Critical dive patient dies in hospital

| 23/03/2012

(CNS):  Updated — A 51-year-old female resident has died after being admitted to hospital in a critical condition on Friday afternoon. Police confirmed the death of the woman Monday, stating she had died on Friday evening. Pamela Jean Langevin was taken to the hospital when she collapsed after a dive. At about 12:35pm Thursday afternoon the police were informed that she had had difficulties during a dive at the Turtle Reef off North West Point, in West Bay. Langevin was able to reach shore with her dive partner but became unconscious and had difficulty breathing. Staff from Sun Divers responded and assisted. CPR and Oxygen was administered prior to the arrival of emergency services.

A police spokesperson said her death was under investigation by the RCIPS Marine Dept.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is safe, If you are physically fit for it, every day that is different and every dive is different, you must be self aware.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Someone was telling us recently how perfectly safe diving is for the over-50 crowd.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do your research. I don't think anything is "perfectly" safe. However, to be "perfectly" safe one must live the life of a hermit. Crossing the street isn't "perfectly" safe but that doesn't mean that we don't ever do it. Diving is statistically safe. That doesn't meant that there are NO risks. That means that the rate of accidents compared to the number of people participating is very low.