CG isolated in vote debate

| 30/03/2012

cline 2.JPG(CNS): Government back-bench MLA Cline Glidden struggled on Thursday evening to defend the current voting system or why the country would have to wait five years for one man, one vote (OMOV) in the face of so much support. Standing in for the premier at the Generation Now discussion on the introduction of the more democratic and equitable system, Glidden offered little justification for maintaining the current system and stuck to the UDP party line that a referendum before the next election would be too costly. He conceded, however, that if 50 percent of voters signed the petition calling for a November ballot, government would have to re-think its position.

Glidden stepped in at the last minute for the premier, who pulled out of the public roundtable in order to go to Cuba for a meeting with Cayman Airways management and executives. But the West Bay third elected member’s enthusiasm for the status quo appeared lacking compared to his boss, who remains a staunch supporter of the multi-member constituencies. As the only panel member apparently in support of the current system, Glidden admitted that, as a politician, it would be easier to represent a smaller constituency.

The UDP backbencher defended government’s position that it did not have the money for a referendum before the next election. In the face of suggestions to use the ‘nation building fund’ to cover the cost of the national vote in November, Glidden implied that the money was already spent or spoken for.

In his efforts to defend the current voting system, Glidden said demands would come from constituents for more services such as libraries or firestations, but this was dismissed by all of his panel colleagues.

Glidden also suggested that with the introduction of one man, one vote, people could be elected to office on very few votes. No one noted that it is already possible even under the current system for a person to be elected to high office by a very small percentage of the electorate. Glidden’s colleague, Deputy Premier Juliana O'Connor-Connolly, who is the second elected member for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, holds a powerful Cabinet post despite being elected by only 467 voters.

Isolated on the panel in his position and in the face of growing support across the country for the introduction of one man, one vote, Glidden said he was still not convinced that the people he represented wanted the system changed or that they would be better off in a single member constituency. The petition, however, already contains hundreds of signatures from voters in West Bay asking for one man, one vote and also for a referendum this year, not next.

He conceded that the decision was in the hands of the people, which was why the government had committed to a referendum on the issue next year.

But Glidden faced an uphill struggle as Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin, Ezzard Miller (the MLA spearheading the petition for the referendum), former Election Boundary Commission member Adrianne Webb and concerned citizen Dick Arch all favoured one man, one vote and said it should be introduced sooner rather than later.

With the exception of one question from the floor about the balance of population in future single member constituencies, the members of the audience contributing to the discussion were also clearly in favour of the introduction of the system before the next election.

Glidden made no argument against the point that one man, one vote is more equitable and more democratic and did not defend the possible situation that could occur in the capital if the premier does not concede to change the system before 2013 of George Towners having six votes at the next election.

Miller urged the people to go and sign the petition and show government that they wanted this system before the next polling date. He pointed out that, despite efforts for more than two decades to introduce one man, one vote, the common denominator that had prevented its implementation was McKeeva Bush.

Anyone wishing to sign the petition click here or visit Four Winds Esso in West Bay, Walkers Road Texaco, Book Nook or Pinnacle Condos on the West Bay Road. Thepetitioners are within just a few signatures of the 3,800 names required to trigger a people initiated referendum but organisers are still aiming to get close to 50% of the electorate in order to force government’s hand and simple introduce one man, one vote before the next election.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Time to go, Mac. Here's a tip from history for Rolston and Cline : watch the recent movie about Margaret Thatcher and learn what is usually done to political leaders (by their own party) who end up out of touch the public. Time to stand on your own feet, gentlemen. Dump Mac, change the election law and hope for the best come the election! (Oh, come to think of it, also study about King Canute and the meaning of the reference to "the tide of public opinion" while you're at it.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can we please admit to the elephant in the room???

    The only reason the UDP (and especially the Premier) are opposing the one man one vote, is because there is a chance that they would actually be forced to work together with some people who they can't bully and intimidate or put on their pay roll.

    That's it. The current method just ensures that UDP has and remains complete control of West Bay (and unfortunately some other districts).

    • Anonymous says:

      yep and the other ensures Ezzard and Arden the prized Premier spot…Don't trust any of them. Remember they are politicians. It was that long ago the same Ezzard Miller was castigating and making fun of Mr. Craddock. this morning on Rooster he is praising his son Donnie because he is for the omov game.

      Everyone needs to take a look around and see that with the majority of the politicians we have they have at some time in their political career been aligned and it is the jockeying for power and money that splits them up. They are all alike. 

