Cuban men turn up at centre

| 21/05/2012

Cubans on Brac April 18 12 (2) (255x300).jpg(CNS): The two Cuban men who had escaped from the immigration detention centre in George Town over the weekend returned voluntarily, officials confirmed Tuesday. Four men had escaped over the weekend but two were captured in George Town at the waterfront by RCIPS officers on Saturday evening. Two other men remained on the run for another two days before they returned to the centre on Monday evening. Officials said that Angel Manuel Ramos Quiala and Yoandris Lahera Alvarez were both in secure custody along with the other refugees who were picked up in Cayman Brac last month.

The men were part of the group of 28 Cubans, which included one woman, who were aboard a relatively small vessel which landed off the coast of Cayman Brac on Wednesday, 18 April.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    They most likely got fed up of all the rain yesterday and decided to go where they knew they could get food and shelter.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Let them all go. Pack them on a flight to Cuba.

  3. Caymanian1 says:

    OMG  All the rains we had, I sure do hope they are alright.

  4. Anonymous says:

    People are more concerned now with their leaking homes and flooded yards. These people are in worst situations, and trying to flee from it.

  5. Libertarian says:

    These guys are looking for a better life, some running from persecution, many others looking to be freed from a dictator of collectivism. Why are we supporting a Communist state???  Cayman, we should have no dealings with the Cuban government on matters of infringing individual rights:  when these guys come to us for freedom, we should be a haven of no return. Imagine if we fall under an oppressive dictatorship?  Who would we want to help us?  Who would we want to look out for us, feed us, and take us in?  Remember, Cuba is our next door neighbor like Jamaica and Honduras. It is foolish to close your eyes to those near you. This is a sin on all sides. We should really consider what happens to the migrants when we send them back to Cuba. Some of them may be jailed or some of them may even dissappear. Just because the UN sanctions the deal between us and Cuba doesn't mean it is right. We have to look at ourselves and say what if it was me in their shoes – could not the tables turn?!  It would be ashame if these men got seriously ill, injured, or died whilst pursuing their freedoms on Cayman's soil. Shame on us if we send them back like prisoners, because we can pull together and at least start a non-for-profit organization for donations from the public and donors who are willing to help overseas. Such funding will be happily supported by the Cuban community in the United States. Cayman wouldn't have to worry about paying for their keep, and money talks, and certain countries will not mind housing them for the dollar. And who cares what the world says, we ought to be on the right side of history and freedom.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear and agree with all that you have said here…You might be one of the only forward thinking individuals left on this island. The rest of the national population would have a problem with an influx of "Cuban" expats, in a land where the expat is mostly disliked…too bad. You made an excellent observation, none-the-less…

    • Anonymous says:

      Libertarian, if you took the time to research and speak with officials rather than criticising and displaying your bleeding heart mentality you would know that this arrangement has been in place with the Cuban government for years and none of the individuals returned there have been persecuted, in fact, I understand that many have been known to repeat the journey on more than one occasion. The simple fact is that as much as we would love to accommodate everyone who turns up to our shores with a sob story we simply do not have the economic means to do so. Are you going to house, clothe and feed these people? Oh yes, I forget, you said you would rely on the Cuban community in the US and other countries to do that. Really Libertarian? Really? Another important point you may want to consider is what we would know about their backgrounds and whether or not they could have criminal convictions. Sorry to disagree with you but I am one who fully supports our government's stance on this and feel that the current arrangement is a good one. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you actually believe that these "traitors to the revolution" are welcomed home with forgiveness, fairness, and open arms?  That's pretty naive.  At minimum they (and any surviving family) are exposed, ostracized, face demotion, harrassment, and search and seizure for life.  People disappear, there are beatings, torture, forced labour, sub-human detention conditions etc etc.  That's what really happens outside the lobbies of the plush hotels.  You should Google some of the Human Rights Watch reports and educate yourself on what exiles have to look forward to on their return.  If these unfortunates are lucky, it will end while they are still alive to tell their tale.  We should all thank our lucky stars for having been born on the other side of the wire where we can pretend we have no Christian obligation to involve ourselves further.


