Man killed in truck crash

| 26/05/2012

IMG-20120526-00030.jpgCNS): Update Monday 1:00pm — Police have now named the young man who died following a road crash in South Sound early Saturday morning. He was 21-year-old Corey Seymour from Prospect, who was driving one of the vehicles. Shortly before 4:30am on Saturday 26 May, police received a report that two Chevrolet Silverado trucks had collided close to the San Sebastian complex on South Sound Road. Both vehicles had been travelling towards George Town when the crash took place. A male passenger in Symour's truck was treated for minor injuries at the Cayman Islands Hospital. The driver of the other truck and one of his passengers were also conveyed to the Cayman Islands Hospital.

The passenger was released from hospital following treatment, but the driver, who was suffering from serious injuries, has since been airlifted to the US. The second passenger in that vehicle was not injured in the crash.

Police temporarily closed the road from the junction of Walkers Rd/ South Sound Rd. and the Junction of Crewe Road/ South Sound Road but reopened it at  around 11am.

Corey Seymour is the third person to die on Cayman’s roads this year.

Anyone who may have witnessed the accident or has information is asked to call George Town Police station on 949-4222.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Where are all the police cars? 

    I regularly drive relatively long journeys on the Island, often at night. Although I always see drivers driving much too fast and sometmes actually racing each other, I very rarely see a police car patrolling. I am sure that if there were more police cars on he road they would act as a deterrent to these selfish and stupid speedsters.

    When I drive past my local police station I realise where the police cars are! There are always several on the parking lot!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Drinking to impairment is part of life in Cayman.  We are a nation of drinkers.  The problem is that drinkers often choose to share their dangerous problem with the rest of us.  There are drivers of all ages, races, and stations tempting fate on the roads daily.  People indulge to extremes and then their friends see nothing wrong with them getting behind the wheel long after they should have parked for the night.  Until there is asustained and demonstrable police deterent, there will be more road deaths as well as the green light to thousands of impaired drivers who every day test the limits.  XXXX  The RCIPS needs to be more visible, even if it's just Friday and Saturday nights: know where the parties are, and set up the checkpoints.  Nab the cars that pull a U turn.  Post warnings at the watering holes that you'll be out in force and provide taxi numbers.  Hospitality has a duty to offer free juice/soda mix to Designated Drivers, refuse service to those already beyond, and direct patrons at closing to cabs they have dispatched. 

  3. Hopeful says:

    I was encouraged to hear that the 15-16 year olds in school this year were given some vehicle driver training, albeit limited. It may be too late to do much to discourage the youth that are already out of school from driving irresponsibly. However, we can certainly start teaching the younger ones and as they get older we can hope that they will remember all that they were taught. Maybe the police should visit all of the high schools in Cayman yearly and bring photos of accidents or corpses from those accidents and speak to the youth to discourage dangerous driving? Something similar is usually done to discourage drug consumption (the long term effects) and sometimes kids need a more "in your face" approach to really understand the consequences of their actions. Having the family of the deceased speak to the kids may help as well so that the kids know how their family wouldbe impacted by losing them to a night of racing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Any kid with legs long enough to ram down an accelerator peddle should be taught Newton's 3rd Law before they attempt to repeal the laws of physics.  They need to learn simple vehicle dynamics: about how the contact patch changes shape under differing load and grip conditions.  Then watch some crash impact video for 25/50/75mph scenarios to get an appreciation of how cars crumple to dissipate cataclysmic impact energy, where the human bodies would be, and the G-loads that would be exerted on the head, torso, and limbs.  The blood and guts can be imagined.  Simple family-rated physics should be effective and can be taught in science class from an early age, so at least people start wearing seat belts.      

  4. Anonymous says:

    Instead of criticizing people that you don't know and starting horrible roumers, let the family of this young man mourn and let him rest in peace. This misfortunate tragedy has occured due to the powers of the devil. Yes there may be reasons for the accident all we can do is pray and try and speak with theyoung people and encourage them to be careful. People being ignorant and spreading rumors isn't going to help any!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree about the kids buying their own cars but its not the parent's fault if they are out racing and drinking and driving.  Unfortunately, an environment makes a person and though there are exceptions that seems to be a passing of rite here.  This has been going on for years.  The young men think that it won't happen to them.  

