Webb accepts nomination for CONCACAF president

| 26/03/2012

jeffwebb.JPG(CNS): The president of the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA), Jeff Webb, says he will build on the unity of the regional football association if he is elected president of CONCACAF. Webb accepted the nomination for president of the governing body for association football in the region this weekend and the election is set to take place at the CONCACAF congress in Budapest, Hungary. Saturday’s announcement came after a week where support increased for the experienced football administrator to take over the helm of the continental governing body for football in North and Central America and the Caribbean. To date, twenty-five of the forty member countries have nominated Webb as a candidate. 

“I am humbled by the tremendous outpouring of support and encouragement received from so many of the member countries,” he said in a release from CIFA.  “It is this unity of the CONCACAF that will champion our success, and if elected, it is my intention to build on that unity through collaboration, transparency, integrity, engagement, and accountability.”

Webb has over twenty years in leadership positions in football, as president of the CIFA, FIFA Executive Committee (observer), chairman of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Normalisation Committee, member of the FIFA Transparency and Compliance Committee, deputy chairman of the FIFA Internal Audit Committee, and chairman of the CONCACAF Youth Committee.

Like most football players of his generation within the Caribbean, Webb started playing the game in the street. As he developed as a player, so did his desire to improve accessibility to, and conditions within, the sport. Webb became president of his football club in 1985, and later his attention turned to the national level, becoming president of the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) in 1991.

According to the release, during his uninterrupted twenty year tenure as president of the CIFA he has improved accessibility to the sport in every district, and his commitment to youth, particularly at the grassroots level, has created opportunity and growth in the sport. In 2009, the opening of the Home of Cayman Football and The Cayman Centre for Excellence proved to be a culmination of all his efforts.

Through his administrative expertise, Jeffrey elevated the CIFA to the international level, with it becoming a member of both CONCACAF and FIFA in 1992, the release said. 

Webb’s current appointments include the FIFA Internal Audit Committee in 2002 (and presently serves as its Deputy Chairman), the CONCACAF Youth Committee Chairman since 2009, the FIFA Transparency and Compliance Committee since 2011 (charged with reforming FIFA), Chairman of the CFU Normalisation Committee in 2011, and his most recent appointment (2012), representative for the Caribbean Zone as an observer on the FIFA Executive Committee.

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  1. the revealer says:


    CIFA is the executive bodythat runs and manage football in the cayman islands. This organization and its leader who looks to soon be the prisident of concacaf the second strongest confederation in terms of votes within fifa the world governing body for football has held his position of leadership of football in cayman for the past twenty years with a leader for life mentality an sense of entitlement. Cifa is nontransparent, behaves unaccountable,never presents a  audited financial  report  at th annual congress which is the true governing of football locally. This congress is made up of all the local football clubs and associations who are registered members of cifa.But this local congress of football has no authority because there is no unity among its members. Individualism and all that i can get for my club mentality is rampant within this organization. Also individuals from different clubs either volunteer or are hand picked by the prisident of cifa to  that make up the various sub committees that runs the various cifa footbal leagues . These individuals the use their positions to get their clubs favorable treatment when participatingin the local leagues.


    getting cifa to change age groups to suit their own club age requirements.

    manipulating league fixtures.

    certain clubs playing more than six foreign players which is a violation of cifa foreign player rule.


  2. Jacky Boatside from oldbush says:

    He what we read about both FIFA and CONCACAF is true I have no doubt he should fit right in quite nicely!

  3. The Beaver says:

    As with everything else in the Cayman Islands, it's all fool's gold – though it may glitter…  The Beaver

  4. Peter Milburn says:

    Well done Jeff.Keep up the good work and keep Caymans name out there for all to see.A lot of work done prior to your arrival by many of us BUT you are now the man to take things to another level.Good luck.

  5. Anonymous says:

    "Would be good for Cayman" ?


    FIFA is mired in allegations of greed, coruption, nonfeasance and misfeasance and it seems that fresh allegations of bribery come to the surface nearly every day. When someone does get investigated, for example, Trinidad's Jack Warner and Cayman's own David Fredrick, they simply resign and avoid sanction (XXXX). Or in the case of Jamaica's Horace Burrell they are handed down a derisory sentence, often suspended and then after a few months its business as usual. And it seems the higher up you go in FIFA the worse the allegations become.


     So reach for the stars Mr Webb. You were a staunch supporter of Mr Warner when he was in charge, I haven't heard you say much on the David Fredricks issue and I understand Mr Burrell supports your election. It wouldn't suprise me if Sepp Blatter does to.


     "Good for Cayman" ?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Jeff, but with all the accomplishments no one remembers that a lot of hard work was done by the executives before he took over in 1991. As you all will note we became affilated with CONCACAF and FIFA in 1992 therefore the exec before that did all of the leg work to make this happen. I know this as I was apart of that exec.

    I still send my congratulations but I think all the many executives before which was led by people like ha ha and Tony Scott should be reconized for their efforts also  

  7. Peanuts says:

    Would be good for Cayman.

  8. ex player and dad of a player says:

    congratulations to jeff, this nomination by the other member countries shows that he's doing something good internationally. but what about locally jeff? what is your plan for local football moving forward? if you're appointed president of concacaf will local football suffer even further? remember jeff youve been the president of local football for 21yrs and we have yet to have a football field other that the government fields. under your presidency football has dipped to the lowest that it can go, you've pushed away some good local players for expat players who cannot represent this country on a national level.  if youre appointed to concacaf Jeff i beg you to relinquish your stronghold on local football to someone who genuinly has the sport at heart for local players. and not to someone who's been under your regime that would run it the same way you did for personal gain. 

  9. Whodatis says:

    Considering the performance and repuation of Cayman football on the regional and international scene – Mr. Webb must be one heck of an impressionable and passionate individual within the football fraternity.

    Congrats to your sir – I wish you nothing but the best in this regard.

    Btw, why has this story not received more feedback? This will be a major achievement for a Caymanian in light of all things considered. So it goes I guess.

    * Btw, do me a favor Jeff – slap Blatter when you see him and see if you can't bring him back to reality will ya?!

    Tell 'im I sen' it!

    • Anonymous says:

      When Jeffrey Webb took over the CIFA presidency, Cayman's football was at a crossroads..the standard could no longer be improved within a purely amateur system and the bulk of Webb's supporters within football were not only amateur in status but in skills as well.

      They've kept him in power to keep the game in Cayman at athe lowest level possible so…they. like him…could benefit.

      No one, except Jeff's supporters in Cayman football really cares anymore.

      This nomination is not about Cayman's football; its all about Jeffrey Webb.

  10. JAhDRead says:

    Congratulations to the Jah called Jeff.  HAil d man, represent breda, represent scene!

  11. retrofredric says:

    Aaah yes and yet Cayman's national team under who's adiminstation performance remains dismal and a real shambles while el presidente rises to the top unscathe and unconcerned by FIFA's troubles. So it go bwoy! Go deh star!

    • JAhDRead says:

      all you critics, if the man has not done his job, and you feel so strongly and/or negativaly against him, why then did yo not try make a change to the association by jining them.  Crab in a big biucket ya part of da crord