Cops found gun in freezer

| 22/03/2012

Crime SceneCleanup_full.jpg(CNS): A loaded colt 45 handgun was found in the freezer during a special operation last year in Prospect the court heard Wednesday. Joshua Brown (23) from George Town had been arrested in September following information received by 911. When police searched his girlfriend’s apartment in the immediate wake of his arrest officers recovered the loaded semi-automatic weapon wrapped in a white t-shirt from the freezer draw of the refrigerator in the kitchen which was later linked to Brown, the prosecution said, as a result of DNA evidence.

Brown who has denied possession of an unlicensed firearm and six rounds of ammunition faces a minimum of ten years jail time if he is found guilty of the offence.
In the summary of its case when the trial opened Wednesday afternoon, the crown said that police also found a mask and gloves in the apartment where Brown was believed to be staying with his girlfriend, in the Marina Drive area. However, the crown conceded that Brown was not present when either the mask and gloves or the weapon was found in the apartment as he had been arrested regarding unrelated matters and taken to George Town police station.

Detective constable Damien Maxwell who was attached to the drugs and serious crime force told the court that he was called to the address on the morning of 8 September where the RCIPS’ armed response unit, the uniform support group had carried out an intelligence led operation. When he arrived he said he saw Brown being arrested and then he along with three other officers executed a search warrant for the apartment where he was staying.

Maxwell said he began his search in the kitchen in the presence of Brown’s girlfriend and after around 15 minutes came across the heavy object wrapped in a white T-shirt in the bottom freezer draw.

“During my search of the kitchen area I opened the freezer section of the refrigerator and in the bottom tray I discovered a white t-shirt wrapped around a heavy object,” he said. After lifting the object up slightly and discovered its weight the officer told the court that he had immediately called for a scene’s of crime officer, who then wearing protective clothing unwrapped and examined the gun. He said the Colt 45 hand gun was loaded with a magazine containing six bullets.

Maxwell also revealed that he had collected items of clothingfrom the bedroom closet and dresser to take to the police station to give to the defendant but he denied picking up the clothes from the bedroom floor, when Brown’s defence attorney raised the issue of potential contamination.

The trial continues Thursday in court five


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