    The only thing that I can recommend is 1. drunk driving education in schools and 2. police at the night clubs when they are closing.

    • concerned caymanian says:

      Oh God more young lives lost and more tragedies for this family.  Father pls give them strength and comfort.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Police are not to blame for the accidents….they are to blame for being too busy and concerned with ticketing people driving 35 in a 30 mile zone to notice the hard ball and career speeders and racers….All they have to do is notice the take off tire marks and skid marks on many of our roads to know where the majority of the racing and speeding is happening and hang out on them in the wee hours of the morning when these races and speeders have practically empty roads to play on.  There definitely needs to be more traffic Police on the night shift until there is a grip on this epidemic and forget about the mothers trying  to get kids to school in the mornings for a while……they are not causing the accidents and other fatalities on our roads….just easier prey for ticketing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Northbound Esterley Tibbetts is a speedway EVERY NIGHT from 8pm-3am.  There is a 60-90mph speeder every few minutes, some are so drunk they haven't remembered to turn on their headlights.    

  7. Twyla Vargas says:

    What we must consider first is this.   Those of us who believe that there is a God.  "Wake up every morning and give thanks, Be a good person to yourself,  and all those around you. remembering that you may not see tomorrow, becaused it is promised to NO ONE"

    Yes we are all guilty as we continue to bicker about things that are not so important.,  We need to be grateful that we have beautiful children and little Grand Children of tomorrow.

    I am saddened by the death of this young man, and there is nothing that anyone can say to a mother in times like this that will comfort her.  Only the Grace and Comfort of God can do that.

    To Cayman I say, take check of how many young men we have lost since 2004.  Something is not right.  What  are we doing that is wrong? .  We all have been there and done that, is for sure,  but there comes a time when we need to hand it up.

    But we must realise that accidents do happen, we may say they can be avoided, but I believe in destiiny.  Not because a young persons go out and enjoy themselves does not mean that they do not  respect the Lord.  If that was the case then all of us are guilty.

    I remember the same night that Hurricane Ivan was coming, worried and stressed,  I found myself in the company of friends drinking..  Across from our table I spoke to someone who was drinking alot.  Know what the person said.  He said" Miss I am well tuned up, but if the Lord come for me tonight in this Hurricane, believe me,  "I am ready"  I will never forget those words, and will never try to judge a person because of what I may think.

    If the Police was to sit outside Night Clubs, Bars, Social clubs, and  Business Assiciates Meeting, and decide to stop and arrest for suspicion of DUI, .  There would not be enough space to hold them in Cayman.  Evey body would be in jail.  What kills is speed.  After all Cayman is only 21 miles long so where are we going?   Let us make a difference.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It's disapointing to note that most posters appear to be blaming the police for this unfortunate fatality. We are all responsible for our own actions and one cannot place blame on the police for actions that are taken bythe drivers. All drivers have a responsibility to themselves and to others once you get behind the steering wheel of a vehicle. Whatever the circumstances are surrounding this unfortunate incident that resulted in yet another fatality, there is no need to point fingers at the police.

  9. Anonymous says:

    A number of posters have assumed that the accident was due to alcohol yet there is no evidence  that either driver was intoxicated. High speed and wet roads were quite enough for an accident of this type to occur.   

  10. Anonymous says:

    It is not the speed that kills, it is the sudden stop when these racers hit each other or some immovable object. Slow Down !

  11. Anonymous says:

    I'm not proud to admit it, but I am guilty of driving under the influence in the past.  Like most people, I would try not to drink too much if I know I'm going to have to drive, but there have been times when I would have either passed or failed a breathalizer test.  I have also passed SEVERAL roadblocks while driving a little tipsy and everytime I got nervous and anxious while approaching the police, only to have them look at the sticker on my car and then wave me on.  Im not saying they should do a sobriety test for every driver, but at least have them roll down their window to smell for alcohol or marijuana in the car, and ask the driver where they are going to see if theyslur their words.

       Thankfully, I have matured enough not to drink and drive anymore, but that is only because I have seen too many people I know have close calls with accidents.  Anywhere else in the world I have been, I woudn't think of driving drunk because the consequences are too severe. On this island you can drink and still drive through a police road block as long as you pay your road tax.  Something is not right.

  12. Another Anon says:

    So sad and so unnecessary. Condolences to the family and friends.