      If anyone really thinks that this OMOV thing is going to change anything look at North Side and East END and see if you see any benefit in having Arden or Ezzard as your one full time MLA. Ssure they can scream from the mountain top and get on Rooster and let their moth go but in the political realm of things do they can anything done for their districts..I don't thinks so. Constructing a couple of boat docks and thatch huts isnt what I elected Ezzard to do..Believe  me they will still join up and the ones that do will do the same as they are doing to us now…Mark my words!!!


      • Anonymous says:

        OMOV does not ensure anyone the "Premier spot".

        Ezzard and Arden are two of the few MLAs who are actually doing their jobs; they are an excellent advertisement for single member constituencies.

      • Anonymous says:

        J, J, J. A good try but not working to convince anyone! EzzardMiller and Arden McLean are  politicians who have the guts to stand up for their constituents. Without the support of those in power, who are often times the ones they have to oppose on national issues, achieving what they would like for their districts is not often difficult. When they were ministers history shows that both districts achieved much. Check the facts before you start spewing nonsense to try to ign them!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Either way we're screwed…One man, one vote give us Ezzard or Alden for premier(NOT) and status quo gives us back McKeeva.




  4. Anonymous says:

    I am a proud member of the UDP!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Go UDP! You have my vote and all my family.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Little Lady Up the Street… You clearly have not spent the time to understand anything that has been happening with One Man One Vote.


    The ONLY thing this changes is how people vote (One vote per person) and how we are represented. 


    Everything else is the same. Minister of Health etc. Will be voted in by the other MLAs… Nothing changes besides how we vote!


    Please spend some time to read and understand One Man One Vote… Or you can pick up the phone and called Ezzard or any member of One Man One Vote team who have their numbers posted on CNS… 

  7. Anonymous says:

    Isn't iit funny how Mr. Glidden says there is no money available for a referendum yet there seems to bee plenty of money for holding a Director's meeting in Cuba for Cayman Airways. If they were so concerned about a lack of funds, they should have held the meeting here instead of spending excessively out of the Country. This bunch is blatantly irresponsible when it comes to prudent money management and should be out of office sooner rather than later.


    As for the issue of appointing a Premier, I think the current system is flawed in that it allows for a person who is not capable of running a County to attain such a position of power. Never the less, One Man One Vote has no bearing on the appointing of the Premier. A better system would be to have a non-elected person of capable means, wisdom and intelligence appointed by an independent panel to the position of Premier in order to prevent the current conflicts of interest that are inherent in having a Premier for all the people who is responsible first and foremost to the constituents who elected him or her. That's a referendum for another day.



  8. Anonymous says:

    I think we should make Cuenselo Ebanks for primier and just leave it at that. She brings very sensible points to the table every morning when she calls the Rooster.  Even Austin agrees with her.

  9. OneLove says:

    Oh, wait, these guys are politicians? I thought they were comedians…

  10. Anonymous says:

    I for one will only support the OMOV if there is a constutional change that reduces the number of elected members. The boundary commission needs to redraw the lines to make EE and NS one electroal district, two elected members for BT, four for GT, four for WB and two for CYB. additionally, once we then move to the OMOV included on the ballot must be the right for EVERYONE to vote for the Premier. That democratically elected Premier should then have the right to select cabinet.

  11. John-the-Baptist says:

    One Man One Vote is the BEST FOOLISHNESS. The Little Lady Up The Road have the right questions and insights in regards to the Best Foolishness. Thank you Little Lady up the Road  for your ability to see clearly and intuitively into the nature of our complexed people and their  situation. This subject must disappear. It is a lot of us dah naw sign this foolishness bobo.

    • Anonymous says:

      What you call "foolishness" the rest of the world calls "democracy".

  12. The little lady up the road says:

    I am lost.  Could somebody please explain this ONE MAN, ONE VOTE to me.  If ONE MAN ONE VOTE should be enacted in our laws tomorrow, how would we choose a Primier? A Minister of Health, Education and all the ministers?   Really and truly, I went into deep thoughts in regards to all members and I see no UNITY.  Therefore, it is quite puzzling to see ONE MAN, ONE VOTE elected members  meeting on common grounds amongst themselves to choose a Primier and all the ministers.  Is it that the candidate with the most ONE MAN, ONE VOTE will be elected as Primier? And if so, what would happen if James Bond, a full-bred Caymanian, who operates a Patty Shop and have no experience in this field should run for election, and gets the majority of the votes, would it be okay for him to lead the country because he has 75% of the voters? I really need to know how all you miserable politicians and new-comers will be able to appoint each other fairly to represent US  without any jealousy, bad mind and misery. I hear and see a lot of hate amongst all of you and with that embedded in your minds and words, how on hell will any of you melancholy representatives be able to reprensent Cayman and the people  when you all sit down to choose a Primier under this ONE MAN, ONE VOTE? If you do not like each other, who you see and work with everyday, how would you be able to represent us, who you do not even know? 