      • Libertarian says:

        Yes, I can never close my eyes to your argument. We could never accomodate them if they should come here in the thousands. How will our government be able to afford clothing and feeding so many people when we are struggling ourselves to keep afloat?  Point well taken.

        But I am insisting on "us" and government to do something about the influx. There can be provisions made to allow a non-for-profit organization to be stationed in the Cayman Islands (separate from government) where donors could financially assist Cubans in accomodation, clothing, and food, and their intended destinations. Simply, if there is not enough help and funds (which I doubt) allocated to such an organization, have government repatriate them back to Cuba. Government doesn't have to directly breach any arrangements made between them and the Cuban government. It is just a matter of inserting another provision in the law for those who want to help these people.There should be no law preventing people from helping people. Yes, Government has to uphold the protecting of its borders and treaties that it has made with other nations, but I think this one agreement need to be revisited, seeing Cuba is a communist country and has nothing to offer us but communism. Why are we in bed with Castro on infringing individual rights? We should have a provision drafted out to help these people along the way towards their freedom. Government doesn't have to get involve – just allow for good people with conscience to assist them would be a bonus.  

  6. Anonymous says:


    It seems as if anything to do with enforcing the law in the Cayman Islands has become a Joke!

    Ganga at the prison, prisners escaping, investigations, you name it anything  that has to do with law enforcement and it seems like it is just swept under the carpet. No one is being held responsible. Things just happen and forgotten about

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have a request as well:  I'd like to ask those officials that are entrusted and paid to secure and oversee their detainees, to do their job!  Thanks, the Public

  8. Anonymous says:

    Be on the look out for missing pickles and ham out of your fridge.

  9. News News News says:

    If the Immigration Departmen check the status of these Cubans in Cuba, they would not be letting them roam free.  The Immigration Department is very slack because they know certain things but does not tell the public.  I weould say keep your doors locked, and be careful of your clothes and personal articles, boats engines and anything that can float.

    Poor Cayman, under this immigration department.  We got all kinds of criminals in here including Deportees.  How the hell these people get a clean police record to be here beats me.  Slack immigration work permit board, does not check backgrounds.  Half of Cayman would be locked up for corruption the last time I checked.

    • Caiman says:

      Well this particular ones had no intention to come to Cayman, they just leaft Cuba and their boat was damage and are here under custody until they are repatrieted, according tonthe MOU with Cuba cayman have to send them back, i think Cuban gov should pay for it, or onece here put them on the next plane but do not keep them here. Even the most honest human being will try to break free if is locked, and a man searching for freedom wont stop on nothing. Just send them quick or let them go instead of catching them once the touch cayman shores.

  10. Seguridad says:

    Build the detention centre on the Brac. It will provide brackers with employment, is closer to Cuba, will be more cost effective to operate, and it will be much more secure!

    • Anonymous says:

      And the prison, maybe all those young Caymanians may think harder about being a wise ass if their family couldn't smuggle drugs or visit them often.

      • Yes, and tin iguana meat says:

        Yep!  This is not a bad idea….Put the existing prison on the Brac.  Why not?!?  Cayman Alcatraz  I say….make a prsion a real prison and not a hotel.  Offer only drug counseling and distance learning. Our local prison has failed!!!

        Also, trap all our iguanas, they can fly over with the weekly prison plane, put them in a stew and sell to the red cross relief, other impoverished  countries and hey!!! other prisons!  Protein is protein and we could have our prison population tinning iguana meat.  Makes sense and kills two birds (iguanas) with one stone!

        As for the Cubans, I feel for their fight for freedom and hope the politics change soon, but agree we cannot invite and house them so they get to stay at Hotel Northward waiting repatriation to Cuba while the real criminals go to the Brac!

  11. pirate says:

    Nerxt time put them in northward with the normal drug privledges and they will be fighting to get back in like the rest of them.

  12. Whodatis says:

    Sounds like a remake of "Twins".