Officials seek input on creation of new public office

| 26/03/2012

legal-wills.s600x600.jpg(CNS): The Cayman Islands’ government is examining the possibility of introducing an Administrator-General to protect the interests and represent children and those with mental health problems in connection with the estates of persons who have died intestate. The Law Reform Commission was asked to provide recommendations on the introduction of the office, which is similar to that of a public trustee, by the attorney general last year and it is now looking for public comments on the issues. The commission has released a discussion document and a draft bill. The Law Reform Commission warns that if such an office is to be created it must be properly financed as well as accountable.

The draft bill sets out the broad parameters of the office, which would include the administration of small estates under $20,000, the administration of estates with no next of kin to act as trustee or executor of wills to act as a court appointed receiver or liquidator and to act as a "friend, guardian or legal representative" for the vulnerable as well as an investigator and auditor of affairs under power of attorney.

Currently, a guardian can be appointed by the court or the solicitor general can act for vulnerable individuals when there is no other person able to represent them but this has its limitations and officials hope to create a specific new public office to take on the role.

Anyone who wishes to comment should send their submissions in writing by 3 May 2012 to the Director of the Law Reform Commission, 3rd Floor Anderson Square, or mailed to the Law Reform Commission, P.O. Box 1999 or sent by e-mail to

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  1. Looks says:

    Looks like they finally found something for Steve to do!

  2. Anonymous says:

    "…properly financed as well as accountable."


    Good luck.