    • BORN FREE says:

      Apparently he is also isolated in the UDP as well. It appears that fool-fool-lio is replacing him. I assume that CG is getting use to the isolation.

      • Anonnymous says:

         I hope he will 'isolate' himself from that group completely.

      • Anonymous says:

        Think this could be further punishment from the premeir. I took away the port work from him and now this?

        I wonder if the premeir sent him or did he go on his own?

    • CLUELESS EXPAT. says:

      Little Lady up the road , I am so glad you asked these questions, because I had them on my mind too, that Is why I never signed the paper.  Now would you reallly believe there are people saying they wished they did not sign because they neverunderstood.   CAYMANIANS I THINK YOU BETTER WAKE UP, ask questions from the right people listen to debates, because you all are missing the point.   Little lady up the road you make sense.  There are WANN-ABE-PREMIERS, who is pushing this, but I do not know who made these people think they could run this country.  I think Premier Bush is doing a great job.  So my advice to all Caymanian voters is this" If you had any sence, you would make sure that Bush runs the Country again next year with his team.  There is no one else right now, so give them what is due.  Leave Bush in ther and let him complete his project of bringing this country back.

      • Dred says:

        I don't even know why I or anyone else is replying to this comment I mean come on look at the name….


        Clueless – Do I need to say more. I mean I didn't say it he/she did.

        Expat – Now let me say this. I love expats but I do not get into foreign affairs of other countries so I beg you stay out of ours. You have no knowledge about our country and no vested interest into its success or failures.


        This is our country and WE THE PEOPLE want ONE MAN ONE VOTE and for this we really do not care what others think.

        How do we choose a Premier? We choose a Premier the same way we have always done. People meet they talk and they decide then they put it to a vote and the person with the most votes win.

        You guys woudl like to make this something difficult and hard for us and to try to throw stupid ideas of how this can not work but we read right thru your stupidity.

        And by the way we are VERY MUCH AWAKE and it's you that have been asleep, possibly on all those flights your government has been taking all over the world. They behaving like Lotter Winners not like our elected officials.

        ONE MAN ONE VOTE BABY!!!! We knocking this building down and rebuilding it the peoples way….

        Officials…..take note…..Do the work we put you in for OR you will be removed.

      • Anonymous says:

        At least you know you are clueless. I doubt that you are an expat since you indicate that you were entitled to sign the petition. Judging by the poor level of expression I would guess that you are a dyed in the wool UDP supporter.


        McKeeva has carried this country further down rather than bringing it back. I don't know what great job you think he has done. The country cannot afford to endure this sort of 'leadership' for another four years. YOU need to wake up.

    • Anonymous says:

      So lets see if I get it right the UDP led GOvernment would prefer to have the referendum on election day meaning that the election would not be under obne man one vote. The PPM and others would prefer the early referendum such that it could result in the election being held under one man one vote system.

      The question is the timing of the vote.

      Our politicians have sat on things for many years. Think of how long we had a "major ground transportation plan" calling for the second road going into west bay? What did the politicians do sat on it and wait until the land cost an arm and a leg or more specifically when we have to give Dart the country to build to road.

      Now fast forward to today. How long ago have we had the constitution calling for the one man one vote system?

      I think it certainly has been long enough for our politicians to move on it. This afterall is not what they want it is what the people want. This is a part of the people approved constitution. We should not even have to deal with the referendum.

    • Anonymous says:

      "…what would happen if James Bond,a full-bred Caymanian, who operates a Patty Shop and have no experience in this field should run for election, and gets the majority of the votes, would it be okay for him to lead the country because he has 75% of the voters".

      Probably nothing worse than if a full bred Caymanian who is a gardener and has no relevant qualifications or experience gets the majority of votes in his constituency were to lead the country because he has 71% of the voters in his district.

      OMOV does not change how the government is formed. It only changes how many votes you have to cast in your electoral district.     

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have been listening to arguments for both sides of this "one man, one vote" business. It seems that there are always only two arguments against it that I am constantly hearing:

    1. It is too expensive

    2. It will not be practical because people will want to duplicate services and things within their constituency. 

    As for the expense,if the Premier wanted this thing to happen, believe he would find the money so I don't give that argument merit. 