  13. real talk says:


    Implement a system where we have RCIP traffic vehicles parked off on every potential speed zone (bobby thomson way, middle of each by-pass, 1 on south sound, 1 infront of lion center, 1 in front on the run, 1 in from ocean club, etc.)

    These cars will not have to be manned and they are only there to simply enforce a police presence. I can tell you this based on experience from my travels abroad in the past and i have seen this particular system work. Theoretically speaking if someone was coming home from a bar late at night with a heavy foot as most would have every potential spot they would feel the urge to speed on they wont even think about it, as they hit the corner by mango tree they can see bright police lights on the edge of the airport strip which could easily be seen coming from any direction, you know whats gonna happen when he sees those lights? thats right he is gonna put his foot on his breaks, and the minute he gets on the by pass in the distance another set of police lights, once again he slows down, and the process will be the same alll the way home, in the event that a incident took place each officer is within a 1 mile radius of back up, not the usually cluster of 5 and 6 cops in one spot which tells criminals "hey look at us were all together, chances are you wont see any more cops on the way home so step on it quick!"

    its not that hard people, as a matter of fact. ITS ONLY COMMON SENSE -_-

  14. Anonymous says:

    Coach Virgil, We know this is a difficult time for you and your family. Our love and condolences go out to you all. Keep strong as the best way you know how. Your Academy Sports Club family send all their love!! Antoinette

  15. Anonymous says:

    man this really sucks.. why why why do ppl still speed?  and before people say drinking and driving kills people, consider what actually kills you is the speed.  

    Please slow down.

    RIP & God Bless   



    • anonymous says:

      its the drinking that kills you most of the time!!—-slow reflexes and speeding DUE to drinking is the cause.

      I saw a very drunk driver once going very slowly, run over a pedestrian and caused serious life threatening injury to her……ITS REALLY THE DRINKING THAT DOES KILL YOU or someone else. A slow drunk is just as dangerous as a speeding one.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The amount of fatalities and RTA's that happen on this island is highly disproportionate. Where are the police after the clubs and bars haveclosed???. Most of the time the accidents occur on the same roads in the same place…The driving standards here are horrific, please Government, or police, be bothered about your people!!  

    Driving tests on island are a joke. How can you pass your test and can't read, or don't know your left and right.  Why can you pay someone to take your test for you? Who are the regulators of driving tests here??  

    Here's a thought, maybe the Government can generate some revenue by raising the fines or penalties 5 times or more than they are now, or maybe incarceration, then maybe the island will take drink driving more seriously!!

    If the police actually stop or breathalise the club goers falling out of the club and into their cars, instead of watching them do the same and then creating a road block in West Bay….

    Lot's of people I raise this issue with say "Well that's Cayman"  and no, it's not just locals driving badly it's everyone, doing it just because they can.  it's just that locals have the power to rise up and make a change. Awful business.

    Huge fines for DUI's or incarceration or a criminal record would do the trick, maybe then we would take our lives and other more seriously before we get behind the wheel under the influence.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its always puzzled me why the police dont stop random patrons driving out of the parking lots of clubs and lounges.    Check stops where a driver can see flashing lights a mile down the road are of limited value, as a driver can simply turn off.  

      • Anonymous says:

        You assume that drinking was involved in this. Both of the drivers would have been tested and it would have been announced if DUI was involved.

        • Anonymous says:

          Ohhhhkay, lets play your game and assume that it wasn't drinking, and that the cause may have included careless driving…that's irrelevant – my post concerns increased regulation via enhanced deterrents placed on our roads for the protection of our people. I can guarantee that by the time my reply is posted there would have been another road accident and by the end of June there will be another fatality..Guarantee it


          • Anonymous says:

            It's not a game, you idiot. It is important that we are factual and responsible in our comments particularly given the tragedy that has occurred.

  17. Anonymous says:

    we have so many deaths on our roads why?… answers?….. drunk drivers…. careles driving… texting…. insecure loads…… speeding.  basically thats why.

  18. Dr. SaySo says:

    My deepest condolences goes out to the families of these young men. May God see them through these most difficult of times.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Why? Slow down guys. Condolences to his family and friends.

