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Charity pushes for better diagnosis of autism

| 02/04/2012 | 3 Comments

(CNS): The Cayman Islands joins the international community today (Monday 2 April) in marking World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD). To draw attention to the condition, which local experts say is often misdiagnosed and unnoticed by parents, the Special Needs Foundation of Cayman is teaming up with Cayman’s ARK, Camana Bay and Tower Marketing to join the ‘Light it up Blue’ worldwide campaign.  Around the world places such as the Empire State Building, Sydney Opera House, CN Tower, Niagara Falls and many other high-profile landmarks will ‘light it up blue’. Here in Cayman the Town Centre at Camana Bay has been shining blue.

Emma Donaldson, Administrative Director of SNFC, has been a part of the global policy and advocacy autism community for the past six years.  “Many children here in Cayman are not properly diagnosed and some parents are not aware of the signs of autism," she said. “The Special Needs Foundation is here locally as a source to provide this knowledge. We believe that all individuals with special needs should have a voice and be given the same opportunities as everyone else.”

SNFC and volunteers for Cayman’s ARK also have an information booth set up in front of the Discovery Center at Camana Bay until 4pm Monday.

“Our main objective is to help the community gain awareness for autism, as well as other special needs,” Donaldson added.

The Special Needs Foundation of Cayman (SNFC) is a charitable, non-profit organization providing support, information and education to families with children having special needs.  In addition to autism, SNFC also focuses on special needs such as: learning disorders, ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, gifted learners, mental health and more.

See more details about the campaign below.

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Security Centre website attacked by benign hackers

| 02/04/2012 | 0 Comments

TSC hacked.png(CNS Business): A Cayman-based security firm’s website was attacked this weekend by a group of hackers whose only intent appears to have been to demonstrate the site’s vulnerability. The hackers did not harm the site but replaced the home page for The Security Centre Ltd with advice on improving their online security. TSCL's boss brushed aside the risks to their customers, pointing out that TSCL offers physical security and is not a computer security company. Read more on CNS Business

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