    As for the second argument, just stupid do you think the Caymanian people are? Are you saying that people who live in South Sound would now want a post office, a fire station and other like services as proof that their representative is working for them? 

    Come on! From my brief research on this it appears that most of the Caribbean is practicing one man-one vote. People say we are two small for this kind of thing but I don't think so. 

    With the current system it is not balanced. Depending on where you live, you get 4 or 3 votes or 1 vote. 

    The Premier has also indicated that he believes that it will make Government less efficient rather than more efficient because with the current system a person from GT or WB have 4 representatives they can approach, with one man, one vote the representative can simply tell them it is not their area and pass them on. Well as far as I am concerned currently we have 4 representatives in WB and GT and 3 in BT and at least 2 from each constituency do absolutely nothing! Not going to call any names but we know who they are. 

    It is the best part-time job I have ever seen. When they are not required to be in the LA, what do they do? As much as people talk about Ezzard and Arden I hear they are out and about in their district, their constituents see them, talk to them. Ezzard and Arden are always putting forward motions for things for their districts which are mostly ignored or shot down and then the Premier comes back and says they have done nothing for their district and need to be replaced! 

    I can name 6 candidates that definitely should be replaced because they only collecting their pay check at the end of the month and do absolutely nothing. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Please tell me what suggestions Arden, or Ezzard have for economic prosperity? I seem to keep missing their economic plans for the Island.

      • Anonymous says:

        Their economic plans for the Island will come out in their re-election campaigns. Right now they are doing their jobs and holing the government to account.It is the government that you should have been asking for economic plans. Evidently they have none.

  14. Anonymous says:

    To move this country forward from the tribal district mentality breaking up the districts by redrawing the lines would be a good thing. Based upon numbers North Side and East End should be combined into 1 voting district.

    That would be interesting to see Ezzard and Arden go for the same seat.

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally agree with you. What an excellent idea and this should be debated. As more of these community residents, CYB included move to BT and GT the need for more than one elected member becomes unnecessary.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sure you would like for them to fight against each other. That is the only reason to make such a suggestion. The boundaries do not solely depend on the numbers of voters. Not in Cayman and not anywhere. Even if it did at 834 voter national average per district EE and NS are close to 600 voters wouldn’t justify it.

  15. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    One person – One vote.  Like most things in politics it makes just too damn much sense to be implimented.  Or it will be put on review, recommendations will be made following an exhaustive study, those recommendations will be looked at by a committee, the committee's findings will then have to be scrutinized by a board yet to be appointed, following that a policy review will be started which will forward the final conclusion to a steering committee.  Then a comprehensive overall review of the initial findings…..  where was I?

  16. Dred says:

    I just hope Cline gets what's happening. He's been thrown to the wolves. I am betting Big Mac told him he is selecting him because he believes of all his team he's the one to do it. Fact is Big Mac knows the current electorial system doesnot have a leg to stand on and whomever he sent would be a punching bag only.

    Simply put Cline. You are in the dog house and you are being used to do the dirty work. I believe you and Rolston need rethink your team position.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree that Cline and Rolston really do need to re-think their positions. They can either try and cling to the past or embrace the future. They need to stand on their own two feet for a change and let go the past. Don't they get it? The people are speaking, it's up to them to listen and act accordingly.

  17. UDP Supporter says:

    If Mr. Cline Glidden and our honourable Premier are against one man, one vote, so am I! These men have done more for the Cayman Islands than almost anyone else in history and if they don't think it's a good idea then who are we to question them? This whole thing is just silly and an attempt to undermine the Godly name of our Premier and the UDP!

  18. Anonymous says:


    I have been listening intently to everything possible on the subject of “One man one Vote” (OMOV) or Single member Constituencies (SMC) to try and get a better understanding for myself- my family and my friends.

    Here is why I can’t seem to decide. I heard some people say- including incumbent MLAS that it would hold the respective MLA to account more- and it’s a better system of democracy as they would not be able to dodge behind other MLAS- amongst things- as in the current Multi-Member Constituencies (MMC)

    The problem I have is- If the MLA under the (OMOV) is not living up to the wishes of the people- or as their Manifestos say, MY QUESTION IS- What can the electorate do to him or her? Absolutely nothing! until four long years’ time. As a matter of fact- we are seeing some of that under the current system- and we can’t do a thing about it until election time which is every four years- that’s why we keep hearing people very frustrated saying-“come election they will all be history”.

