NDC needs volunteers ahead of student drug survey

| 26/03/2012

alg_teen_drugs.jpg(CNS): The National Drug Council is looking for volunteers to assist in its sixth cycle of the Cayman Islands Student Drug Use Survey (CISDUS), which will be carried out across local schools next month. The survey is fundamental to developing policies to help with prevention of drug, alcohol and tobacco use among the country’s young people. The survey also collects information about school climate, safety and important contributing factors to youth risk behaviours that can impede learning.  “Having reliable and consistent data allows the development of programming in line with the community’s needs,” said the NDC boss, Joan West-Dacres.

“Our ongoing monitoring through this survey provides our stakeholders with information that would not otherwise be available as we seek to reduce the negative impacts of alcohol and other drugs. We are pleased that so many organisations have been utilizing the data to help strengthen their programming,” added the Executive Director

Community involvement is essential in the administration of this survey and the NDC said it is in need of fieldwork assistants. Interested individuals will be required to volunteer approximately 1½ hours during the weeks of 23 April to 4 May. In order to administer the survey to students in their classrooms, there will be two sessions — morning and afternoon.

“Ideally, we need 80 fieldwork assistants in order to collect the data in an efficient and timely manner,” the director added.

For the past 12 years the NDC has conducted the survey, which aims to gain a better understanding of drug use among middle and high school students in the Cayman Islands. It also provides an opportunity for schools, community, private and public entities to develop evidenced-based policies and programmes that are geared towards the needs of local youth.

Officials said it also helps with the continued development and strengthening of prevention programmes and policies and tracks the changes in alcohol and drug use patterns.

The survey is used both in the public and private sector by government officials, local organisations, special interest groups and various regional bodies to guide discussions, strategic plans and policies.

CISDUS allows for comprehensive planning of prevention initiatives by indicating the prevalence of alcohol and tobacco use, the rise of drug abuse, and the distribution of use across all geographic areas of the island.

“This information is valuable to the country, communities, and schools in targeting prevention initiatives,” officials from the NDC said.

Volunteers are asked to contact the NDC on 949-9000 or email info@ndc.ky


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would like to know if this survey is going to include questions on synthetic marijuana, as I have previously seen someone trying to use ecaytrade as means to selling it here in Cayman!? I would like to know how prevalent it is here at home as I am constantly reading of the effects of teenagers using it in America.