Cops warn of mock emergency in George Town

| 28/03/2012

(CNS): A spokesperson for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Services said that police and other Grand Cayman Emergency Services including Hazard Management will be taking part in a mock emergency exercise this morning Wednesday 28 March in the Walkers Road area of George Town. The area will cordoned off for a short time during the exercise. "Every effort will be made to ensure the public are not un necessarily inconvenienced during this important and very worthwhile exercise,' the polcie said ahead of the exercise.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear 19.03. If people learned how do drive and use roundabouts correctly then there would be no need for a police officer at the location.
    It’s just a shame that the offenders seen are not given a ticket at the same time.
    I am also gob smacked as to why an officer can stand in traffic and watch so many vehicles breaking the law I.e. window tint, no seat belts, children standing on front seats, people eating breakfast as they drive, women putting on makeup as they drive, the list goes on and on. I reakon we could settle the country’s dept in a month if all these offenders got a ticket.
    Introduce the Philly system here and tow those puppy’s!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Seems to me there are enough real emergencies to deal with that you wouldn't need mock emergencies.  Go out there and deal with the child molestors instead of holding up traffic in a roundabout, which is designed to take care of the traffic all by itself!!

  3. Knot S Smart says:

    Speaking of police exercises – Please Mr Commissioner stop the Police from holding up traffic in the mornings at the Tropical Gardens roundabout.

    Yesterday and today when everyone coming from the East were going to work, there was standstill traffic and a line of cars from Bodden Town to the roundabout by Tropical Gardens.

    To everyone's annoyance, the source of the problem was because at the said roundabout, there was a damn bewildered, confused, belligerent Policeman stopping hundreds of cars from the East, so that cars coming from the South Sound junction can drive smoothly through the roundabout. For a few minutes there he got confused and had everybody stopped, leaving the  roads ahead empty.

    Normally traffic runs smoothly for everyone at this roundabout, because that is what a roundabout is designed to do.

    So please. There is no need to have a Policeman directing traffic at a roundabout. It slows everything down far worse.

    If they have no other job to occupy their time, it is better that you send them out to catch butterflies, or bird watching or something else…


  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Criminals,

    Please hold off any activities until after the mock exercise, so we can give you our usual full attention. Thanks!