    Now if the OMOV– or Single Member Constituencies was structured in a way so early elections could be called by the persons in the constituency who elected him or her- then we "Might" see better representation as the member will know that a referendum could be called by a majority of persons in the respective constituency putting them out of office in a heartbeat. So for example- if the citizens are unhappy with the poor representation over the last year or two- that would probably be a basis to triggerearly elections "For that area only". Until something like this is put into Law or other provisions- then forget it as we would still run the risk of the MLA resting on their laurels and the citizen will still lack the proper representation. Now when the citizens from- let’s say Bodden Town West- can’t get in contact with their MLA- and only after 10 or so “cries for help” is made they suddenly surfaces. Previous to him or her surfacing should it be the responsibility of the adjoining or nearest representative to reach out and offer assistance to an area that he/she is not responsible for? I don’t think so! But out of the goodness of their hearts they may assist- but are they bound by the OMOV provisions to do so? Until this is cleared up. We will always get what we always got. I would welcome your views on this to help me decide.


    • Anonymouse says:

      You are mixing up politics with political process. The votoing system and the representation system, whether OMOV, SMC, MMC, etc., have nothing to do with the quality of the representative(s). That's up to the voters. Bodden Town West will allways have to run the risk of bad representation no matter how they voted them in. So divorce the politics from the process and you may have an easier time deciding if you prefer one process over the other.

    • VOTER says:

      16:04  You have hit the nail on the head, because there are too many persons now saying they are sorry that they signed the paper.  But guess what they will go to slaughter nex year election, and try and vote out Bush too.  But Dog eat their supper when that happens, mark my word.

      If Caymanian voters had any sense they would leave  Premier Bush to run this country.   Remember he dont need the money now, so he is now working for country.

      Leave the man where he is and give him and his team to complete things in a timely fashion.  I know West Bay would be foolish to put him out.  Because He sure looks at his district.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is no one saying they are sorry they signed the petition. That is only UDP propaganda.

  19. Anonymous says:

    This makes some sense but with out a national election, It makes no difference to me. I can only vote in West Bay for someone just to vote. In a national election I would be able to vote for who I believed to be the best canidate anywhere on the 3 islands. I know I'll hear the same sad sack shit story ( how can someone from the Brac, East End, or Northside stand a chance ?) . Well they should know that they have to campain in every district of the country like anywhere else that has a national election.

    • Anonymous says:

      As I am sure you know it is not about having to campaign in every district but the fact the election would be determined by GT, WB and BT as by far the most populous districts.

      Please tell us about all the countries that have a national election for all of its legislators. Start with a list.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Four against one.  Didn't seem like a fair fight from the get go.

    I would have preferred to see a more fairly balanced debate not the politicking from both sides.

    It has pushed me farther and farther away from both the UDP and the PPM and Ezzard is really just there for Ezzard, just like the PPM and UDP.  


    Nothing changes, we will waste a bunch of money so that these bunch of losers stand a better chance of securing themselves a seat because each of them would have the upper hand on both sides. UDP is formidable particualrly in West Bay and carried a block of votes there which they want to protect, so they want the status quo. Ezzard and Alden want to tear that down so they can get the big prize if they don't cannibalize themselves doing so and hence they want "one man one vote."

    We the people go along with whoever shouts loudest but in the end we end up with the same "empty vessels" and recyled politicians who election after election seek more and more ways of getting greater power and money for themselves.

    It's sickening, downright sickening!!!


    • Leader for the people says:

      I would like to ask this question "Where is Mr Kurt Tibbets"?  is he still a member of the Assembly.  I never hear a peek from him on anything.  Kurt mi boy does that mean you are out of the ring?

      To tell you the truth, you would be better off, stress free, an enjoy an relax at your place in North side,.  We love to go there.  LA has lost its good vibes.  Trust me on this.

      • Anonymous says:

        Kurt is up in North side frying fish and fritters and enjoying his "double dip" of salary and pension…Life doesn't get any better than this…Let Alden, McKeeva and Ezzard fight it out!


        Unna come up ya North Side for de best fish and fritters "Kurt style"

        • VOTER says:

          13:13  I agree. I recon Kurt is paying them any mind.  Kurt is a good man, very good, but I believe he is tired of the tearing down each foolishness.  I hope he does not run again, unless he takes over the Leader of Opposition from Alden.   We all know that Kurt Cooks better than anything else he does, and beside he is a People's person.

           Most people do not like Aldin or Ezzard because they complain and complain but has nothing to fix their complaining with  They much prefer Arden.  Beside that McKeeva like Arden too, and I am sure if Arden was the Leader of Opposition he and McKeeva would work good for the betterment of Cayman.  Arden is an olld timer real Caymanian, he  just has to watch those who want to push him to the front line to get shot first.

