Royal yacht becomes treat for numismatists

| 23/05/2012

Jubilee Coin (242x300).jpg(CNS): A limited-edition $5 silver coin commemorating the Q,ueen’s diamond jubilee is now on sale for $89.65 at the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority’s Currency Section in the main Government building onElgin Avenue. Issued by the Royal Mint, the coin is named “the Launch of Ship” and commemorates the launch of the Royal Yacht Britannia. Only 100 of the coins will be available and each one comes with a special anniversary information card. This is the first of a two-coin collection marking the British monarch’s 60-year reign. The second Jubilee Coin assigned to the Cayman Islands will be minted later this year.

Each country within the Commonwealth received a special design for the jubilee illustrating a hallmark of the Queen’s 60-year reign that is of personal significance to the sovereign. The Britannia was commissioned in January 1954, the year after Queen Elizabeth II was crowned. This vessel took the Queen and members of the Royal Family on many visits around the Commonwealth, including her 1994 visit to the Cayman Islands, before it was retired in August 1997.

In 1887 Queen Victoria became the first monarch to use a coin to mark a royal jubilee. She went on to reign for 63 years – the longest of any UK royal.

The theme for Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee celebrations throughout the Commonwealth where she remains a figurehead, is “Connecting Cultures”.  The British monarch remains the head of state of the Cayman Islands, an overseas dependent territory, and events to mark her sixty year rule over her ‘subjects’ here kick off this Saturday, 26 May.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don't let the photo fool you. It's silver all over…no gold tinting or colour is involved.

    • been there done that says:

      dont let you fool us,they said it is a silver coin,you negative person.we need some type of positive vybz in this country.geeez