5. Factortame says:

    XXX It has been in excess of three years that Criminal Investigations were started by the RCIPS, why so silent? The World is watching, waiting, and in the mean time legitimate investors have become leery of this jurisdiction.


    Governor, you are charged with protecting our livelihoods under the Treaty of Lisbon, each passing day is harming our economy. Everyone wants and needs closure!


    Governor, either do your job and earn your wage or step aside and let someone protect what is left of Parliamentary Sovereignty and dismiss the negative connotation of the Cayman Islands being the new poster child for a Banana Republic.

  6. Anonymous says:

    When r we goinging to get a "RED NOTICE" 

    • Anonymous says:

      Presently, we are not under any real dictatorship. A RED NOTICE will mean the introduction of just that!  Ummm…  are you prepared for a UK dictatorship?  It would be easy for you to say "bring it on" when you have ties somewhere else and can run when the sh.t hits the fan  :o)

  7. Turtle's Head says:

    Chick, chick, chick, chicken, chicken . . . . Misick is a coward.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ha!  They took so long to come with a warrant for a criminal. They must have had the evidence preserve in a refrigerator or something of the sort. And just think about of all that paper work of investigation, garbage accumulated just to pronounce a sentence on a few that could have been accomplish in less than a year.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I suppose there will be posters to CNS who still think this crook Misick is just a victim of the wicked UK which for some reason wants control of these useless islands as a foreunner to taking over the also useless- to- the- UK Cayman Islands. As a loyal UK subject, I wish to Christ the UK would give them both independence within 12 months and leave them to their own devices so we in the UK would not have the embarrassment of always being targeted in the UN as a "colonial power" and Europe as a supporter of tax havens. TCI and Cayman need to be left to all these geniuses in both territories (or "countries" as they would like to call them) who go on and on about how they and their indigenous populations would thrive if it were not for the oppressive hand of the colonial master.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anonymous @ 19:13 it would have been oh so nice if your fore parents were thinking like you 200-300 years ago,all the milk dry up now so the old cow is no longer worthy!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon 10:40: I am the poster at 19:13 and believe it or not I entirely agree with you. I am not the only UK citizen who wishes there had never been a bloody Empire, trust me. It's like young Germans who are blighted forever it would seem by the ghastly horrors of the Nazi era. They can't take that back and we can't take back slavery and colonialism and Rule Brittania etc.

  10. Jackie Ebanks says:

    Our turn next!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yeaaah –   As I always say:  "Neva trust a dude named "Eugene"

  12. Knot S Smart says:

    I wonder if Panama and Roatan are member states in respect to a 'Red Notice'?

    Just scouting around in case of a future event…

  13. A Guilty Pleasure says:

    Warrant issued for former premier? Is this a prelude of what we will hear in a couple of years?

  14. Anonymous says:

    When, oh when will our investigation ever begin?  Can somebody, someone just tell us when?  Our people are tired of the long wait and we have worn out our knees praying for that day.  Governor, are you hearing?

    • George Town resident says:

      LOL  keep wishing when they throw on you a property or income tax

  15. WeSoF*%#ed says:

    The TCI should start looking in West Bay… You know what they say about birds of a feather…

  16. Unison says:

    I don't know whose right from wrong in this case. Now we are at the mercy of what the news outlets give us. From the middle of 2009, about 3 years since TCI was taken over, and it is now come to a warrant for this man's arrest???  Meanwhile, he was spending freely until June 2011???  Just recently he went to Dominica Republic. For quite some time the free bird was flying back and forth from TCI. I am just interested to know what has stopped them so long from an arrest and incarceration???  There are so many questions to be answered. And here are some pertinent questions:  Why would you revoke a country's constitution, remove a people's elected government, cause the central bank of TCI to go into liquidation, give unlimited powers to a Governor to iron rule a country, and prohibit the people from TCI from voting in general elections, and prohibit the people from exercising basic democratic rights – all because of one man and his party members???  And on top of that, in light of UK tax payers having to bail out TCI under the direct rulership in order to keep it afloat, is just a mystery to me???  There Governor is outrightly a former british spy, which is sort of embarrassing to TCI citizens that they have no democracy and have to be ruled by a spy!  It also amazes me that you have some commenters on this news site who whilst calling the kettle black, have failed or clearly refuse to entertain that there is a big black pot cussing the kettle!  Definitely, you have politicians from both sides and diverse places, or representing certain individuals who have other interest than the TCI people's interest in mind. It takes a real biased commenter (excuse me, biased person) to make comments on this news site accusing one entity of all the wrong doing and shining a glorious light on the other entity, as being fully justified by their actions, when they are ignorant of what is really going on behind the closed doors!  Do you really know their hidden intentions???  No you don't!!!  All you can truly know is that the TCI people are caught in between some power grabbing event, and strangely the international media (possibly paid) has not covered it like they should.      

    • Anonymous says:

      Disregard, if you must, the numerous rape and battery charges: Misick, the central bank, and his cabinet members colluded to sell crown land for their personal gain.  This began long before Misick's 2008 talk of independence, and long before the Investigative teams arrived.  You really needn't anything more than that to put this man away…but sadly there is much more: there have been eleven (11!) separate criminal investigations going on since Sept 2011.  Going through those warehouses of wrong doing takes time, and evidence amassed, before charges can be brought.  FBI, DEA, Interpol, United Nations Drug Control Program, and TCI police among other agency names being tossed around.  The people of the TCI are supportive of the investigative team and of their administrative powers, new elections will likely follow next year (2013).  Misick is not a nice guy, nor is he a victimized patriot.  Indeed, he may proove to be on par with many of the most notorious despots of Central Africa.  He ripped off the territory and greased people for their collusion to help him do it.  All of those revolting people that aided him need to go before new elections can be held.       

      • Unison says:

        Understood… your comment is emotional charge, but there is more to this story. The half has been told.