          McKeeva is a good Leader and Arden would make the perfect person for Opposition Leader, but Alden and Ezzard will not want that.   Read the Boook of Proverbs Mr Arden and you  will find all the answers there.

        • Anonymous says:

          you mean.."PPM style"

        • Anonymous says:

          I had some of Kurt's fish and so called fritters (filled with air, not flour!!) and my opinion is that Ossie's fish dinners in BT are much better! 🙂 North Siders make their own fish and fritters 'cause dem people know how to cook! Sorry Kurt, I like ya but you need to get back to politickin 'cause the cookin na cuttin it.

    • The Magic Dragon says:

      UDP im sure was allowed to include more or invite speakers, they choose not to, im guessing this is because they have no idea beyond greed why they are objecting to the proposed. PPM, well honestly that clan is another set of jokahs. Ezzard and Alden, oppurtunist, maybe!? I certainly couldn't say, however what i can say is their behaviour suggest they are our only hope,considering the present government that is. I urge all "party voters" to vote for the right thing and not just the norm.


    • Anonymous says:

      Really hard to get anyone other than the UDP on stage to defend the indefensible.

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      That was a real pitiful sight! In fact it was pathetic! What a lap-dog.

      But in reality, when someone has some serious "sting" against you, then you just shutup and do as you are told, no matter how pathetic it makes you look, so I suppose we should have expected this sorrowful performance!

    • Dred says:

      You can say what you want about the whole thing but Ezzard is there for One Man One Vote. He believes in it and that it should be what system we in Cayman use and like it or not many possibly most of us believe in it.

      I believe the numbers will show more during the actual referrendum voting than in the signatures because people are still scared to sign even though it is said they can. I believe during the vote the numbers will EXPLODE the way of One Man One Vote.

      I am for One Man One Vote. It's not a perfect system BUT its far better than what we have. And for the people who speak of NATIONAL VOTE this does have some aspects that are good but also shares many of the bad qualities of the current system. Issues I have for national vote are:

      1) Much like current system no local accountability. No one is RESPONSIBLE to a location or area.

      2) Districts like East End and North Side would be automatically at a disadvantage in that they are less known and have a smaller population to appease to.

      3) Independents would have a MUCH HARDER time getting in than even the current system as they may not have the financial backing to campaign across the whole Island. The parties would be able to dominate smaller candidates.

      4) Districts like East End and North Side may not even have a sigle representative in the LA

      I do not believe I have to go on.

      One Man One Vote is the BEST system we could use. Yes if the person you want to vote for is not in your district you can not vote for them but then you would have to vote for the best in your district. The person you feel would do the best job for your area.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dred I wish I knew who you were. We are on exactly the same page on most everything you write.  

    • Anonymous says:

      "Four against one.  Didn't seem like a fair fight from the get go."


      Good point.


      However, it would have been fair if Mac had shown up. His insightful and articulate input would have been worth 3 of his opponents.


      I am sure that he would have had very good reasons (not excuses mind you) that would clearly justify his position that Cayman can afford the latest trip for the Cayman Airways Cuban "retreat" but can not afford one-man-one-vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Four against one. Didn’t seem like a fair fight…”

      Before the debate did you hear anyone other than McKeeva publicly defending our current multi-vote multi member system against one man one vote? Even Dick Arch who is a big UDP supporter says it’s not right.

  21. Anonymous says:

    why do we need to pay 18 MLA's. 5 UDP members are silent/absent or attending  school; 3 of PPM could not be bothered. Looks like 6 or 7 MLA's at $10,000 a month is plenty representation for 11 of the 15,000 voters who actually vote in Cayman.

    Whene you add salary , pension, benefits; having 6 to 7 MLA's is the most this country can afford.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think everyone who is agreeing on having approximately 18 people sitting in office need to have their heads examined…..answer what has Eugene and Cline done in West Bay.  I know it isn't only them, look at East end, bodden town, george town…they are just collecting a cheque…then we have the "big chief" who is doing more harm that good……I don't get it…this country can't even pay their bills and we have 18 people sitting in office.  We were speaking that the Michael Ryan needs to pay up (before it got to this point), who is the government do give the ritz a break on stamp duty, and now the government will never see that money…you know why cause certain parties were getting perks….you talk about corruption…hummmmmmm…the fruit don't fall far from the tree!!!!  XXXXX



      • Caymanian/Expat family- all one says:

        Accountability!  That is what I want.  MLAs should have to submit time sheets.  I want to know how many hours a day they are spending with the PEOPLE.

