CINICO clarifies criteria for home health care cover

| 14/05/2012

nurse_0.jpg(CNS): The government owned health insurance company has said that it has received a number of queries over its Home Health Care (HHC) benefit and has recognised that members may have some misconceptions over the exact extent of this benefit. To get insurance cover for home health care it says applicants must have approval from the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), state their diagnosis, certify that the home car is in place of hospital confinement and state detail he extent of the home treatment. To be eligible for the benefit CINICO members must complete an application form.

CINICO stated that the home cover was not available to members on the SHIC Plans which include affordable, challenger and silver.  The insurance company said that benefits have not changed but continue to be available to persons who qualify and are covered under the Civil Servants, Pensioners, Seafarers and Veterans as well as persons covered under the Indigent Plans.

CINICO is asking people with any questions about the plans to contact the office or visit the CINICO website at

Clarifying the criteria for home health care benefits for those wishing to apply CINICO listed the criteria as follows:

1. It must be under a formal written plan made by the patient’s attending Physician and approved by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) which is reviewed at least every 180 days.
2. It must state the diagnosis
3. It must certify that the Home Health Care is in place of hospital confinement
4. It must specify the type and extent of Home Health Care required for the treatment of the patient.”  – Summary Plan Document 2008

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