  20. concerned says:

    I don't understand how this tiny island with nicely paved roads can have so many fatal accidents! I feel terrible for the parents who have lost a child to these senseless road fatalities.. This seriously concerns me how the numbers of fatal accidents on our roads seem to grow higher each year. I pray that something is done to prevent future fatalities such as this one.



    • Anonymous says:

      Speeding combined with poor driving skills, alcohol comsumption and sub-standard tires.

      No amount of praying will prevent these fatalities, common sense will.

      In saying that, condolences to family and friends on their loss.

      • Anonymous says:

        We don't know that this was caused by alcohol consumption.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Did you investigate this accident or are you speculating as to the causes in the absence of the facts? 

  21. Cayman Spock says:

    My condolences go out to the victim's family and friends on this tragic loss.

  22. Cayman Spock says:

    Yet we do away with our Police Traffic Department whats the logic in that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Traffic Department or not…these kids should not be out joy riding/racing at 4:30am….this is parental issue not a policing issue. The sooner we wake up and understand that as parents we need to step up to the plate, the sooner we will see a change in these things. Note that these fatal accidents only occur after 1am….enough said.

      My deepest condolences to the families involved. No parent should have to wake up to find they have lost a child or have one in critical care. God bless you all.

      • Anonymous says:

        These were not kids but adult young men. You cannot hold the parents responsible for their actions.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sure you can!!…..if you brought them up as responsible persons they would not go off and do this type of stupidity. Buying them cars is also another reasons these kids do these things–if they had to work to buy their own car they would take care of it. While yes, they are adults and free to LEGALLY do what they want, the parents are always partially to blame, 95% of the time.

          • Anonymous says:

            He bougth his truck he had a job .Bet u did not stop to get the facts


          • Anonymous says:

            You obviously didn't know Corey or his mother

            Corey was responsible, he bought his own truck(s) & motorcycles.

            His mother did an excellent job to raise him well and taught him to abide by the rules of life. But unfortunately, he made a poor choice on Saturday morning and was driving too fast simple as that!

            Not every time something bad happens should posters assume they are bad people from homes of poor parenting. Because that is definitely not true in this case.

            Corey was a lovely individual with the biggest heart & smile to match and his mother dedicated her life to bringing him up in a positive environment.

            Corey will be sadly missed by many.


          • Anonymous says:

            That is very judgmental and insensitive. Their parents did bring them up well. They are all well-mannered respectful young men.

            Speeding by young men is far more common than you think it is. Young men have a great deal of testosterone flowing that impels them to take foolish risks. You feel invincible. As a young man I did the same but as I grew older I saw the foolishness of my ways.  

            Have a little compassion and respect for the grieving mother especially.  

          • Anonymous says:

            If you knew these boys or their families you would know that they were raised well and were respectful! Very insensitive comment! Condolences to the family!!

      • Anonymous says:

        "…these kids should not be out joy riding/racing at 4:30am". it is my understaning that all the occupants were over the age of 18 so who are you to condemn them if they wanted to be out at 4:30am in the morning. Once your child becomes a legal adult, they are free to do and go where ever they want and when they want so how is this a parenting issue? If my 20 year old son is not living with me, works and lives on his own how is this a parenting issue? Insenstive comments for you to make particularly not knowing the facts of the case, who the boys were but you have already concluded it is a parenting issue.

      • Anonymus says:

        21 year old 'boys' are not their parent's responsibility any longer. Nto at 1am or any other time of the day or night. They are men. They are their own responsibility. They are responsible enough to get a job, get a driver's licence, get a drink, get a gun (join the army), get a cigarette and kill themself with cancer. Don't go blaming parentssteping off the plate. The inividual left that plate and is on their own recognisance now. At some point in time its no longer the parent's responsibility (though the parent's grief) but the individuals.

        (N.B. The OP didn't refer to pre-incident parenting but to active 'at the plate' parenting. At 21 you're your own man, not eating from your parents' plate, mixing metaphors and speaking figuratively of course.)

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I noticed this line "these kids should not be out joy riding/racing at 4:30am….this is parental issue not a policing issue." Maybe the person who posted it doesnt have a child who is over 18 years old and the law says you cant stop them. I will not blame the parents or the police. At 21 who is to say what time do you get off the road, except you. You are responsible enough to be given a license, take the responsibility and drive responsible.

    • Anonymous says:

      They serve no purpose either way.