        I bet the schools would like some help.  Maybe they can assist with serving lunch in the prisons or volunteer as a "Pink Lady" at the hospital?  It is shameful that we elect these people and they are allowed to hide at home.

        At least force them all to go to an office during the day and work on SOME project plans.

        For goodness sakes, if a team of businessmen cannot give me a weekly report of their efforts, they would be fired in my industry.

        Where are the reports? The updates? The projects in process? At least demand they actually go to work!!! (or in the very least be seen in public as a volunteer)



    • Anonymous says:

      The political system is not there for us. If that answers your question. It is there for people ill- equipped to make it in the private sector and that is one it's best kept secrets.  The largest cost of most governments is maintaining itself and because no one there wants or is able to accept any responsibility, the bureaucracy increases to the point where there are numerous managers and middle managers. Add to that that there is unlimited funding and it is unnecessary to turn a profit or at least break even and you have government and politics at it's finest.  It's a game show that we all pay for.  The prizes for the participants being healthy pensions.

  22. Anonymous says:

    An aspect that was brushed over although it was mentioned several time is the question of the sudden urgency for 1 person 1 vote. This voting issue never came up when the PPM were in power yet now it is anurgent matter. Ezzard ducked the question when it was posed to him as a good politician would do to not admit that the urgency is to break the UDP voting blocks. That is the long and the short of this urgency is to get the UDP out of office. The line about equality and democracy makes a good sound byte but it is politics plain and simp[le.

    • Anonymous says:

      What is good about the current UDP voting block again? Your post makes it sound like a good thing, why is that?

      • Anonymous says:

        I don't have a vote I am simply making an obvious observation that seems to have been overlooked.

      • Anonymous says:

        At least you don't deny it is about breaking up the UDP voting blocs. The rest is smoke and mirrors.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Miller silently wants to be the next Premier, he just doesn't have the guts to come out and say so. 

      In his heart of hearts, Alden's too,  they  are  only pushing one man one vote to oust the UDP,  because they know that's the only chance they have of getting them out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually it did come up when the PPM was in power during the constitutional negotiations. The only reason it was not put in the Constitution is because UDP didn't want it and Alden wanted the UDP's support for the Constitution. The fact is that it is long overdue.

      The reasons for it are obviously equality and democracy. You have got it turned around: the only reason the UDP is against it is because it fears that its voting blocks will be broken. It wants to trump democracy for its own power.  


  23. Anonymous says:

    I have noticed that as time has passed the number of people who have rebutted the comments made against the UDP and most especially Mac has droped to near zero.

    Can we hope that even the people who were deluded in the past by Mackeeva Bush are at last seeing the man for what he is and have stopped trying to defend the indefensible?

    If so then I can understand why Mac is getting as much out of his time left in the LA and also why Solomon is also scrabbling to make as much as he ca. What Elio has to realise is that whatever he makes now has to secure him financially for the rest of his life as there is little chance of him ever being be employed by any self respecting company in the future (including if he admits it one that he owns himself)!

  24. Anon says:

    After listening to the debate last night i gained a better understanding of the one man one vote system.

    I see where the one man one vote system will better represent the people and is more democratic than the current system.

    Thank you Generation Now for better informing the Caymanian public.

    Now that i have considered all sides of the debate i will go out and sign the petition and fully support this cause so we will have better representation in the 2013 election.


  25. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    Our leader showed no courage to allow his understudy to take the heat while he remains in the tall grass of Cuba. This is an absolute blunder of strategy for reelection. A keen eye can see a regime in its last throws of life, struggling for survival and gasping at straws, giving up one body at a time until the embarrassed and disappointed citizens pull the life support system in the next election. The bush is burning and there is no water to be found.    

  26. Anonymous says:

    I am in favour of one man, one vote and signed the petition.

    My comment today is simply to note that this piece you published feels like editorial (your opinion), not reporting (the facts as observed and researched).

    Each is perfectly valid, but it can aid credibility and clarity of your site if you are clear about which is which.


    CNS: This is a response to similar criticisms a few years ago: Observe and report. Although it was about a different report, I think it still conveys how we approach things. 

  27. Anonymous says:

    Never looks like a happy man!

  28. Anonymous says:

    He might be a cunning linguist, but he is NO master debater

    • Anonymous says:

      I think he did a good job,several persons tried to trip him up,even Arden.But he stayed cool and very professional we all must agree.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Changing to One Man One Vote would not cost a thing extra if the Law was changed in the Legislative Assembly – save the Cayman Islands some money and just change the law now. Then at least they could claim that they SAVED the country something.

  30. Anonymous says:

    CG you were left to hang by your leader.  On the other hand, I think your mind was still in your Law books.  You need to first of all hand back the people's money, they elected you to represent them, not to send you to law school.  You could had waited until 2013 to go to law school.  Hence the reason why you appeared so very daft last night on the subject of one man one vote, because if that law was in place today, it would require that you accountable and dependable to your constituency. You would have to be a very transparent representative.

    • Anonymous says:

      Trust me, CG has other plans for next year – and it does not include running in the 2013 general election. Lets wait and see how it plays out.

  31. noname says:

    This is all a bunch of crap. The general election should be called for November 2012 and thy all know it.

    • Peanuts says:

      That can be the next Petition one for "RECALL". How about that Mr. Ezzard Miller I am sure Billy Adam would help you on that one.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why was'nt it held in November 2008? If it was, we would be having our election in Nov. 20012.

      • Anonymous says:

        Because the UDP had an extra long term before the 2005 elections which should have been called in Nov. 2004.

  32. Anonymous says:

    CG needs to forget about defending the current voting system, and just go out and sign the petition. Mr. Miller can direct him on where to go.



  33. Anonymous says:

    I don't care who you are, it would be a struggle to defend the current voting system.

    • Anonymous says:

      I actually thought Cline did a good job under very difficult circumstances. He obviously is very courageous and competent. Even though I don’t agree with his Government’s position he did a good job. And I was interested to see that he wasn’t adamant about a position but was willing to leave it up to the people.

  34. The Magic Dragon says:

    He look and sounds daft! Im guessing he didn't  research the topic as he couldn't qualify the value of the system he stands for. The voting population is changing mr. dinosaur, we want articulate, educated and most importantly, representatitves who were actually voted in making our decisions.A reality check is coming your way believe me on this. Enjoy the last few pay checks my friend!



    • Anonymous says:

      Hate is a terrible thing. I heard Mr. Glidden last night give figures from election stats to show that his numbers grew by over 1100 in three terms from 700 to 1800 not sure that any other member of the House has grown that much. Sounds like the people that he represents are increasingly supportive of him, unlike you.

      • The Magic Dragon says:

        Thanks for responding to my post.

        'Hate', who said anything about hate, besides you that is?

        I for one wouldn't hold that figure too tightly as UDP have gotten numbers wrong in the past, but to be fair, you one, me one. You can break the tie if you know show Cayman how Mr. Glidden proved his system adds more value than the proposed,good luck with that yeah.





  35. Anonymous says:

    CG has clearly been designated as the new UDP beating stick. My take on the issue is this; CG run as an independent next year, I"m one man and you have my one vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      he ain't got the stones…. as hehas shown for the last  3 -4 years

    • Anonymous says:

      I respect your post, but by yet again defending the indefensible he will not have my vote. Remember, he was quick to call into the radio shows to support Elio's promotion. I wonder what it would take for Mac to tell this little boy to do something and for him to say no?

      • Anonymous says:

        This one sounds personal. Cline has stood up against the Port and made his recommendation known, last night I heard him say again on the referendum each member will decide just like they did on the constitution, some of the UDP voted for it and some voted against it. Because Mckeeva might be against it doesn’t mean it’s a party decision. Did Cline say that he didn’t support it? I didn’t hear that.

        • Anonymous says:

          I breifly met the man once. I've never had any dealings with him. So no, its not personal. 

  36. Anonymous says:

    cg has some ability…. but he has sided with bush too often and therefore he will suffer the same fate at the next elections….

  37. Anonymous says:

    The premier has the money for his international "jollies" which are of marginal benefit (negative benefit perhaps?) for Cayman while he cannot afford one-man-one-vote which is a huge benefit for Cayman.


    Go figure.


    Mac threw poor Cline under the bus on this one.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cline was not thrown. He had ample time to do the right thing. His true colours have been exposed.

      • Anonymous says:

        At least he addressed the subject somewhat, albeit he didnt have anything good to say in defending the current system.

        If Mac had been there, like a true leader instead of drinking mojitos in Cuba on our dollar again, we would have got absolutely nothing apart from "the PPM put us in this mess".

        • Anonymous says:

          Cline is a grown man and should be able to think for himself. He was there notbecause he believes in the current system, but  because he was TOLD to defend it. Any man that stands for nothing will fall for anything.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Government would have to rethink its position?  If its like all the many other rethinks of the past 10 years nothing good will come from the government rethink I think.  In fact I belive rethink means something very different in Caymankind.